The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 47 - Moving On

**Tasmine's Pov**

All I can say is that these past two months have been amazing our second trip to Townsville was so much fun, Oliver had taken me to my first nightclub and showed me what it was really like to party with him. I must say I wouldn’t like parting with anyone else now, that man or is he a boy? When do they become a man, who knows on that one? Knows how to have fun and be carefree.

Christmas this year was a very small one, only me and dad, we all tagged along to Oliver’s family Christmas lunch which, felt odd as his mum and dad actually showed up at his uncle’s house expecting to be welcomed back into the family. Uncle James was spending Christmas at his in-law’s place, same with Uncle Jimmy, Grandma was down with my Auntie because she’s still on bed rest.

Our Sydney trip was amazing I had so much fun seeing the city I still feel like there is more to see but I am happy to say we had seen the parts we wanted to see. We even got tattoos, we both may have gone nuts with them. I had mum tattooed on my wrist, on the other wrist I had the name Noah both his and mum's had a feather behind them, Oliver had chosen Noah's one and he shed a few tears with me when that one was being done, I cried when my mum’s one was done too. I had chosen brother for just on the side of his hand with a fist, he loved it he had cried too, I have gotten a simple drawing of a cat done on the back of my neck while he was getting one of his done, it was a surprise for him. When he had seen it his face lights up extremely proud that I have a little cat on me.

Supernatural Tattoo on his chest, cause we both love the show, it’s our form of a couple’s tattoo without putting each other’s names on our flesh, the guys that were working on us joined us at the pub at knock-off time we all had a few drinks for Noah, then kept on parting.

I have spent the last four days packing up my room sorting out what I am leaving in this room and what I will need. Seeing as dad may want to rent out this room, I didn’t want to leave too much. “Tassie I have told you this before I am not going to rent out that room, it is your room that will always be your room. Leave whatever you do not want to take or do not have room for at this point in time. Ok, love!” He yells from the dining room as he works on his paperwork for the shop, I realize he was right, best to leave what I really do not need here.

Heading downstairs loading my car up, Oliver just pulled in heading upstairs to put more boxes into the car which is not that many, it’s manly clothes, books, shoes, and video stuff. Both cars have everything in it, I just sat on my bed looking down at the floor and wish to god that I had lived here my whole life so my dad wouldn’t keep thinking of what my mum had done to us. This is when I hate her so bloody much for what she has done to us. I know dad worries that he thinks I could end up like her and take off with my children leaving Oliver. I have no idea how my mum could do that, I think about even putting myself in her shoes to leave Oliver and I burst out into tears. I know I won’t be doing what she has done. What she has done was mean and very selfish, I couldn’t think of doing that to people that I love.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

I didn’t even bother looking up. “Come in,” I said. “Tassie, you ok?” My dad said quietly. “I hate her dad,” I said quietly, rubbing my finger over her tattoo, I hate her for what she has put this family through, but I still love her, and that hurts the most. “Who? Your mum?” He asked. “Yes dad, I hate what she has done to this family. I hate what she has done to you.” I said.

He sits down next to me wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “Kiddo I know I was drunk that morning, but I am fine. Yes, I am sad you’re leaving but I know it’s a good thing, you need to do this.” He said. “Dad?” I asked. “Tasmine I am pushing you out of the nest now leave before I change my mind. Call me when you get to Mackay ok? I love you so bloody much. Drive safely and be safe always.” He said, wow wasn’t expecting Dad to say that, I gave my dad a big hug as he spoke, looking up at him kissing him on the cheek. “I will I love you too dad,” I said.

He walks up to Oliver they do this handshake thing before it turned into a hug. “Cya Oliver, you keep her safe please, and love her with all your heart. You hurt her or break her heart lookout boy.” Dad said. “Cya Lee, don’t worry she will always be safe with me and I will always love her Lee,” Oliver said. Ahh, my heart just skipped a beat at that comment. “Good,” Dad said with a small smile on his face. “Hey, Dad?” I asked. “No, you are not taking any of my tools for the tenth time!” Dad said sighing.

“How” He cuts me off, “Cause I KNOW YOU!” Dad yelled at me. “Ok, ok I go buy myself some.” Dad cuts me off, “Wait until your paperwork is in that way you can use your tool allowance to buy it.” He said. “Ok.” Oliver is smirking at me, “You can use my first set until you can get your new ones.” Oliver said, I smiled at Oliver, “Thanks.” I said. “Lee I’ll make sure she gets the right stuff.” Oliver said, “I know you will mate.” Dad said. “Babe, you ready?” Oliver asked, “Ready as I’ll ever be.” I said, I give my dad one more hug before getting into my car waving goodbye to him as I follow Oliver off onto the highway south.

I must say driving behind him is odd, I would have rather driven in one car, but he had come up in his car, I pulled over whenever he did, we stopped for food and drink once, but stopped for a quickie few times. Once at Oliver’s house we quickly unloaded the cars into his room, before quickly doing the paperwork for myself to live in the house, he dropped that off to the real estate agent. As soon as we were back home, he announced that we should have some more fun in the room. Which we all know I cannot say no to this man.

Laughing hard as he does his best impression of Magic Mike, I love him so much. I’m laughing cause he’s so sexy, but he’s pulling these funny faces as he does the moves. “I love you, I am so happy to be starting a new chapter of our lives together,” I said. “I love you too Tasmine, cannot wait to see what our future holds,” Oliver said.

To be continued...

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