The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 39 - Time for Schoolies

**Tasmine's Pov**

I woke up with soft kisses on my shoulder. “mmmm morning” I mumbled. “Morning kitten.” He kisses me softly, showing me, we have a condom left, I let out a laugh as he presses his morning wood into my leg. “Are you up for it?” He asks softly, his hand reaches for my entrance, feeling it’s nice and wet kissing me as he puts two fingers inside of me, causing me to moan into the kiss. “Umm Ollie” I whispered, “Mmm yes Tas?” He asked, pushing his hand out of me, he looks at me with worry written on his face. “That hurts a bit,” I whispered. “Oh, sorry sweetheart.” He whispered. “Don’t be, had fun,” I said.

We cuddle until it got too hot to lay in the sun. I stood up and raced into the creek for a swim, he followed me in. We swam for a little bit before getting back into our clothes and packing up. As we get into the car, I check my phone and wished I never did. “That bad?” He asked me. “Check yours too,” I said, he pulls his phone out and groans as well. “Looks like I’m dropping you home instead of getting something to eat.” He stated. “Too bad for him, I’m really hungry,” I said.

Oliver gives me that look like he’s going to get up me. “Tas” Oliver started. “Right now, Oliver I could eat a whole pig I am that hungry! He can wait a little bit longer.” I said. “Ok.” He said, he takes us to the local cafe for something to eat, I ordered more food than I needed but really didn’t care was very hungry. When the food came out Oliver raised an eyebrow at me. “Think someone’s eyes are bigger than their belly,” Oliver said, rubbing my hands together giving him my best smirk, “Hmmm let’s see,” I said.

“Ollie I am so full!” I groaned out, “I did offer to eat some of it for you.” he said. “Yeah, I know. Better get this over with.” I groaned, we stood up and paid for our meals before heading to my place. We pull up to the house it looks normal, with no grandma nor uncles. Wonder if he is up, don’t think I am that lucky. Oliver leaned over kissing me softly before whispering. “I’ll see you later today before we drive off, I love you,” he whispered.

“Yes, I’ll find a way to see you both off. I love you too.” I whispered, grabbing my bag, I headed upstairs unlocking the front door walking into the house. Nothing was on, maybe his not awake. I head into my room and froze. He’s sitting on my bed looking incredibly angry. “You promised that I wouldn’t regret changing my rules. You had a sleepover” He snapped, I cut him off, “And you’re forcing him out of this town all the way down south!” I yelled.

“I am not.” He said. “Bull crap dad! You still pissed at him for dating me, your mates in and around town won’t even give him a go out of fear of stepping on your toes!” I yelled. “It’s really not my doing Tasmine.” He said. “What does he need from you so he can get a job closer?” I asked, I want to slap him right now, “He has a job with me!” Dad yelled out at me. “Then why are you still treating him like shit dad!? It’s bad enough Uncle James is not himself around me, his daughter Amanda is being a bitch, I don’t need you to force Oliver out of town!” I yelled.

“What? I am not treating him like crap Tasmine. He wants to learn things that I cannot show him at the shop as we just do not have the equipment to work on those items he wants to learn. I told him; he could stay on until he learned everything he needs to learn for his apprenticeship. Then I would help him get into the mines around here.” Dad said. “What?” I asked, I looked at him in shock, “Please stop this, I don’t want to fight with you anymore.” He said. “Then why do you get so angry at me for? Mum would have been happy that he’s with me. Is that why you’re not liking this?” I asked.

“I am acting like a worried father! Who had a child out all night and comes home looking a mess! You wouldn’t know who your mother would have liked you to be with!” He yelled at me, are we ever going to stop yelling at each other? “I had told you I wasn’t going to come home last night, cannot help falling asleep that tends to stuff up anyone’s hair and make-up. What would you know mum would like? I spent most of my life with her!” I raised my voice, but it wasn’t yelling, he scoffs.

“Oh please Tasmine, I know what girls look like after a night of sex. I am not stupid, I know your mother a lot more than you think. She may have taken off with you, but I still know that woman. Also found my condom box a few less than what I had in it a week ago. So, God knows how many he had last night, you better hope none of them broke. Your due for your next shot too Miss.” He snapped. “We are being safe what more can you ask for? I know about my doctor’s appointment.” I snapped, He mumbles under his breath, but I heard it, “You to leave him would be wonderful.”

“Oh wow! Get out of my room now!” I yelled out. “I plan on it, only if you are planning on having a bloody shower!” He yells. “Why do you hate him so much? What has he done to you?” I asked. “He is a boy who is into my daughter.” I want to punch him for that crap, “That’s it?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “Well then if I was you learn to deal with that. We aren’t breaking up any time soon.” I snapped.

Dumping my bag on the floor pulling out clean clothes and heading into the bathroom. Wow, I went out looking like this, crap, hair messy as hell, make-up all over the place, and hickeys down my neck, chest, stomach, and thighs wow Oliver that is one way to mark me as yours. Pulling my hair out and jumping into the shower for a long one.

Later that day I rode my pushbike to Oliver’s house. I dumped my bike in the front yard as I raced up to the front door to knock. “Hi babe,” Oliver said. “Oh, don’t hey babe me.” I snapped at him I didn’t want to go right into it, but I did. “What?” he looked so confused and lost right now. “Could have told me how bad I looked before letting me into my house!” I yelled out, I walked into the house we just standing in the lounge room looking at each other, as realizations kicked in. “Aghh sorry babe.” He said.

I take a deep breath in nowhere is the harder one. “Oliver I don’t know who to believe right now.” I said doing my best not to sound harsh but instead, I think I did like the look Oliver has on his face told me otherwise. “What the hell do you mean Kitten?” He asked. “That my dad said he’s happy to keep you on to learn what you need for your apprenticeship then he was going to help get you into the mines around here? Why would he say this if he really wants to help you?” I asked. “Yeah, he has said that, after I said I was looking elsewhere for work. He just wants the Government bonus he will get when I finish.” He said. “Really?” I asked.

I don’t know who to trust anymore, my heart is pulling two ways. “Tasmine are we ok? You’re looking at me oddly.” He said. “We are good, am I?” I asked, he didn’t get to answer as Jackson came racing out of Oliver’s room. “Oi Little thing gets in here girl need to smash your ass at this game one more time before we leave!” He yells. “Sure, if you guys have time. But that is still a long drive.” I said. “We like to drive at night it’s better,” Oliver said, I don’t like the sound of that, as too many chances of hitting a kangaroo, “Well better watch out for kangaroos.” I snapped, Jackson rolled his eyes at me, “We know mum.” He snapped. “Dude that is like an instant dick softener.” Oliver snapped, I start laughing and the two of them looking at me with confused looks on their faces.

“Oh, that’s a little harsh little thing,” Jackson said. “Ouch Kitten,” Oliver said. “Hey, I wasn’t the one that called me mum.” I snapped. “Unsure as to why you all taking your fart ass time to get going on this road trip. You know it is safer to drive during the day than at night. Why are you here Tasmine?” Charles said as he walks into the room. “Came to see the boys off,” I said trying to sound as brightly as I could.

“Is that so?” He said looking around the room like he didn’t believe us. “Sure Dad I had asked her to come over,” Jackson said. “We both did, Uncle Charles,” Oliver said while glaring at his cousin. “Well, you’ve said your goodbyes now off you go,” Charles said to me, Jackson looked at his dad in shock, “No she hasn’t she just got here,” Jackson said as his dad just points at his son.

“Better make it quick then.” He leaves to go into the kitchen while the two boys look at me. I walk up to Jackson giving him a big hug. “Be safe Bro and try and keep him safe too,” I said. “We will, and I will make sure his safe little thing.” He said I let go of him before walking to Oliver, it feels odd at the moment. Why am I letting my dad get into my head? He pulls me in for a smoking hot kiss that always leaves me breathless. “God I am going to miss those lips.” He whispered, he puts his forehead onto mine with his eyes close.

“I am going to miss you so fucking much kitten.” He whispered. “So am I, please be safe, also no drugs the pair of you.” I snapped. “I will be safe babe, and also you know me I wouldn’t do that stuff. I will call you as much as I can but heaps of texts and Snapchat.” He said, I laugh as he pulls the duck face that the girls in our group do in their photos. He leans back down kissing me again, gripping my ass pulling me in closer, both of us moaning as I can feel him getting harder. “Guys please not while I am here.” Jackson groaned out.

“Mmmm get used to it because I am assuming you and Tia would be doing the same thing to me this week,” Oliver said and groaned when he spotted his uncle. “Jackson is Tia going with you? Because” Jackson cuts him off, “Dad I had told you the truth, she’s traveling and staying with her friends as she had that all booked before we started dating. We will be catching up at events.” Jackson said. “Ok, then boys remember no glove no love got it!” He said loudly but kept on looking at myself and Oliver while he said it. “Yeah, we got it.” Oliver snapped.

I walk outside towards Oliver’s car that is packed and nearly ready to go, Oliver caught up with me while his Uncle and Jackie are talking about Tia. “Tasmine please don’t lie to me. Something has changed between us hasn’t it?” He asked sounded worried. “Oliver, I don’t know. I want to believe you both, I do. My heart is torn between the two men that I love in my life.” I said. “Can I do anything to fix it?” He asked. “Keep kissing me like that back there might help,” I whispered. “Hmmm really?” He asked. “Yes, cannot ask the other thing as your Uncle will be out soon,” I whispered.

He chuckles, “I enjoy kissing those beautiful lips.” He whispers, he pushes me up against the car, holding my face in his hands leaning down demanding my lips to part as our tongues fight over control, I moan into the kiss as his hand starts moving down my body.

“That is enough from you two.” His uncle yells out at us, we pull away as he said this both breathless, wanting more, I could see that Oliver needed much more. “Bye Boy’s be safe and have some fun,” I said. “Bye, little thing!” Jackson yells out. “Bye Kitten, I love you!” Oliver yells. “I love you too Oliver,” I said. I get back onto my bike and start riding back to my house.

On the way home I had a text message from Oliver to pull over now. I turn around and can see him and Jackie are behind me laughing at me. I wonder how long they had been following me. I pull overlooking a little pissed at the pair of them for laughing at me. “Oh, come on Tassie it was funny!” Jackson yelled out at me. “Why aren’t you driving off to your boys’ trip?” I asked. “Because I am not leaving this town with blue balls,” Oliver yells out.

“Well, I know what you’re doing for the week, it’s your hand tonight,” I yelled back at him, he has gotten out of the car, walking towards me trying not to laugh at me for throwing P!nk at him. “With me now Kitten” I cut him off, “Not going to happen with Jackson with us.” I snapped. “Never stopped you before kitten,” Oliver said, This is not like him at all, “Oliver what is going on?” I asked, he has reached me trapping me between my bike and himself, my breath catches as his hand goes to my chin pulling me into a kiss. “He’s not watching his Face Timing Tia at the moment.” He whispered. “Mmmm Oliver.” I moaned out.

“Mmmm come with us” He whispered. “You know I cannot come with you two,” I said. “We do not have to do the schoolies part.” He said. “Oliver you know I cannot you’ve paid. Besides, enjoy your time with your friends and family and come back to me for my birthday. I will be fine ooooo good god.” I moaned out, his started kissing my earlobe, I lost all train of thought after that. My dress was pushed up as he picks me up taking me into the trees. “Ahhh condom Oliver.” Moaning out. “It’s on babe,” Oliver whispered.

It was fast and hard, and after I felt dirty, no idea why it’s not like we have done stuff like this before, but I feel like he just used me to get rid of his blue balls for the trip. I pushed him off of me so I could pull my underpants up and dress down. Finally fixing myself up I looked up at him, he doesn’t even seem to know what he has done. “Umm have fun see you in a week.” I glared at him. “Tasmine what’s wrong?” He asked. “Next time you want to relieve your blue balls it will be your hand, not me.” I snapped at him, I walked to my bike, getting onto my bike as he walks up to me in front of the bike. “Tasmine what the hell?” He asked angry.

“Come back to me when or if you want to start making love to me again, I am not an objected Oliver!” I yelled at him. “Tasmine did I hurt you? Shit, I am so sorry if I did sweetheart, I know you are not an object.” He said sounding hurt. “I just feel like you just used me to relieve yourself. I am not that type of person Oliver.” I said. “Oh Tassie, good God no! I didn’t, no I meant that kiss left me wanting you. I always want you, babe.” He said as he wraps me up in a hug as best as he could while I was on the bike, my body betrayed me and held onto him. “I love you and I will always love you, Tasmine Kelly.” He kisses me softly, pulling away as Jackie was honking the horn on the car telling him to hurry up. “I gotta go, will call you when we are in our rooms.” He said. “Ok drive safely,” I said. He races back to the car and gets in they drive off honking the horn yelling out to me as they drive off, I wave them off as soon as they had driven far away off, I burst into tears.

I cried the rest of the way home, instead of going upstairs I heading under the house found dad working on mum’s old car. He came sliding out taking one look at my face, he jumped up fast wrapping me up in a hug, as I fall to the floor crying, he sat down next to me. “Tassie, what the hell happened? Did he hurt you? If so, I am going to kill that mother”

“DAD STOP!!” I yelled out. “Then why are you crying like this? It’s just schoolies, he’ll be back by the weekend right before your birthday.” He said sounding lost. “I don’t know why,” I said, I do know why I feel like he just used me, I feel so dirty and wrong and I cannot believe he did that, I cannot believe I had even let him didn’t even fight him, but who would want to tell their dad this. “Want to help me out with the baby?” He asked. “Really?! You’re letting me touch it?!” I asked overjoyed. “Yes, baby girl.” He said. “Let me get changed first,” I said. “Ok, can you bring down a soft drink please too?” Dad called out. “Sure!” I yelled back at him.

I raced upstairs into my room, getting into my yard clothes that I don’t care about. I pulled out two cans of soft drinks and head downstairs to dad, who looks happy again. Oh, dad, it won’t last long once I can sort my mind out and find why I feel so broken after their comments all hell may come knocking. It was nighttime when dad finally notice it was best to clean up and get ready for tea and bed. Once I had cleaned up, he was paying the delivery man for our tea. It smelt so yummy, he handed me my bag and drink.

“Enjoy it’s a chicken burger with chips and a soft drink.” He said. “Yum my favorite burger from them,” I said as my mouth water’s from the smell. We are halfway through eating our dinner when dad spoke up. “Tasmine did Oliver get rough with you during sex?” He asked. I froze, how the hell did he knew that was part of it, but not fully the reason why. “No, not really dad,” I mumbled. Oh, dear lord could you please suck me up in some sort of supernatural way, so I do not have to talk to my dad about this stuff!

“That is not really an answer,” Dad said sounding worried. He looks like he wants to drive to schoolies and give Oliver a piece of his mind. “I really do not want to talk to you about this,” I whispered. “Girl now I am worried.” He said. “Dad no child ever no matter how close they are to their parents ever wants to talk about this with them!” I yelled at him. “I know but I am worried if you’re not going to tell me. How about you let me just say something to you please.” He said. “Do I have to hear it?” I asked scrunching up my face.

Argh, I want mum for this! “Yes,” he said. “ARGHHH Kill me now please.” I groaned out, Dad laughs at my need to get the hell out of this room. “Tasmine sex is only should hurt the first time, after that it will because they didn’t warm you up enough. But in no way should they be rough with you no matter how much they like it, also you need to enjoy it if you’re not at the end then run they are not right for you. Also, do not let them use you for sex no matter what if you don’t feel like it that should be enough for them. Got it, Tassie.” He said.

“Um right thanks, dad,” I mumbled. “I’ve totally freaked you out?” He asked. “Yes, Dad did mum cheat on you?” I asked, he coughs and his drink came out of his mouth and his nose, I did my best not to laugh at him. “Well, I know she kissed a close friend of ours who was also married at the time but no one else that I know of, why the hell would you ask a question like that?” He asked shocked. “Change of subject. Well on that note I am going to bed.” I said, we said our goodnight, and I raced out of the room so fast. Wow, that felt so odd.

I really do not want to talk to him about that ever again. I look at my phone no messages nothing from the pair of them. They have been on Snapchat and Facebook but neither has sent me anything private. I quickly sent out a text message to both see if they are still driving and if so, stay safe, and that I am about to head off to bed.

They have been gone for a whole week and I haven’t heard back from either of them. My last message was Thursday morning I take it either they are really having heaps of fun or he’s angry at me. To be honest I hope it’s because they are having fun with their friends and not with another girl. Deep down I know he wouldn’t do that, but you leave me alone long enough with my thoughts and I could think up anything.

I had told dad I didn’t want a party it’s not a big birthday milestone, told him to save it for next year which will be a big one being my 18th mixed with finishing off year twelve. Eating breakfast with dad, I looked over at him. He looked sad back at me. “He still hasn’t gotten back to you yet?” He asked. “Nope,” I said, he lets out a sigh, I know what he’s thinking as I am thinking the same thing when I see him. “Ready for your birthday gift?” He asked.

I smiled at him, I know its not a happy smile how can it be mum, Noah and Oliver are all not here. “Sure, anything to take my mind off from him and being my first birthday without mum,” I said. “I know baby girl I know.” He said, he stands up and takes my hand leading me downstairs, I am in shock as to what his doing as I am still in my PJs. He stops out the front and behind his car is mum’s old car all finished, repainted in a nice dark purple and has a big red bow on it, I started jumping up and down screaming. “What do you think?” He asked with a big smile on his face.

“Oh, wow dad is it really finished?! OMG, CAN I DRIVE IT LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! A FUCKING CAR FOR MY BIRTHDAY!” I screamed out, I jumped up hugging him tightly as I screamed, he hugged me back. “I am so happy that you like this.” He said. “I don’t just like this dad I love it!” I yelled, for the next hour or so I drove around town with dad next to me as I still have my Ls cannot wait to get onto my Ps only thirty more hours and some private lessons to go! We drove home, I quickly had a shower and got dress into a nice outfit something bright and fun, which was a bright yellow dress singlet with white short shorts, I need something to take my mind off the fact that my boy and best mate have not wished me a happy birthday yet, also not talking to me.

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