The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 43 - Time Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Oliver stuck to his word, every time he stopped for a break or to fuel up, he texted me or sent me a snap chat photo. When he arrived, he video called me showing me around his new place, we did other things too. It’s good but not the same I miss him, more the feel of him, his smell. He only messages me during his lunchtime when he can but more so when he’s alone at night in his cabin or first thing in the morning. Jackie has organized to drive down with me to see him. He is dropping off Tia at her mum’s house for the holidays. He won’t be with us until we need to drive home. I am doing the check-up on my car for the big drive while dad watches on making sure I am doing it correctly.

“Are you sure he cannot drive back home?” Dad asked. “Oh, he can dad, but seeing as it’s school holidays I am happy to get some hours under my belt,” I said. “But Jackson has his Ps aren’t you supposed to have an open driver sitting in the car?” He asked. “Well, he’s on his green Ps so hope that is enough,” I said. “I don’t like this one bit Tasmine. The car is good for the trip, but that is too much of a drive for someone so new at driving.” Dad said.

This is the same argument we have been having since I said I wanted to drive down to see him instead. “Tia will be driving to dad, I won’t be doing the majority of the driving those two will be,” I said. “Nope still not like this, stuff it I am tagging along,” Dad said. “Oh what? NO!” I snapped. “Well, the cat is out of the bag of you two having sex if that is what you are worried about?” Dad said why is my dad like this? Why would he want to be stuck in a car full of teenagers? “No dad do you really want to tag along on this trip?” I asked. “For your safety baby girl. Uncle Chris is in Mackay for a few days I said I couldn’t make it due to work but looks like I can make it now.” Dad said.

Oh, his being a sneaky dad! “Hold up a second you both had this planned, didn’t you?!” I asked, he looks at me with a big grin on his face. “I am not even sorry about that baby girl.” He said. “So, you have already checked my car, over haven’t you?!” I snapped. “Yes, and now I know you know how to check a car out.” He said, I glared at him, “Really dad? That was one of my first lessons before you even let me get behind the wheel of your car!” I snapped, he just smirked at me, “Ok, ok keep the crazy girl drama voice down!” He said.

“What will you and Uncle Chris be doing?” I asked, Dad, has his arms crossed over his chest as he leans on the pool table looking at me. “Before or after we bash up Oliver?” Dad asked, I dropped the tool I was cleaning onto my foot, screaming in pain than looking at dad in anger. “Ow what the fuck DAD! WHY ARE YOU TWO GOING TO BE DOING THAT?!” I yelled at him. “Langue young lady! Uncle Chris had filled me in on a few things.” Dad said, oh crap, Uncle Chris has finally spilled the beans, “Oh, right I’ll just head up to my room now.” I mumbled, he looked at me oddly, “Why?” he asked, I looked at him like he was stupid, “I’m grounded, aren’t I?” I asked, he chuckles, “Can if you want to be?” Dad said. “What’s going on here?” I asked so lost right now.

I am expecting a crazy angry dad right now and I have this man standing in front of me calm and doing his best not to laugh if I am right in reading him. “No point in grounding you for what you two did back then when I have already grounded you for it. Besides, apparently, Oliver made a promise to Chris so that is why we are” I cut him off, “Ok you can stop now, no one is hurting anyone!” I snapped, storming off up to my room to pack my bag.

Dad, I, Jackson, and Tia all took turns driving down to Mackay. Oliver had told Jackie that he would be home about six at night when the bus drops him off. If we are home before him the spare key was in a safe spot in the back of the house. Jackson has the full info on that, although Jackson and my dad had been sledding each other the whole trip down until I had enough unsure how Tia could sleep through it all is beyond me. “Hey, dad did I ever tell you what Jackson really thinks of you?” I asked.

Jackson driving realizing what I was about to say, “DON’T YOU DARE TASMINE!” He yells out, Dad starts laughing from the front, “Oh, now I must know baby girl! What did he say?” He asked, I smiled at my best friend, “He told me that I had a cool dad, his that cool that he is not even trying to be cool he just is.” I said, my dad, started laughing as he looked at Jackson, “WOW kiddo you think I am cool? I will take that.” Dad said, Jackson looked at me in the revision mirror, “Tasmine I will remember that!” Jackson snapped.

Our next stop was a loo break I managed to snag the driver seat, dropped Jackson and Tia off at her mum’s house, myself and dad didn’t stay to say hi or anything as we were running late to catch up with Uncle Chris, I also got the feeling that Tia didn’t want us to meet her family. We pull up to a house that Uncle Chris told us to meet him up at. “Dad why isn’t Uncle Chris staying in a hotel room?” I asked. “Oh, because he owns it,” Dad said matter-of-factly. “What?” I said stunned. “It’s his dad’s house he stays at it when he has work to do here,” Dad said.

Right, I doubt he’s here for work. “Right. Ok, I have dropped you off can I go now?” I asked, I would really like to go see my boyfriend now without these two following me around. “Oh, hell no miss you’re coming in and saying hello to your godfather,” Dad said, I groan, then put the car in park and turn it off, my dad looks at me. “Oliver can wait a few more hours girl, you are seeing family.” Dad snapped. “Not why I am groaning,” I said, he chuckles, “If you say so.” He said like he really doesn’t believe me, I am more worried about what Uncle Chris is going to say to me as I didn’t do what he told me to do, I just couldn’t there is a massive pull, that is pulling me to Oliver I cannot see my life without him in it, it has gotten stronger now.

Locking the car heading up to the front door, dad knocks, but no answer he knocks again a few times. Dad turns away to call Chris up on his phone just as dad hits dial the front door opens up. “Tasmine? Please tell me you didn’t drive all that way with just P Platers in the car?” Uncle Chris said sounding more like dad each time I hear him. “No Mate but what took you in answering the door?” My dad said. “Sorry was all the way at the back in the back yard.” Uncle Chris said. “Hi, Uncle Chris.” I smiled at him, “Hi Tas, have time for a coffee?” He asked. “No,” I said, “Yes, but first want to see her car?” Dad said. “Yes, I would love to.” Uncle Chris said.

He walks out of his house giving me a small hug, before hugging dad too. “Hey Bro, how’s it going? Oh, wow look at that baby! You both worked on this right?” He says this as he walks up to the car with a big grin on his face running a hand along the paint. “Can I drive it?” He asked, he looks like a kid on Christmas day. “Not yet,” I said, I want to keep driving my baby. “Oh crap, you’re behind the wheel.” He looked scared over at dad then whispers. “How safe is she?” He asked. “Better than you were back in the day,” Dad said.

“Alright coffee and you can fill me in on what has been happening in your life kiddo.” Uncle Chris said, we heading back inside for some coffee I didn’t get my way, we sat and caught up before I asked if we could head off they both laughed, guessing myself wanting to see Oliver is funny. I unlock the car and get in as they fight over who gets the front seat, turns out dad lost the fight. I pulled out onto the street when he drops the one question, I was hoping he wouldn’t, as I thought he had forgotten to ask me all that time in his house.

“I see you don’t listen.” He said, I looked over at him before looking back at the road, “I see you are keen on violence.” I said, Uncle Chris shakes his head, “Smartass” He said, “Asshole” I replied. “You two good there?” Dad asked with a hint of amusement in his voice, we both said yes at the same time, I follow what the GPS told me to do when Chris spoke up again. “Tas I’m not going to hurt him love, may give him the speech of ‘if he hurts you one.’ Your dad has kept me well informed of what is going on in both your lives.” He said. “Um, nice to know.” I whispered, “That doesn’t mean we are both happy with this, but I have to follow your dad’s lead.” He said.

“Right, Dad I really hate you! You’ve been telling everything for how long?! What you thought it was a lovely joke to pull on me yesterday?” I snapped at dad when it all clicked in, they have been planning this since Oliver said he was moving. “Oh, Tasmine learn to take a joke sweetie,” Dad said laughing in the back. “Now what is this thing with you and Oliver, is it serious?” Uncle Chris asked. “Might need to work on that one a bit more Chris,” Dad said. “Well, it’s not a tap and go type of thing, so it is teenage love or more, like why would he move away from you if it was more than just” I cut my Uncle off, I really hate talking to these two about this!

“Uncle Chris please stop. One of the main reasons he moved was his thinking of the future.” I said. “Better not be nine months in the” Oh for the love of god! I cut him off again, “Oh, God what is it with you men in my life that think that? NO! Not the reason!” I snapped. “Well, Lee what birth control is she on?” Uncle Chris asked ignoring what I had just said. “God I wish mum was alive for this shit storm,” I mumbled under my breath. “Depo mate, Tas it’s not that bad love,” Dad said tapping my shoulder. “Oh, it is.” I snapped. “You up to date on that shot?” Uncle Chris asked.

“Yes, mum I am” Dad cuts me off, “Hey cut the smartass crap Tas, it’s hard being the dad and the mum at the same time.” He said. “He is wanting to save up, to buy a house, travel Australia and the world,” I said ignoring my dad. “And what else with him there is always more.” Uncle Chris said, and he summed Oliver up well, doing my best not to smile at that fact. “Well much later he was talking about marriage and children, but it was well and truly after those three things,” I said. “So, it is quite serious then. You ok with this Lee?” He asked. “Next to no say, one thing is for sure he is a good, fast, and hard worker, and much missed in the shop, finding him hard to replace,” Dad said. “And we are here,” I said.

Pulling up to an old Queenslander, I see quite a few cars in the driveway and front of the house, I see his car but he told me he was catching a bus so that shouldn’t mean anything. “He lives in a shared house?” My dad asked in shock, “Yes he does.” I said. “I really do not like this Tas, do you know if his roommates are safe?” My dad asked. “Don’t know, but I know Oliver he wouldn’t let me come if he thought his roommates are not safe,” I said. “Well, we aren’t leaving you here until he’s here.” Uncle Chris said.

I had gotten out of the car, pulling my bag out of the boot while my dad and Uncle climb out of the car talking about some lady Chris was dating. Throwing my bag over my shoulder turning towards the house I see someone walking towards the house with a bag over their shoulder. I keep looking at this person as they are quite far away for my eyes to fully see their face. I go to lock the car when I think hold up, is it? Finish locking the car walking back towards my dad and Uncle before looking back towards the person they have gotten closer to. “What are you nonstop looking at Tasmine?” Uncle Chris asked me. “I don’t know yet,” I said softly.

I look back towards the person and a big smile came over my face, it is him I drop my bag at my dad’s feet as I run towards Oliver. He finally notices me and starts running towards me as I get closer to him, he races towards me as I jump up at him as I got closer, he drops his bag so he can catch me laughing with me as we wrap our arms around each other kissing him hard. “Hello, my little kitten, fuck I have missed you so bloody much!” Oliver says loudly. “Hi Ollie, I fucking missed you too,” I said loudly, we kiss some more before I remembered we have people watching us, pulling away from the kiss. “Babe my dad and Uncle Chris tagged along too,” I whispered. “What? Why?” He asked.

He looked shocked looking behind me he finally sees them, mumbling a few swear words. “I’m sorry thought I had told you, they wouldn’t let me drive with P platers in the car with me,” I said. “Nah I knew they had come with you on the drive just didn’t think they both would be at my house.” He said I smirked, “Got something going on that you don’t want them to see?” I asked playfully, “No.” he said. “Then come on show me around handsome,” I said smiling up at him, he picks up his bag as I jumped out of his arms, walking hand in hand back to my dad and Uncle, we stopped in front of them as I take my bag off Dad. “Hi Lee, good to see you again Chris,” Oliver said, wow he sounded so much older, keep it in your pants Tasmine.

“Hi Oliver, how is work?” Dad asked. “Good, hard work but I am enjoying it,” Oliver said, fuck he smells good, man I have missed him. “Now Oliver you break our Tassie’s heart and you’ll have us to deal with.” Uncle Chris said harshly. “Chris I get it, man I really do but I would rather hurt myself than hurt her,” Oliver said God can he sound any more handsome, hurry up and leave dad and Uncle Chris. “Good answer, now let’s see this house you are living in.” Uncle Chris said. “You both aren’t going to let her stay until you do, right? Heads up if I thought it wouldn’t be safe for her, I wouldn’t have let her come down.” He said. “Thanks for that but you still let her drive down, not really safe, a long trip for a learner.” My dad said sounding like he could have another punching round with Oliver again.

“Was more hoping Jackson would have done all the driving,” Oliver said giving me that look that I know he wants to tell me off for driving more than I should have. “I’m sorry but I really wanted to do more of the driving as it’s my baby,” I said to Oliver he looks like he wanted to laugh. “God, you are sounding like him more each day. Think you need to spend some time hanging out with your Auntie down south.” Uncle Chris said. “Oh, I would love that! If she weren’t so busy prepping for the Olympics next year, I’m sure she would have me over during the holidays.” I said. “Yeah, good luck with that one Tassie she’s very busy,” Dad said. “I can deal with just phone calls from her when she is free dad, I know she is busy,” I said.

We have walked into the house, he introduces us to two of his housemates, both males are working in town as boilermakers. House was clean and basic but spotless exceptionally clean all the other roommates are drive-in and drive-out workers and are out on-site at the moment. I left my bag in Oliver’s room as the men all talked to each other, heading back out to the outside patio that they are sitting at. I go to sit in my own chair when Oliver pulled me onto his lap, I felt odd doing this in front of my dad and Uncle, and his roommates who I have forgotten their names already. After the looks my dad and uncle gave me, I quickly moved into my own seat which earned me a big smile from them both.

A good hour later my dad and Uncle finally leave, saying they will meet me back here in five days, with my car. I don’t mind dad having my car he needs to be able to get around when Chris is at work. I went into Oliver’s room while he had a shower, he was quite dirty from work. I didn’t close the door fully, I could hear his roommates telling him off for bringing an underage person into the house. “Piss off she an’t that young, she is a year younger than me!” Oliver snapped at them. “Really who brings their dad and uncle to catch up with their boyfriend?” One of the roommates said.

“For one she nearly has her Ps driving from fair north Queensland is a good drive even for someone who is on their opens! Her dad was my old boss he wanted to make sure she made the trip without crashing. Her Uncle wanted to sort something out with me as I broke my promise with him, and he was up for work.” Oliver snapped. “Whatever cradle snatcher, if you’re planning on joining us up town it won’t happen with her in toe.” The other roommate said. “Cradle snatcher? You fucking for real? She is a year younger than me! I just got back from being out on camp all week. I just want to spend it with her, instead of being up at the clubs with you two, Bye!” Oliver snapped at them.

He storms back into his room notices his door wasn’t closed fully and then spots my face. “Oh, Kitten you heard all of it?” He asked. “Yep, I’ll remember not to bring them next time,” I whispered. “No bring them, don’t let those two idiots stop you. God, I fucking missed you.” He whispered. “Me too” I whispered, he picks me up slamming us into the middle of his bed kissing me on any part of my body he could reach, while undoing my clothing, touching any body part he could reach, while I moaned out. “You are so beautiful Tasmine, your skin is so soft, and you smell so fucking nice.” He whispered, we are both panting, now naked and looking at each other’s bodies.

“How has your new toy been?” He asked with a smirk on his face. “Good, but it makes me want you more than before,” I whispered. “Really? Did you bring it?” He asked. “Yes, at your request I have bought it with me,” I said. “Good, bring it here beautiful.” He said, I climb out of the bed digging it out of my bag, and handed it over to him, he had a cheeky grin on his face. “Can I use it on you?” I asked, he looked worried. “Where would you be using it on me?” He sounded scared. “Hmm only on parts of your body that you would let me,” I whispered. “Ok, my beautiful.”

Climbing back onto the bed pushing him down onto the bed, he starts laughing. “Oh, I like this feisty Kitten.” He said. “Do you?” I asked, I am now kissing his well-toned stomach working my way up. “Mmmmm, Tassie?” He moaned out. “Hmmm?” I asked, I have now reached the spot under his earlobe, his hands reached up running along my shoulders as he reaches my breasts, dropping the toy and forgetting all about it. “I need to feel you.” He moans out against my neck. “Do you? How?” I asked softly, his hand moves towards my clit rubbing slow circles, I let out a slow moan. “hmmm is this what you mean by you needing to feel me?” I asked moaning.

“No.” He growls out, I moved my hand back behind me grabbing his hard dick gripping it tightly as I twist and pull on him. “Oh, fuck kitten. I need to be inside of you, hmmm now!” He growls out, he grabs my hips lifting me slamming himself into me. “Ohhh fuck!” I moaned out. “GOD YES!” He yelled out, he is still holding on to me moving me at the pace he wants to go, I move my hand down to my clit. “Babe not going to last long, agmmm please tell me you’re close.” He pants out. “Hmmmm Ollie yes please, oooo” I moaned out, I felt his warm seed spilling into me as I tightened around him cumming undone. “Fuuuucckkk yess TASMINE!” He screamed out. “OLIVER!!! YES OLIVER!!!” I screamed.

Collapsing on top of Oliver, wrapping our arms around each other, trying to catch our breaths. “Tassie I really have missed you.” He whispered. “So have I Ollie, I miss you so much, I love you,” I whispered, leaning up giving him a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you too Tassie. I’m spent, babe.” He whispered. “I can tell, you look very tired,” I whispered. “Yes, harder and hotter work taking a lot out of me.” He groans. “ahh babe.” I whispered, I rolled overtaking him into my arms hugging him, he lets out a chuckle when he notices I made him lay his head on my breast as pillows.

“You think your dad set up your Uncle Chris to be here?” He asked. “Yes,” I said. “How much of the driving did you do?” He asked. “I did from Bowen to Mackay,” I said very proudly of myself. “That’s good, how did baby go?” I smiled I love that we both can talk about cars and he doesn’t have to dumb it down. “She went well, dad had me checking over her before we left. Even though he had already checked it himself.” I said trying to sound angry, he laughs, “Sounds like your dad. Fuck Tas we just did that without a condom!” He yelled out in shock. “What’s done is done, besides the shot, 99% stops pregnancy so we are good babe,” I whispered, I don’t like that we just risked falling pregnant, but I know I am up to date on my needle, but I will do my best to remember to stop him, next time.

“Ok, want to explore Mackay tomorrow? Can see if your Dad and Uncle would like to join us?” He asked. “hmm maybe for half of the day, would rather it just be me and you.” I said, “Ok.” He whispers he pulls me around so he’s on the bottom, cuddling me into him, kissing the top of my head whispering. “Goodnight Tasmine, I love you.”

“Goodnight Oliver, I love you too.” We had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. I didn’t know at the time but falling asleep in his arms is easier and the best sleep ever.

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