The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 38 - Formal Time Continued

**Tasmine's Pov**

I race into the bathroom cleaning the mess on my face, then a door to one of the loos opens. “No matter how much you try it won’t fix the mess,” Amanda said. “Oh,” I said. Why is she sounding upset with me for? “Gran’s brand of make-up is waterproof, but it seems she didn’t use that one on you, so it will take a while to fix.” She said. “Ok, Amanda what’s wrong?” I asked. “Oh, nothing just the fact Grandma did your hair and make-up first, took you to dress shopping. You know the works.” She snapped at me.

“Hold up, are you angry at me? I’m sorry I really didn’t know I thought she was working around you.” I said. “Tasmine you’re her favorite.” She said. “No, I’m not, I’m just the one that was taken from her, maybe she’s just making up for lost time Amanda really,” I said trying to sound friendly. “Then why the hell she is helping you out with Oliver but left me and my sister high and dry with our dad to deal with.” She snapped at me, I looked at her in shock. “Amanda I really do not know about this, I just assumed my dad asked her for help and Uncle James didn’t,” I said.

“Keep telling yourself that, you pretty much pissed most of us off with your stunts at that BBQ.” She said. “Seriously that was months ago!” I snapped at her. “Yeah, and you’re not even sorry for half of it,” Amanda said shaking her head. “Why would I be! Your sister was mean, and my other cousin was mean too. I snapped at the pair of them if you have a problem with me snapping then tell me but don’t hold a grudge on me for stuff that I have no control over. Whatever is going on with Grandma, my dad and yours has nothing to do with me.” I just about yelled that at her, how could she still be so angry over that?

“Wow you are just like Lee,” She said, I glared at her, I haven’t been so angry at being compared to my father before, “I am not!” I yelled at her. “You are! Are you even aware that those two men never fought like this until you came home?” She yelled at me, I glared at her, “What has that got to do with me?” I asked, she scoffs as she throws her hands up in the air, “All of it does! If you genuinely care about your family, you will follow the fucking rules and break them all once you go to Uni like the rest of us!” She screamed at me. “Oh, my is this because I’m dating Oliver?” I asked shocked.

She didn’t say anything, but I had enough of listening to this. “I really thought we all would be close, but clearly that isn’t going to happen. Talk to me when you are ready to be friendly cousins.” I snapped, I walked back out of the loos and headed right to the dance floor, finding Oliver and the boy’s dancing, Jackson looking happy dancing with Tia in his arms. “Hey Babe,” I said. “Kitten.” He dances towards me before I knew it his hands are all over me, I’m pressed into him, dirty dancing with him. “What happened in the toilets? Had seen you leaving upset.” He asked. “I ran into Amanda.” He seemed to understand his face full of concern, “Oh.” “I’ll tell you later.” I leaned up kissing him softly, before pulling away.

“So, when were you planning on telling me we had baths together as children?” I asked, he lets out a laugh, his eyes have lit up. “Thought you had remembered” He mumbled. “Nope, I have no memories of the time before mum took me, Ollie. So, we were friends?” I asked. “Yes, since you had been born and your parents bought that house next door to Noah’s. My parents were friends with Noah’s parents and Mason’s and yours and my Uncle was friends with them too. They used to hang out a lot us kids used to play together while your mum and my auntie took heaps of photos of us.” Oliver said with a big smile on his face.

Now I really wish I could have a long chat with my mum to find out why she was like this with me. “So what happened after my mum took off with me?” I asked. “We missed you, me, and Noah the most but then we moved on as we thought you would never come back. My parents destroyed all the photos that had you or your mum in them. Noah’s and Mason’s family did the same thing, unsure of what your dad did to his photos. But my Auntie kept them and when she was getting sick, she gave them to Jackson.” He said with a big smile, I like that smile on his face, he must have some amazing memories with his Auntie, wish I had memories of meeting this lady she sounded amazing.

“What Jackson was the one who gave them those photos?” I asked. “Yes, we all put into it.” He said, he brushes loose hair off my face, he looked sad. “It killed me seeing those last few photos.” He whispers, “I’m.” He cuts me off, “Don’t babe, you looked really happy.” I looked up at him in shock, “What I don’t look that happy with you?” I asked. “You do, but there is sadness in your eyes that wasn’t in those photos.” He whispered. “Oliver” He puts a finger to my lips, “Shhh I know I wasn’t your first choice when you came back home, but I am happy I am now with you. I just wished it were because you broke up.” He whispered. “I know, I know I love him, but I am madly in love with you seems to be more so each day,” I said. He looked stunned, “Really?” He asked.

His face lights up as he picks me up, I wrap my arms around his shoulder’s he kisses me like we are alone in the room. I never thought kissing would get any better but wow, this was mind-blowing and breathless. “I need you now babe.” He whispered in my mouth, “Your car?” I asked. “Closer I cannot hide this anymore,” he growls out. “Oh, no not the dance floor Oliver.” I snapped at him. “Disable toilets now, you go before me, I’ll tap on the door four times than you let me in.” he whispered in my ear, “Hmm ok.” He puts me down, I quickly race to the toilet closing the door behind me a few minutes later I hear four knocks on the door. I slowly open the door and it’s him looking full of desire.

“Kitten hope you’re ready.” He said. “Come in and find out,” I whispered, he rushed in locking the door behind him rushing at me with need. Kissing me hard pushed me up against the wall. His hand pulls one of my legs up around him I felt how hard he was. “oooo mmmM Ollie.” I moaned out. “Kitten it’s going to be hard and fast, you up for it?” He asked. “Yes, Oliver I’m up for anything, that you want to do,” I whispered.

I hear the sound of his belt being open, then his zip. I pull away enough to watch him pull his pants down, he then gently pulls down his underpants freeing his very large and hard dick which was already dripping with precum. “I’m not going to last long Tassie.” He said, he pulls out a condom rolling it down on himself. He gets down onto his knees pulling my dress up, grabbing one of my legs draping it over his shoulder he looks up at me. “I need you to be ready.” He said. “Oliver please, I need you” I pant out, he didn’t need any more encouragement he gave me a cheeky grin. “Yes, my kitten.” He growls out, in that sexy voice of his.

Ripping my underpants off, his mouth finds my clit, sucking, biting, licking, and blowing on it. “Ohh fuuuuccckkkkk Ooollllivvverr!” I screamed out, he moans at me sending shivers down my whole body, he puts a finger inside of me. “oooo god...” I moaned out. “Fuck Tas your so fucking wet,” Oliver said. “Don’t stop.” I moaned out, he doesn’t instead he adds two more fingers, while his mouth is on my clit. “Fuckkkk I’m going to cum Oliver!” I moaned out loudly, he pulls his mouth off my clit as he blows on my wet entrance, “Fuckk...”

“Cum for me kitten.” His words sent me over the edge that I desperately needed, “Oh fuck yes Oliver!” I screamed out. “Mmmm you taste so bloody good my little kitten.” He says this as he sucks his fingers clean, pulling my dress up as I wrap my legs around him, kissing me hard he whispers against my lips. “Tassie you ready?” he asked. “Yes, Ollie I am,” I whispered, he kisses me again before lining himself up and slamming into me hard and fast, I held onto his body as he moves, kissing his neck and earlobe. “Fuuuckkk Tasmine.” he moans out. “Mmmm aghhh Oliver yes...” I moaned out.

“Tasmine! Yes. fuuuckkkk!” He screams out, he keeps moving until I came crashing down around him. “Oliver!” I screamed out, holding onto each other, leaning our faces into each other. “God, I needed that.” He whispered. “Mmm same but you owe me a new pair of undies mate.” I start laughing. “Mmmm I like the sound of that.” He said, he pulls out of me, he quickly cleans me up before putting me down on my feet. He quickly cleans himself up and disposes of the used condom, fixing up his clothes. “Here let me,” He said, I was trying to fix my lipstick up, he moves my hand away cleaning it up himself.

“You a beautiful, but tonight your smoking fucking hot.” He said, I blush and he grins at me. “Mmm, that blush is so sexy.” He whispered, “What about yourself, you pull off a suit well, very, very well.” I said. “Very well?” he said with his cheeky smirk on his face, I let out a sigh. “Fucking Jason Bourne eat your heart out hot,” I said, he burst out into a fit of laughter, “Wow I’m hotter than your favorite movie actor, oh kitten you’ve made my night.” He chuckled. “Shhh, I’ll put a pin in that head of yours,” I said. “Oh, but I’ll enjoy it. Now you leave first and I’ll go a few minutes after you. I’ll find you.” He whispered. “Ok,” I said, he slaps my ass as I leave the room quickly heading to the table hoping my drink was still there. Which it wasn’t, so I headed to the bar for another drink.

“Didn’t you find it funny seeing a babyface Tasmine with a baby face Noah?” Jamie said, which I don’t get her point being right now is? “Yes, I did, but what’s it to you, Jamie? You hate most of those boys.” I snapped at her, she looked shocked that I didn’t take whatever bait she was trying to lay out for me. “Never said I hated them.” She said. “Oh, but you do the way you behave says it all goldfish.” I snapped at her. “You know me and Mason were fine before you came to town.” She said I scoffed at her stupidity, “pfft keep telling yourself that but sweetheart your toxic deal with it. Oh yes please can I have two cokes please unopen thanks.” I said, handing the coins over and taking my cans while smiling at her. “Your pathetic and need to get a life,” I said as bitchy as I could be.

I walked off and found Oliver standing close enough to hear everything but close enough to stay out of sight, he had a smug smile on his face. “Hey Babe, how much did you hear?” I asked him. “Enough to be enormously proud of you, thanks.” He said, I handed him his drink as he leans down giving me a soft kiss. As he pulls away, he spots Jamie walking towards us. “FUCK OFF JAMIE!” He yells at her, he grabs my waist leading us back to the table. “Hey, where did you two disappear too?” Tia asked while everyone else at the table is trying to hide their reactions.

“I know your new, but do you really need to know that?” Mason asked her in shock. “Come on look at Oliver’s face he got some, he had a massive amount of pent-up emotions most of the night,” Jackson said to her. “Jackie, fine yes but please,” Oliver said sternly. “What since when are you shy about the kiss and tell?” Mason said and some of the group that I didn’t know all looked at us in shock. “Since I’m standing right here” I snapped at him. “Mason he does not kiss and tell when it comes to Tasmine,” Jackson said. “Ohhh sorry bro” Oliver cuts Mason off, “We may be talking again Mason, but we haven’t gotten back to the bro level yet.” Oliver snapped, his face drops but he should have understood that they spent a good year of him not being friendly to his old friends.

“Kitten up for more dancing?” He asks. “Sure.” I said, happy to leave Mason at the table, “Wait, Kitten? You’re still calling her that?” Mason said in surprise. “What?” I asked Oliver in shock. “Mason! It was always my nickname for you Tasmine” He said, oh that is what he means, yeah I knew that was Mason trying to cause fights between us? “I know,” I said, we still headed to the dance floor it was a slow song, we held onto each other as we moved to the music. Then I worked out what Mason means his talking about before I had left. “You’ve called me kitten since we were children?” I asked him, he smiled at me, “Yes.” He said.

Seeing those photos and hearing what he said all of it starting to make sense to me now. “You have always loved me?” I asked, “Yes.” He whispered. “I’m sorry Oliver.” He cuts me off looking worried, “What for?” I let out a sigh, “My mum took me from you. Can I ask you a question?” I asked. “I’m all ears babe.” He said. “That day when I have just gotten home with my dad, you knew who I was right up?” I asked he smirked at me, god I love that look on him, “Yes.” He said I smiled at him, “I love you.” I said. I held onto him tighter as we danced, I really like the idea of him having a crush on me since we were little, really wishing I had grown up with him now.

We danced, laughed and had real fun, even Jackson and his new girl joined in. “You guys ready to hit this after part?” Jackson asked us. “Sure,” Oliver said as he grabs my hand pulling me towards him. “I want to go some other place?” He whispers. “Where too?” I asked. “Hotel or my parent’s house as they are away at the moment.” He said. “What? Thought we were going to the after-party?” I asked. “Mmmm but I just want you,” he whispered. “Take me to the party then you can take me to your parent’s house,” I said. “Really Tasmine?” He asked. “Yes, really Oliver, I want to see your bedroom,” I said.

We climb into the car, his hand goes right to my leg when he doesn’t need it for changing gears. A good half hour later we pulled up to a farmhouse that had party lights everywhere teens drinking and doing anything and everything, loud music pumping from the back yard. I smiled over at Oliver, he looked happy. I lean back grabbing my bag he looks up at me. “What’s the bag for?” He asked, “I’m not staying in this good dress babe.” I said.

I open the car door and start pulling my dress up. “Hey fuck babe not here!” He yelled out. “Well hold up your jacket I am getting into something comfortable.” I said, I know he’s watching me, “Stay naked would have been better. But not here babe.” He said, I quickly pull my dress off, pulling the dress out of the bag down, Oliver let out a moan when he notices I didn’t put on another pair of undies. “With that dress on put on a clean pair babe please.” He begged, I turned around into his arms smiling. “No, easy access for my boyfriend?” I asked as I flirt with him. “But also that dress is short please put on a pair.” The look in his eyes told me to listen to him so I quickly put on a clean pair. “Please don’t rip this one,” I said. “I’ll do my best.” He said, took a step away from him smirking, “Now your turn babe strip.” He laughs and does it, and quickly gets into his clean outfit. “What do you think?” He asked.

“I’m going to have to bash all the girls off from you tonight,” I said trying to look serious. “Oh, please do, I would love to see you with another girl.” He said, I love that look on his face, he is so turned on by just thinking of it. “Ummm” Was all I could say as I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. “Babe it’s ok.” He said when he realizes I wasn’t sure what he meant. “Let’s go,” I said, grabbing his hand we head on to the party, we spotted Jackson in a deck chair with Tia on his lap they had changed out of their formal clothes too.

“Kitten,” Oliver said, I kept on pulling his hand until we reached the drinks table, he finally pulled back. “Babe no.” He said, I looked back up at him, “What? Can I have one?” I asked. “One cup of that is like five standard drinks Tasmine.” He said, I looked down, yep that would get me drunk and I cannot show up smelling like I had drunk, “Oh.” He pulls me away taking me to the dance floor, he jumps up on to the DJ stage and askes the DJ to put a song on, he jumps back down with a big smile on his face. He walks up to me wrapping me up in a hug pulling out his phone and saying. “Smile my little kitten.” I did as he said and he took the photo, then the sound of a song comes over the sound system. I laughed so hard and started dancing around him, Beautiful People blaring from the sound system as we danced together to the beat of the song.

We were grinding up against each other like we are in our own Magic Mike movie. Oliver notices the difference in my dancing and leans down kissing under my earlobe, I moaned out. “Does my little kitten want to play in front of everyone?” He growls, “Mmmm yes.” I moaned out, he spins me around, so my back was against his chest as his hand goes up my dress, he leans down kissing my lips as his hand finds my clit I moan into his mouth. “Your so wet already babe.” He moans out, I didn’t last long I cum over his fingers. “Mmm enough of a show for the public babe.” He moans out. “Yes,” I whispered back. “Good.” He pulls my hand leading us away from the party.

“Oi cousin you leaving already?” Jackson yells out as he and Tia came up for some air, I guess I now know what has been like for him to be around us. “Yes Jackie,” Oliver said, I know that voice he wants his wicked way with me. “Come on party with me!” Jackson complained. “I will be from Sunday onwards for schoolies.” Oliver snapped. “Ok, Oliver.” He said. “You’re not drinking, are you Jackson?” He asked, “No I drove here Oliver.” Jackson said. “Good stay safe then please, Jackie,” Oliver said, the two hugged each other, before Jackson pulled me into the hug. “Now little thing behave while we are gone for the week.” I slapped him playfully, “I’m seeing you both before you leave!” I snapped at him, he just laughs, “Wouldn’t have it any other way sweet pea.” Jackson said, Oliver is watching us mucking around, “You know my answer kitten.” Oliver said.

I give Jackson another big hug before whispering to him. “Better lay off the hugs and touching me bro she’s getting a bit jealous of it all.” I said, He chuckles, “Let her, it makes the sex with her better cause she’s doing her best every time. Somehow, she doesn’t believe me when I say you’re like a little sister to me.”

“Oh well that’s her problem then,” I whispered. “Yes.” Oliver pulls on my hand we leave Jackie with his girl as we head towards his car. The drive wasn’t long we pulled up to his parent’s house and the lights are on, I look over at him in shock. “Oliver they are home,” I said.

“Seems like it, want to go in?” he asked quietly. “You want them to meet me?” I asked quietly as he has never said anything nice about them too me. “Why not,” He said, he goes to get out, “Umm thought they are on the outs with you?” I asked, he looks back at me, “They are” He said.

Do I want to meet them while they are fighting with each other? “Then let’s go to a hotel instead.” I said, he looks at me oddly, “You don’t want to meet them?” He asked quietly, does he want me to meet them? “I would love to meet them, but only when they are nice to you then yes.” I said he looked upset, “Ok.” He said quietly, I get the feeling he wanted me to go into his house, can I handle meeting more angry adults? Looking at his face, yeah, he wants me to go meet them, leaning over putting my hand on his leg he looks at me, “Kitten?” he asked me.

I smiled up at him, “If you want me to meet them let’s go, but if they are out of line in how they talk to you I will put them in their place.” I said he smiled broadly at me, “Really? Oh, thank you, also I would love to watch you do that.” He said he drives into the driveway parking behind the big four-wheel drive. “Do they know you’re coming over?” I asked he laughs. “Even if they did, they wouldn’t care.” He said.

Right, I just nod my head as we got out of the car, he meets me at the bottom of the stairs holding my hand tightly. “Oliver?” I asked, he looks at me taking a deep breath, “This is a first for me, just give me a minute please.” He said, I give his hand a gentle squeeze, giving him the time, he needed to take the next step. A few minutes later he was knocking on the door, a man that looks so much like Charles opens the door can hear him complaining who the hell is it at this time of night, when he spotted it was Oliver then he looked at me.

“Great you got Lee’s little girl pregnant good work son bye!” He slammed the door shut in our faces. Oliver slams open the door dragging me into the house, this is not good at all. “Hi, Dad! No, she is not pregnant! I came here to introduce her to you and mum and to let you know we are dating.” He snapped at him. An incredibly beautiful Italian lady comes walking down the hallway in a nightdress, if I didn’t know any better, I would have believed she was Lady Gaga.

“Oliver, what in the name of God is this? We already know you are dating Lee’s girl the whole town could hear him screaming at you over it. Are you even aware of what time it is?” She said, wow she seems nicer than his dad. “Mum, I don’t care what time it is, I wanted you to meet my girlfriend for a chance in hoping you two would be normal parents and be kind for once.” Oliver said, they both scoffed, “Normal parents?! We have been nothing but loving and supportive towards you! Any normal person would have a field day if their child rocks up on their doorstep at midnight!” His mum yells out, Oliver’s grip on my hand only tightens.

“Yeah, normal loving parents that’s a joke, right? Every time I didn’t suit your plans, or you didn’t believe me you would pass me onto someone else! I know Uncle Charles better than I know the pair of you! Doesn’t that upset you that I have a better relationship with other adults than you?!” He yelled out, his dad took a step towards us, but Oliver puts a hand up. “I am not done! I wanted you to meet Tasmine Rose Kelly again as she is the girl that I love, I have never felt like this for another person before I can see this lasting and going places. For once I just wanted my parents to know that, that I had found love and that I have my head screwed on with no thanks to them and I can finial see a future! May not be the elite one that you wanted but it’s the one I want!” He screamed I can see a hint of a smile on his mum’s face, but his dad just looks pissed as hell.

“So?! You came barging into my house to scream this bullshit at us?! And in front of a stranger no less?! I don’t care if she is your girlfriend you’re not staying here in this house or in your own room! You can but she is not welcomed!” His dad yelled at us, I went to go say something, but Oliver stops me. “WOW! Now I think I should have listened to you Tasmine, they don’t know how to be kind at all. Well, when you want to talk to your own son you know where to find me!” He snapped grabbing my hand storming out of the house and back into the car, he just sits there in silence I looked at him in worry.

“Oliver, I’m sorry they are like that” He didn’t let me finish as he grabs my chin kissing me softly. “Fuck, I am so glad you are with me. I would have gotten into a fist fight with my old man just for what he said about you.” I cover his mouth, “Get one thing into that handsome head of yours, I love you and I will stand by you through the good and the hard times. I am sorry they are like that they know who I am, and they know your feelings for me, its now up to them on what they do with that, if it’s nothing that is there lose not ours. Now let’s go and keep enjoying the rest of our night hey?” I asked, he smiled at me, “Fuck, you’re the best thing in my life babe!” He said.

Turning on his car and pulling out of the driveway and drives off to his favorite creek instead of a hotel as it turns out the hotel is all booked out, putting the car in park, turning it off, getting out of the car, and pulling stuff out of its boot setting up something out on the grass area. I get out of the car he holds up his hand. “No Miss you wait until I have finished.” He ordered.

I smirked I love that tone of his voice, “Alright Sir.” I said, he moans out, “You can keep calling me that any time you like.” He moans out, biting my thumbnail as I look at him, “Oh, think I will be using it more often than I thought I would.” I said he takes a few trips to the car setting up a comfortable bed-like area, walks up to me smiling. “Tonight, I have seen a lot of different looks on that beautiful face of yours. But one thing that had changed you look happy, I am over the moon that I am that reason your this happy. Come and join me down on our outside bed.” Oliver said, I nodded my head as he takes my hand, we sat down on it, yes it was somewhat comfortable.

He wraps an arm around me pulling me down laying down cuddling up to him looking up at the sky. I just love the fact in this small town you can see the night sky so well. I look back at him, he's been watching me looking up at the sky. He rolls over just a little reaching out to grab my face as he leans down kissing me. He pulls away from the kiss showing me he has six condoms with a smirk on my face. “Let’s use all six of those up,” I said. “Tasmine really?” He asked I nod my head at him, “Yes Oliver really, no harm in trying right?” I asked, he laughs then starts undressing me as I’m undressing him. When we had finished may not have been all six. Oliver wrapped himself around me as we drift off to sleep, feeling very satisfied.

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