The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 7 - Not My Little Girl


Watching my baby girl get carried off into an Ambulance barely holding on scared me shitless, this happened under my own dam nose! I knew I should have checked up on her more often, but I just kept on thinking she is ok watching Netflix, having quiet time, how could I have been so stupid? “Come on man let’s quickly follow her,” Chris said.

But we all have been drinking, not much but enough to blow over if a police officer tests us. “What about the police?” James asked. “They know where we live, I need to know if she’s ok.” I snapped. “I’m calling mum,” My brother said. “Go right ahead. I’m fucking driving!” I snapped. “I want to make it in one piece,” Chris said. “Take your own car then, I’m driving you have five seconds to make up your mind,” I said.

The two of them jumped into my car, we quickly start following the ambulance. We parked and raced into the ER of the hospital. Heading to the front desk, the nurse looked happy to see us, man wish these ladies will give it a rest already. “My daughter was just bought in by ambulance, Tasmine Kelly,” I said.

God, I sound so panicked, I cannot lose her too. “Right, I am going to need her Medicare card and health insurance.” She said, I quickly hand them over to her, so glad I now have Tasmine on my health insurance it’s the most I have ever used it since she was back. “Can we go in?” I asked, I keep thinking of the worst. “You all family?” She asked looking at my brothers behind me.

“Yes, we are her Uncle’s,” Chris said James still not able to talk just yet. “Right follow me.” She said, she walks out of her window box and takes us to the back area. Flashing her card on the scanner opening the doors, she takes us to a bay that was already full of staff. All I can see is Tasmine laying on the bed with her clothes cut and ripped in places so the tubes and wires can go on her. “Fuck Tasmine,” James said so softly.

James wrapped an arm around me, Chris was holding my arm. As we stood watching them working on her, it felt like hours that they were working on her, a man walks up to us, I don’t want to talk to him I just want to hold my little girl in my hands seeing if she is ok. “Which one of you is Tasmine Kelly’s Father?” The man said. “That would be me,” I said.

Trying not to show how upset I am right now. “Your daughter has drunk quite a lot of alcohol, another drink and it could have been deadly, with her body weight.” The Doctor stated.

My stomach just dropped then, fuck how did I not notice that she was drinking? “Shit,” I mumbled. “We have pumped her stomach, and with the police request, we perform a rape test, and collected other forms of DNA for them. She is hooked up to an IV drip we will be transferring her to the children’s ward for the night, depending on how she goes she could be discharged sometime tomorrow.” The Doctor said. “Did the bastard do something to her?” I asked dreading the answer.

“Is your daughter a virgin?” He asked. “As far as I know she is,” I said quietly unless she and Noah went further along than she has told me. “There was some blood on her underpants. We will know more soon.” The Doctor said with a matter-of-fact type of tone. The blood drains from my face, fuck he did do it, god can this girl ever catch a fucking break!

“Is she awake?” I asked. “At the moment she has passed out, the IV should be flushing her system out soon. But I would definitely get her into seeing someone like headspace. Also, she is very underweight for her age has she been diagnosed with anorexia?” The Doctor asked.

My heart dropped, I know she has lost a lot of weight these past couple of weeks, but I never thought she was that small, but hearing those words I now realized how wrong I was.

“Thank you, she already has an appointment to go see them this week. Also, on a meal plan for her weight as well.” I said. “Good, she will need it. May I ask who is Noah? Was it the guy that did this?” He asked quietly. “No, he was her late boyfriend,” I said. “Ok, she kept on saying his name and that she was sorry.” The Doctor said. “Ok thank you,” I said.

The Doctor leaves and we race into her cubicle, I grab her hand that isn’t hooked up to the IV, my baby girl. “Fuck my little sidekick, how much shit does one poor kid need to deal with? Also, when did she lose so much weight? I didn’t notice it before, but looking at her now, I have.” He said sounding like he’s about to burst into tears. “I don’t know man, I hope she has no memory of this. Also hope no more shit happens to her, she hasn’t been eating nor sleeping well since he died.” I said.

“Can we kill him now?” Chris said. I can see his old police self is coming out to play tonight. “Bit late now the bloody cops have him.” James snapped at him. I know what Chris is thinking, he wants to use his old contacts to get into the station, but I don’t want that for him. “Tasmine Kelly?” a young orderly was at the entry to the bay, “Yes this her,” I said. “Good, I am moving her to the children’s ward, please follow me.” He said.

He goes to her bed pulling up the railings on her bed undoing her breaks. I grab her IV drip line and help him wheel it along her bed as he moves it. Heading to the children’s ward, we arrive in the children’s ward wheeling her into a room there are four beds in here they all look empty at the moment.

He takes her bed down to the window end, pulling down one railing pushing the bed right to the edge of the other bed, and slides her over to the other bed using the sheet she was on. He puts a pillow under her head and places a sheet and blanket over her, her IV drip is now next to her bed and he leaves taking the bed that she was on back. I don’t really care what people think I grabbed two more pillows and climbed into her bed moving her a little so we can fit.

“I’ll text the other’s what room we are in,” Chris said. “Thank you,” I whispered. “How the hell did we not notice what she was up to?” James asked. Been asking that myself since we found her brother. “No idea, how the hell did I not notice the missing drinks?” I asked. “What is done is done, we cannot blame ourselves like this,” James said.

“Where is my granddaughter!” Mum’s voice came from the hallway. “Oi over here mum,” James said as she rushes into the room. “Oh, there you are. How is she?” She asked sound worried.

James and Chris filled mum in on what happened, I can see her looking at me, every now and then she glared at me. I know mum somehow, I failed this kid and didn’t even pick up what was going on with her. “Lee, what are you doing in bed with her?” Mum asked. “Hugging her mum, never been so dam scared in losing her forever mum,” I whispered.

I didn’t want to show them how upset I was but it happened on its own, I started crying like really crying, I haven’t cried this much since God when she was taken from me. “Oh, my boy.” Mum raced over hugging me. Crap James looks like he was about to start crying too. Chris looks upset too but not quite like us yet. He looked around the room and found a box of tissues handing them to my mum.

“I fucking failed her mum.” I cried out. “No, you haven’t, she just did something very stupid under your nose. She will do that, it’s what teens do they make mistakes. Some are small and some are big as hell, but they learn from them and move forward. It’s how we grow, you just need to be there for her. Right now, she’s screaming out for help in all the wrong ways. We just need to help her feel safe and comfortable with us, so she can open herself up to us and tell us when she needs help.” Mum said. “Ok,” I whispered.

The others showed up, one of the others fill them in. I just couldn’t do it, fuck me Jane why did you do this to us. I’m her father and we don’t even know each other, it’s worse not being able to read the signs from your own kid when they need help. I’m taking time off from work stuff, she can take time off school, hopefully, it will help her out.

“Oh, my really? It’s not visiting hours people! This poor child needs her sleep, out, out, out! Only her mother or father can stay thank you.” Snapped the nurse. “Ok sorry, Lee text when she’s awake in the morning. I’ll bring in some hangover food for her.” Chris said. “Ok,” I replied.

“Ok see you, Lee, still ok for me to stay tonight?” Jimmy asked. “Yeah mate if there are no beds you can sleep in mine,” I told him. “Nah I’ll just sleep on the couch man.” He replied. “I’m sorry Lee, I wished I had finished work sooner,” Vincent said. “Vincent I’m going to stop you right there; it’s not your fault and I am glad you stopped it,” I told him. “I’ll see you later mate, text me on updates,” Aaron said, I nod my head.

“Come on James you’re not good to drive,” Jimmy said. “See you, bro,” James said. He leans down giving Tasmine a kiss on the forehead, before wrapping his arms around me holding onto me tightly. “See you mum,” He said when he let me go, all the men left, mum stayed behind for some reason then a thought hit me. “Mum, should we get her the morning after pill?” I asked.

“Oh, good God why would you put her through that type of medical hell? Did the rape kit show up sperm?” She asked. “What do you mean? No idea, I fucking hope not mum.” I snapped, fuck I hope not. “They can make you feel like crap and if she is could start a miscarriage and so on. You should ask the Doctor about that, about them both. Did you want me to stay at your place to keep an eye on those three boys?” She asked. I want to laugh that she still calls us boys. “Up to you mum, Chris has the spare keys,” I told her. “Ok, I love you both.” She said. “Love you to mum,” I said.

Then she is gone and it’s just me and my little girl, who’s not little anymore. She lets out a groan, I gave her forehead a kiss and climbed out of the bed, pulling the blankets back onto her, heading to the nurses’ station. “How can I help you, Mr. Kelly?” The Nurse asked. “Do you know when we get the test results?” I asked her. “Um hold on let me see her file for you. The police now have that test, hopefully, a day or two you should have answers.” She said. “Would she need to take the day after pill?” I asked

“From the Doctors notes, she shouldn’t from his point of view the perpetrator never went that far with her, as in using another body part. Is she sixteen yet? If so, she can get a prescription for it from the Doctor if she wants to.” She said. “Yes, she’s sixteen, oh I’ll ask her when she wakes up. Thanks.” I said. I leave her be as a buzzer went off down the hall and she needed to leave.

I head back to Tasmine’s room, she’s still asleep but groaning in her sleep. I quickly grab a few vomit bags just in case she needs them. I get myself comfortable in the armchair it was just a little too small her bed for my liking. Sleep took its time to get to me.

“Dad? Aghhh Dad why am I in the hospital. Dad!?” Tasmine said sounding panicked. “Uh? Oh, wait Tasmine you’re awake.” I muttered in shock. I shot upright in the chair looking at my daughter who looked lost, confused, and scared. “Dad, why am I in the hospital for?” She asked.

“Sweetheart, what do you remember from last night?” I asked, hoping that she has next to no memory of what that asshole has done to her, she scrunches up her nose as she tries to think. “Um watch Netflix and um drinking your rum.” She mumbles so quietly. She looks down at her hands in fear, then she shoots her head up like she remembers something. “I also remember seeing Noah, but I know that cannot be true.” She said softly.

Ah, fuck she remembers that bit.

“It wasn’t Noah baby girl,” I whispered, she looks at me confused, and fear. God, why is this so hard? “What do you mean? Wait!” She yells out at me, I waited for her to finish what she was trying to say, but she just sits there. “Wait what Tassie?” I asked her softly.

“It wasn’t Noah, was it? Dad” She asked, bursting out into tears, cry talking to me. “I’m sorry I think I fucked up big time dad.” She cried out. This hurts hearing her crying and talking like that, I know we have all gotten into our parent’s alcohol while we are teenagers but she had a horrible thing happen to her when she chose to do it. “No, it wasn’t sweetheart, and yeah you have,” I whispered. “Am I grounded?” She askes so quietly.

I want to laugh of course she is, no way would I let her think she can get away with doing something like this, yes Mark made it worst by what he had done, but she still stole my rum and drank it. “Yes,” I said. Then her next round of words nearly broke my heart. “Dad I think I might have been,” She said quietly, but I cut her off. “I know Tas, Vincent found you and pulled the man off of you,” I whispered.

Her mouth drops open in shock and her eyes get wide. “OMG! It wasn’t a dream?!” She screamed out. “No baby girl, what do you remember?” I asked, wishing she doesn’t remember much at all. “I remember drinking and talking to Noah, but if it wasn’t Noah who was it, dad?” She asked. “His big brother Mark,” I said to her. The look on her face broke me, my baby girl is hurting badly and all I can do is give her a hug.

She jumped out of bed and landed in my arms crying and screaming, I wrap my arms around her as she cries into my shoulder. “Why would he do that? Why? Why? Why?” She kept on asking me. “I don’t know why sweetheart,” I whispered, why would someone do this to another I don’t understand it. “Dad?” She asked. “Yes?” I said. “I’m really sore, like really sore.” She whispered. I give her a questionable look; she points to her vagina. Ahh, crap his taken her dam virginity away on her. She climbs off my lap and heads towards the bathroom, I notice some dry patches of old blood on her pants, and bed, ah fucking hell!


I walk into the bathroom, I couldn’t stand to see dad’s sad, pitiful look on his face. I know what I did was so wrong on so many levels. Dad said my dream was real, that means Noah’s brother had raped me, I remember saying stop, but it wasn’t a penis he used his fingers roughly very roughly, now I know why Noah told me to run if I had come across his brother, why didn’t I run?

It hurts to pee, man this is not normal, I want to go back to Brisbane, no shit, no drama, no fear of crap happening to me. Oh, fuck off! Blood really argh! It looks like I have been bleeding while I slept, how long have I been asleep? Wonder if dad bought me any change of clothes or bathroom stuff or even pads, should I just text grandma she might be able to bring it in for me.

“Hey, Dad did you get me any clothes to change into?” I yelled out to him. “Oh, shit no,” He said. “Can you pass me, my phone please?” I asked. “Sure,” He says. He hands me my phone and I instantly send off a text to grandma. I see I have quite a few texts from Vincent, Jackson, Jo, Just, Rach, Oliver, and my Uncle’s, argh not feeling in the mood to be dealing with them just yet.

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