Jocelyn's Superman

By Gemini22 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 1

My cheek was still stinging from the impact of the hit. Gosh, this guy slaps like a little girl. I’m not going to tell him that to his face, might end up with another slap to the cheek.I guess this is the curse of being one of the nicest- okay maybe not the nicest- girl in my school, the defenselessness.

Well, if you were smart enough Jocelyn, you would got to a self defense class after this little encounter my mind was telling me. Well mind,forget you.

“Okay Winters, you tell anyone what just happened here,” a smirk appeared on the monster’s face, “you’ll get more then a warning.”

“Some warning you got there. Where did you learn to slap, a three year old?”me and my big mouth.

“Why you little-” he raised his hand and balled it into a fist, ready to punch me this time.

I closed my eyes and put my hand up to block the hit. Before his fist came in contact with my body, someone interrupted the conversation.

“What the heck is going on here?” a male voice asked.

I opened my eyes and saw the familiar black hair that belonged to one of the “Greek Gods”-as other girls put it- that walked the school halls. The guy who had my up against the lockers in the boy’s- yes I said boy’s- locker room stepped away from me and turned to greet Jared Miller. I didn’t disagree with that one bit. If you’d ask me to chose one of them, I’d immediately chose Jared. Once he stepped away, Jared’s eyes were on me. More specifically, the bruise on my cheek.

“Jared, man, me and my-” before he could even finish his sentence, Jared tackled him to the ground and was pounding the living daylights out of him.

What an interesting turn of events. I watched, frozen, as Jared continued to beat him up. A few minutes later, the rest of the “Greek Gods”- again,not my words- walked in looking for their friend. Upon seeing my frozen state and Jared’s fist pounding against the monster’s bloodied face, they sprang into action. Two of them went to pull Jared off of Monster while the other one came over to me.

“Hey, you alright?”he asked.

This specific brunette, I noticed after the shock faded away, was Collin Jackson. I remember in Freshman year, when he was a sophmore, people had often mistaken me as his younger sister. I even remember a few girls coming up to me and asking if I’d “hook them up” with him. Come on people, I didn’t even show up in the same car as him and my skin is darker than his since my mother and father were different races. You see, my mom was a mix of african-american and latina while my dad was fully caucasian. Anyway, I was always way early for school Freshman year because of thing at home were bad. I mean, they still are, but not as bad as it was. Got used to reality real quick.

I could actually see how people thought we were alike though. We had the same hue of brown hair that could be mistaken for black. His blue irises were similar to mine except his were a little darker. We also had the same nose. So, yeah, I could see how we were seen as siblings.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said with a reassuring tone then turn my gaze back to an angry Jared being held against the locker by the twins who were trying to calm him down.

The twins, the most hilarious pairs I’ve ever met. They both had the same color of black hair with green eyes. I could easily tell them apart. Kade was the one with kind of Jade colored eyes while Kyle had more grassy green hue. My gaze then turned to a very unconscious Monster on the floor. He looked pretty rough, serves him right though.

“Dude, you need to calm down,” Collin said, walking over to a very livid Jared.

He was still being held up against the lockers but he was struggling in the twins’ grip. Man, I would not want to be the one under that gaze. I probably pee my pants. Monster would probably do the same if he was still awake.

I cleared my throat which caused all of their gazes to snap to me, “Thanks for the help and all. I’m going to go to the nurse’s office and get an ice pack for this then go to my next class so, yeah. Bye.”

I quickly walked by them and headed to the nurse’s office. After telling her that I fell on ball in gym and getting an ice pack, I made my way to class. Collin was in this class with me. He usually sat in the back beside his girlfriend but since he came in late, he’s sitting in the seat beside me. He looks at me with clear concern in his eyes but all I do is smile and turn my attention to the teacher.

“Okay class, today I will be pairing you up in groups to work on the new project in class. I’m gonna be honest with you, I was too lazy this weekend to actually pair you up in groups so the person on your left will be your partner,” she said, “choose any topic in the textbook that seems interesting to you.”

I turned to Collin, he just had to sit my left side didn’t he. Hanging around him will cause unwanted attention. Unwanted attention means attention not wanted which is exactly what I don’t want.

“So, what are we going to work on?” he asks.

“Wait, you actually want to do the work?” I asked with surprise written all over my face.

Usually when I get paired with someone, I always end up doing the work on my own and they somehow manage to get their name on the paper before the teacher reads. How they do this is beyond me.

Collin had confusion written all over his face, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, my usual partners make me do all the work and their names magically appear on the paper right after I turn it in,” I answer honestly.

This seemed to make him a tinge angry. Okay then. We decided to do our project on the death of King Tut. Simple and easy. We also agreed to do the project at his house, as long as he didn’t try anything though.The rest of the day, I found Collin and Jared staring at me, both in deep concentration while doing so. Okay then. When it was the end of the day, Collin was waiting at my locker so we could drive up to his house to start the project.

When we pulled up in front of his house, my jaw dropped open. This guy lived in a freaking mansion!

“Come on, that project isn’t going to finish itself,” he said, walking ahead of me.

I glared at his back and silently mocked him under my breath. Stupid rich boy. We walked in, and again, I paused to admire the scenery. Gosh, I would kill to live in this house. Okay, maybe not literally but you get what I’m saying. As we made our way to his “office”we passed an indoor pool,outdoor pool,game room, and a kitchen that looked the size of my whole house. Maybe I would literally kill to be in this house.

“My baby, you’re home,” I turned to see a women a little taller than me walk up to Collin. That’s when I noticed how much taller he was to me. Stupid rich Giant. The lady turned to look at me and surprised and another emotion crossed her features, “Collin, you didn’t tell me that you were having a friend over.”

I was suddenly a little uncomfortable. Was I not supposed to be here? Maybe I should tell Collin that my mom is sick and I should go home. Yeah, that seemed simple and easy.

“Oh, this is Jocelyn, we have a school project to work on if that is alright with you mom,” he replied.

“No, it is fine. You guys go ahead and do your project,” his mother said, but she seemed to be in a very distant place. “I’m going to go call your father now.”

I looked at Collin with a raised brow, “What was that all about?”

“I don’t know,” he said with a simple shrug then turned to the stairs, “let’s go.”

“Lead the way rich giant,” I said.

He turned and gave me with a raised brow, “Rich Giant?”

I answered with a simple shrug and he rolled his eyes. He then started to walk again. We walked down the hall and stopped in front of an elevator. His house has a freaking elevator. That’s it, I’m going all Jeff the Killer and putting them all in eternal slumber. We stepped inside and there were six buttons. That’s including The basement, first floor and second floor-which were all below- and the third, fourth,and fifth floor. He pressed the button for the second floor. I felt the familiar stomach drop as the elevator started up. An elevator ride and three doors later, we arrived at his office

………….3 hours later (voice from spongebob).................

“Can we stop now?” Collin asked for the eleventh time.

We had stopped the King Tut idea thing because I figured everyone else would do the easy task. I then decided that we should do our project on the Harlem Renaissance. I Was currently sprawled out on his couch while he was sitting on the bean bag in the middle of the floor.

“Did you know that you complain a lot?” I asked him as I shoved another brownie into my mouth.

His mom had came up half way through to give us snacks and announce that Mr.Jackson was home.

“You’re killing me here, a man can only survive on brownies for so long,” he answered, throwing his head back.

Just then his door opened, “Dinner is ready,” his mom said peaking in.

“You are so lucky your mom saved you,” I said to Collin as I packed my things.

“Where are you going?” his mom asked.

“Home, or to the park,or just aimlessly wandering around. It just depends really,” I answered with a simple shrug.

“Well,how about you stay for dinner,” she suggested.

I pondered that idea for a moment. It didn’t sound bad. My mom was probably with her “friends” right now. I simply shrugged and agreed. She smiled brightly before leading us downstairs. This time we took the stairs instead of the elevator. By the time we reached to bottom, I felt like I had went through a whole cardio workout in those few minutes. We walked into the kitchen where a man was already seated.

Looking at him, he could easily pass as my father. Maybe I could get him to come to the parent teacher conferences for me instead of my mom. I smiled at the brilliant idea but then frowned when I realized that the teacher probably already knew he was Collin’s dad. Darnit! The man immediately looked up when we walked in. His eyes found me and I saw the look of happiness pass his features.

“Hello Mr.Jackson, I’m Jocelyn Winters,” I greeted as I took a seat across from him.

Collin sat beside me and his mother across from him. HIs mother and father really were weird. They both kept smiling at me through the awkward silence at first.

“So Jocelyn, who do you live with?” Mrs.Jackson asked.

“My mom,” I answered with a fake smile.

Calling that lady my mom seriously made my stomach do flips. She was more an evil foster mom like the one from Annie. Mr.Jackson’s face seemed to darken at my answer and I noticed Mrs.Jackson holding her spoon a little too tight. The rest of dinner was really awkward seeing as no one talked after that. It seemed there was tension hanging over us in the room. When it was time for me to head home, Mr.J offered me a ride home. Collin said that he still had to talk to the boys so me going with his dad would be a good help. So here I was, sitting in the car with a man half my age. This is so awkward.

“Where do you live sweetheart?” he asked.

“Just drop me off at that park right there,” I pointed.

“That wouldn’t be safe,” he said with frown.

His eyes stayed trained on the road ahead. I really didn’t want him to see my house. It wasn’t because I thought he was a stalker or anything, I was just ashamed of where I lived. I sighed and told him the directions. Please don’t make me regret coming to Collin’s house in the first place. We pulled up in front of my house and I quickly got out. Though I was worried, there was something about him that made me feel safe.

“Bye Mr.Jackson, thanks again,” I called out before quickly running to the porch.

I waited for him to drive off before I snuck around the back and climbed into my window. I could hear my mother and her “friend” downstairs. Well, they are going to be all night, better invest in my earphones.

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