The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 45 - Best Surprise Ever!

**Tasmine's Pov**

Every party goer was standing around in a circle, under all the fairy lights stood a very handsome Oliver. Holding a small box in his hand and a big bunch of flowers with a massive grin on his face. He’s letting his hair grow it’s up in a half bun. The first thing I think about is nothing nice, better not be what I think he’s about to do. Then he winks at me and my legs take off I run into his arms giggling like a little schoolgirl. We hug for a short bit, then I look up into his eyes grabbing his face in my hands pulling him into a hot kissing session, with no care in the world about everyone watching us.

“Keep it PG guys!” Uncle Chris yelled out. “You know everyone is watching.” Uncle Jimmy yelled out. “And we don’t care!” Oliver yelled back at them, we both start laughing, his smile never leaving his face as his eyes rack over my whole body. “I am so dam happy you’re wearing the dress I bought you.” He whispered. “Thank you, it was my way of having you here, plus I love it,” I whispered. The dress he bought me on our romantic trip in Townsville, believe he is remembered our hot public sex in the dressing room when he bought this dress because I know I am.

He takes a step backhanding me the bunch of flowers, I smile at him and take a big smell of them. Emma came running up taking the flowers off me, I look up at Oliver in shock please no. “Oliver there better not be a ring in that box mate!” I snapped at him as he just laughs. “Good God no Kitten. I do one day but that’s not today.” He said. “Ohhh thank God!” I said, we laugh and he smiles back at me handing me the box it’s the same box that Jackie had given me but bigger, so I now know they had shopped together. “Did you, Jackie, and my dad shop together?” I asked. “Yes!” Jackson yelled out.

I open up the box and burst into tears, it’s a matching set of dangly gold earrings with a heart shape that has a diamond in each heart, the ring is the same and the bracelet is solid gold with a heart pendant that has diamonds on the front I turn the bracelet over it has an engraving ‘Love Oliver Always and Forever xo’ I look up at the man in front of me, who I am madly in love with. I cannot believe these three men worked together and picked something so beautiful and thoughtful. Closing the box and jumping back up into his arms hugging him tightly. “I bloody love it! They are beautiful and match my necklace. I love you!” I screamed out.

“I love you too, so happy you love them. Babe, look under the items in the box.” He said, I looked at him in confusion, “What?” I asked, I pull up the foam bit and find an envelope, looking up at Oliver who wasn’t giving anything away. Pulling the envelope out opening it up and it’s a printout of two tickets to Sydney along with info on how long etc. “We’re going to Sydney?” I asked. “Yes, we drive down to Mackay on boxing day and fly out to Brisbane than to Sydney for five days.” He said. “OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” I screamed out, I lean down kissing him, pulling away laughing and crying. “Let’s start ticking off our things to see list,” Oliver said laughing. “Fuck yes! I fucking love you, Oliver!” I said loudly.

“I fucking love you too Tasmine! Ok, she loves them, now you all can go back to partying!” Oliver yelled out to everyone, I cannot stop giggling. “Want to ditch the party?” I asked him, “Not yet, the men in your family will kill me.” He whispered. “How are you here? You told me you had to work?” I asked. “It was my surprise for you, I wanted to make up for the shitstorm that was last year’s birthday.” He said, he still looks upset about that, I don’t know how many times we have moved on from it he wouldn’t believe me. “Oh, babe you have by tenfold,” I said, the smile he gives me makes my heart grow even more for him, “Good, now that you can legally drink what can I get you, my love?” He asked. “Mmmm a rum and coke please,” I said. “Coming up.” Oliver takes my hand and kisses it. “I know I gave you a ring, but it’s” I cut him off, “Ollie we are young let’s have fun first before we go to that level,” I said. “Good.” He said.

He puts the ring on my right hand ring finger, my bracelet on the other hand, and pulling out the earrings I have on, putting the new ones on, putting my other earrings in the box. “Was worried the look on your face when you notice where the items are from.” He said. “Yeah, had thought you were going to drop ‘THE’ question, and all I thought about was punching you,” I said being honest, the sheer look of horror on his face then he burst out into a fit of laughter, “Fuck Tas.” He said. “Sorry I am not ready for that, I love you,” I said, he smiled, “Don’t worry I feel the same, here you go.” He said. “Thanks,” I said, he handed me the rum and coke can that he opened while opening one for himself. “Seen Jackie?” He asked me. “I did but not now, why? The pair of you have both asked this to me today what are you both doing?” I asked, I squint my eyes at him, he keeps his face blank, “Nothing.” He said, I feel a pair of arms over my shoulder. “We are always up to something but nothing bad this time love,” Jackson said with his trademark smirk on his face.

“Over this way Jackie, look Tas someone wants to talk to you,” Oliver said, I turned to look and see my dad and two of my uncles walking up to us, I turn back around, and the boys had run off, oh they are up to something! “Tassie I’m so happy for you sweetie!” Uncle Jimmy said, he walks up to me giving me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Your mum would have been so proud of you. Those two may be against him being with you but after that, he is a keeper sweetie.” My uncle said, I just smiled at him, “Oh um” I stumbled, he just keeps smiling, “Keep him, he’ll pop that question when your old enough and ready.” He said. “I know, we both feel the same,” I said, cannot get the smile off my face. “Good,” He said. “He also knows that if he hurts me, he has four angry Uncles and a Father-in-law after him,” I said.

That comment got him laughing, “Dam right he will.” He said using his angry voice, I giggle because I know it won’t happen, Uncle Jimmy stepped away but was still in the conversation. “Little helper really stop being like your dad love. If you want a girly drink have one.” Uncle James said with a big smile on his face, I just laugh I cannot help that I like the taste of rum and coke, more so when Oliver has been drinking it. “Nope wanted a rum this time around,” I said around another sip of my drink. “So, sweetie enjoyed your surprise?” Dad asked, “Yes thank you, with the help of the photo wall.” I said he shakes his head, “That too, I helped in getting him here to love, everyone was.” He said. “What? Really?” I asked shocked, my uncles and dad all nod their heads, a big grin spread over my face and blushing like an idiot again.

“Wow,” Uncle James whispered. “I know she now looks like her.” Uncle Jimmy said. “That’s the look she used to give me.” My dad mumbles, tears in his eyes. “Dad, what’s wrong?” I asked. “Oh, your mum used to do that look to me.” He said. Oh... wow, some days I hate looking so much like her, this is one of those moments seeing that pain on his face hurts. “Oh,” I whispered, my dad, wraps me up in a hug. “Nothing for you to worry about, this old man just missing the woman he loved.” He whispered, “I miss her too dad.” I whispered back. “Hi, can I steal my girl for this song please?” Josephine asked loudly.

“Go right ahead.” Uncle Jimmy said, Jo and I let out a giggle and headed to the dance floor dancing with each other may have been the alcohol, but we ended up dirty dancing with each other. I had found it fun before someone came up from behind me dancing really close to me. I turn my head and smile it was Oliver his eyes dark full of desire, his hands roaming over the sides of my body. “Kitten.” He whispered, Hmmm?” I said, “What you are doing is so fucking hot right now.” He said moaning out, “Good.” I said. “I know it shouldn’t but man this is turning me on,” Josephine whispered.

I have no idea what came over me, but I grabbed the back of Jose’s head pulling her to me for a kiss, it started slow but then turned heated fast, she has soft lips that taste like cherry, her lip-gloss. We gently pulled apart her eyes hooded with desire, then she smiled a small one it got bigger as she saw my grin. “Hmmm can see why you two kiss all the time.” She whispered. “Wow! Think I just cum in my pants.” Oliver whispered, “Oh fuck how many of my family have seen that.” I asked. “Safe to say all of them,” Josephine said with a smirk. “Oh, crap,” I whispered, I nervously let out a laugh as another song came on and we dance but broke away a little as I look around spotting shocked faces on the male members of my family, which is all my family.

“Can I just say that was smoking girls, can I join in on it?” Jackson asked with a big smile on his face. “Wait what? No!” Oliver snapped at him. “Oh, fuck no not with Tasmine you big dickhead, Josephine,” Jackson said I just smiled at my best mate. “I’ll dance with you Jackson but that is it.” Josephine said, “Ok with me.” He said. “Babe you’re an idiot, he would never talk about me like that, gross,” I said, he groans out, “I know, my brain is not thinking right now.” He said I start laughing, “Oh I can see that babe, might want to fix that up like right now incoming my dad.” I whispered yelled at him. “Oh fucking hell, you might need to stand in front of me.” He snapped, grabbing my arm forcing me in front of him as Dad made his way to me.

“Please tell all that was the alcohol?” He asked, “And if it wasn’t?” I asked timidly, “I don’t know if I want to know.” Dad mumbles, “Then why dad?” I asked. “I have no idea, Oliver what are you doing?” He asked as Oliver moans out, “Not going to answer that Lee.” He said, “Why the” I took a step out of Oliver’s grip to show dad Oliver’s raging hard on both myself and Oliver had gone bright red, dad took one look and went all odd like he’s trying to forget that, Oliver quickly pulling me in front of him looking angry at me, I just smiled at him. “Hey, you asked!” I yelled out. “Oliver, make sure she doesn’t get too drunk. You miss slow down on the drinks.” Dad snapped at me. “What?! This is my fourth one! Also, I am now old enough to drink so I am!” I yelled at him, I turned around and moved further into the dancing group of friends, leaving dad and Oliver alone together laughing at their faces.

“Fuck that was gold girl!” Sam said giving me a high five. “He is going to so get up you for that,” Justine said laughing. “Who?” I asked lost. “Oliver,” Vincent said with a hint of a smirk on his face. “Yes, and Uncle Lee’s face was priceless!” Ava said laughing. “Really? Was it that funny?” I asked. “Oh yes little thing, watch out he is on his way,” Jackson whispered. “God is he angry or turned on?” Rachel asked me, I looked over at my handsome boyfriend Oliver is wearing his about to slam me up against a wall look, shit and I want him to do that with my family around, “Hmmm both.” I responded. “You two are still that annoying couple,” Justine mumbled, shaking her head, “Nothing wrong with that,” I responded to her. “Says the girl who gets it regularly,” Vincent said sounding like he’s trying to burn me but failed because I fucken love getting it from Oliver often he is my drug of choice.

“Had to go there didn’t you Vincent,” Sam said shaking his head. “Vincent, I enjoy every fucking second of it with him!” I said with a big smile on my face. “Burn,” Jackson said in a cough. “Care to fill me in who you enjoy?” Oliver asked me, I smile up at him as I wrap my arms around his waist. “You babe, always you,” I said. “Good to know.” He said. “Oh, but you already knew that,” I stated. “Sure do. Now about what you did” Jackson cuts Oliver off. “How about you do that later mate, lets party Tas is finally eighteen and can party with all of us now!” Jackson yelled out.

Yes, it was very annoying being the youngest out of them all, they all have beginning and middle of the year birthdays. “Dam right!” I yelled out. “Who wants shots!” Max yelled out. “Me!” I yell out with my hand up in the air, Maxi pad rocks up with a tray full of shots we all take one, holly hell that was strong but yum! “You got more of that?” I asked. “I need to make more cuz.” He said, over the course of last year he started calling me cousin or cuz I like it. “Right,” I said.

Oliver was now behind me arm around my waist pulling me into his chest, leaning down kissing my neck as we dance to the music. “Hmmm,” I moan out, fuck I love how he affects me. “Oh no, you two keep it PG please.” Ava snapped at us, I smiled and blushed at her, “Haven’t seen him for, mmmm” I moan out, he starts kissing under my earlobe. “I have a surprise for you.” He whispers, “I know mmmm I can hmmm feel him.” I said, he shakes his head as his hands roam up and down my side, “Not him kitten.” He said. “Ava try living with them.” Max snapped, while Jackson scoffed, “What are you complaining about Maxi pad! Your room wasn’t next door to theirs!” Jackson snapped. Oliver looks up at them both, “Oh, shhh all of you.”

Spent the next few hours, chatting, dancing, drinking, taking shots, and having heaps of fun. Oliver wouldn’t leave me alone his kissing was starting to get way too heated around my drunk male family members. “Hmmm ok, ok take me to that surprise,” I said. “About time.” He said, mostly everyone had quietened down a little and broken off into small groups the music has been turned down a little. The younger members of my family have all gone to bed, along with my Auntie. I can see the men aren’t far off, Uncle Chris is watching us as Oliver takes my hand leading me down past Noah’s old house, his Mum and siblings have moved out and put it up for sale it still hasn’t sold.

“Taking me to the creek?” I asked. “Yes, babe,” He said, trying to keep up with him is getting hard, might be the drinks I have had or the shoes I’m in, or just plan old both, “Babe slow down please,” I said, he looks back at me, “Oh, shit sorry babe” I cut him off, “Hold up, let me take these shoes off.” He holds my hand as I take off my shoes, way too hard to try and walk at night in bushland in heels. I smiled back up at him as we slowly make our way to the creek, I have a feeling it might be because I am drunk, or we both are. I stopped as soon as I had seen it and started laughing. A small tent is set up with fairy lights, love hearts and flowers strung up all over the place, with heaps of pillows and bedding.

“Man, you really are trying to outdo yourself from last year?” I said I love that smile on his face, “Yes, but also I love you and have missed you so bloody much.” He said, Tasmine do not cry, do not cry, fuck it’s so romantic and beautiful. “It’s beautiful, is this what you and Jackson did?” I asked quietly. “And your dad and Uncle Chris.” He said, I looked up at him in shock, my dad and Uncle were happy to help set this up? “What?” I asked. “Yes, they helped me carry this stuff down here.” He looks so proud of himself. “Umm odd,” I mumbled. “I’m not complaining about having help love.” He said I smirked up at him, “Mmm is that so.” I smirked back at him, “Yes.” he said.

His hands run down my arms, as I start moving my hips to the beat of a song stuck in my head. “Mmmm so dam beautiful” He whispered, leaning back into him feeling his toned chest against my back as I wrap an arm around his head leaning back to kiss him. “Oliver, make love to me,” I whispered. “Always.” He whispered he leans back unzipping my dress pushing the straps off my shoulders letting the dress fall and he lets out a laugh.

“What is so funny?” I asked playfully knowing what he is laughing at. “You bought them?” He asked, biting my bottom lip, “Yes, had seen you laughing at them so I thought you would love to see them on me.” I whispered. “Oh I fucking do, is it bad that I can hear his voice saying this out loud?” he asked laughing. “No never!” He puts a finger in the band of my undies pulling me towards him, I start undoing his shirt, then see a big bruise on his side. “Hey what happened?” I asked worriedly. “Got on the wrong side of a toolbox falling over.” He said.

I looked at him shocked, it looks more like he got into a fight. “Really?” I asked hoping he will tell me the truth, “Yes babe.” He said. “How badly does it hurt?” I asked, it looks like a few broken ribs to myself, “Sweetheart it’s old, I’m fine.” He said, I don’t like him brushing me off like that but he has got that tone in his voice that says drop it, “Ok.” I whispered, I lean up and kiss his collar bone, kissing my way down his body reaching his bruise I start kissing it, can see him hissing in pain. “It’s not old is it?” I asked I want to keep pushing him on this, “Babe it is fine you just kissed a sore part that is all.” He said, I let out a sigh, “Ok.” I said, he is too stubborn for his own good, I start undoing his pants he lets them fall to the ground as I pull him free from his underpants.

“Mmmm Kitten.” He groans as I start to stroke him, before licking his tip, licking the precum off him, “Mmmm do you like that?” I asked. “You know I do ahhhahh, hmmm.” He moans out, he was talking, I licked along his whole length, before putting all of him in my mouth sucking him hard. “Fuck Kitten.” He groans out, I let a moan out on him, his hand went straight to my hair pushing me up and down on him gently as his cock throbs inside of my mouth. “Tasmine yes!” He screams out, he explodes in my mouth, I swallow as much as I could, but it’s his largest amount ever it spills out down my chin, pulling away to get my breath to continue licking him up, he lets out another groan. “aghh Tas.”

“Hmmm.” He reaches down using his thumb to wipe at his seed on my chin into my mouth, I licked it up. He gets down to my level kissing me, I know he can taste himself on my tongue, he reaches around my back undoing my bra, once it was free from me, he leans down kissing my breast. “Hmm” I moan out, he lifts me into his arms, taking us into the tent laying me down onto the tent floor, putting a pillow under my bum. Smiling at me he runs his hands over my whole body, before running kisses from my toes all the way down to the top of my thighs on each leg very slowly, while I wiggle under him wanting more.

He smiles up at me from the top of my undies, biting the top of my undies and pulling them down, I lift my ass to help him in removing them. “Hmmmmm” His fingers find my clit rubbing it hard as his tongue dives into my wet entrance. A few short minutes of his work and I am seeing stars wanting with need, exploding all over him. Quickly wiping his mouth, kissing his way back up to my mouth kissing me hard, I can taste myself just a little on him, which seems to turn both of us on. Gripping my legs, he moves them out wider as he lowers himself down near my ready entrance, he slowly inserts himself into me, my body stretching to fit him in. “ooo hmmmm” I moan. “Fuck you’re so tight, you feel amazing.” Oliver groans out.

Oliver slowly thrust into me as I run my fingernails down his back causing him to let out a moan. His hand grips my ass he picks up his pace, giving him a wet kiss as I moan into his mouth. He places his elbows near my head as he moves faster in me. I lean up for another quick kiss, we pull away, he keeps looking at me like he can see right into my soul. Watching his face as he reaches his climax at the same time as myself, I felt like we have now gone the next level up in our relationship if that is even possible, before leaning his forehead against mine, whispering. “I love you so much, Tasmine Rose Kelly.” He whispered, I love how he says my full name it makes the butterflies move faster in my stomach. He looks me in the eye as his hand goes to my face kissing me softly. Laying on his side cuddling into me as he runs his hands up and down my limbs.

“Oliver David Christopher Brown, I love you so much too,” I whispered, I also love saying his full name too, he smiles at me, I pull his hair tie out and mess up his hair, he pulls a face at me before poking his tongue out. “Never thought I would say this to you but you kissing Jose was bloody hot as hell.” He said. “Hmmm did you like it that much?” I asked. “Yes, I wasn’t joking about nearly cumming in my pants. Also, did you really have to make your dad see my hard on?” He asked, I start giggling, “Sorry couldn’t help myself.” I said, giving him the face, I know he loves so he cannot be angry at me for long, “Really?” He asked, I nod my head, “Yep” I said popping the p sound at the end of the word.

“You enjoyed kissing her, didn’t you?” He asked, I give him a shy smile, “It was a good kiss, unsure I may try it again.” I whispered. “So not into doing a threesome?” He asks, he looks keen on the idea, “Unsure, it’s not a no but I might want to try it during the mood if you know what I mean, hold up what I did is it cheating? Crap” he cuts me off, “Um could be but in my view that was hot so no? Oh, Kitten, it’s ok shhh.” He said, did I just cheat on him, does that mean we are over because I wanted to see what it was like kissing a girl? Oh, shit, and I did that in front of everyone that I know, I burst into tears, he holds onto me tightly rubbing circles on my back before finally getting me to stop crying, he lifts my chin, so I am looking at his eyes. “Tasmine, that kiss is fine ok. It was more to turn me on than anything. Besides, you will tell me when you want to do that again won’t you?” He asked. “Yes,” I said. “Then stop beating yourself up.” He said softly.

“Ok, did you want to head back?” I asked. “Let’s stay out here for a bit longer.” He said. “Sure,” I said, we cuddle for a bit chatting away about things, always touching a part of the other person or kissing. He smelled so nice, it felt safe out here normally it’s hot and sticky as hell this time of year, but right now it felt cool. We both fell asleep naked in each other’s arms, we had a light sheet over us.

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