The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 9 - Healing In Process



Over the next few days, I spent at home with dad and his best mate Chris, hanging out, playing the PlayStation, cards, and watching Netflix. It was nice just to sit around and chill with them and get to know them some more. But I want some alone time, I head into my room leaving them to chat about shit I don’t want to hear, I know what I am doing is most likely not helping me by ignoring what had happened but right now that is what I want to do.

I turn my laptop on, while waiting for it to load I message Vincent if he was keen on hanging out. His out has a shift at work, I sent a few more texts around and the only one who’s free was Oliver and no way was I going to have him here. Thanks to him now living with his cousins he knew what was going, cause one of them likes to spill, I’m guessing it’s Max. I also don’t want to leave the house, looks like I am by myself.


**OLIVER** Come on kitten, we can hang.
**TASMINE** Oliver you know you’re not allowed over.
**OLIVER** Who said your place?
**TASMINE** The answer is still no.
**OLIVER** Fine, what is going on with you? Haven’t been at school for a week.
**TASMINE** I’m sick that is all.
**OLIVER** Bullshit it has something to do with Vincent.
**TASMINE** What has something to do with Vincent?
**OLIVER** Your day’s off
**TASMINE** Oliver it’s none of your business, I’m too sick for school so deal with it, please.
**OLIVER** Clearly, you’re not that sick if you want to hang with friends.
**TASMINE** Who said I was that type of sick?
**OLIVER** Well you said too sick for school kitten.
**TASMINE** Your forgetting I’m a female?
**OLIVER** No, I’m not, that I know for fact you’re a female but that has nothing to do with sickness.
**TASMINE** Yeah you are, its female sickness mate, you know that time of the month...
**OLIVER** Oh...
**TASMINE**Told you, now leave me alone.
**OLIVER** No, why has your dad taken time off for it then?
**TASMINE** Why do you care about my dad’s days off for?
**OLIVER** I work for him.
**TASMINE** Well then if he told you then you know if not, I’m not telling you.
**OLIVER** Keep playing hard to get kitten, I will break those walls down one day.
**TASMINE** Keep dreaming mate, not going to happen.
**OLIVER** Oh, Tassie you are in my dreams little kitten.
**TASMINE** Argh! Go annoy someone else. You’re worse than a dog with a bone! You know, that, right?
**OLIVER** If I’m so annoying why are you still replying to me?
**OLIVER** Come on kitten, be brave like Ned Kelly.
**OLIVER** Play with me kitten.
**TASMINE**You remind me of Lucifer from Supernatural where he’s annoying Sam because he is bored.
**OLIVER** You know you love this side of me?

Oh man, what has gotten into this boy? Man leave me alone. My laptop is on, so I start working on my assessments, meanwhile, my phone keeps beeping with messages. I am guessing from Oliver. I take it he has never been told no in his life. It’s been an hour and he’s still going, so I turn off my phone.

Knock, knock, knock

I look up from my desk, dad has opened the door and he looks a little upset, unsure of why he looks upset. “Care to fill me in why Oliver is at my front door?” Dad asked sounding angry. “What? Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me!” I snapped. “I’m waiting Tasmine,” Dad said not sounding impressed at all. “I told him no dad, he’s not taking a hint,” I said. “Ok, thank you.” He smiled at me.

He leaves my room; I can hear dad talking to him. “Oliver if you still want to work for me back off now!” Dad snapped at him. “I just need to talk to her, please?” He sounded worried. “When she is feeling better you can see her at school. No means No Oliver.” Dad snapped. “Fine, I know that! Please just tell her I know what has happened and Mark is a dead mean!” He screamed out.

I hear dad closing the front door and locking it. I’m now standing in the lounge room looking at dad in shock. “Dad? How does he know?” I whispered, I start crying, why the hell am I crying for? Dad walks up to me and gives me a hug. Deep down I didn’t want Oliver to know about this, it’s not that I don’t trust him is that I didn’t want him to look at me differently.

“No idea baby.” He whispered. “What happened?” Chris said from the kitchen. “Nothing, what’s for dinner?” I asked, I wipe my eyes acting like nothing just happened, “Are you sure it’s nothing?” Dad asked. “I’ll deal with it, dad.” I snapped, “Ok, let me know if you can’t.” He said. “I will.” I smiled at him as I said it.

“You are having pasta carbonara, I think,” Dad said. “Yum, have you made it? or can I?” I asked. “No, you go back to your schoolwork, me and Uncle Chris will make it,” Dad said. “Ok.” I smiled. “Need a hand with any of your schoolwork?” Chris said. “Thank you, Uncle Chris, but I’m good at the moment, I’ll let you know,” I said. “Oh my God, you called me Uncle!” He yells out, he runs up to me and gives me a big hug, he is like a kid at Easter time. “Ahh ok,” I mumbled. “Sorry.” He whispered. I head back into my bedroom and turn my phone back on. It goes off like no tomorrow, a voicemail message from Oliver.


**OLIVER** Kitten play with me, I’m bored.


**OLIVER** Don’t worry about it I’m off to get dinner, oh wait a sec I see Vincent he will tell me what is really going on if you won’t tell me he will. Bye Kitten!


**OLIVER** Don’t be angry at me, I forced Vincent to tell me what is going on. Why the hell didn’t you tell me? Tasmine answer your dam phone! I am worried about you!


**OLIVER** Tasmine this is not the first time Mark has done this you need to know that! I am worried about you please answer either my text messages or phone calls.


**OLIVER** Stuff this I’m going to your house, I need to know you’re ok, kitten!

Five missed calls what the hell Oliver?! Am I your next target or are you really worried about me? I need dad to help me? As this is coming across a tad possessive. “Dad can you come in here please?” I called out to him.

“What’s up?” He asks as he walks into my room, I hand him my phone. “Read and listen to the voicemail messages. Am I his next target like everyone keeps telling me or is he worried about my wellbeing? It just seems a bit too much for my liking. Like I have had friends before dad but they never worried about me like the ones I have in this town is that normal?” I said trying not to freak out over here.

I sat on the bed waiting for dad to finish, I don’t know what to think about this, as I have never had friends that worry about me before but I also know that Oliver has feelings for me and that makes me fear what is really going on, even though he keeps telling me he doesn’t.

“Well it sounds like he is just plain old board and is annoying you, also he seems to enjoy the annoying part, but these last few are telling me he is worried about you, but unsure on what it all means Tas, but I would be careful and keep to your guns. I feel like killing him if I’m being honest.” My dad said I laughed, “Yep you can do that if you want, but thank you, dad.” I said. “You know you can tell me anything?” Dad said.

“I know” I whispered. “Do you have feelings for Oliver?” He asked me. “No dad, I don’t have feelings for him,” I said shocked by the turn in this chat of ours. “Good, also dinner is ready.” He said.

We make our way to the dining room table, yum it smelt nice and looked yummy, a few minutes into eating. “Up for school tomorrow?” Dad asked. “No, can I go back on Monday?” I asked, I don’t want to go back at all. “Sure, but I have to go to the shop tomorrow. I have things I really need to do.” He said. “Ok,” I said. “Want me to stay here?” Uncle Chris asked. “I’m good I’ll just be doing my schoolwork and maybe Netflix,” I said. “Up to you Chris,” Dad said.

“Ok, I’ll work on your house while your away hey?” Uncle Chris said. “What do you mean?” Dad asked. “Fixing up those cubby houses so you can see in for one.” Uncle Chris stated. “Good do it,” Dad said, I cleaned up from dinner, they sat and were talking in the lounge room. I quickly had my bath and headed into my room for the night saying goodnight to my dad and Uncle.

As I entered my room, I heard my phone beeping again, oh piss off already Oliver, I thought, nope it’s from Vincent.


**VINCENT** I’m sorry Tas! He made me tell him, please forgive me, he said he won’t tell anyone. I fucking hope he's telling the truth.
**TASMINE** Why did you?
**VINCENT** Because he was very worried about you, never seen him like that before.
**TASMINE** Argh if he tells other’s I’m going to kill you!
**VINCENT** Fair point.

I sent another text off to Oliver this time.

**TASMINE** You tell anyone about what happened to me, I will kill you! That is including Jackson and Max don't fucking tell them!
**OLIVER** Put your claws away kitten, I won’t tell anyone, including them I swear.
**TASMINE** Thank you.
**OLIVER** You’re Welcome, Good night kitten.
**TASMINE** Night, please stop calling me kitten.
**OLIVER** Never going to happen. Please send me a photo of you in your PJs?

Oh, I laughed, I quickly raced out to the lounge room asking dad if I could take a photo. They both said yes, Chris being a joker put his leg over my dad’s lap trying to kiss him, oh this is gold, I race back to my room checking on the photo, it looked good. I sent it off to Oliver.

**TASMINE** Here is your photo enjoy ;)
**OLIVER** Oh that is fucking wrong on all levels, but man that is funny! I cannot unseen it!
**TASMINE** Not that bad lol

I fell asleep laughing at my prank, serves him right it’s like sending a dick pic man, we don’t want to see that shit.

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