The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 6 - This Is Not Good


While I was in my room, spent time on my laptop. Had to get off as they are still negative about what was uploaded weeks ago, like really get over it already. I like spending time with Vincent but would have liked to join the girls on their sleepover instead. I need some girl time, and those comments have gotten so bad now that word Noah had passed.

Are people even human anymore? What makes it ok to say this shit online but not to people’s faces? Arghh! Over it!

How is life so easy for everyone? Why am I still crying over him? Why is this happening to me? God, I didn’t tell dad that I lost over ten kilos no wonder he’s worried about me. I need him back he makes these dark thoughts go away; I wonder if there are other ways to get these, thoughts to go away?

Like it seems so easy just to end it all and be with him forever, Jackson, my Dad, and Grandma are the only ones that are stopping me from following through, I haven’t told anyone this as I feel it’s just the blackness doing the talking and not myself. I can hear some of my Uncles have arrived, wonder if they notice if I grab a few things from the bar?

Dad, Chris, Aaron, and Uncle James are in the kitchen I think if I’ve got the voices right, I quietly head down to dad’s bar. I stand looking at his collection I see that he has a few Bundy Rum bottles of the same flavor opened. Right, let’s see if this helps, wait better get some coke too. The coke I had grabbed was already opened, so I poured some rum into it. I quickly hid the rum bottle in the cubby house. Head back up to the house as dad and his friends are coming down with the food in their hands. I see Mr. Warren; I mean Aaron but no Vincent.

“Hi is Vincent here?” I asked him. “Sorry kiddo he has work tonight but he will be over after he finishes.” Mr. Warren said.

Man, I think I need to get a job, but not much is going in this town, but who knows if I don’t go looking, wonder if dad would be ok with me getting a job outside of his shop? “Ok,” I said.

“Chin up buttercup, it isn’t that bad being with us four.” Uncle James said.

Chris started laughing, “Maybe that is just you, I’m the fun, cool Uncle. Hey Tassie?” Chris said.

“Um, the minute you say that you are no longer cool,” I said laughing. “Oh, she has you on that one Chris,” Aaron said, or should I still call him Mr. Warren? “Here is your dinner Tasmine.” My dad said as I looked at him in horror. “What?! I don’t get to enjoy the prawns?!” I yelled at him.

I was looking forward to eating them after smelling them getting cooked. “This is your dinner, it’s what that paper said. Eat up.” Dad said in that voice of his that says don’t push it. “Argh! Fine!” I snapped back at him.

I take the plate from him and grab a knife and fork and a plastic cup from the bar and head to the outdoor bean bag. After I sat down, I poured myself a drink, argh I think I made that a tad was strong. Who cares I need these dark thoughts to leave me? Overhearing them, it’s like the thoughts have become the keyboard warriors themselves I cannot escape them.

I finished off both my food and drink, I take the bottle and cup to the cubby house and head up to my room and grabbed my laptop so I can chill watching some Netflix out in the cool night air. “Oi Kiddo what are you up to?” My dad yells out to me. “Chilling and watching Netflix in the cubby, can you tell Vincent to head that way when he gets here,” I yelled back at him. “Sure sweetheart, are you ok?” He asked. “Would really wish you would stop asking me that dad.” I snapped at him.

“Sorry hun, I’m” He started. “Just worried about me.” I said cutting him off, “Do you want a hug?” He asked. “Nah I’m good right now dad, thank you thought,” I yelled back at him.

Yep not giving him the chance of smelling the rum on my breath. I head up to the cubby, turning on my computer and loading up Netflix.

OMG fucking yes!

The new season of thirteen Reason’s Why is up. I hit play, put my laptop onto the little table, making myself comfortable on the mat and pillows pouring myself another drink. Let me put this out in the world it’s not the first time I have drank, I used to get into my mum’s stash a few time’s only during the horrible times of her illness also more so on the day she had died. A few episodes in I can hear dad has his music on and they are having some fun.

This episode is starting to move in odd ways odd, oh should probably stop drinking this. Oh, hello that must be Vincent. “Noah?” I whispered. “I can be if you want me to be sweetheart,” Noah said, which doesn’t make any sense. “Are you sure you’re not Noah? You look so much like him.” I said. “Oh, I know I’m not as I’m his brother,” Mark said. “Oh,” I mumbled, my heart sank.

Oh right, he does have a brother, wait what did Noah tell me if I ever come face to face with his brother? “Are you Tasmine?” He asked. “Yes, why?” I replied. “Nothing, what are you watching? And why does it smell like rum up in here.” He asked. “Thirteen Reason’s why, and what’s it to ya?” I snapped. “Oh, now I can see why he had liked you,” Mark said. “Oh, shut up, you either up here to drink with me and watch this or piss off down to the old men under my house.” I snapped.

“Right, give me that bottle girl!” he snapped at me with his hand out, but I didn’t give it to him. He sits next to me grabbing the bottle and taking a swig of the drink. “Holy crap how have you not passed out?” He asked. “What?” I asked. “That is strong man,” he said coughing a little. “I’m only on my third cup.” I think it’s my third cup or is my sixth that bottle is nearly empty. He starts laughing, “I get it now.” he said. “Get what?” I asked. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” He whispered.

We sit for a bit watching the laptop, for some reason I start leaning into him he puts his arm around me, oh he smells like Noah too, I wonder... “You right sweetie?” He asked. “Yes, I was wondering,” I said softly. “Wondering what?” He asked. “If you kiss like him or better?” I asked.

He starts laughing, why did I say that? “Hopefully better beautiful, you willing to try it out?” He asked. I didn’t answer instead I turn around and climb up onto him, so I am sitting on his lap with my knees on either side of him and started kissing him. Hhm not really, it’s not a bad kiss but it’s not Noah, but smells like him. Things started to go odd from that, like how the hell did I end up on my back with him on top of me? “Noah stop!” I yelled out, but I don’t think it came out loudly. “I’m not Noah, sweetie!” He said.

“I don’t feel so good, please stop,” I said. My pants are open his hand is in my pants, no I didn’t agree to this no, stop! I try pushing him off, but the ground seems to be spinning around me, whatever he’s doing to me it hurts a lot! “NOAH! I SAID STOP IT! GET OFF OF ME!” I screamed out, but I think it came out as a loud whisper.

“Hey, she said get off of her NOW! OI, I NEED HELP UP HERE NOW DAD!!” Vincent starts yelling, somehow, he is off of me, I don’t know what happened next as it all went black.


We all heard Vincent screaming he needed help, we all dropped our drinks and ran as fast as we could to the cubby to see him push a man out of the cubby house. This man landed on his feet he had his pants down, at first, I thought it was Noah. “Fucking hell MARK!” I roared at him.

I ran right up to him and punched him right in the face. Was about to hit him again when I notice Tasmine hasn’t come out yet, what the fucking hell did he do to her! “You fucking touched my girl!” I yelled. “Only did what the little drunken slut asked for!” He yelled back at me.

“She’s fucking sixteen and your twenty-three! How sick do you have to be!?” Chris yells as he throws a punch at him too. “Boy’s detain him, I’m calling the police!” Aaron said. “What the fuck did you do to Tasmine, you sick bastard!” Jimmy yells as he too throws a punch at him.

James didn’t say anything just tackled him and started punching. “Fuck, Chris, Jimmy hold James off him and just hold the sick bastard down! Tasmine!” I yelled out.

I race up to the cubby and find Vincent trying to wake up Tasmine, I look at her, her pants are down, but her undies look to be still up. Crap I bloody hope he didn’t bloody touch her! How the hell is she drunk? It smells strong of rum in here, did he get her drunk! “Lee she’s not waking up!” Vincent said in a panicked voice.

“Fuck!” I screamed out. I quickly pull her pants up and do them up. I race towards her head and checked her breathing. Oh, thank god she’s breathing, but it’s faint shit we need to take her to the hospital, I lean back out the cubby door, yelling outside. “Someone call an ambulance!” I screamed so loud.

My brother looked angry as hell at Mark, “Fuck! Mark, you’re a dead fucking man!” He roared. “James just hold him until police are here!” Jimmy yelled out.

Tasmine groans, shit man please be ok baby girl. Why did you let yourself get this drunk? “Lee, she was telling Noah to get off of her. I think in her drunken state she thought it was Noah.” Vincent said, I looked at him in shock. “So, you think she was drunk before he found her?” I asked. “Yeah, makes sense if she thought it was Noah, she wouldn’t have put up a fight until she worked out it wasn’t,” Vincent said. I cut him off, “By then it was too late. Yep, Tas sweetheart wake up for me please.” I begged her. “ghjijde” She mumbled.

“Good girl, it’s dad here. Please open your eyes.” I whispered.

Her eyes fluttered but didn’t open. Dam it! I can hear yelling going on outside, oh what now! “She was already drunk when I found her! She’s not a good girl like you think Lee!” Mark yelled out. “Oh, shut the fuck up!” Chris snapped.

I heard a punch landing on flesh. “Shit, she’s about to vomit!” I yelled out.

I quickly roll her over as she vomits all over Vincent who didn’t move fast enough. “Argh!” Vincent screamed out. “Alright let’s get her out of here,” I said. “Sure” Vincent agreed.

Right, I told Vincent to call over one of the other men to be at the bottom. James came running over, I pick her up Vincent helps me hold her down to my brother, who gently grabs a hold of her. We both quickly follow her down, I was about to ask James to hand her back over, but the ambulance arrived quickly followed by the police.

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