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This story is based on a webtoon under the same name written by Vanessa Nicole/MyLadyQueen and Illustrations by Felda Fedora. Octavius Ezra Severna, the mute 4th prince of Saule Lec, never saw a purpose to life besides serving the kingdom and being mute and especially with his sexuality he knew best then to speak but his loyal friend Antero went out of his way to stop the poor prince from dying of misery and found him someone very flamboyant to keep him company online until they mutually decided on meeting in real life and Omari Valentine couldn't believe who his boyfriend was.

Romance / Fantasy
Vanessa Nicole
5.0 2 reviews
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Looking up at the full moon as he stood on the balcony, Octavius released a shuddering breath and spoke, “Every other day you change but stay exactly the same. You’ve watched how we’ve grown and you know what we are about to experience so why don’t you have the answers I am looking for?”

Omari walked around their home and couldn’t find his husband until he heard his voice coming from outside on the balcony in their room. He smiled when he saw Octavius standing there and walked up to Octavius and hugged him from behind, looking at the moon he asked, “Who are you speaking to?”

Octavius smiled and turned around with their child cradled in his arms as he said, “To the moon.”

Omari’s eyes widened in horror and he hissed, “You have our son out here in the cold?!”

Octavius’s heart dropped to his stomach hearing his words and said, “Please don’t kill me,” and rushed off back into their room.

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