The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 5 - The Kid Needs Help

**Tasmine's Pov**

I woke up hearing my dad talking to someone, from what I can tell it’s late at night. I’ve never heard of this voice before, but I did hear him call me his goddaughter, great more people I missed out on getting to know. How did I end up in my room? I remember watching a movie with Jackson.

Who is that man talking to dad, should I go in and say hi? No, I should go back to sleep. Which for some reason it was easier than normal for me to go back to sleep?

Someone is trying to wake me up, argh no I don’t want to at all. I just want to stay under the covers. “Come on Tassie, baby girl time to wake up.” My dad whispered. “aghh please no, I want to keep sleeping.” I groaned out.

“We have an appointment to get to sweetheart. Up and shower make your bed and eat something.” He ordered.

He is like a fucking drill sergeant. “Fine,” I grumbled.

I quickly make my bed, then head into the bathroom, and start my shower. I have chosen to wear light blue jean short shorts, with a white singlet with the Deathly Hollows Symbol, teamed up with a light grey cardigan, white sneakers, and Harry Potter ring, and bracelet, with my hair up in a messy bun as it is pretty much all I can do with this busted hand, as it’s raining again today, and it feels a little cold today too.

“Dad, what’s to eat?” I called out to him, while I head into the kitchen because I can hear someone in there hoping it’s my dad. I stop mid-step nope that is not my dad at all. “Morning Tasmine, I’m your dad’s best mate and your godfather Chris Isaac.” He smiled.

He is not as tall as dad, but I can tell he is well built and could handle himself in a fight, he looks like he hasn’t shaved for a few days, green-blue eyes that I can tell picks up everything he looks more clued on then my father, he has his hair styled up, if I didn’t know they were friends I would have thought they were related in some way. “Um Hi, where is dad?” I asked.

“Right behind you,” Dad said loudly, I jumped so high as I screamed! “argh! Fucking hell dad!”

“Oi Language young lady!” My dad yelled out. “Oi miss no swearing!” Chris snapped out. “God can’t tell your friends.” I snapped out.

I walk to the fridge looking for something to eat, I see nothing I like. Turning around seeing them both watching me, dad looks upset that I didn’t get any food, Chris just looking at me. Oh, a banana is left in the fruit bowl! Yes! I pick it up and peeling it and started eating the banana. My dad is wearing tight jeans with rips all over the front of them with a tight black t-shirt, which shows off his tattoos. If he wasn’t my dad, I would have said he looked like a cool dad. Chris has jean shorts on that are ripped too and a tight white shirt showing off that he is hiding tattoos too, I guess I am going to be surrounded by men for the rest of my life. I hope these two do find love and marry I would love some female time. “So, what is this appointment?” I asked dad around my mouthfuls of banana.

“I am taking you to see a doctor. Let’s go.” Dad said. “What? I’m not sick dad, I don’t need to go and see a doctor!” I yelled at him. “Just want you to be checked up on, that is all,” Dad said. “Fine, let’s do this,” I grumbled, we head out to dad’s car; I look over and Chris is following us too. “Are you joining us? Also, why?” I asked, trying not to sound mean. “Yes, not in the doctor’s room. I’ll be off in the city center to get things for tonight’s barbie.” He replied.

I looked at him shocked another barbie why, dad? “What Barbie? Also, why do we need to have another one again?” I asked. Dad smiled at me, “Just your Uncle’s and Aaron, it’s just to catch up again it’s been a while since the last time Chris had been up.” Dad said.

I looked at him oddly who the hell is Aaron, “Who’s Aaron?” I asked. “Oh, that’s right Mr. Warren,” Dad said. Really? I have to have one of my teachers at my house. I know they are friends but argh! “Ok,” I crumbled.

I guess I get no say in this one, maybe this might take my mind off things, maybe that is why dad and Chris are doing this. We all get into the car, the two of them talking about dad’s workshop, I tune out. We pull up to the medical center, I really don’t want to be here.

We walk into the center, I notice nearly every single female in the place started to fix themselves up while checking out my dad and his friend. Really ladies, clearly their partners and husbands aren’t around. The best is yet to come, as we reach the front desk. The lady behind it was in full flirting mode, dad didn’t seem to notice her Chris on the other hand did.

I sat down leaving them to deal with it, dad came back chuckling to himself as he sat. “What’s so funny dad?” I asked. “Your Uncle flirting back with her.” He said. I don’t get why that is so funny, but he’s not my Uncle. “Is he my Uncle?” I asked. “He is my best mate, you used to call him Uncle.” My dad said, sounding upset. “Um ok,” I mumbled. Chris came back giggling with dad. “I got her number; she was very keen on dating us both mate,” Chris said.

I just wanted to go hide right now. “Um nah mate she’s all yours.” My dad said shaking his head. “Agh I don’t need to know this.” I groaned out. “All good sweetie, I may have her number does not mean I’m going to call her.” He said. “That makes you sound even worse!” I whispered yelled at him. “I came up here to be with you two, not here for that type of fun,” Chris said.

“Then why take her number for?” I asked. “Mmeh makes her feel good about herself, who knows wasn’t thinking that far ahead really,” Chris said. God, he sounds so bad! Is my dad the same as him? Why is it ok for them to be like this but not me? Not that I want to be, but double standards!

“See you haven’t changed at all.” My dad said under his breath. “Tasmine Kelly?” A beautiful brown hair doctor yelled out from the hallway. “Yes?” I answered. “Hi, I’m Doctor Stephenson, please follow me.” She said.

I stand up and look at dad seeing if he was coming in with me. Instead, the pair of them stand up too and join me, oh Chris is coming in too, why? Even the Doctor looked at them oddly, I sit down at the chair closer to the desk dad sat next to me and Chris sat on the bed that was in the room.

“Lee, I know you are her father but why is Chris joining you?” She asked, I guess they know each other. “Oh, just worried about my niece. I’ll leave during the private part of the session.” Chris said.

I looked at him like I want to push him out of here! “I see you two still joined at the hip.” She said shaking her head at them. “Nah he’s just up visiting,” Dad said with a smile on his face. “So, we aren’t here for old time sake, so Tasmine what is going on?” She asked looking over at me.

“I don’t know dad was the one that said to come here,” I said.

She looked up at him, “Ok Lee what is going on?” She asked. “Well we are worried about her, she just lost her mum and then her boyfriend. She is not eating as much or often, losing weight and having issues with sleep and at school.” Dad said sounding upset and worried.

Oh, so that is why he bought me here, doing my best not to look at the pair of them. “I’m so sorry to hear about Jane and Noah. Right, you two can leave now I would like to talk to Tasmine in private please.” She said.

My dad and Chris stand up and leave the room, I’m just sitting here looking at this lady. Why am I here really? “So Tasmine are you feeling hungry lately?” She asked kindly. “No,” I whispered. “Can you tell me how you are really feeling?” She asked kindly. “Why?” I asked softly. “Just seeing what is going on.” She said.

I broke down crying.

Finally, got my tears under control, “It’s just why did she leave me and leave no information as to why she left dad and kept me from him and from my whole family? Why did she make me look after her at the end? Why did he have to go? Why did his dad have to kill him? Why tell me you love me and then leave! Why promise me nothing will happen to you and something happened to him! Why is it easier for everyone else to move on and not me?!” I screamed out and broke back down crying again.

“Oh Tasmine, I cannot answer those questions for you, as I have no idea either. Sounds like you need an extra hand in helping you with your grief.” She said.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked. “I’m not talking about medication, but just sitting down talking to someone about what is going on inside of you can help big time.” She said.

“Like talking to you?” I asked. “No not me, someone from headspace who specializes in this. Here I will get a referral for you, I’ll mark it that you need to get in right away. Now let’s jot down your weight, height, and a few other things.” She said.

She hits print on the computer and hands me the printed referral, then pulls out her scales and turns it on. “Please stand on this.” She ordered. “Sure,” I said.

I stand on it and look down at the numbers moving, looking back up, once the numbers stopped I look back down I am at forty-nine point six kilos, wow no wonder they are worried about me, I’ve lost a lot of weight. “Ok, please stand over here.” She ordered.

She points to the height tape that is on the wall. She takes my height, then puts another tape around my bust, belly, hips, thigh, and arm, then checks my blood pressure.

“Ok Tasmine, you are dangerously underweight for your age and height. So, I am going to print off a diet along with a vitamin shake that I would like you to stick to for the next week and I will see you again next Saturday. To see if you are putting weight back on. Please eat even if you don’t feel like it.” She said softly. “Ok,” I whispered. “Ok, Tasmine it was nice to meet you. I will see you next Saturday, but in the meantime, if you do feel like you need to talk to someone before your headspace appointment my door is open ok.” She said kindly.

She smiled at me. I stand up, she hands me a pile of paper. I look down and its meal plans for the whole week, and other information. As I leave the room both men stand up, dad looks a little nervous.

“You finished?” He asked. “Yes, dad,” I said. “I’ll go pay,” he told me. “Can you go book me another appointment for next Saturday please?” I asked him. “Uh? ok.” He said sounding confused.

Dad pays and gets some money back onto his card from Medibank, then books me another appointment. We head to the car; dad looks at what’s in my hands. “What’s all that sweet pea?” He asked, I really hate that nickname. “One is a referral, a script for a vitamin shake and the other is my meal plan for the week,” I said. “What? Really? Let me have a quick look.” he said sounding shocked, worried, and a little panicked if I guessed correctly.

I hand him the paperwork; he reads the referral. He looks at me and pulls his phone out. “Is the Doctor sending this to them?” He asked. “Unsure” I replied. “Ok,” he said. He goes off to call them up, he’s talking away, Chris takes the meal plan off dad. He pulls out a notepad and pen from the car and sits down on the front of the car. “Let’s see what we need to buy,” he said. “Sure,” I said. “Here you read it out I’ll write it down,” he said. “Sure,” I said.

“Now Tas I completely understand if you feel weird calling me Uncle you don’t have to, ok.” He said.

He must have noticed that I was a bit hesitant in calling him that. “Give me a chance to get to know you then I may but thank you though,” I said kindly.

He smiled at me, “Sure, I understand. Now, what is the first thing on that list?” He asked me.

As I read off the paper to him dad comes over looking at us. “Oi get the fuck off baby the pair of you now!” He snapped. “Oi language dad!” I snapped back at him. “Oh yes, Dean Winchester!” Chris said with a sarcastic tone to his voice. “Watch it Tasmine, Chris you bloody smart ass!” Dad snapped at us both.

We both get off the car looking like naughty children. “What are you pair up to?” He asked. “Working on a shopping list, Lee,” Chris said. “Ok nearly done. It looks like it will start raining again.” Dad asked.

“Nearly done,” Chris replied. Two hours later we are unloading the shopping into the kitchen. They had also made a pit stop to the bottle-o shop. “Hey Kiddo, grab me those snags please,” Chris said to me. “Sure,” I said. “Thanks,” He said. “Hey, Dad are both lots of my cousins coming to this barbie?” I asked. “Um... let me see.” He said as he checks his phone.

“Nah looks like none of them are coming. All the girls are out the younger two have sleepovers and the oldest is off on a school camp for History. Sorry sweet pea and the boys are staying back with their mum they all have a weekend of soccer.” He said.

Oh, bugger was looking forward to hanging out with them, “Is Grandma coming?” I asked. “Oh God, I hope not!” Chris said. “What?!” Dad asked shocked. “Nah sweetie, it’s just us men catching up. Plus, some kids tagging along, like Vincent.” Dad said. “Anyone else? Like Jackson and Max and their dad?” I asked. “Not that I can think of unless Jackson and Max are sleeping over at Vincent’s, are you and Vincent having a fight?” He asked. “No. All good I’ll go do a load of washing.” I said.


“What? You don’t have to fight her to get housework done?” Chris asked me in shock. “If she wants to keep her bedroom door, she does what she is told. Most of the time.” I stated. “Taking one from the parent’s punishment book.” He said. “Yep,” I replied. “So, should we be worried about her and Vincent?” He asked. “Nah that boy’s heart belongs to someone else,” I said.

I trust this boy is well behaved in and out of school plus I know he's scared of his dad so that helps, and he’s in love with someone else unsure who though. But Chris gives me that look that I know he's thinking I am stupid. “Ok, but he’s still a boy mate he might still try something,” Chris said.

Chris really doesn’t trust any boy with her, even if they are gay, I would like to trust people and if they do something to break my trust then they are a no go zone like Oliver for his stunt he did with my beautiful baby, my car. “I know, but I don’t think he would do anything,” I said.

“Right, your insane you know, that right? Like all the diesel you work with has done something to your brain. So, she has an appointment at Headspace hey?” he asked. “I am not by the way Chris. Also, yes, let’s hope they can help her.” I said, god I hope these people can help her, now that I had a good look at her she has lost a lot of weight and she didn’t have much to lose, to begin with, but her outfit today looks too big for her.

“Hope so, now did you want chili and lime dressing on the prawns or herbs and garlic?” he asked me drawing me out of my thoughts. “How about we do both we have two kilos here, one kilo each flavor need help in peeling it?” I asked, I need to keep thinking. “Nah mate you deal with those spuds and salad items,” he said. “Right,” I replied, ok this will still help me in thinking.

The next two hours were filled with us two prepping for this barbie, Tas spent the rest of the day in her room doing I have no idea. I’ll check on her soon, it’s been good spending some time with Chris.

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