Selena Lane

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"I look absolutely ridiculous—a fucking slut too be honest." I stare at my reflection. "You look amazing. Absolutely amazing--best slut I've seen thus far." My older sister Violet smiles at me....... Five years ago Selena Lane up and left everything behind in Kansas City including her college sweetheart, Caleb, to become an actress in Hollywood. Now, five years later she is one of the most sought after actress. Caleb Hemsworth is a NFL player, who is cocky on and off the field. A linebacker with a cool head and smoldering eyes, he's collected awards, trophies, and hearts across the country. Yet, he isn't willing to commit after how things went down with Selena years ago. A wedding occurs, causing them both to fly in from their busy lives. The attraction the two had for one another never died. So just imagine how intensified the lust and need for one another have grown since five years. This two underneath one roof can only mean one thing...trouble.

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“I look absolutely ridiculous—a fucking slut too be honest.” I stare at my reflection.

“You look amazing. Absolutely amazing--best slut I’ve seen thus far.” My older sister Violet smiles at me in the mirror.

“Yeah right. You will tell me anything, just so I can go to the wedding.” I look at her through the mirror hoping to see anything that would indicate I am right. Nothing.

Violet squirts some hair lotion in her hand and rubs it between her palms; working it through my beach wave curls. “Oh shut up Selena. You know deep down inside you want to come to. No matter how hard you try to deny it. You want to see him.”

“I don’t. Caleb and I...we just—I haven’t spoken to him in a while so I don’t know what is going on. You know what I think it’s a bad idea for me to go to this wedding. I am sure mom would understand.”

“Eh, yeah right. Mom would have your ass if you skip out on this wedding. Hell I would too. Juliet is like sister to us. Don’t make her upset on her wedding day. You did enough damage when you said you couldn’t be a part of her bridal party.”

“You know why I couldn’t. She knew why too.”

“For crying out loud Selena; it’s been five years since you last saw him. I doubt he is holding some grudge against you for breaking up with him. You had to chase your dreams and he was wrong for trying to stop you. Now look at you; one of the top most sought after actress.” Violet gushes. I wanted to tell her that wasn’t the truth entirely. I have been holding this secret for the longest.

Caleb was thrilled I landed a huge role on a number one sitcom. He was the first person I told when I received the call. We met in his downtown apartment in Kansas City. Celebrating over Chinese takeout and cheap wine. The good old days. Then everything went downhill the next week. My agent suggested I leave any boyfriend or girlfriend behind and focus on my career. Later on down the road there will be more men suitable for me and my line of work.

I tried to explain to Caleb what the agent told me and he was mad; no more like pissed the hell off. I tried everything in my power to let him know the breakup was only going to be for a short while, until I got settled in Hollywood. He told me if I walked out that door; his door. I can just forget about him. I pleaded with him to see it from my point of view and he told me if I truly love him I would have never entertained the thought of breaking up with him. I called his bluff and headed to LA within in the next two days. I never heard or saw from him again. I lied to my mother and sister about the breakup. I was so mad he stop talking to me; I put the blame on him, everything.

“Hey Sel, are you alright?” She openly stares at me with concern.

“Yeah. I am fine. Truth be told, I am nervous to see him again. I don’t think I can handle seeing him up there or at all. It’s going to kill me, I know it.” That was the honest truth too. Caleb meant the world to me and I let him go. For what, fame? Fortune? A career that meant nothing for the past five years; because I couldn’t spend it with him. The love of my soul mate.

“You will do fine Selena. Besides he is coming with a date...see nothing to worry about. He won’t even know you are there.”

“So much for him or anyone knowing I am not here.” I am so annoyed, the paparazzi found me again. I told my assistant to give them a false location. She told me she was on it but, I guess not. At least fifteen paps were surrounding the church steps. “Anna did you give them the false address?” Of course not.

“Oops. I thought you told me to give them the church address. I am so sorry.” She rambles.

I wanted to smack her upside her red haired head. I restrained myself due to Violet doing her hair; I didn’t want to hear her mouth either. So I just went with narrowing my eyes at her. “I don’t want Juliet to think her big day is out shined by me being here. Now she just might.”

“Sorry Selena.”

“Come on.” I say, sliding out the car. She is at my side the instant, my feet touch the pavement. Anna is the best assistant when she follows directions other than that she is my crazy best friend. Out to get anyone who dares to harm me in anyway. I was so thankful to bump into her five years ago. We’ve been joined at the hip ever since.

Anna worked the paps well. We offered them some pictures and answered some questions, in exchange for some privacy for one of my close friend’s wedding. They agreed for now. They will linger behind to catch me at the reception to see if I have a slip up. I never have slip ups. I pride myself on never getting caught drunk or my many one night stands. I have a very respectable reputation to uphold. For that I get the best films with huge pay.

“See so far so good. The paps are off your back but, I think it’s the party goers you should stay away from. Look at how they are staring at you. It’s creepy like The Visit creepy.” Anna whispers in my ear and she was right. People are staring at me with those plastered fake smiles; I hate it.

“I know I’m trying not to look… Ah, there is my mother.” I see her looking right at me, a huge smile etched across her face.

“Oh darling it is so good to see you again.” My mother pulls me into a bear hug. “I missed you so much.“′

“I’ve missed you too mom. You know how work is.” I hug her back. “I wished I could have come home sooner.”

“None of that matters now. You are home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She lets me go and looks over my shoulder, her eyes lighting up. “Anna! Come give me a hug too. I am so happy you could accompany Selena here. I know it’s not LA but Kansas City can be just as fun.”

“Nice seeing you. Mrs. Lane. I am happy Sel allowed me to come to such a private event.”

“Nonsense Anna. You are my best friend. I wouldn’t have been here today if it wasn’t for you.” She knew how to get people to see things her way. Her power of persuasion is just that powerful. She gives me a sly grin as my mother ushered us to our seats—the first row?

“Mom, I don’t think we should be sitting so far up. It’s for family.”

“Sel, relax. Juliet wants us in the front. We are the closest thing she had to family at one point. So of course she has put us in the front row; now sit.” I didn’t argue, I knew not to argue back with her. I take my seat in the front.

Conversations began to die out as everyone took their seats. A few people came up for photos and autographs but I kindly declined, stating I am here for Juliet. Today is her day not mines and if they can respect that. Some did others mumbled underneath their breath that I am just being a stuck up bitch. Five years ago I would have cared but, now it didn’t bother me. In my line of work, you were either hated or loved never in between.

“They are so lucky we are in a church.” Anna huffs, squirming to get comfortable on the church bench. “The nerve of that bi—”

“Hey just leave it. I am not bothered by it.”

Anna opens her mouth to speak but, the music begins to play. The groom and groomsmen comes walking out first, lining up on one side of the altar. That is different…I guess Juliet didn’t want the men walking the bridesmaids. I scanned the groomsmen and no Caleb. Maybe he wasn’t going to show.

I spoke to soon.

He briskly walked through an offside door, making his way right behind the groom. He is more muscular and built. His dirty blonde hair is pulled up into a sleek man bun and sweet baby Jesus, he grew a beard. Heat swelled between my legs. I am guessing every other woman in here to loves the sight they are seeing too. Whispering breaks out and I think I heard a lady behind me say she wouldn’t mind showing him how a fifty year old grandma does it. Gross.

I lift my right leg crossing it on top of my left thigh. Wrong move, the pink dress raised when I walk so imagine how high it went from me crossing my legs. Very, I pull at the hem of my dress, bringing it down some. I look back up to him and our eyes lock. My body feels like it is going to burst in flames any minute now under his gaze.

“Selena,” I tore my gaze from him, looking at my mother. “Legs down. The dress is beautiful however it is too tight. What you think is a simple leg cross, could actually be a peeping session for the groomsmen. You don’t want them to see your glory gates."

“Right.” I whisper uncrossing my legs but linking them at the ankle.

The ceremony was beautiful. Juliet got her happy ending and I couldn’t be happier for her. I kept my eyes either focused on the bride and the groom or my nude nails. I knew Caleb was watching me. I felt the heat from his gaze roaming my entire body. I knew he was getting a kick out of me squirming in my seat. My mother began to ask if I needed to use the restroom due to all the squirming. Go figure. Once the ceremony was over and everyone headed to the reception; I took my time, lingering behind with Anna. I needed to get my hormones in check before heading to the reception.

“Selena, are you alright? If you are uncomfortable we can leave.” Anna looks up from her phone.

“I am great. The dress that’s all.”

“Right,” She draws out. “Tight and formfitting isn’t usually your style.” She playfully rolls her eyes. “Time to go to the reception, you don’t want to be too late showing up. You aren’t here to draw attention to yourself.” She reminds me and we are out the door to the waiting SUV. I see Anna typing away on her phone and gasp.

“What?” I look at her.

“You aren’t the only celebrity at this wedding. I knew one of the groomsmen looked familiar but I wasn’t too sure.”

“Groomsmen? What?”

“Caleb Hemsworth! Kansas City Chief’s Linebacker. One of the highest paid athlete in the league.” I stare at her confused. I remember Caleb playing in college but, nothing too serious. It doesn’t surprise me that he got drafted. “Selena, you are so illiterate when it comes to sports.” She huffs, looking back at her phone.

“Caleb.” I whisper. “Wow.”

“Do you know him?” Anna’s voice rises; which means she is interested now. “Oh Sel, you do know him. You slept with him didn’t you?! When? Where? Which high-profile party did you two meet at? I want all the deets.”

“Anna it was a very long time ago before he and I were even famous. Nothing serious. We went to college together.”

“You are so downplaying this. Why?” She knows me all too well.

“I don’t want to talk about it. He and I don’t speak anymore and that’s all that matter.”

The rest of the car ride, I thought about Caleb and this new information. I’m not a sports fan so I could see how I wouldn’t have known. Caleb wasn’t a topic of choice when I called to check in on my parents or sister. To them he was no good for trying to come between my dreams.

The reception location comes to no surprise to me.

“A club?” Anna looks at me as we enter.

“Juliet is such a party girl. She wouldn’t have it any other way.” I tell her scanning the club. Everyone was either hitting the bar or on the dance floor.

“I am going to get a drink do you want anything?”

“Yes my usual. Thanks Anna.” I watch her disappear in the crowd and I make my way to Juliet. An arm wraps around my waist pulling me into their chest. Please don’t be a creepy fan; please don’t be a creepy fan.

“You’re back in town.” Caleb voice is smooth and holds more bass then five years ago. “That dress compliments you very nicely.”

I gasp. He rubs himself against my ass and I could feel his erection and what a big one it is.

“You grew.” I slap my hand over my mouth. Shit! Why did I just say that?

“So have you.” His free hand brushes across my breast. He turns me around wrapping both arms around me. “I thought I would never see you again.” Caleb beings to sway with the music, good idea, just can’t be feeling each other up on the dance floor—not dancing. My arms wrap around his neck, pushing my breast into his rock solid chest.

“Same. I hear you are quite the football player.” I’m flirting, why am I flirting? No.

“And you are quite the actress.” He dips his head to the crook of my neck. He nibbles hitting my spot. He remembers.

“Caleb.” I moan, tossing my head back.

“Selena,” Anna clears her throat. “Can I talk to you? In private.”

It takes everything in me to let him go I am in a daze of lust and need for Caleb Hemsworth. Anna grabs my arm dragging me into a dim light corner of the club. I see the excitement in her eyes and I roll mines. Here she goes.

“You two look so hot out there; I think he still wants you. I would have let you two continue dry humping one another but, people was starting to pull out their phones and I know how you don’t want something like that out in the open.”


“So tell me how you tw—here he comes. I’ll be over by the bar.” Anna squeaks, scurrying off.

“Come back to my house.” He wraps his arm around my waist again.

“I—I can’t.”

“You can and you will.” He pushes me against the wall out of the public eye and hikes up my dress. His hand roaming up my leg, stopping just where I want him. “No underwear. Fuck, I want you now.” I had to put an end to this before we end up on TMZ. Sexing in the club would be the headline and I would lose so many movie opportunities.

“Caleb, not here. Not now. I will come back to your place...tonight.” He takes a step back, digging in his pocket. I pull down my dress down running my hands over the material. My body is in sexual overdrive. He has ignited a flame I tried to keep out for five years.

“Here,” Caleb hands me his business card. A business card? “It’s not a business card. My house key. I stay over at Green Aces. This key card lets you in the front gate. I’m the second to last house on the left. See you at nine.” He kisses my cheek.

“OK.” I put the key card in my cleavage. “I should go get Anna before—I should just go. Nice seeing you.”

“Until tonight,” He kisses me before walking off.

“Oh my fucking Gaga.” I whisper to myself, touching my lips.

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