Drowning Love: Love You Till The End

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We follow on in Paige and Casey Scott's life in the third and final book in the series. Take a deep breath in man, she loves you so why am I so nervous right now? She had said yes to marrying me, she was the one to set this date so why is she late? Is it her dad? God, I hope not we went as fast as we could in planning this wedding, we couldn't do it any earlier than a month had to give notice but then the only person who can marry us in town was booked out it's now three months later.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: It's Time

**Casey’s Pov**

Take a deep breath in man, she loves you so why am I so nervous right now? She had said yes to marrying me, she was the one to set this date so why is she late? Is it her dad? God, I hope not we went as fast as we could in planning this wedding, we couldn’t do it any earlier than a month had to give notice but then the only person who can marry us in town was booked out it’s now three months later.

She is showing with a cute little bump, so thrilled that she is expecting my child, the children are over the moon. Every morning Jaxson asks me if the cabbage is ready yet, and if I know it is a boy yet. No matter how many times Paige and myself tell him how babies happen he still believes you find them out in the cabbage patch even though I don’t have any planted right now.

It’s going on her being fifteen minutes late she doesn’t have far to go from our house to near the pond area, pulling my phone out checking to see if she texted or called me as I had it on silent nothing, right I need to know what is going on, I hope she hasn’t stood me up.

The Arch that my sister and myself had made, is of three reclaimed wood I bought off a client when I had gone to their house to fix a few other things I had noticed it was in the shed, so happy they sold it to me cheaply. Monica had added the flowers it was mixed with white, soft pints, soft oranges, dark oranges flowers with greenery added to it, with a wine barrel on the side for us to use when we go to sign our paperwork. Couldn't have made that without my sister's help she is a florist and loves doing this type of work, I wouldn't know anything about flowers except that Paige loves it when I buy her a bunch whenever I feel like it to surprise her.

I'm wearing a grey suit with a white button down shirt with Australian native flowers and greenery on my collar that Monica had made and my mum had pinned it on me, believe she enjoyed doing that more than anything else today. The groomsmen are wearing the same coloured pants and bowtie but no jacket they have a white button up shirts that they all have rolled up their sleeves to just their elbows with rust coloured suspenders on and the same type of flowers on them too.


**CASEY** Hello?

I hear groaning on the other line, but no tears so it’s a good thing?

**PAIGE** Hmmm?

**CASEY** Paige babe, you ok? Are you forgetting something?

**PAIGE** Oh shit! Fuck I’m sorry


**PAIGE** Oh no not that Casey! I’m sorry forgot to send someone out to tell you I’m going to be a while stuck in the bathroom, it’s the worst timing ever I cannot stop vomiting babe I’m sorry

**CASEY** Shit babe are you ok want me to go get you some medication?

**PAIGE** YOU CANNOT SEE ME IT’S BAD LUCK! No, all good dad has gone to his van to see if he has some to help me.

**CASEY** Want me to send in one of my brothers?

**PAIGE** No please just tell them sorry about the delay give me another twenty minutes should be enough time for the girls to help fix me up.

**CASEY** Oh babe you are beautiful no matter what.

**PAIGE** Still not going to look like shit on our wedding day Casey, oh fuck

She pulls the phone away vomiting, oh no poor thing I just want to be in there helping her not out here waiting for her.

**CASEY** I will see you soon love, please send someone out here if you are still sick after your dad gives you the drugs. I love you and I cannot wait to see you walking towards me.

**PAIGE** Hmmm thanks, I cannot wait to see you soon my handsome man sorry our unborn child has chosen to be a

**ELLA** Paige babe your dad said to give you this, hey is that your soon-to-be husband on the phone?

**CASEY** Hi Ella sure is please make sure she is ok and keep me posted on her.

**ELLA** Will do see you soon.

Paige must have hung up the phone, fuck maybe I should have sent someone in to see what was going on. Hamish walks towards me looking just as worried as I feel right now. “Bro everything ok? Have had a few people asking what’s going.” He said sounding concerned. I looked over at him I know it’s not as bad as I had thought a few minutes ago. “Morning sickness is making it hard for her to come out of the bathroom bro,” I whispered back at him.

He lets out a whistle shaking his head, “Oh shit that poor girl, want me to go check up on when they will be ready so we can start telling people as mum and dad are about to leave.” He grumbled. “Go tell them to bloody stay and please see how long she will be. Thanks, Hamish.” I said to him, why the fuck are my parents wanting to leave? I looked over at the pair of them Hamish has just left them, quickly looking around to see if I have the time to do this, I walked towards them stopping in front of them, crossing my arms over my chest. “Planning on telling me why Hamish told me you two are wanting to leave my wedding?” I asked quietly.

“Oh dear boy Hamish is pulling your leg love, we would never want to leave your wedding early.” My mother said with a big smile on her face. “Yes, believe your brother is trying to take your mind off what is going on with Paige,” Dad said giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze. I smiled at them both, mum wraps me up in a hug, whispering. “It’s ok sweetie, once the medication kicks in she will be walking towards you.”

“I know mum, was just worried,” I whispered. She gave me a motherly kiss on the cheek, “I know son you have such a big heart, it hurts us seeing your both hurting like this but I know today is going to make him happy to be here to witness the pair of you getting married.” She sat back down in her seat as Hamish comes running back up with a big smile on his face and a little bit of lip gloss on his face, he stopped in front of me.

“Hamish bro wipe your face, your girlfriend has left some of her makeup on your face,” I said laughing as he tries to wipe it off. “Anyways she has finally stopped being sick, they are fixing her up and should be here any minute now because I got a little sidetracked.” He said with a big smile on his face, loving the fact he is madly in love with Lilly they both deserved to be loved and her being in Townsville seems to have calmed him down even more.

Making my way back to my spot with Hamish as my best man, along with Eddie, Andy, and Alex and for once Alex is actually quiet, I believe Ella may be the reason he is still trying to get her to say yes to dating him. I have never seen him actively chase someone who keeps turning him down as he would have walked away by now.

“You ready bro?” Andy asked me over the top of Hamish’s head, while Hamish is sorting out his shoelace again he is having issues with his laces today. “Yes, I have been ready since I asked her to marry me,” I whispered back to him. “Good, because here they come mate,” Eddie said louder.

I looked up and my mouth dropped open at our children walking towards me with big smiles on their little faces, dressed in their best clothes that their mum had picked out for them looking so adorable in my eyes. Amber holding Mia’s hand they both have a small bunch of wildflowers with a ring of wildflowers around their heads, Jaxson holding a pillow with our rings on, they both stopped in front of me.

Little Mia is wearing a white lace top part of the dress with a sage green tulle skirt, her curls are wild as always, she smiled at me but raced off into her dad's arms. Amber is wearing the same type of outfit however the top is a lace crop top style top but it's not too short, with a sage green tulle skirt, her hair has been curled with the flowers placed on the top of her head, she looks much older in this outfit. Jaxson is wearing the same type of outfit as the groomsmen he looks so handsome in it too.

“Hi Daddy, look what I have got!” Jaxson said, showing me the pillow with the rings on it, with the biggest smile on his face, leaning down hugging him, and kissing on the top of his head, “Hi son, lucky you keep an eye on them for me and your mum.” I whispered. He nods his head before walking over to where he had been told to go to, Amber runs into my arms wrapping me up in a tight hug that her little arms could give me, holding onto her tightly as she whispers in my ear, “I love today so much daddy.” I smiled to myself fucking love these kids. “The same sweetheart I love this day too,” I whispered back to her giving her cheek a gentle kiss before she raced off towards her brother.

The Bridesmaids started coming towards us now, they all have their hair curled, and wearing an off the shoulders dress with two rows of frills that are tight around their bodice and flares out all in sage green, with an Australian native bunch of flowers. Standing back up watching the bridesmaids walking towards us, smiling at them then I spotted her at the back laughing with her mum and dad, I cannot believe I am the person that is making her this happy right now, even during this horrible time in her life for her and the family that smile is so bright. When she had reached the spot she could see me her face lights up and I swear her smile had just gotten bigger, while I smiled at her doing my best not to cry I’m so fucking happy right now.

Paige is wearing the same type of lace pattern as the flower girls over her dress, it's a slim fitting dress with small sleeves, she also has her hair curled and it doesn't look like it wants to stay curled either with the same flowers on the arch in a flower crown on her head with he vail attached at the back of it, also the same type of bunch of flowers as the bridesmaids but larger, she looks so beautiful today. Her mum holding one arm her dad who I am shocked is out of his wheelchair walking holding her other arm, my heart breaks for her seeing him so frail such a large man who is now just skin and bone, but you cannot wipe that large smile off his face, I knew he wanted to be here to see her marrying me. Once they stopped in front of me, my brothers rushed towards Patrick with his wheelchair helping him to his spot at the front, while her mum kissed her and followed them.

Taking her hand gently into mine she whispered. “Hi, handsome.” I smiled brightly back at her not even paying any attention to everyone else, “Hi, beautiful, fuck Paige you are smoking right now.” I thought I had whispered it but everyone started laughing, “We know, can we now move on with your wedding brother?!” My brother Alex yelled out, oh crap I said that way too loud by the looks of it. Paige started to giggle, before turning to the celebrant who started to talk but I was not paying any attention at all, I kept on looking at Paige taking her all in.

Her chocolate coloured hair is out in large loose curls blowing around in the light breeze, she is also wearing a wildflower grown on her head but her flowers are white, her makeup looks like she only has lipstick on so beautiful my soon to be wife is, my eyes keep falling to her little bump on show in that dress I cannot wait to be holding him or her.

What is he talking to me now?

I really didn’t pay any attention until I had to say my bit and slip the ring on her finger dying for him to tell me that I could kiss my now wife, which is all I have wanted to do since I laid my eyes on her. Grabbing her face in my hands kissing her with so much passion and need for my now beautiful wife, she kisses me back with just as much need for me before pulling away laughing turning to those that we love so much yelling out.

“WE FINALLY DID IT!” We both yelled out, holding each other’s hands up in the air laughing, I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, once our arms are down she presses herself up against me holding onto her arm tighter, looking down at her quickly giving her another kiss. “Cas, I love you so much but how are you smelling so fucking good right now?” She whispered, I just laughed her pregnant nose is so dam good, “No idea wife, it’s the same stuff I always wear.” I whispered back, “Hmm, I love it.” She says against my shoulder as she sniffs me, and lets out a moan.

“Wow, sister hold off for like maybe until after dinner, your cake and dance first?” Hamish said laughing as he must have heard everything we had just said to each other, “Nope, I haven’t seen him for forty-eight hours Hams I missed my husband.” She said with a big smile on her face. “Leave my wife be Hams, I missed her too,” I told him, didn’t wait for him to reply as we walked into the awaiting crowd that wanted to give us hugs and kisses.

Paige tugs on my hand I look back at her, she mouths the words she wanted to go to her dad, I smiled and nod my head letting her lead me towards her dad who was still in the same spot, he looked tired. He goes to stand up but Paige puts her hand on his shoulders, “Dad, please it’s ok I will get down to your level.” She said softly. “I want to stand up and give my daughter and son-in-law a hug on their wedding day.” He snapped at her, I gently move Paige aside holding my hands out for him as he took hold of them, slowly standing up taking a few steps back so he had space he throws his arms around me holding tightly onto my shoulders.

“Thank you, Casey, I love you like a son I am so fucking happy I got the chance to see you two get married, I know she wants me to be here for the birth of your child but I don’t think I can hold out that long” I cut him off, in case she is listening to him. “Pat, I love you like a dad too, also know you’re doing your best, we understand if you want to do that is all up to you don’t think like you should hold on” Pat cuts me off too, he chuckles, “Thank you, Casey, I’m happy to know that I have another grandbaby on the way, I know I wished with all my heart that I could be here to hold them and watch them all grow up, but I know they all are in safe hands with Annie and you kids.” He said with tears in his eyes, before letting go and turning to his daughter who he embraced tightly can tell that she is crying in his arms.

“Sweetie it’s ok, you are so beautiful today please stop crying I don’t want you to stuff up your makeup because of old me love,” Patrick said so softly to her, Paige looks up at him trying to wipe her eyes and fix up her makeup, “Sorry Dad but I’m so emotional right now.” She said trying not to cry again, poor thing her hormones have been making it hard on her lately she cries at the drop of a hat from small things to big things. “I know baby girl, come on I want to party with two of my daughters and everyone else I love,” Patrick said with a big smile on his face, grabbing my hands I helped him back into his wheelchair, Paige goes to take the handle when my dad came over waving his hands at us.

“You two children off you go, the group is waiting for you to get photos.” Lucas said with a big smile on his, then leaning down to Patrick, “You up to getting into trouble old man?” Lucas said with a mischief smile on his face, “With you, I am so in!” Patrick said laughing, as my dad takes off with him leaving us both in shock wondering when the hell did those two become like Hamish and Alex? “Wow, I love seeing those two like that,” Paige said fondly, I grab her hand lifting it to my lips giving it a soft kiss, she gives me a small sad smile. “Wife let’s go get these photos done,” I told her.

Never thought I would have fun getting my photo taken, however, with her it was so much fun. The kids stayed for a bit before begging to go back to the party and partying it up with the others who are waiting for us. We both had wanted our wedding on the farm, same with the photo’s I cannot wait for us to get them back we had so much fun with our bridal party we had walked down to the farm over who had a dirt road that Paige wanted to take photo’s on we had gotten permission, plus they are at our wedding so that helps.

“I cannot wait to party it up with you all, will you be dancing with me for a few songs love?” Alex asked loudly, to Ella who he is still trying to convince in dating him, I must give it to her she is holding her ground a lot longer than Paige had told me she thought she would. “Bahaha keep dreaming mate!” Ella said laughing, “Fuck Alex take a fucking hint mate, she keeps turning you down maybe she just doesn’t have feelings for you?” Eddie said laughing. “Never, one day she will say yes and I will be the happiest man on Earth,” Alex said quite proudly. “Fuck Alex you sound like a nut job,” Harper said, while rubbing her baby bump, she is getting closer to her due date she hasn’t told anyone what they are expecting.

“Alex, think you should just give up already, Paige does have her staff from the bakery here where you might find a single girl for you,” Lilly said while wrapping her arms around Hamish. “Sure babe or one of Paige’s cousins stop hoping Ella will say yes to you,” Hamish said, wrapping my arm over my wife’s shoulders can feel she is trying to hide her laughter at everyone in front of us, I know the photographer is still taking photos of us believe these ones will be the best cause we are not paying any attention to her.

Our party is set up under the large trees in the back yard with fairy lights and party lights all strung up in the branches of the threes, all farmhouse style chairs, white table clothes with Australian native flowers with a lot of browns, orange, maroon, with greenery as the table centerpieces, with patterned brass coloured glass candle holders, the same type of patterned glass for the glass wear around the table for the guests. I love what my sister and mum have done in the table setting it's very much Paige and I to a T. Finally made it back to our back yard and the party is in full swing, Todd was standing in front of the DJ we had hired for the night tapping on the microphone getting everyone’s attention.

“Welcome everyone, I’m Todd for those few who do not know me I’m the blushing brides best friend and Casey’s too, I have been asked by the blushing couple to MC for you all tonight so looks like you all are stuck with this voice the whole night.” He laughed, he paused waiting for everyone to stop laughing. “Well, would like to introduce you to the bridal party, we have Amber, Jaxson, and Mia as the flower girls and ring bearer aren’t they cute in their clothes tonight people!” Wow, he is really working this crowed, “Here we have Alex our groom’s brother, and Harper my beautiful girlfriend, next we have Eddie and Monica our groom’s sister don’t those two make a wonderful couple, when are you going to drop the big question, Eddie?” Todd asked to their surprise, “Fuck Todd way to throw me under the bus mate!” Eddie said loudly while Monica just laughed.

“Not even sorry Eddie you’ve been together long enough mate put a ring on that finger mate, ok enough about that next we have Andy and Lilly our bride’s sister, the best man is Hamish our groom’s brother, and maid of honor is Ella. Now, who thinks that Ella should just put Alex out of his misery and say yes to going on one date?” Todd asked with a mischief smile on his face, a few people in the crowd yelled out yes while one person yelled out no and that was our mum. “NO ELLA MAKE HIM WORK HARDER FOR IT!” Our mum yelled out while Alex looked upset at our mum, while I did my best not to laugh.

“Ok that rounds up the bridal party and thank you, Mrs. Scott, for that lovely comment, you heard that his own mother said to make him work harder for it, bloody gold you Scott family are. Now the moment you all have been waiting for I Todd would like to introduce you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Scott! Out you come, Casey and Paige!” Todd yelled out while Paige was trying to control her laughter. “Don’t stop laughing babe you look fucking sexy!” I whispered before we stepped out in front of the crowd.

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