Saved By A Bully

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Free at last - Deeks

I heard her screaming. I just had to get out of here and kill the bastard for doing those things to my angel.

She was mine to love, cherish and pleasure.

We had loads of pleasure whilst we were together. I smiled at that thought. Though me and Tiara spent very little time together over the four years she attended uni in America, they were the best four years of my life. She was a good little submissive she was and will be once again, once I get the fuck out of here. All I had to do was get out of these cuffs and make my escape.

I grinned to myself, remembering what fun we had with my cuffs and chains.

"Stay still, angel, this won't hurt. I promise."

"What are you going to do, Deeks?"

"Just a little bandage angel. You'll like it. I promise."

"I don't know Deeks. I've never done something like this before."

"Well, now is your time to learn angel. We'll be using it a lot and hug just the cuffs" I said, grabbing one hand at a time, chuffing them to her wrists around the metal bedstead. "We'll also be using restraints, whips, chains, paddles. duotone tickler, orion cuffs, 2-in-1 tickler and slapper, breathable ball gag, bed restraints, St. Christopher, thigh cuffs, massage candle, nipple clamps and lube."

"What type of sex shit are you into?"

"BDSM angel, all of us are. So, at one point, we will all be having you."

"I don't think so.."

"Oh I do, angel. Now be a good" girl while I pleasure you."


"Safe word."

"A what?"

"A safe word, Tiara, you need to choose a safe word before we begin. So if it gets too much for you, say it and I'll stop okay."


"Perfect", I looked at her. "I'm going to blindfold you so you won't be able to see what I'm doing. Just feel okay?"


I smiled widely. She's so naive. I grabbed the blindfold, placed it over her eyes, tying it at the back. "Can you see anything, angel?"

She shook her head like a no.

"Words angel. Can you see?"


"Perfect. "

I quickly moved away from stripping. I grabbed the feather paddle, gliding it over her naked body. She squirmed as it went over her baked nipples and down in between her spread legs. I slid if across her cunt, I heard her moans. Slapping it lightly with the paddle, she jolted as she screamed. "Hold it in angel. I'm not finished yet." And I was far from finished that night. I spanked her hard with the paddle all over her beautiful body whilst she screamed out in pain, yet she refused to use her safety word. I slid my fingers in her wet cunt, it was dripping wet. Fucking hell she was so turned on. I slipped, my first finger in earning a moan. "Hold it in angel."

I slid my fingers inside her, pushing and grinding. I knew she wasn't going to last much longer. "Come for me baby."

And fuck she did, she came all over my fingers breathing heavily whilst moaning out my name.

I slid my fingers out of her after she stopped shaking around them. I licked them clean. She tasted fucking good. "We're not done yet angel." I slipped my tongue in holding her. I licked her past dry. She squirmed around me, the cuffs marking her wrists making me more hornier than I already was. I slid my fingers in, ramming them in and out of her as I continued to lick her pussy. She began shaking again, coming all over my face.

I moved away from her and began to kiss and suck her naked flesh and fucking her breasts, making my way up her neck and latching onto her lips, kissing her fiercely with my tongue, slamming my fick in and out of her so much harder than I usually did. She was driving me insane. I knew then she was mine and I wasn't even going to let her go. Some of the other girls I've ever known and put in this position have used their safe word before we even got to the sex part and here I was pounding into her like there was no tomorrow gripping her hips with my nails digging into them. My hips bucked and I let my orgasm flow as I ejaculated. I slowly took off her blindfold, looking at her flushed face. "You did well angel," I said, pressing my lips on hers, kissing her passionately with my tongue. I moved away, unlocking the cuffs, and her arms fell onto the bed. They were more likely numb right now.

I lay beside her. "This is us from now on. You can't run now. You've made your choice to stick around."

Little did I know then that the asshole of an ex would track her down, kill my friends, have me locked up and take her away from me. Well, I've got news for you, Mr. Bigshot, you've got another thing coming if you think I'm sitting here for the day you decide to do away with me. I'm going to get Tiara and get the fuck out of here.

I struggled, but I finally got my lucky break when those idiots stepped in walking over to me. He looked at me and sighed, shaking his head. "You have to come with me. Shaun says it's time."

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

He unruffled me from the chair, cuffing my wrists again. "He said I have to take you to him and he's going to make you look into Tiara's eyes before he kills you."

Over my dead body! Ha! No pun intended.

I don't fucking think so. We continued walking in silence. I suddenly dropped my head back. He stumbled, letting go. I turned facing him, nutting him. He stumbled and I repeated my actions a couple of more times. He finally dropped to the ground with a bloody nose and mouth. I knelt down, grabbing the keys and unlocking the handcuffs, I ran through the silent corridors knowing I had to find Tiara and get the fuck out of here.

I searched until I saw a figure slipping into the bedroom but never came back. I followed and waited before entering the room where the floor was a pool of blood. Whoever was there had got Tiara out, so I slid out of the mansion unnoticed. Who ever had Tiara had knocked everyone guarding her the fuck out.

I managed to get our unsaved. I had to find whoever had got Tiara and get her back where she belongs. With me.

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