The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 8 - It's Time To Heal


“Tasmine I have the things you asked for. Lee where is your daughter?” Mum said as she rushes into the room, looking around. “Bathroom mum,” I said, turning around knocking on the bathroom door. Tasmine lets her in, she spent a whole hour in there. Won’t let me in keeps saying she’s fine, so glad she called mum to come hopefully it’s just a girls thing, a seconds later my mum is yelling out at me.

“Lee get the nurse!” I raced towards the closed door, “Shit! Do you want me to hit the nurse button?” I yelled back. “Yes!” She screamed.

I hit the nurse’s button and about five staff members raced in. I’m freaking out did she do something? Did she do something horrible while I’ve been sitting here like a tool? No room for me to get into the room to see my baby girl, so I stand as close as I can. “Sweetheart when is your period due?” I heard a nurse ask her.

“Not for another week and a half.” I heard her quiet shaky voice, what the hell is going on? Staff members ran out grabbing supplies and raced back in. “What do you remember from last night?” A nurse asks her. “He used his fingers very roughly it hurts so much.” She cries out, ah shit.

“Why didn’t you get your dad in here?” My mum asked. “Scared, I wanted mum. I wanted a female with me you’re the next best thing, Grandma.” She said that broke my heart hearing her saying that, but I do understand, doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less. “Oh, don’t be sweetie.” My mum said.

“Better get the Doctor in, looks like she might need to get stitched up.” A nurse said, they all walk out I see a bag of bloody towels, mum is helping Tas to walk to the bed in one of her nightgowns. The nurse pulls the curtain around her bed and started prepping the bed for something.

“Did you want to stay for this Dad and Grandma?” a nurse asked. Fuck I am not leaving my girl’s side unless she says so. “Yes,” My mum said. “Yes, if Tasmine wants us both here,” I said. “Yes please, can you both hold my hands?” She weakly asked. “Yes, baby girl,” I said, with a small smile on my face. “Yes, sweetheart,” Mum said.

Mum on one side I’m on the other side holding her hand as the Doctor walks in. He is talking but I am not paying any attention too busy just looking at Tasmine’s face. She winces as he is working on her, I squeeze her hand tighter and wipe away the tear that fell down her face. “There done eight stitches, you’ll be sore for a week. They will dissolve as well but do make an appointment with your GP next week for a checkup.” The Doctor said. “Argh hmmm thanks” She mumbles. “Here sweetie take this.” Said a nurse who hands her more painkillers and a cup of water, she takes it fast and hands the cup back. She goes to move mum stops her, she looks up at her in surprise.

“I want to change please.” She whispered. “Ok, need me to help you get dressed?” Mum asked. “I’ll call out if I do,” Tasmine replied. “Ok,” Mum said, she heads into the bathroom; I look over to mum. “Fill me in please,” I whispered. “Sure, that bastard had sharp fingernails, he didn’t use his penis only finger’s Lee. He had cut her up a bit. I think when she went to the toilet she may have reopened and made it worse.” Mum said. “Ok, had worked that part out. What happened in the bathroom?” I asked, fuck this poor kid.

“I found her sitting on the floor, crying, blood everywhere. I had thought it was a miscarriage or her first period, but she told me no to both, so I got you.” Mum stated. “Fucking hell!” I snapped. “How the hell did you not hear her crying?” Mum asked. “Because I didn’t hear her mum. Don’t make me feel any worse than I already do.” I snapped. “Ok sorry,” She said.

“Did you stay at mine?” I asked. “Yes, the others are on their way. Picking up hungover food.” Mum said. “Think I have more of a hungover than she does, and that’s saying something as she drank more than I did,” I said, mum, starts laughing at me. “Kid has been on an IV drip most of the night it has flushed her system out.”

We are sitting in the chairs waiting for Tasmine to come out of the bathroom. Finally, she comes out looking much better in her Harry Potter winter PJs as it’s freezing in here and she no longer looks as pale. “Dad when is the food coming? Also, what time is it?” She asked. “Soon, also it’s just turned six in the morning,” I said. “Good cause I could eat a whole dingo.” She said with a big smile up at me.

I notice it didn’t reach her eyes though, the sparkle isn’t in them right now and that worries me. But I laugh at her dingo comment, I’m rubbing off on her, just like when she used to live with me. “Good to hear,” I said, “Want to play a card game while we wait?” She asks. “Sure, I’ll get the pack that I bought with me,” Mum said. “Ok playing Hearts, Go Fish, Poker?” I ask. “Hearts Dad!” She said loudly.

“Awesome to hear your mum played cards with you.” My mum said and her face dropped. “She didn’t, one of her old boyfriend’s had taught me this game.” She mumbled. “What?!” I snapped. “It’s ok Dad, I was ten she had been seeing him for about four month’s that was her longest. He was also the only one that was friendly towards me and actually treated me like his own.” She said with a small smile on her face. I hate that her mum did that to her, all she had to do was date the wrong man, and something bad could have happened to our daughter. I am getting the feeling she will never tell what it was really like living with her mum, I’m getting the feeling it’s a lot worse than she is telling me but I cannot pull out on it out of fear of her never opening up to me. “Even so still doesn’t feel good hearing it,” I mumbled. “I know dad.” She whispered.

We played Hearts until the others showed up. Man hearing that her own mother who used to love playing cards couldn’t be bothered to teach our daughter how to play. One of her boy toys had to teach her, that hurt a lot, why couldn’t she have just left Tassie with me? God, how many men was she exposed to? But I remember hearing her say to her Auntie that her mum had taught her, was that a lie so she didn’t have to explain what her home life was like? I now want to sit down and get her to open up to me on what it was like cause this is worrying me so much.

“How’s the head kiddo?” Chris said with a smirk on his face as he walked in trying to cheer her up a little. Which worked as she smiled brightly at him. “Good, how’s yours?” She said. “Have had better days. Now I have quite a few items to pick from.” He said sounding proud of himself, he places the bag down in front of her as she eyes at it.

“Just that burger, chips, and coke please.” She said. “Ok, you guys fight over what’s left,” Chris said. “Thanks,” Jimmy said as he took some food. “Yum, thank you,” James said as he picked up some food. “I’m good thank, you Chris,” Mum said. “Yum! I needed this! Thanks.” I said to Chris.

Seeing as we all have had under four hours of sleep, I really needed it. “You all are very much welcome,” Chris said with a big smile on his face. We all ate in silence, but I did notice every now and then one of my brothers or Chris would look at Tasmine to see if she was ok. She seems to be half ok her smiles still don’t reach her eyes. We all sat and chatted for a while, Tasmine had drifted off to sleep during one of our many card games.

“Lee, how is she?” Chris whispered. “She’s doing better than last night,” I said. “Any news on test results?” James asked. “No, but she’s admitted that he only used fingers,” I whispered. I am so angry at Mark and happy to throw the book at him along with those two who did that film, will be following up on that one too. “Still fucking shit thing to happen,” Jimmy said. “But better than being pregnant cause you got raped,” Mum said, of course, she is right about that.

“Second that, and bingo I win!” James said as I looked at him confused, we aren’t playing bingo we are playing poker, he throws down a straight flush in hearts. “Bit too keen brother!” Chris said, as Chris lays his hand down on the table, I do my best not to laugh. “Royal Flush are you fucking kidding me!” James snapped. “Dam so glad we are not betting!” Jimmy said.

“Good news she can go home.” A nurse said as she walked into the room with a smile on her face. “Really? Oh, that is great news.” I said. “I’ll just get her paperwork filled out so you guys can start packing up her things.” She said. Within the hour it was just me and Tasmine left, the rest had gone back to my place. Best to try and wake her up.

“Tas time to get up now, you can go home,” I whispered. “Really dad?” She asked. “Yes,” I said nodding, she climbed out of bed, then looked around. “Where did everyone go?” She asked. “They have gone back to our place, grandma has left an outfit for you to leave in. If you want to stay in PJs that’s fine.”

“Cool thank you, nah it will be too hot once I leave this cold box.” She said, grabbing the items and heading into the bathroom. She comes out it’s an orange flower short hippie shorts with a white t-shirt with matching flowers on the picture with some peace slogan on it, dam it looks like it just fits her, as in they are so big on her, she looks like a little kid trying to wear her big sister’s clothing, doing my best not to cry at the sight of her, fuck how did I not notice how much my daughter was hurting? Worse father of the year award goes to me!

“Let’s go home, dad.” She said brightly. “Good, once in the car I will tell you the rules of your grounding,” I said. “Same as it normally is?” She asked. “No, it’s different now,” I said. “Why?” She asked shocked. “Because it’s for different reasons,” I stated. “Ok.” She whispered.

We make our way to my car thanks to my brother who dropped it off to me this morning. As we get into the car she sits and waits for her punishment. Man, this is harder than I thought as I feel what happened is punishment enough, deep down. “Ok your grounding means more chores around the house, but also you will be doing a few hours at the shop after you get the all clear from the Doctor,” I said. “Ok, what are the extra chores?” She asked. “Vacuuming, mopping, bathrooms, and all yard work on top of your normal chores,” I said. “Ok.” She said.

Well, she took that well, better than I thought she would, wasn’t expecting a fight from her. We arrived home, the house is cleaner than I had left it, mum must have done it. Everyone hugged Tas when she arrived, she just smiled at them and said don’t they have lives to get back to. “No sidekick I’m hanging out with you today,” James said. “What about Ava and Emma?” She asked. “I pick them up at four-thirty this afternoon.” He said. “Ok.” She replied.

“Well, I actually have to get going if I want to go to work tomorrow. I will see you soon kiddo, be careful ok? I love you Tas.” Jimmy said. “Bye Uncle Jimmy, I will try my best to stay careful, love you too.” She said, she hugs him, he hugs her tightly before giving her forehead a kiss. Man, Jane fucked all of us by taking this child from us. Stuff thinking this lets quickly get to know this girl before she’s an adult and doesn’t want to stay living in this small town, which from what I know of her now it won’t be long before she is leaving again. Jimmy leaves I look at the rest, who are doing their own thing.

“Right who’s up for another round of poker?” I asked. “I’m keen,” James said. “Sure, why not,” Tasmine said. “Right let’s try and beat this kid,” Chris said with a smirk on his face, mum starts laughing, “I’ll join in only, so you don’t gang up on those who keep winning,” Mum said.

We sat and played poker until James had to leave to pick up the girls. Mum also left saying she has work tomorrow too, it’s just myself, Chris and Tasmine left. “I’ll go get dinner on,” Tasmine announced. “What?” I said shocked. “I want to, plus need to get used to the menu that I have.” She said shrugging her shoulders. “Ok, yell out if you need a hand,” I said. She nods her head and says, “Ok.” She heads off into the kitchen, Chris looks at me with a big over the top shocking face.

“Wow! Ok, she’s nothing like her mother!” Chris said, I started laughing. “That I can agree on. So, what are you doing tomorrow?” I asked him. “Do you need a hand at the shop?” Chris asked. “Well you’re not qualified mate so you cannot touch a car, but I was thinking of taking the week off spending some time with Tasmine and you,” I said. “That sounds better, can she miss that much of school?” He asked worriedly. “We will see, I’ll ask her if she wants time off. She may not want to.” I said.

I hope that is not the case, I couldn’t think of anything worse when you’re in pain to have to go to school, and this is something she does not want to talk about at all. I cannot wait for her to have her cast off, hopefully, that is soon. “Alright.” He said. A few hours later we were cleaning up the kitchen while she was in the shower. She came out in her PJs and said she would like a few days off until she stopped hurting, which I thought was a good idea too, she gave us both a hug goodnight, I also got a kiss on the cheek and an I love you, dad. I must say I love hearing that and didn’t realize how much I had missed her saying that to me.

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