The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 41 - Let's Party Like it's 1999

**Tasmine's Pov**

I headed on over to Jackson to cut the cake, everyone starts singing happy birthday to me. “Babe do not forget you have to kiss the boy next to you if your knife hits the bottom.” Jackson said making faces at Oliver and laughing, while Oliver leans down and whispers in my ear, “Please hit the bottom kitten.” I sliced the cake, and yes hitting the bottom and everyone laughed and cheered on, I had two boys next to me one was Jackson the other was Oliver.

Jackson took a step back with his hands up saying please not him. I laugh at Jackie then turn to Oliver who had a smirk on his face, he leans down pulling me into him as he softly places a kiss on my lips. My body chose then to moan into the kiss. As soon as that moan left my lips he chuckled against my lips. Putting both of his hands on either side of my face kissing me harder, pushing his tongue into my mouth, letting his tongue win over the fight we were having. Finally pulling away but still awfully close to my lips with a big grin on his face. “Fuck I missed you, Kitten, still holding onto those new rules?” He whispers so no one else can hear. “Mmmm Oliver still holding onto those new rules,” I whispered. “Ok.” He whispered.

I turn around and everyone had big grins on their faces. “About time you two made up!” Josephine yells out. “Ok, who wants some cake?” I yelled out, dishing out the cake to those who wanted some, I head back onto the dance floor with Oliver following closely behind me. He was picking up his game, hope he keeps at it and never goes back to whoever that was. I danced with my friends with him edging his way closer to me, finally, his favorite song came on and was in front of me pinning my hips into his body swaying us to the beat of the music. I nearly let out a moan when he grinds his body into mine and I could feel his whole body, how hard he had gotten. “I know you want to. Touch me kitten.” He whispers.

My hands went to his shoulder’s moving them down onto his chest enjoying him sucking in his breath with every touch. He grips my ass lifting me up into his body, putting my legs around his waist, I wrap my arms around his shoulder’s leaning down kissing him hard. I am starting to think it is the drink that is making me want to break my own rules. Finally breaking away from the kiss I push on his shoulders to get him to put me down. He doesn’t I know that look on his face, he is in a playful mood. “Put me down please,” I said.

“After you give me an answer.” He said. “To what question?” I asked lost. “Tasmine Rose Kelly would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow lunch?” He asked. “Oh, a lunch date? Really?” I asked, I put on an upset look on my face, “What did I say wrong? What’s wrong with lunch, just couldn’t see you wanting your dad tagging along tomorrow night.” He said lost, I smiled at him as he didn’t get my quote, “Sorry that was from Sex in the City. Hmm, I am going to see if he doesn’t tag along. But he does want to tell you off after how you have treated me, more than telling off if I am being truthful.” I said.

“I know, I would too if I was in his shoes. So, Kitten what is your answer?” He asked those butterflies are back again, “Yes Oliver I will go on a date with you.” I said, his smile got bigger as he pulls me down into a soft kiss, before putting me down on my feet. “Please wear an outfit like that tomorrow it looks amazing on you.” He whispers. “Oh, does it, thank you,” I said. “Sweetie you ready for bed yet?” Rachel said beside us, we were so wrapped up in each other we failed to notice everyone packing up around us. “Yes, I am.” I smiled at her. “No, you’re in my bed tonight.” Oliver growled out, I poke my tongue at him, “Sorry Oliver, I won’t be.” I said, oh, he’s giving me his stubborn look, “Oh no we are not fighting about this one.” He snapped at me. “Who said we are fighting?” I said brazenly. “Come on Oliver share.” Justine moaned at him. “Well then make sure there is room for me too.” He said.

He’s not going to let this go at all. “Ok,” Justine said she looks like she wanted to laugh, I follow Justine upstairs, we found Max had set up the lounge room into a massive bed Jackie has gone into his room so did Max, Sam, and Vincent are on the L shape couch, Dean at one end of the massive bed, Rach and Jose are next to him Justine climbs onto the bed next to Jose, she pats the bed for me to join her. I climb into the bed as soon as I go to lay down Oliver was right next to me with his arm out for me to use as a pillow. “Oliver?” I whispered. “Yes, Tasmine?” He asked. “No sex while we are all here you two!” Dean yells out at us. “You have a bed,” I said, he just smiles at me, “I know, you are out here.” He said.

I shack my head at him, “I’m not going to win this am I?” I asked. “Nope, my little kitten.” He whispered. I lean up giving him a quick kiss goodnight before cuddling up to him. We all said our goodnight to everyone. He rolls over just a little so we are facing each other he whispers so no one else can hear. “I’m so sorry for what I had done.” He said, I smiled at him, I can see and hear he really means it, his hand brushes aside hair off my face, leaning in for a soft but quick kiss. “I love you, Oliver,” I whispered. “I love you, too Kitten.” He whispered. I cuddled into him some more before falling asleep in his arms.

The count down to the day he moves went so fast. He took me out on dates every day if it wasn’t during the day it was at night. Dad is still angry at him for how he treated me, but for once he is keeping the peace. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been really enjoying the dates, it didn’t take us long before I broke our new rules. After the party the rest of the group have been hanging out with me more, for once Vincent is being nice too.

Oliver’s Uncle had to leave for work again, so the boys are home alone, only thing that is not packed up in his room is the bed. His Uncle will not let him take it, as Oliver won’t have a bed when he comes back up. He will be meeting up with Oliver in Mackay to help him move into his new place. I had managed to talk dad into letting me sleepover, on Oliver’s last weekend in Tully. I was floored he had allowed it, but really us having sex has been out of the bag for a while now.

Cuddled up to him naked my finger drawing circles on his chest as he slept, I feel like a cow not wanting him to leave. “Kitten?” Oliver grumbles. “hmm?” I said. “Morning beautiful” He whispered, “Morning,” I whispered. “Hey, none of that today miss.” He said, I had burst out in tears again, I know he doesn’t want tears today. Which is such a hard thing not to do. “Sorry, trying not to is hard Ollie,” I whispered. “I know” He whispered, he lifts up my chin with one finger, leaning his head up a little so we could kiss. “Hmm, Ollie?” I asked. He moves around so he’s leaning on one of his arms and is half on me kissing just below my earlobe. “Hmmm?” He said.

“I love you, Oliver David Christopher Brown,” I whispered. “I fucking love you too Tasmine Rose Kelly.” He whispers. His hand roams down to my wet clit rubbing softly as he lets out a moan. “So, wet for me already.” He said with pride. “ahhh hmmm yes always Ollie.” I moan out, he keeps rubbing until I am about to explode, moving his hand away I moan out in frustration, he giggles into my nipple that he has been sucking on. “Don’t worry kitten you’ll love what comes next.” He whispers, he kisses his way down towards my wet entrance, I’m wriggling under his touch, he chuckles against my clit which sends me nearly over the edge. “ohh fuuuckkk Oliver!” I moaned out.

“Keep that one up kitten, scream my name baby!” He said loudly, it doesn’t take me long before I’m screaming his name, not caring if Max and Jackson can hear me. “OLIVER YES! OH GOD OLIVER!” I screamed out. “hmm that’s it baby come undone for me.” He growls out. “I need you” I moaned, “How so?” he asks as he kisses my stomach, I can feel he is smirking. “I need you inside of me now.” I pant out. God, I cannot get enough of this boy, “What is it of me that you want inside of you?” He asks.

I reach down in between us stroking his hard dick, looking into Oliver’s eyes as he moans out, “I want your dick in me.” Rolling over to put a condom on, he moves my legs, so they are on his shoulder’s he is on his knees lowering himself into me, he slowly enters me, I let out a moan while my eyes roll back in my head. “Fuck you’re so tight,” He said. “hmm you feel amazing Oliver.” I moan.

He starts thrusting in me, slowly then picking up the pace when he felt me tighten around him. He reaches down to rub my clit, pounds into me hard. “Oh God, whatever you are doing to me don’t stop! Fuck yes Oliver! Fuck yes keep hitting that spot Yes!” I screamed out. “You like this?” He asked. “Yes, oh Oliver yes oooooo arggghhh Fuuuuuucccckkkk OLIVER!” I screamed, my toes curled, legs going stiff as the rest of my body is shaking as my back arches up as I scream his name out, my eyes roll at the back of my head as I see stars, feeling a massive rush of my juices rushing out of me like I just peed. “Fuck yes kitten!” Oliver yelled.

Still coming down from that high as he keeps thrusting into me until he reaches his own climax. Collapsing onto me catching his breath, the bed felt wet really wet, he had the biggest grin on his face. “Fuck Tassie I just made you squirt, you ok?” He asked, I looked at him oddly, “Is that what you did to me, which is what? Whatever it was I fucking loved that, tired as hell now but wow Oliver that was your best.” I said panting out. “Woman ejaculation babe.” He sounded so smug, “You’re proud of yourself an’t ya?” I asked, he starts laughing and it is his real one that only a few people hear, “Yes.” He said, kissing me softly, his still in me, and getting harder again.

“Mmmm someone is waking up again,” I said. “He sure is.” He says with that smirk on his face that I like, “What time are you leaving?” I asked, he looks like he doesn’t want to be talking about this, “ghhhm what time is it?” he mumbles, I look over at my phone groaning too. “It’s one-thirty in the morning,” I said, he starts laughing, “The whole house would have heard us.” He said, “Should get used to it.” I mumbled, “Yes, how are you feeling? Up for another round before I leave?” He asks. “Yes, babe go for it,” I said with a smirk on my face.

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