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Callan and Daxton. Callan moved from Washington to a small town in Kansas where he meets Daxton who is instructed to show him around the school. Their home lives aren't all that great. Dax's mom is never home, she doesn't really care about him either and his dad is no longer in the picture. Callan's family hates him because he is gay. They are all about perfection and look great to everyone around them. Callan doesn't fit this image that they keep so they pretend he doesn't exist. Through the rest of the school year, the two boys start to bond and both start to realize they may have feelings for each other. With one struggling with accepting himself and both struggling with secrets will they be able to find their forever? (I hope that was a good summary.) WARNING: if you haven't read the tags this book includes self-harm, underage drinking, drug use, death, and homophobic comments. The chapters including these items will be clearly marked. EDITS: Edits will be once a week on Thursdays. I'm sometimes busy so if there isn't an edit on one of the weeks I will submit one the next week. Maybe two depending on how much time I have. So this is the first romance novel I've written in like.....ever so I don't know how this is going to turn out but here we go. Anyway, I'll shut up now. Enjoy the book.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Daxton

I wake up to the sun on my face. Must have forgotten to shut the blinds last night. I turn my head to see if I’m right but I only find that my window itself is broken and the blinds are ripped off the wall. What the hell happen? I try to think back to the night before but my brain is still foggy. The last thing I remember is picking up that red plastic cup at Monica’s house last night after that, nothing. I look over to the door and notice it isn’t locked, I throw off the sheets and go to lock the door but fall over as soon as I put weight on my feet. Damn it. I probably had too much to drink. I won’t be able to walk easily now.

“Daxton, school! Wake up!” My mother calls up the stairs. I groan. I forgot about that. My grades have been falling quickly these days, my mom blames it on cigarettes and alcohol but honestly, it’s because I just don’t care anymore. There’s not much to look forward to after high school except another thing waking you up early in the morning, your job. Did you know that only 45% of Americans claim to enjoy their job? It’s quite sad actually, giving most of your time to something that doesn’t make you happy. I guess school is the same thing though, except I’m forced to do it until I turn 18 and can drop out. “Daxton, I don’t hear you moving up there!”

“I’m awake okay Cassidy?” I attempt to stand again, finally gaining my balance. “Calm down!”

“How many times will I have to tell you not to call me Cassidy?” The woman who wishes me to call her ‘mom’ calls up the stairs. I don’t call her my mom anymore, she doesn’t deserve it. She doesn’t really care about what I want, all she cares about is how much money I’ll make. She wants to retire rich and apparently, she’s counting on me for that. Cassidy is a waitress and most of the money we have goes towards her “makeovers” as she calls them. The last one that she had was a nose job, which was three years ago. I think she’s saving up for a breast reduction next and no it isn’t for medical reasons, she just doesn’t like her breast size. She says it makes her shirts and dresses fit differently but honestly I don’t see it. I just nod and agree with everything she says. If I don’t things will get ugly. I got a black eye last time and a minor sprain in my ankle from falling down the stairs.

I stagger over to my dresser and down the glass of water on top in one swallow. It tastes like creek water from sitting on my dresser for days on end but it’ll sober me at least a little bit. I pull out the top drawer of my dresser and find a loose, black tank top with a Metallica logo on it. That’ll work. I take off my black leather jacket and white t-shirt from the day before and throw on the Metallica shirt. I look down at the leather jacket in my hand, debating whether or not today is the day that I choose not to wear it. I stand there for almost a solid five minutes before putting on. Why change the norm when it’s working in my favor? “Daxton, I will tell you to go to school one more time before I drag your ass down here and drive you to school myself.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” The panic of Cassidy driving me to school with her broken-down minivan sets in as I rush for the door to my room, tripping over my bedpost on the way out. Shit. I hiss under my breath hoping my mom, I’m sorry Cassidy, doesn’t hear it. She despises when I cuss even though she swears like a sailor herself.

“Daxton Jay!”

“On my way now Mom!” I call her mom in hopes that I calm her down but after this, I will never call her mom again unless it’s for my benefit. I shove my army boots on as I hop out of my room, shoving my black ripped jeans inside them while opening the door with my arm. Once I get both boots on I begin to run down the hallway towards the stairs, only stopping to check my appearance in the mirror on the wall outside Cassidy’s room. I straighten my hair. What happened at Monica’s? I hope I don’t see her today. Maybe she’ll be sick? I think but it sounds more like a question, Monica never skips school. Ever. She’s gotta keep her perfect grades or else daddy will take away her Tesla. I roll my eyes in the mirror and a piece of my black hair falls in my face. Stay in place! I think.

“Daxton what can you possibly be doing that is taking this long?” Cassidy appears at the bottom of the staircase. “Oh my gosh, Dax. Seriously?” Her hands are on her hips and her bright green eyes glare at me up the stairs. “Stop fixing your hair and get in the car.”

“Not the van.” I groan, flopping my arms around as I go down the stairs like a little kid. The steps indent and creak as I go down them. I’ve always hated our steps, ever since I fell through as a child.

“Yes the van, now come on.” Cassidy picks my bag up off the floor where I left it yesterday and tosses it at me.

“Cassidy please, my reputation will forever be ruined.” I grab my wallet and phone off the counter near the stove.

“I don’t care.” She says turning around out to grab my keys off the wall before throwing them at me. “And don’t call me Cassidy.”

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