The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 42 - Time To Say Goodbye For Now


This girl on top of me has no idea how smoking hot she is, rolling her hips moaning with every thrust I do. “Oooo yes, Ollie!” She screams out, fuck her insides are getting so tight she’s not far off. Placing my thumb onto her clit rubbing fast, she leans back eyes rolling back as she cries out my name, one of her hands squeezing one of her breasts while the other is gripping her hair. “Oh, hmmm Oliver, yes OLIVER!” She screams. “Ooooo fuuuucccckkkk!” I yell with her, she lays down on top of me, I hold onto her tightly. I know I need to leave soon, but how can I leave the best thing that has happened to me?

I really don’t want to tell her why I chose to leave. Yes, I am using her dad as the main reason, but deep down I want her to move away from this town. Don’t get me wrong I love this town, but I do not want her to live here for the rest of her life. I want her to go out of her comfort zone and try new things, get back into hockey. Also, I know if I don’t leave, I will get her pregnant, right now I want to take this used condom off and just keep pounding in her until my seed is dripping down her leg.

Moving away she will follow, I am hoping on it, I know I will be missing her like a crazy person. She lets out a little moan as she makes herself comfortable on me, going back to sleep. I pull myself out of her pulling the condom off and quickly wiping myself clean, still able to do all of this with her still on my lap. “Ollie?” She asks so quietly. “Hm kitten?” I whispered. “Are you one hundred percent sure you’ll have Christmas off?” She asked, I am hoping I can, but it will be hard as I would have just started, instead I said. “I hope so” I can feel her smiling, “Me too.” She whispered.

“I will call once I get to the place I am renting,” I said, she just nods her head, I know she’s thinking back to the last time I said that. All I want to do is go back in the past and punch myself in the head for the shit that I pulled that week. I was more shocked than anyone that she was willing to take me back after that shitstorm. “Kitten?” I asked softly. “hmm?” She said. “Please talk to me,” I whispered, I need to get her out of her head before she starts thinking deeply which can lead to her wanting to start a fight, and I don’t want to fight with her today.

“I don’t want to be that girlfriend Oliver.” She said, what the hell does she mean by that? “Babe need a bit more than that?” I asked lost, she lets out a loud sigh, that I can tell is full of emotions, I hate myself for doing this to her. “That forces her boyfriend to stay, cause if I do that you will end up hating me for the missed opportunity in advancing in your career.” She whispered, yep, she has been thinking way too much. “You know I would never hate you Tasmine,” I said, she scoffs, “My dad hates my mum so yeah you could.”

“He hates her for taking you away from him, then dying without leaving him much info as to why she did that. So much different to what we are talking about babe.” I pointed out to her, she lets out a giggle, it’s such a cute little giggle. Rolling off of me cuddling into my side, I can feel she is crying quietly, I couldn’t think of ways to help her out, feeling the same thing. I hope this long-distance gets easier, cause right now it feels like hell and I haven’t even left yet. Maybe everything I have just thought about is myself trying to make this choice the right one.

“Now I need to say something, and can you please stick to it.” She said, I want to chuckle, but I know if I do that, she will stay silent and that’s not good, “Anything.” I whispered. “Promise me if you are too tired to keep driving that you take a break. Once you make it to your rental either text if your too tired or call if you’re up for a chat.” She said. “I will rest when I need to rest. Will text you or call you as much as I can.” I said I hate that my past is making her worry so much about me. “You better, also no getting wild. Keep your drinking down also no drugs and no other girls. I am not saying don’t drink, but don’t get blackout drunk again please.” She said.

“I’d rather be drinking with you, babe. Can you do something for me? Keep an eye on those two that I call family? Make sure they are ok also no other boys keep away from Vincent as much as you can, I still don’t trust him. Considering he was around you like a pack of dogs when he heard we had been fighting.” I said, she smiles at my worried face. “I will always check on those two idjits. The other do not need to tell me twice. Want to join me in the shower?” She asks, I love how she asks me like she thinks one day I would say no, I will never say no to being in a small place with her naked. “You know my answer,” I said.

The laugh she lets out melted my heart, now to see how she goes when I give her the gift, I’ve been hiding from her. “Before we go into the bathroom, I have a gift for you. This gift I would like you to use while we are on the phone with each other, or whenever you miss me.” I said, oh, my little kitten is so innocent, and I loved that about her. “This sounds odd, what the hell could it be?” She asks, I rolled overreaching under my bed pulling out the wrapped box, sitting back down on the bed in front of her. She’s looking at me like I have lost my mind, maybe but I am about to blow her mind, I am hoping anyway. She starts to open the paper, once fully opened she’s looking at it in surprise and looks up at me with a cheeky grin on her face.

“You bought me a vibrator?” She asks. “Yes, yes, I did. Want to play?” I asked with a smirk on my face, she doesn’t answer, just opens up the box pulling it out inspecting it, the cheeky kitten put it next to my own dick and laughed. “Is it going to do the trick because it’s not close to your size?” She asked, I laughed so hard, she started moving the butterfly part on top around looking at me oddly. “What is this bit for?” She asks, I love being her first in a lot of things, also love watching her experience those firsts. “Here let me,” I said, she hands it over to me, I had already put the batteries into it before wrapping it up. Turning it on, I grabbed her hand and placed it under the butterfly part she looks at me. “Ohhh”

I get onto my hands and knees pushing her gently down, placing the butterfly part onto her clit. “oooohhh wow, aren’t you afraid that I would like this more than you?” She asks as she moans out, hmm she’s so cute when she is trying to hide how turned on she is. “That won’t happen” I chuckle, “arghh sure about mmmmmhmmm that!” She moans out, she’s about to reach her climax, not that soon sweetie, I pull it off her and she whimpers wanting more, I move so I am sitting down in between her legs moving them so they are wrapped around me exposing her very wet pussy. So, fucking beautiful, leaning down giving her breast some loving looking at me biting her bottom lip moaning.

I slowly push it into her, once it’s fully inside of her I turn the long shaft on she looks at me surprised, moaning again. I moved it in and nearly out of her, every time I go back in, I turn up the speed of it, her breath has picked up and her moans are getting louder, turning the butterfly part back on she moans out my name, fuck watching her is making me rock hard and dripping with precum. “Ahhh fuck Oliver!” She screams out, the vibrator is now on the top speeds she comes undone fast and hard, I slow the speeds down until I see she has come back down from her high, pulling it out of her watching her juices spilling out, leaning down licking it all up for her. “That is the best fucking gift anyone has gotten me.” She pants out, “Good to know you like it.” I said, with a proud look on my face.

“How the hell am I going to be able to use this while on the phone to you with my dad in the house?” She asked, I lean over kissing her softly, before saying. “You’ll find a way.” She reaches down gripping my hard dick inserting it into her, I froze I know I want to feel her without a condom but fuck. “I want to feel all of you” She whispered, and my willpower just went goodbye. “Kitten I know you’ve told me your on birth control, but which type are you on?” I asked. “The depo, and I am up to date with it too.” She starts moving, looking up at me biting her bottom lip.

“Please.” She begs, her cute eyes and voice were my undoing, no going back now. I slowly start to thrust into her, fuck I have never had sex without a condom before and it feels so fucking amazing, and I love that it’s with her, and I hope it’s only going to be her. “Fuck Oliver this feels so good, harder.” She moans out, I go harder, her body tightens around me, and lost all control. Hearing her and feeling her coming undone around me sent me off filling her up with my seed. I stayed inside of her until her body stopped tightening around me. Half laying on her, keeping my head close to her neck smelling her, while we both are trying to catch our breaths.

“Wow Oliver” She whispered, “Hmmm.” I am so spent, wonder if I have time to get some sleep before I need to go? “I’m sorry for making you tired.” She whispered I chuckle, “God Kitten do not be sorry, all of it was an amazing session.” I whispered, I wrap her up in my arms, staying inside of her it felt so good, we both fall asleep in each other’s arms.


Buz, Buz, Buz, Buz, Buz

I groan what is that sound, I froze Oliver is still inside of me, moving back so he falls out. Oh, it’s his phone alarm, crap. I lean over him turning it off his hands go right to my hips, sending warmth over my whole body. “Morning beautiful.” He mumbles. “Morning,” I mumbled, I’m so tired, I hope he’s not. “Up for that shower now?” I asked, he smirked at me, “With you yes.” He said, I pull him out of the bed he holds his hand up to stop me from opening the door.

“Babe I love you but no way in hell would I let you do a nudie run in this house.” He said, I look down at myself, “Oh right.” He hands me the t-shirt that I normally sleep in putting it on, it goes to my knees I give him a big smile. “Better?” I asked. “A little, still sexy as hell in that top babe,” he said with a smoldering look on his face. I smiled back up at him while digging into my bag pulling out a clean set of clothes, standing up, and making my way to the bathroom.

Stopping when Jackson walked out of the bathroom, with a big teasing grin on his face, oh shit I am about to cop it now, crap. “Well, I was going to say good morning, but the whole street already knows that.” He said. “Morning Jackie, sleep well?” I asked. “Sleep well? Are you kidding me little thing! Getting woken up by banging on the wall from his bed than hearing the pair of you.” He said loudly. Oh God, I am mortified now; his eyes are shining like he has more coming and he knows I am now embarrassed.

“Wish Tia was here so we could have a competition to see who can scream their partner name the loudest. Tell you one thing that I am going to really love, now that he is leaving is, I won’t be hearing you screaming “Ohhh Fuuucckk yess OLIVER!” Jackson said trying to sound like me, I have gone bright red, and just cannot come up with any words, I fell Oliver’s arm around my shoulder’s pulling me into his side. “Thought I heard your screams, Jackie, what not enjoying hearing us mate? Tia not letting you touch her yet?” Oliver said. “For a girl who seems to enjoy getting pounded you are awfully shy right now,” Jackson said with a big smirk on his face. “Jackson.” Oliver said warningly, “What look at her, she’s bright red.” Jackson said pointing at me, Oliver chuckles.

“I know, but she got the message you heard everything.” Oliver snapped. “Whoever thought it was a good idea having your room next to me needs to be shot!” He says as he heads back into his room laughing at me, Oliver looks down at me trying not to laugh. “Oh, man kitten you look so dam cute blushing like that.” He said. “Oh, shut up Oliver,” I said, storming into the bathroom closing the door on Oliver’s shocked face locking it, I turn the water waiting for it to heat up when I heard the lock unlocking, dam I forgot his house has those doors you can unlock with a butter knife. The door swings open and the look on his face is mixed with pleasure and pissed off. “Not funny Tasmine.” He said. “Oh, it was,” I said.

He walks up towards me lifting his shirt off of me as he does this his hands graze over my body sending goosebumps all over. “Hmmm, I love the fact my touch does that to your body.” He whispers, he undresses before stepping into the shower, getting the water the way, he likes it. I step in behind him, soaping up the loofah running it down his back. “You need to leave soon?” I asked. “Yes, need to leave very soon.” He said, he is now all soaped up, he takes the loofah off me and starts soaping up my body. “Wished I had time for another” I cut him off, “We could,” I said. “Hmmm so dam tempting kitten.” He whispered. “It’s not enough is it? I’m not enough...” I whispered.

Softly crying, I step under the water rinsing off the soap, stepping out, and drying off. Getting dressed not even noticing what he was doing. As it has finally dawned on me that I am not enough for him. He says he loves me but not enough to want to stay with me.

“Tasmine are you listening to me?” He asked, I have now reached the bathroom door before he stops me by grabbing my hand pulling me to a stop, I turn around looking back at him, with sadness in my eyes. “Babe that is not what is happening here.” He whispered. “Then why are you not staying here for just a year until I finish high school, one more year working with my dad saving up big time?” I asked. “ahh sweetheart.” He just hugs me, didn’t answer me, pulling away to get dressed.

I got sick of him looking at me, so I left the bathroom and headed into the kitchen to make us something to eat. I walk in to find Max sitting at the counter with a grin on his face, I groan. “You heard us?” I asked quietly, he just laughs. “Think the whole street heard you two. The next words out of your mouth better not be sorry, sex that sounds that good is a good thing.” He said. I know I am blushing, “Ok, ok it was.” He has a big smile on his face, “See that a girl!” He said. “Oi any of that left?” I asked. “Piss off! Get it yourself.” He said. “Assbutt!” I snapped, I laugh as I dig into the fridge and found what he was eating, last night’s leftovers. Yum cold pizza, pulling the box out of the fridge so Oliver can help himself if he wants some.

He doesn’t come back in, I leave Max to his morning drawing to go look for Oliver. I turn the corner I could hear him and Jackie talking, I know I shouldn’t, but I stay to keep hearing what they are saying. “Dude even Maxi pad can see what your doing is wrong. She loves you man so bloody much that all she wants to know is the why! You told me the why now tell her the why.” Jackson snapped at him. “I have Jack” Jackson cuts Oliver off, “No you are only telling her the why that you’re telling everyone else. If you love her that much tell her!” I know I should stop listening to this but I cannot I want to know why too.

“What tell her that I’m doing all of this for her?!” Oliver snapped at him. “Yes, you bloody idiot!” Jackson yelled. “How?! Tell her that I am afraid that I will get her pregnant, that I actually like the idea of that? That I don’t want her to be stuck in this town like her dad is. That I can earn more in two months down south than I would in a year here. That I want to save up all this year while she’s still in school so that one day we can buy our own house, go see Australia, and once see it all head-on overseas, hopefully, call her my wife and mother of our children!” Oliver whispered yelled at him. “Yes, you big fucking idiot! Tell her! Tell her before you leave, before she starts thinking you don’t love her enough, that she is not enough for you!” Jackson snapped.

Wow, he loves me that much. Can no longer keep listening. I took a few steps into the room Jackson had spotted me, Oliver is yet too. I have a big grin on my face, as I really do like his plan for us. “You no need to tell me now, I heard,” I said loudly, he spun around in shock, “How much did you hear?” He asks, not sounding worried he looks happy, “All of it, is it true?” I asked. “Yes, all of it.” He said. “Why didn’t you just say that?” I asked. “Cause we are young” Holding up a hand to stop him, “I am going to stop you right there. I am a product of young love. I know it can work, most of the time, you also know that I want to save up and see Australia and the world before bringing a child into the world.” I said, Oliver starts laughing as he walks up to me. “I fuck, I love you!” Wrapping me up in a hug then showering me in kisses, then groaning as he pulls away.

“Gotta clean my room and put new sheets on the bed Uncle’s orders.” He said. “More like from all the sex you two had last night,” Jackson whispers. “Jackie shut up mate!” Oliver snapped at him. “Hell no man to get your girl to squirt means you should be yelling that from the rooftop!” Jackson yelled back as I glared at Oliver, “What the fuck Oliver you told him!!?” I snapped at my boyfriend. “Wow is that why she screamed that much, you are going to have to tell us how you did that so we can do it to our girls,” Max said as he walked in.

“Oh god! Please can you do this over like a group chat that I don’t have to hear this?” I said mortified. “Why not? We aren’t going to be doing it to you gross, sorry Oliver.” Max. “Look it up is how I learned how to do it.” Oliver snapped at his cousin, he heads into his room, leaving me with the two boys looking at me with big grins on their faces. “Really can you two stop looking at me like that?” I said. “No welcome to the family Tassie!” Jackson yelled out while Max looked at him in shock, “What the hell did I miss?” He asked, Jackson had walked up to me hugging me from behind kissing my forehead. “Fill you in when our idiot of a cousin leaves,” Jackson told him.

Before I knew it, Oliver was dropping me off at my house, we had kissed a bit before getting out of the car, he takes my bag out closing the door behind him leaning against it pulling me in for a deep kiss. Now that I know why he’s leaving, I am not so angry at him, it still hurts but he’s thinking ahead. “Ok that is enough from you two, I do not need to be made a grandfather just yet!” He yells out as he comes bounding down the front steps. We pulled apart only our lips I am still in Oliver’s arms. “Bye Lee,” Oliver said. “Oliver it’s still ok for you to stay here for a year,” Dad said. “Dad it’s ok,” I said. “Baby girl seeing you this upset is not ok.” He said. “I know it’s not, I will be back up next week on my week off,” Oliver said, I smiled up at Oliver, “I cannot wait, be counting down the days,” I said. “Good. Bye sweetheart” He whispers in my ear, “I love you so fucking much my sexy girl.”

We both giggle as he leans down kissing me again, not long though as dad is watching us. He pulls away still hugging me tightly as he brushes the hair off my face as looks into my eyes. “I mean everything I had said earlier.” He said. “Good so did I,” I said, he has a big smile on his face, even though we both have tears streaming down, our faces. He kisses my forehead before pushing off the car door, I step back a few steps so he could get into the car. He starts up his car dad steps closer to me, as he pulls out of the driveway, honking his horn as he drives off waving out of the window. I turn into dad’s hug crying. “It’ll be ok Tassie.” He whispered, “Hope so...” I whispered. “Come on you can help me with this old baby and tell me what he told you earlier that he wouldn’t repeat in front of me,” Dad said.

I scoffed, “Yeah I can help you out, but I won’t be telling you what he said, that was private.” I said. “Ohh what now?” Dad said. “Please dad what do you need help with?” I said.

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