The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 46 - The Morning After


Dam it why does Lee want me to tag along looking for them, we all know that they are at the tent Oliver had set up. I really don’t want to walk in on them, happy for them but they are worse than rabbits those two. Think we are all shocked that Tassie isn’t pregnant yet at the rate they are going. Oliver has confessed to me that for nearly twelve months they have had more unprotected sex than protected. Which is silly of them but think he’ll listen to me is a big fat no.

“Lee why the hell do you need me for?” I snapped. “To help me bring everything back in.” He said. “Well do they know we are coming to pack down?” James asked, I scoffed. “Knowing Lee that would be a no, James,” I said. “Really? I think we should wait for them to you know get back to the house.” Chris said glaring at the back of Lee’s head, he clearly knows what the happy couple is like too. “Told him as soon as I wake up in the morning, we will be down to pack it up.” Lee snapped. “I don’t know about all of you, but I really don’t want to walk in on them Lee,” James said, as we get closer.

I can hear moaning, great I was right, Chris had heard it too we stopped together looking at each other, Chris grabs Lee’s shirt stopping him, James had stopped too. “Oooo good god yes, Oliver!” Tasmine screamed out, I feel so bad for her right now she is going to flip her switch when she finds out. “Really Lee? I am out of here!” James snapped, both James and Chris headed back to the house, I stood looking pissed at Lee. “Leave them, now move back to the house Lee!” I snapped at him. “I want to pa” I cut him off, “Don’t care, Lee, leave them be.” I snapped, why can’t he get that into his head that none of us want to walk in on them?! “Fine” He snapped. “Fuuuucccckkkkk Tasmine!” Oliver screamed out, I groan as I heard the pair of them finish, dam it Lee, I pushed him back the way we come.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Lee?!” I yelled at him. “Nothing!” He yelled back at me, his twin brother turned around at him in anger. “Bullshit!” James snapped at him, Lee gave his brother a look that only his brother could work it out by the looks of it. “I’m losing my baby girl.” He mumbles. “Lee you haven’t lost her, she just found love man,” Chris said trying not to bitch slap, Lee. “She’s still moving away, what am I going to do in that big house?” Lee asked. James scoffed, “What you did before she came back home, man.” James said with the same look on his face as Chris. “Easy for you to say you still have a child at home,” Lee said to him.

“Yeah but I’m losing two, one is still not talking to me. Come on think you might be still drunk.” James said. “Come on I’ll make some hair of the dog,” Chris said as I looked at him wanting to vomit. “Aghh gross Chris,” I said, man, what is with these three and being so overprotected of her, I should ask. “Why are you three so bloody overprotected of her for?” I asked, I know what Noah’s brother had done, she had finally told me, but still, they were like this before that had happened. “I’m so scared of losing her for good, already thought I had lost her for good. Do not ever want to feel like that again.” Lee said quietly. “Yes same over here, plus don’t want him to be that Lee again,” James said as he pointed at his brother. “What they said,” Chris said.

“Well ease up on the crazy over protecting crap, because that would make her want to leave and not come back,” I said, we had made it to the back yard and her other uncle was outside picking up rubbish. “I second what that kid is saying, Lee,” Jimmy said I smiled at him finally someone who can see what they are doing is crazy. “You were just as overprotected as us!” Lee snapped back at him. “I was until I have seen how he was with her Lee, it reminded me of you and my sister,” Jimmy said. “Now you see why it scares the crap out of me! She moves to Mackay he gets her pregnant and she’s stuck down there away from family, what if she ends up like her mum and takes off on him with the kids, we all won’t see them ever again.” Lee said.

“Wow crazy much,” I said loudly, which got me a few death stars from them. “She may look like Jane, Lee, but she is nothing like her deep down. Also, do you really think Oliver would let her go?” Jimmy said, yeah, I cannot see my pigheaded of a cousin ever letting that girl leave him. “What are you saying that I let Jane take Tasmine away from me?” Lee asked. “Fuck no!” Jimmy snapped at him, “Lee you know dam well we looked hard and long for her!” James yelled at him too. “I” Jimmy cuts Lee off, “Trust me Lee none of us will let her go like her mum,” Jimmy said. “Neither will her friends,” I said.

We all know her history, but we all know how much it has hurt her and made it hard for her to trust people easily but in no way would we ever let her take off like that, I know she likes running off when things are hard but it’s more of the fact, she is running off the pent up emotions she always comes back once she calms down. “Ok.” Lee mumbles. “I’m going to cook breakfast for everyone, you have enough food, Lee?” I asked getting sick of being here for this conversation. “Oh yes he sure does, need a hand?” Chris said. “Sure why not,” I replied.

I head upstairs finding most of my friends and my little brother are still sound asleep although Vincent and Ava look like they are up to something under that blanket. I and Chris start pulling things out of the fridge.


I woke up to Oliver rubbing my clit, god if waking up every morning would be like this, I will be one happy woman. Our third round had me riding him on top, unsure if it was the change in our relationship last night or the fact, we are away from others, but it was hard, loud, and dam good he even managed to get me to squirt again. Collapsing with him covered in sweat, trying to catch my breath. No one has ever said once you have fallen madly in love with someone that the sex intensifies.

I climbed off him, feeling him dripping down my leg, I look at him thinking we should most likely start going back to using condoms if we don’t want to start a family. I know I am safe right now, we are risking it way too much, hold up I think I can hear someone, Oliver sat up looking around as well. “What was that?” I whispered, “Fuck! It’s your dad!” Oliver yelled. “Oh, God! Do you think he heard us? Crap where is my underpants?” I asked worriedly. “Most likely babe, it was an intense orgasm. Was it just me or was this morning’s sex the best we have ever had? Oh, here it is.” He said he hands me my underpants, I smiled but stopped in mid getting dressed. “Yes, it was the best we have ever had. Want to jump in the creek first?” I asked. “Yes.” He said with a cheeky smirk on his face.

He chased me into the water, we are both naked. Splashing him to try and slow him down, no idea why I think I could slow him down, being one hundred and fifty-five centimeters tall and him around one hundred and ninety-eight centimeters tall yep not sure what I was thinking, he caught up to me in no time lifting me slapping my bum as I laugh. He let me slide down his body, but I gripped my legs tighter around his waist stopping my slide. Wrapping my arms around his neck smiling at him, he leans in wriggling his nose against mine. “Up for some water sex?” He asked, my belly let out an all-mighty growl wanting food, he lets out a laugh.

“I see you are wanting something else.” He said. “Yeah, I know. So why would my dad be out this way? He knows we are here.” I asked. “He said as soon as he wakes up, he was going to come down here to pack it all up,” Oliver said, I looked at him in shock, “You knew?” I asked. “I knew but not what time sweetie if I knew he was on his way I would not have gotten so wild this morning.” He said. “Really? Even if I was begging you too?” I asked, he chuckles.

“Most likely not babe, I have next to no willpower with you my little kitten.” He says this as he brushes the hair off my face, looking into my face tenderly before kissing me softly. “Alright let’s get dressed and get some food into you.” He said. “Ok,” I whispered. “So, Kitten what did you think of your Birthday Party?” He asked. “I thoroughly loved it and loved everything you had done in planning the surprises. I also love you too.” I said, we got out of the water, he runs back into the tent pulling out the sheet we had over us last night for us to use to dry ourselves. I start getting back into my clothes from last night, he hasn’t gotten dressed yet as he watches me slowly get dressed. I try to cover myself up blushing before telling him off. “You know Ollie a picture lasts longer,” I said. “Oh, I know, I have quite a few thanks. In person, you are so beautiful my little kitten, I like to drink you all in.” Oliver whispered.

“Well please stop, if you keep looking at me like that it won’t be until nighttime will we be getting home,” I said, he smirks at me, “I do enjoy the sound of that.” He said I chuckle, “Of course you do.” I start laughing at the fake hurt look on his face, I head into the tent picking up my shoes and phone, also getting his items handing them to him once he was dressed. Oh, I did enjoy the show of him getting dressed.

Once he was ready, he walked up to me wrapping me up in a hug before he leans down kissing me, it was one of his kisses that always leaves me breathless. We made our way back to the house as we got close, we could smell something delicious even my stomach had agreed to it too. “Mmmm think your dad has got Jackie cooking for everyone.” Oliver moaned out. “Mmmm sure smells it, also he should get out of the building and get into cooking,” I said. “He won’t babe,” Oliver said. “I know,” I said.

We walked up to the backyard hand in hand, Jackie was cooking out on the BBQ, and Uncle Chris was helping him. The pair of them talking away at each other laughing here and there. I see my dad laying down in my favorite chair looking a tad green. My younger cousins are running around playing on the play equipment, my Auntie is fussing over my Uncle about something. No one has noticed us yet, so we quickly made our way up the back stairs into the house. Walking into the lounge finding it full of our friends sound asleep apart from my cousin and ex is that what I would call him? Unsure about that but it’s Vincent they are full on having sex, and they say we are bad? I look over at Oliver and his thinking the same thing as I am.

We walk around them all to get into my room and found my cousins must have slept in here. I pull out some clean clothes then looked back at Oliver. “You have any clean clothes?” I asked. “I do kitten.” He said, he walks up to my bed pulling out a bag from under it, smiling at me as he pulls out some clean clothes. “Up to sharing a shower?” he asked I arch an eyebrow up at him. “Why did you ask?” I asked, he starts Laughing, “I don’t even know why.” He said. “Is it mean that I hope my Uncle walks in on those two having sex?” I asked, Oliver gives me his best evil smirk, “Oh, that would be karma at its best.” He said.

I grab his hand leading him towards the bathroom, once in he slams up against the door taking ownership of my lips, his hands running up my dress exposing my underpants, his hand finds my dripping wet entrance, I moan out into his mouth. “Good Kitten you are so wet for me.” He groans out, I quickly start removing his clothes as he makes light work of mine, once naked he picks me up climbing into the bathtub turning on the water for the shower. Kissing me hard as he presses me into the wall, my hand runs down his body gripping his hard cock sliding myself down onto him, we both let out a moan. “It’s going to be hard and fast Kitten, let me know if that is too much for you.” He whispered.

He wasn’t lying about that, he started slamming into me so hard and fast that I couldn’t hold myself back moan and screaming out his name, he joins me, I rake my nails into his back, we both come undone together, we held onto each other while we catch our breaths. “Babe, I cannot get enough of you, it’s like your my drug.” He pants out. “Hmmm same for me.” I pant out, we quickly clean each other up, once dried and dressed I made him sit down on the floor, I sat on the edge of the bathtub doing his hair. “Kitten, I can do my own hair you know?” He said. “I know, but I’m enjoying you in-between my legs and running my hands through your hair,” I whispered. “So, is my hair a turn on for you?” He asked.

I can picture that he has that smirk I love on his face right now, “On you yes.” I said, I smiled as I kept on running my fingers through his hair. “Kitten playing with fire right now.” He whispered, he said so softly but filled with so much power and promise of his deed, “I like fire, you know that.” I whispered in his ear biting his earlobe.

“Mmm, you’re wearing those shorts I got you for Christmas last year.” He said running his hand over them. “Yes, you know what I like. Babe let’s get some food, I’m starving Marvin!” I said, he shakes his head laughing, “Sure lead the way my kitten.” We head out to the lounge room we heard them at it again, this time I couldn’t help myself. “Double standards much, better hope Uncle James doesn’t come upstairs,” I whispered loud enough so they could hear me. “Hmm what?! Vince off!” Ava snapped, Oliver chuckles next to me. “Mate you better not drop that bullshit onto us ever again. At least we do it in a room with no one else in it.” Oliver said leaning down towards Vincent.

We head downstairs as Uncle James is heading upstairs with trays in his hands. “Hey your back, good. I’ll send all the boys down to pack it up, your dad has gone a bit green.” Uncle James said snickering at the last part. “Seen that,” I said brightly as I drank more than dad, but he is feeling it more, we both didn’t bother to tell him what he would see, hopeful they would have some smarts about them and stop. As he enters the house you can hear him yelling what the fuck, as we made our way to the bottom of the stairs, Vincent comes bolting down the stairs with his clothes in his hands covering his private parts. I couldn’t help myself I started laughing as he bolts to his car taking off as my Uncle bolts down after him yelling, he was going to kill him.

“Oooo Wow what did I miss?” Uncle Chris asked as he came over. “James wanting to kill Vincent,” Oliver said laughing. “Took him long enough.” Uncle Chris said shaking his head, Uncle Chris looks at us both weirdly, then heads upstairs. I look back at Oliver trying to ask him what the hell was with just that look, he just shrugs. “Oi Ollie over her mate you can help me!” Jackson yells out as Oliver looks at him confused. “Really you want my help?” Oliver asked. I know that look, he wants to tell him something without me being nearby, so I headed off to see what everyone else is doing.

I found my Auntie playing with a pack of cards I sit opposite her with a smile on my face. “Hey Tassie, you want to play?” Auntie Taylor asked with a big smile on her face. “Hi Auntie Taylor, I do if that is ok?” I asked. She smiles, “Baby girl that is fine what type of card game would you like to play?” She asked. “Gin Rummy,” I said looking proud of myself as she looks on with pride in her eyes, but the rest of her face has gone blank. “Wow, you know how to play?” She softly asks. “Yes, Gran has been teaching me how to play,” I said. “Good.” She said.

For the next twenty minutes we played the game it was so much fun with her, she was talking to me like my mum would when we were playing board games. It was nice that we are bonding we don’t get much time to hang out and chill as she works so much and so does my Uncle. He came over and joined in on the second game, halfway into the second game Jackson called out saying the food was cooked. Only my family is awake now the rest of my friends are still sound asleep. As we all rushed towards the food table helping ourselves, I felt Oliver’s hands on my lower back as he gets me to sit at the outside table with Jackson and the older cousins.

I go to sit down in between Jackson and my cousin Theo, Oliver pushed his way next to me, which didn’t take much as Theo let him in. I just chose that spot because I wanted to talk to my cousin too. Oliver looked a little pissed off at me, but it passed as soon as I gave him a big smile. “Boy’s care to fill me in?” I said around a piece of bacon. “Not here,” Jackson said around his food. “I agree after we have eaten.” Oliver whispered, “Right.” I said. We all ate and chatted and laughed about what happened last night and what the younger kids had gotten up to during the morning, it also moved over to what had happened with Uncle James.

Ava stormed off from the table after that yelling at everyone that it was unfair on how they are treating her considering myself and her are the same age. Uncle James yelled back saying I wasn’t his child she was and that the boy she has chosen doesn’t treat her the same way that Oliver does. “Well, that got heated fast, are all you Kelly girls always yelling all the time?” Theodore asked. “I don’t,” Emma said. “Yet!” Henry said to her, as he jumps up and starts chasing her causing her to yell. “Em, you didn’t last long!!” Theodore yells out to her. “ARRGHHH BE QUITE THEODORE!!” Emma screams out. “Oooo bro she dropped the full name,” Liam said laughing.

“Follow me, babe.” Oliver has his hand out for me to take and I follow him to one of the cubby houses, we climb up and I sit facing him. “Oliver, what’s up?” I asked. He puts his hands up, “Now please do not freak out.” He whispered. “Now I am going to freak out” Oliver cuts me off, “Please don’t, your dad, and two of your uncles, and Jackson had come down to the tent to pack it down this morning.” I cut him off, “WHAT!!” I screamed out, he scrunches up his face, “And they all heard us reaching our climax.” He whispered the last part as I feel like I am going to be sick. “WHAT THE FUCK!! OMG!! IS THAT WHY UNCLE CHRIS LOOKED AT US FUNNY!?!!” I yelled.

“Yes babe, also please no need to scream.” He winches at the volume I was yelling at. “Oh ummm can I curl up and die please.” I groaned out, Oliver starts laughing. “Babe it’s not that bad.” He said, I look at him like I wanted to punch him. “You kidding me, right? You made me squirt I wasn’t quiet about that at all. I don’t care that they know I have sex with you its them hearing it is what bothers me!” I yelled at him. “Oh, wow I really didn’t need to hear that too Tasmine.” Uncle Chris said.

Oh, fucking kill me now, please! “Oh, dear lord kill me now!” I yelled, I jumped down from the cubby house nearly knocking my Uncle to the ground with Oliver trying to catch up with me, I bolted off running down the street. “FUCKING HELL TASMINE DON’T BLOODY RUNOFF! SLOW DOWN KITTEN!!!” Oliver screamed. “WAIT TASMINE!” Uncle Chris yells out to me, I stopped and turned around to see both Oliver, Uncle Chris, and Uncle James all looking at me puffed out. “WHAT?!!” I snapped. “Tasmine please don’t be embarrassed, we bolted the other way once we knew what was going on.” Uncle Chris said.

Great that makes me feel so much better not! “Don’t run from us Tassie please, we have all been in a spot like this.” Uncle James said. “Fine, but you two need to stop with those odd looks you keep giving me!” I snapped. “Deal,” Uncle James said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, but deal.” Uncle Chris said. “Good,” I said, heading back under the house to the spot I was in before food was served. My Auntie smiled at me, and restarted the game, and dealt myself, Oliver, Jackson, Uncle Chris, and Uncle James in.

Uncle Jimmy leans over giving his wife a quick kiss on the cheek before getting up to check on the younger kids. We played for a few hours before the rest had even bothered to wake up. By then the younger cousins had moved in playing their own style of pool on the pool table.

Oliver pulled me aside an early afternoon, pressing me up against the side of the house kissing me softly. “I would like to take you out on a date my little Kitten, tonight.” He says against my neck. “Hmmm oh yes please, when and where?” I moaned out. “No Miss I am picking you up, in a way,” Oliver said, I looked at him trying to keep my moans at bay. “Oliver most of my family is right behind this wall, ooooh god” I moaned, he whispers, “Then be quiet.”

“I cannot with you,” I whispered, he is kissing under my earlobe as his hand has gone down into my pants rubbing my clit. “Can we go on this date now? hmmm mm,” I pant out. “Yes.” He growls out. “Where?” I cannot think when he’s doing this, fuck talking is getting hard. “Want to go back to Townsville.” He said, I looked at him oddly as he had paused his rubbing. “Sure, but aren’t we meant to be saving?” I asked, I have managed to save just about all of the money I had earned over the course of the year, only spending what I needed to buy. “Babe I am saving nearly seventy percent of my weekly wage, I have enough to treat my girl.” He whispered.

“Ok” I pant out. “Good, head up to your room pack a hot dress, sexy PJ’s and underwear, and two more outfits. Make sure that I would find you sexy in them.” He whispers this in my ear as he trails kisses along my jawline before kissing me on the lips. “Hmmm ok,” I whispered, I head upstairs to pack a bag for our little trip away. I hear a knock on my bedroom door turning around freezing when I see the look on his face. “Tassie...” Dad said. “Dad?” I asked, he looks so sad and upset, last time I had seen him this upset was at Noah’s, not going to that place again. “Dad, what’s wrong?” I asked.

He walks into the room crushing me in a tight hug, I managed to loosen his grip just a little. “You’re leaving.” He said, wow thought mum would be the bad one at this, he was worse than her. “Only going for a few days to Townsville with Oliver,” I said. “Not that, you’re moving to Mackay.” He said. “Oh, dad I will always come back home to see you and spend time here,” I said. “But you won’t live here.” He whispered. “I’m sorry Dad, I love living here with you. But I want to be a boilermaker and this town as beautiful as it is really is sinking thanks to all the cyclones.” I said.

He lets out a loud sigh, “I know, doesn’t make it any easier.” He mumbles. “It’s worst cause you’re thinking of what mum had done,” I said. “Yes.” He said. “I may be moving away dad, but I am not disappearing, I will be coming back to visit I promise you that,” I said. “Good love, good. Better let you go on this trip of yours have fun and be safe.” He whispered. “Thanks, Dad, I will,” I said, I gave dad a kiss on his cheek and another hug before finishing off my bag and leaving him in my room.

I turned back to look at him as he stood looking at my photo wall above my desk. I know you are sad now dad, but I cannot stay here I need to leave to live my life. I head downstairs saying goodbye to those who are awake downstairs, before walking up to Oliver’s car. Checking him out as he leans back on the side of the car with his arms crossed looking handsome as hell. “Oliver, I want to have my wicked way with you right now, stop looking so dam handsome,” I said, He chuckles, “Not going to happen kitten.” He said.

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