The DEF of Love - Love Me or Leave Me

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“Open your eyes, sleepy-head! It’s going on ten. But don’t worry, Liebchen, your parents must have come home awfully late. They are still in bed and your grandmother had an early breakfast and went out shortly after.”

Mary puts the tray on my bed and starts gathering the clothes scattered around my bed, looking for some tokens of my debauchery.

“What a shame! Your nice lace bra is torn and your pantyhose is in tatters. You should be more careful about your costly undies! I’d like to know what mischief you were up to!”

What shall I tell her if I know she knows!

“Was it your doctor?” She pries, agog for the juicy details.

“Now really, Mary! What business is it of yours! Be a dear and run me a bath. And remember: ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.”

The very moment she opens her mouth to reproach me for my broken promise, the telephone starts ringing. She shoots after it to get it first.

“Here’s the Fila residence. Oh yes, Herr von Zwettler, she’s in,” she hands me the receiver, watching me shrewdly.

“Thanks, Mary, you may go and don’t forget to shut the door after you!”

She leaves grudgingly and I am sure she means to listen in.

“Naughty girl! You stood me up! Prepare to pay for your sin! I’ve got your granny’s blessing to take you out for a luncheon. She has to attend to some charity and can’t chaperone her little one. Imagine, my lovely, just the two of us! Aren’t we lucky? So long, Lolita!” He rings off, not giving a darn about my response.

In two minds how to cope with the tricky situation I decide to finish my breakfast first. Hungry as a hunter after my devious night, I polish it off in next to no time and retreat to the bathroom to think things over. Lolling in the scented water, I muse upon my next move. It is uncomfortably probable that I must renounce Milan. The danger of ending my exciting young life as Mrs. Zika is too great. Well, there is always Beda. That’s in case he stomached my treason, and I am fairly sure he did. That boy isn’t kidding himself about me. Though Beda isn’t quite a piece of cake as a lover and, compared to Milan, not the second but the last best. Not true! My last best will always be Leo, in case I can get him from Zita on a short-term loan. So, all in all, my only chance is Egon, the worldly exotic and excitingly perverse Egon and I should try to make good use of my date.

Breathing dreams like air, I let my mind wander. No need to get worried about a liaison with a married man who has every reason to keep his mouth shut and not the slightest wish to get divorced and push me into marriage.

Refreshed on body and soul, I leave the bathroom and, teeming with titillating expectations, I start to adorn myself for my date.

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