The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 40 - It's My Birthday I can Cry If I want Too.

**Tasmine's Pov**

I have received text messages from my friends too who I am not close to. Along with my cousins, all my Uncles and Aunties had called me up and had little chats with me. The only uncle who spoke to me the longest was Chris, it was nice to talk to them all, but still not the same, I am missing my morning Birthday that my mum used to do. I didn’t want to tell dad this as it was a thing my mum did with me. Taking me to Macca’s for the morning for myself to order anything on their breakfast menu while she had her coffee, I also had some playtime in the playground. As I got older instead of the playground, she would take me to a theme park. It was more the fun I had with her than anything. It was the only day of the year she would go over the top for, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and her birthday we didn’t do much but my birthday was always over the top full of fun.

It was now the afternoon myself and dad have been just hanging out with him working on his new car. When I say new it’s one of his old cars that has been sitting in the back yard for a bit. I’ve been doing odd things in and out of the house like playing pool, reading, or binge-watching TV shows. I hear a knock on the front door I know it’s grandma but it’s not who I want to see. Still nothing from either boy’s, this is not like them at all.

Why are they ghosting me?

I know they are back in town, I’ve seen their Snapchat posts.

“There’s the birthday girl!” My Grandma yelled out.

My Grandma came at me with a bag in her hand and wrapping me up in a big hug and a kiss, before handing me the bag which was full of clothes that she had seen me eyeing off last time I was at the shopping center with her. I nearly cried seeing them in the bag and her big happy face it just reminds me too much of what my mum used to do. “Those two still haven’t contacted you yet?” She asked. “No” I whispered. “If I was you, I would go to their house and pick a big fight with them. Today is not the day they should be ignoring you, baby girl.” Grandma snapped. “I know, I just don’t get it Oliver said he had something planned for my birthday. I know it wouldn’t have been this.” I said.

“I know he asked for my ok to do his surprise.” My dad said from my bedroom door. “Do you know what it is? If so, please tell me?!” I begged, he looked sad. “No.” He said. “Thank you both of you, can I go to his house? I really need to find out why they are doing this to me.” I said, doing my best to keep these tears at bay I am sad, but I am also very angry, “No not today, you can do it tomorrow.” Dad said, why do I have to wait another day this is hell! “Dad really?” I asked. “Yes.” He said.

I stormed into the kitchen just so I could get away from them trying to compose myself. I found the cake that dad had bought for me a few slices taken out of it, I’ve taken another slice with a can of coke sitting on the counter drowning my emotions in fatty surgy foods. My night was just as dull, still nothing from the boy’s. I chose now to text the one person I do not normally talk to but seeing as he’s friends with them he might know what is going on.


**Tasmine** Hi Mason, It’s Tasmine here.

I sat down in my bean bag waiting for a reply, I didn’t have to wait too long.

**Mason** HHeyyy Sexy girl wHat do you want?
**Tasmine** Um what? Are you drunk?
**Mason** Yes, I am at a party, you know schoolies.
**Tasmine** Have you seen or heard from Oliver and Jackson?
**Mason** Yeah, they are right here with me, want to do a foursome with us? Is that why you’re talking to me? Come on sweetheart you know you want to. You’ve kissed Jackson, you dated Noah, now dating Oliver who also was the lucky guy who popped your cherry, maybe I can pop your ass cherry? When is it my turn?

Argh, I truly did not want to be talking to this boy. A foursome? Who does he think I am? Now I can see what he thinks of me, wow so Oliver and Jackson have both told him things about me. I do not like this one bit. Why have these two started behaving like this? Is it because they are now talking to Mason again, is this how they were before I came into the picture? I turn his number to ignore I really don’t want to hear from him again. I didn’t even bother to text the other two boys as they seem to be making it very clear they don’t want to see me.

This hurts more than it is my first birthday without my mum. “Sweetheart drowning your sorrows in cake won’t help you in the long run,” Dad said. “Better than crying on my birthday” I mumbled. “You can cry if you want to, everyone will understand baby girl.” He said sadly. As he walked closer it didn’t take me long before I burst out into tears. He wraps me up in a hug as I cry. “I miss her dad! On, top of that those two won’t talk to me dad. What have I done for them to do this to me? I know they didn’t crash, as they wouldn’t be updating their social media feeds. Are they doing this because I am younger than them?” I asked. “Oh, sweetie I miss her too. I know today wasn’t going to be easy for you. About the boys’ I have no idea why they are doing this to you, but I am quite happy in telling them off. Stop with the what-ifs Tassie it won’t be helping you.” He said. “But dad,” I said.

“Stop, I’ll call up his Uncle to see what is going on ok.” He said. “Thank you,” I said. “In the meantime, try and get some sleep,” Dad said. “Not going to happen, dad,” I mumbled, just before dad left the room my phone went off like a crazy person, I looked up at him shocked. “Is it the boy’s?” He asked. “No, it’s a group text message,” I said.


**Justine** Tassie!
**Max** Birthday Girl!
**Josephine** Maxipad’s dad is away this weekend!
**Dean** Up for us to kidnap you?!
**Rachel** Because we hear it’s your birthday today, so that means it’s party time girl!
**Sam** Because we are outside.
**Vincent** Ready to take you to the party!
**Tasmine** OMG really? Hold up I’ll ask dad.
**Justine** Too late Birthday girl one of us is about to knock on your front door to ask!

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.

“Hi, Mr. Kelly” I hear Josephine’s voice from the front door. “Hi, Josie, what’s up?” My dad said. “I was wondering if I could take Tasmine for the night? We are surprising her with a birthday party.” Josie said. “Mmm did you ask her if she wanted one because she said no to me,” Dad said. “No, but if she doesn’t want to come that is fine, but is she allowed to join us?” She asked. “Sure, why not it’s her birthday and she seems to be having a bad day. Anything to cheer her up, bring her home in the morning, please. Whose house is it at?” Dad asked, fuck yes, he’s letting me sleepover! “Ok, will do, it’s at Max’s place,” Jose said.

Dad let out a loud sigh, “Ok, are Jackson and Oliver going to be there?” He asked. “Unsure I haven’t seen them,” She said. “Ok,” He said, I quickly packed an overnight bag and was standing behind dad, I raced up to him giving him a big hug. “Thank you! See you tomorrow morning!” I said, I gave both him and gran a hug and bolted out of the house to the nearly full car.

“Ready to party like its 1999?” Josephine asked with a big grin on her face. “Yes!” I screamed out, I was sitting next to Max, I looked right at him, let’s see if he can tell me what’s going on. “Max, have you seen Jackson and Oliver?” I asked. “Yeah? I have I live with them.” He said I ignore his smartass attituded, “Do you know why they are ignoring me?” I asked. “What trouble in paradise?” Vincent piped up from the back seat those seats that pop up from the floor in the back of four by fours, I want to slap him right now. “Behave Vincent.” Max snapped at him.

“Shut up, tell me please,” I said. “I don’t know Tas I really don’t, they’ve been odd since they got back.” He said he lets out a loud sigh, “Odd like what?” I asked, now I am worried, “Fighting all the time.” He said I don’t like that at all, “Ok.” I mumbled, “I don’t know why either.” He said, must have known my next question, “Are they home right now?” I asked. “No, they both have taken off in their cars.” He said, I mumbled my ok, doing my best not to cry. What the hell happened down at schoolies?

“Hey, sweetie none of that tonight!” Dean said from the front. “Yeah, none of that girl, boys aren’t worth it,” Josephine said, Max was looking at me, “It’s your first Birthday isn’t it?” He asked, I nod my head he wraps an arm around me letting me cry. “I cannot believe they are doing this to you.” He whispers giving my forehead a soft kiss. “Me either,” I whispered, pulling up to the house Christmas lights everywhere, music pumping I can see a few people are here.

“Hey, Birthday Girl!” Sam yelled out at me. “Hi, Sam.” I hug him, he grabs my hand after the hug was over. “Come with me Tas, you need a birthday drink.” He ordered, I walked around the corner the rest of the group plus a few others from school are here yelling Happy Birthday, balloons everywhere, streamers, birthday banners, all over the place, and a lot of seventeen. But still not the people I wanted to see. Sam must have picked up on it and wrapped me up in another hug. “Their loss babe, let’s get that birthday drink for you.” He said, I smiled up at him, “Thanks Sambo.” I said.

“All good love, it’s your birthday no crying allowed.” He said, I laughed, as he hands me a glass of the drink he’s talking about, “Wow that looks yum! What is it?” I asked, “Um unsure Rach made it, but the girls seem to love it.” He said, I smiled at him again, “Thanks Sambo.” I said. “All good,” Sam said spotting Rachel as she walks up beside me wrapping her arms around my waist. “Tassie you up for a dance?” She asked with a big smile on her face. “Hold up,” I said, drinking my drink fast the two of them looked at me worried. Oh well, it’s my birthday and only one drink so far. Pulling out my phone I’ve had enough this is not how you are supposed to treat someone that you love.


**Tasmine** Hi Oliver, I know you are back home. I am at your house as Maxi pad is throwing a party for me, because you know it’s my birthday today. Would also like to inform you that today is my first birthday without my mum. You knew today was going to be hard for me, today you have made it a lot harder. You told me you loved me and can see a future with me and now you won’t even talk to me? If you’re planning on telling me what the fuck is going on, I’m enjoying my birthday party. If not, this is a pathic way of breaking up with someone! Are you doing this so it’s easier for you to move away?”

Justine came out of nowhere snatching my phone out of my hands. “Babe no more phone!” She snapped. Lucky, I had already hit send when she did that. “Sorry I just needed to tell him something,” I said, she looked up at me, “Let me see,” Justine said loudly, Justine starts reading it out so everyone can hear, when she finished everyone looks at me in shock. “I’m going to fucking kill him!” Vincent snapped at me. “Stay out of this Vincent!” I yelled at him. “He told me he would never break your heart!” Vincent yelled back at me. “Well turns out boy’s lie! Rach let’s dance!” I yelled, I never got my phone back and to be honest I didn’t care.

Dancing like a girl who had no care in the world about anything. “It’s good to see you let yourself go,” Max said as he dances towards me handing my phone back. “Don’t I normally do that?” I asked confused. “Somewhat, but normally you and Oliver are” I cut him off, “Yes please don’t finish that,” I said. “If I knew what was going on with the pair of them, I would be telling you.” He said. “Thanks.” I smiled at him as Mich came up to us the boys said their hellos to each other. “Want to dance Tasmine?” Mich asked. “Sure Mich,” I said.

As we headed closer into the spot where everyone was dancing Teeth came on, I was so happy it was on that by the time I notice Mich had his hands on my hips, I push away looking at him shocked. “Mich we are just dancing mate no need for touching!” I yelled out, but I felt so guilty about what just happened that I burst out into tears and bolted upstairs. Not paying any attention to where I am going, I slammed into someone in the lounge room. “Oh, shit I am so sorry, didn’t see you there,” I said. “Kitten?” He said softly.

I looked up, I knew it was him the minute my body hit him, body behave right now. Remember we are angry at him. “Oh, Fucking hell.” I snapped. “Why are you crying?” He sounded concerned, why the hell is he acting like nothing had happened? “Now you care?” I snapped. “Did one of those boys do something to you?” He asked sounding jealous, I looked at him like he was stupid, “YOU DID!” I shrieked at him. “Are you really acting like we meant nothing to each other?” I whispered, “No,” He said.

“No, what? You come home knowing I am here instead of going to find me to talk, you come up here to hide from me? What happened to you at schoolies?” I asked, I know I am now yelling but I no longer care who can hear us, I want answers from him. “What’s going on with you and Max and Mich?” He snapped at me, what the hell? “Oh, wow you for real about that? Nothing is going on with them! They are just friends who are trying to cheer me up. No thanks to you!” I yelled at him, I turned around to leave he grabbed my hand. “We started as friends.” He said. “So? None of this has anything to do with how you’ve been treating me!” I screamed out.

Silent tears are falling down my face, he reaches up to wipe my tears away, I step back looking sad up at him. “Don’t touch me until you can give me a fucking good reason as to why you’re being like this!” I yelled, he looks hurt, good he should know how it feels. He keeps standing there looking at me, roaming over my body. “Stop that!” I snapped at him.

“I cannot help it that you are beautiful.” He said I scoffed, “Please you’re trying to get into my pants instead of talking to me! Are you even going to fight for this?!” I yelled. “You won’t give me the chance to talk!” He yelled. “I have you just keep looking me up and down! What happened on your trip?” I asked. “Nothing” Is he really going to be doing this? “Bullshit! You said you were going to call me when you had arrived at the hotel. You never did, nor did you for the whole week. I texted, called everything you didn’t answer nor reply!” I roared at him. “My phone hasn’t been working.” He said I am so glad I have gotten my phone back a few minutes ago as I pulled it out, pulling up his number and hitting the call button, his pants start ringing.

“Why are you lying to me?” I asked. “I’m not it really hasn’t been working.” He said why is he still lying to me? “Oh, did you sleep with another girl?” I asked, he moved back like I had slapped him. “No!” He yelled at me. “I don’t fucking know Tasmine!” He shouted at me. “What the hell do you mean you don’t know?” I asked. “I DON’T FUCKEN KNOW TASMINE! I DON’T REMEMBER LAST WEEK AT ALL!” He screamed. “DON’T YOU YELL AT ME! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? DID YOU TAKE DRUGS?” I asked. “WHO FUCKING KNOWS!” He yelled, I did slap him then and stormed off out of the house.

“Tasmine please stop! Wait let me talk please!” He yelled after me, we have reached the front yard by now his extremely close, my body is betraying me again. “Kitten please, let me tell you what I do remember.” He said, I closed my eyes, “Please don’t call me kitten.” I whispered. “Oh no please Tasmine hear me out.” He said, crossing my arms under my breasts glaring at him, “Fine, what is it.” I snapped. “We got to the hotel, I was so tired I crashed. By the time I woke up, it was too late to call or text you and all the boys had been drinking. I joined in I only just sobered up as I have gotten over my hangover today. Then I read all your texts and your last one killed me!” He yelled.

“So why are both you and Jackson ghosting me?!” I yelled. “Wait what is Jackie not talking to you?” He asked. “No! Did you not read my messages?” I asked. “May have still been drunk when I read the earlier ones.” He said, still doesn’t make any sense to me why didn’t he drunk call or text me? “How the hell did you get home?!” I snapped at him. “Jackson is angry at me at the moment trying to work out why he’s angry at me he won’t say.” He said.

He didn’t answer my question, “Give me your phone!” I yelled, I had my hand out waiting for him to place it in my hand, “No!” He snapped at me. “Why not? What do you not want me to see on it?” I asked. “Nothing here,” he said shaking his head, I take his phone scared at what I might find. All I found were heaps of texts messages from his friends myself and family asking where he is gone mostly, same with phone calls, but no new numbers, no new photos, nothing about other girls at all. I looked up at him with sad eyes, handed his phone back to him.

“Why did you let yourself get that drunk? Why wasn’t Jackie keeping an eye on you?” I asked. “He was too busy with Tia, it was just me and the boy’s.” He said, I still don’t believe him, he’s not telling me everything. “Oh, and Mason was with you?” I asked, “Yeah why?” He asked, keeping that card close to my chest until I know more. “No reason. Now, why did you get yourself so drunk? And why didn’t you drunk call me up to talk to me? Or even drunk asking for phone sex?” I asked. “I don’t know, what happened just before we left. It kept on playing on my mind I realized I was completely at fault and kept on thinking I had lost you.” He said.

“Hmmm really? You just worked out what you did was wrong? Now you’re throwing it back onto me as to why you got so drunk. No Oliver you’ve really hurt me this week, I was looking forward to this weekend because you kept on telling me you had a big surprise for me. I hope your big surprise was not us fighting! Because if that was your surprise a big fuck you OLIVER!” I screamed, I had stormed over closer to the party, had noticed that they had turned the music down and all of them standing there watching us, oh man we are that couple. “Tasmine!” He calls out to me. “What Oliver!” I snapped at him.

“How much have you had to drink of that punch?” He asked. “Three glasses, what’s it to you?” I snapped back at him. “Don’t drink anymore please.” He said, putting my hand up to stop him from moving closer to me. “Stop Oliver, stop acting like a caring boyfriend!” I was screaming and crying at him. “Tas...” he is now crying too. “What is it, Oliver?” I asked sounding hurt. “Have we just broken up?” He asked, we are both crying and looking at each other, I didn’t realize I had walked right up to him. “Tell me the full truth on what happened? Or what you fully remember because I feel there is much more to this story than you’re telling me!” I said.

“Do we have to do it in front of them?” He snapped, he waved to all of our friends, or manly my friend’s. “No,” I said, I looked at my friends some are looking at me sadly, others looking ready to punch Oliver that is mainly Vincent, some seem to be enjoying this show. “Then follow me please Miss Kelly.” He said. “Fine Oliver Brown!” I snapped, his small smile on his face dropping, should I keep being harsh to him? Yes, I haven’t heard the four magic words that I am waiting for. He takes me up to his bedroom, I let out a groan, he stops and looks at me in shock. “Sex is not going to fix this Oliver,” I said with a loud sigh.

“No, it won’t and that is not why I bought you to my room it’s private, we need to talk in private.” He said. “Ok.” I sit on his bed as he takes the bean bag in front of me. “So, Oliver what is the full truth?” I said doing my best not to sound harsh at all, but I think I came off as a smartass instead. “I would like to hear it too little thing,” Jackson said at the doorway, walking into the room towards me and hugging me, I looked at him oddly, as he goes to sit down, I throw a punch at him and got him a good one on the side of the face. “What the fuck TASMINE!” Jackson cries out in pain.

“Really!? You pick a hell of a week to not talk to me! And what rock up not even wishing me a happy birthday!” I cried out. “Oh, crap Tassie, Happy Birthday sweetie! Also, your gift is downstairs Maxi pad has put it on the table for you.” Jackson said. “Ok Thank you. Still doesn’t explain why you were quiet too.” I said, he rubbed his eye, “Because I am so angry at him, that I didn’t want to worry you. Maybe I should have sent a quick text to let you know.” He said. “You think?” I snapped. “Shh, I want to hear the truth from this asshole first.” Jackson snapped.

Oliver glared at his cousin, “Why do you keep calling me that?!” He yelled out. “If the shoe fits!” I cut Jackson and Oliver’s screaming match, “Fill me in now or I fucking walk! If I walk look out Oliver you will not like the outcome!” I screamed out over the top of them. “From my point of view, we made it to the hotel late, we crashed as soon as we got to our room. When I woke up, I let the rest of the boys into our room while I went and spend time with Tia. I came back found him high as anything and drunk as hell.”

“High?! What the fucking hell Oliver! You took drugs after you said you wouldn’t?!” I screamed out, I kept my eyes on Oliver as Jackson told me what he knew. Oliver kept on looking down at his feet not making eye contact until the word high came up, he looked at me scared. Good, so he should he knew my views on drugs. Storming towards Oliver I start throwing punches at him, trying to hit as much of his body as I could before Jackson pulled me off of him. “What drugs did you take Oliver?!” I screamed while Jackson points a finger at his cousin. “FYI you are never partying with Mason again!” He screamed.

“Was he the one supplying the drugs?” I asked they both said ‘Yes’ at the same time. “It was E,” Oliver whispered. “You were drunk and high the whole time?!” I asked, I am furious with him right now, “Yes.” He whispered. “Yes, he was, he was either drunk or high but never sobber. Mason did not help at all in this department once he spotted Oliver was coming down, he would pump him up with something else. Always found a way to him no matter how much I locked him up. I’m so sorry Tasmine I had failed in keeping an eye on him.” Jackson said sounding extremely upset. “Jackie, what else happened? Please tell me there weren’t any girls involved.” Oliver asked.

Can see him dreading what Jackson is about to say to him, Jackson looked over at me from his spot on Oliver’s desk looking sad at me, oh there were other girls, I burst into tears. “You’ve been with other girls?!” I cried out. “No Tasmine! Mason kept on throwing sluts at him no matter what Oliver would push them away saying how much he loved you. I even helped him push them off of him, Mason made it his mission to get him to cheat on you. Oliver never did Tasmine.” Jackson said. “What?” I whispered, I look between the two with tear-filled eyes, before not taking my eyes off Oliver who had tears spilling down his face.

“Tasmine Rose Kelly I am so fucking sorry for the shit storm I have been this week and making your birthday worse than it needs to be. I know it’s a big ask but I do hope one day you forgive me.” He said. “YYouuu waant tooo knooow whhats worse is, Yoo uuu stilll haveen’t wisshed mmme a hhappy biirthday!” I say through all of my crying, I stood up making my way to the door he stood up trying to stop me, I lean my head against the door closing my eyes. “I don’t know if I can Oliver, you broke my heart,” I whispered.

Still leaning against the door crying hard, he puts a hand on my back. Maybe to see if I would push him off me, seeing as I didn’t, he turned me around wrapping me up in a hug I held onto his shirt as I cried, his crying too. “I know this means nothing now, but Tassie Happy Seventeenth Birthday. I am terribly sorry for being an asshole on your birthday. I knew what I did was wrong and letting him give me the drugs was even worse.” Oliver whispered. “How do you even know what it even was that he was giving you? You’ve been on them long enough now that you could want more of it. I don’t want that life for you. But also if your new job does a drug test your stuff!” I said.

“I don’t know, I feel like shit right now.” He mumbles. “You touch a drug again look out!” I snapped at him, he grabs my chin lifting it, so I am looking at his face. “What does that mean?” He askes with a small smile on his face. “I accept your apology, but you have a lot to do to make up for your behavior towards me.” I said, Jackson scoffed behind us, “Wow I wouldn’t have taken him back little thing.” He says with a smirk on his face. “Sorry Jackie, even after all the heartache I still love him.” I whisper under my breath, “I don’t know why” I knew Oliver had heard it, so he should have I am hurting so much. He knew why I hated drugs, it’s all the lying that hurts and the not talking to me. God, am I like her?

“Just a quick question Tass why are you so against drugs?” Jackson asked. “Kitten you do not need to answer I can fill him in for you.” He said, I know I should have told Jackson this already but sometimes I just enjoy the playful way of him over being serious with him, “It’s ok Oliver, he should know. One of my mum’s ex-boyfriends used to use it in short form it wasn’t nice ok. Also, Lee doesn’t know so don’t tell him.” I said. “Oh, ok you don’t need to say anymore,” Jackson said, still holding onto his shirt, I look up at him. “You might want to see what Mason had sent me when I was asking about what was going on with the pair of you,” I said.

They both looked at each other in shock, “You were in the room when he sent those messages to me?” I asked, they both said no, “But Tasmine whatever he said is total bullshit!” Jackson said, I shake my head “That is not what I am talking about.” I said walking over to his bed and sitting down they both sat on either side of me as I pull my phone out, pulling up his messages, I can feel them both tensing up next to me when Oliver got to the last part he growled out, standing up and punched the wall screaming out. “LIKE FUCK AM I GOING TO KEEP CALM ABOUT WHAT HE JUST SAID TO YOU!” Oliver screamed out, I sat on the bed in shock I knew he wouldn’t take it well but wasn’t expecting him to punch a hole in the wall.

“If I see him before you Oliver, I will be giving him two black eyes!” Jackson said loudly, Oliver spun around glaring at his cousin. “RIGHT NOW I AM QUITE HAPPY TO CUT HIS DICK OFF, SHOVE IT UP HIS OWN ASS AND THEN MAKE HIM EAT IT!” Oliver yelled, I didn’t mean to, I burst out into a fit of laughter rolling around on his bed, as the pair of them looked at me like I had lost my mind, once I had calmed down somewhat, I spoke up why I was laughing. “Sorry, I just got the picture of you doing all of that to him.” I managed to get out.

Oliver spoke up first, “Nothing funny about it at all babe.” Jackson started laughing, “Oh bro it’s so fucking funny!” Oliver pulls me up off the bed hugging me, “Babe I would never let him do that to me, you know that right? Even if we end up not being together, I will never go to him.” I said, a tear falling down his face, I quickly whip it away for him, “I know that Tasmine, just I cannot believe he thinks of you like that, and us like that. Like myself, Jackie and Noah share girls like we do that on a normal week. This is not true at all I know Jackson kissed you to prove that you both are more siblings than anything else. Noah was your first yes, but we are together I would have still chased you even if you and Noah never were together.” He said, I giggled, I looked at him all serious now, “I’m going back to my party, you mister.” I push my finger into his chest. “Is staying sober!”

“I can deal with that.” He said, he seems like he thinks he got off easy, I chuckle, and it’s not my happy one it’s my I have something up my sleeve one and they both notice it too. “Good, we are back at the start too by the way,” I stated, turning around making my way back to the party I can hear Jackson laughing his head off at my last comment while Oliver is asking him what it means. “Come on Tas what the hell does that even mean?!” Oliver snapped when Jackson wasn’t going to tell him, “We are back at the start of our relationship, you got to work your way back to what we had,” I said. “What?!” He started chasing me down the stairs, getting closer looking worried.

“Tass, babe does that mean what I think it means?” He asked. “I believe it does cuz, no sex for Mr. Oliver Brown.” Jackson seems to be enjoying this as he starts laughing again, while Oliver groans. “Really? Babe is this some sort of punishment?” He asked, I taped my chin as I looked at him, “Could be...” I stated. “arghhh fine, fine.” He groans out. “And you Jackie better get out of my way before you get another black eye!” I snapped at him too. “Why are you angry at me for?” He asked shocked, “For ghosting me!” I snapped, “Ok,” He said as we entered under the house as Justine walks up to me.

“Hey, you ok babe? Do we need to punch Oliver to match the shiner on Jackson?” She said trying not to laugh. “That is all up to you on that front.” I said laughing, “She’s already laid into him and myself, we don’t need more.” Jackson snapped at her. “Think Oliver knows why he should get a good beating!” Vincent yelled out. “Why the fuck are you even here!” Oliver snapped at him. “Alright you two put your dicks away if you need to fight fuck off from this party but you both won’t see me again!” I yelled out. “Ta” I cut Oliver off, “SHUT UP! I want to dance and have fun I am over all this shit!” I yelled out.

Storming past them all to the punch pouring myself another drink before heading to the sound system turning the music up but also putting on 5SOS, racing to the dance area dancing with myself before the girls came and joined me. A few songs later I went to get another drink when he came up to me grabbing my arm stopping me, looking up at him angry. “Why are you stopping me?” I asked. “Because I know you do not want to wake up with a hangover.” He said.

I was about to tell him why does he care when he must have read what I was about to say looking a little sad. “Kitten because you are my girlfriend and I care for you.” He said. “Right now, I am getting a strong feeling to punch you again Oliver,” I said with a hint of the crazy angry tone of mine. “Good let it all out kitten.” He said with a smirk on his face, I slapped him hard on the face, he looked taken aback at me shocked, I go to do it again he stops me this time. “Free shot is over kitten, must say remind me to never make you angry again. Man, you have a good right hook.” He groans out. “Good cause I would love to slap you again.” I snapped, he smirks at me, “You have gotten all kinky my little kitten?” He asked.

“Really? Me wanting to slap you is turning you on? Like do you have sex on your brain all of the time?” I asked, he walks closer to me closing the distance with his hands on my hips swaying us to the beat of a Bruno Mars song. “With you my beautiful girl yes, yes I do.” He whispers, I pointed over to Rach and she quickly changed the music over. “Good because it’s going to be only your” Pointing to the speaker, smiling up at him like a good girl.

“I really am starting to hate this song Tasmine.” He snapped at me, while I smiled at him, “Good, I am starting to love it.” I said. “Is this another form of punishment?” He asked. “No, just enjoying seeing that face you pull,” I said, what is wrong with me? Should I have dumped his ass? My body still responds to his body, all of him, his smell, his touch I need to stop thinking this, or I’ll be asking him to take me to his bed, I am like my mother falling for the fixer-uppers, the bad ones. Stop TASMINE! He had done this once, he does it again and he’s gone no matter how much it hurts and how much I love him, he’s looking at me like he could eat me up oh, crap we are not going to last long with my new rules.

Was interrupted by Jackson yelling at everyone to be quiet. “Can I get your attention, please! It is time for the Birthday Girl to cut the cake!” Jackson screamed out.

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