A Dash Of Him

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Can two broken hearts be healed? Duke Michelson lost his husband and high school sweetheart, Emilio. He buries himself with work but nothing seems to heal his broken heart not until he meets Dashiell Mitchell. Dashiell "Dash" Mitchell also has a broken heart after the loss of his mother. After taking a year hiatus, he wants to fix the broken pieces of his career in hockey. He runs into Duke. He is intrigued by Duke's calm nature but has to work to get into his thick shield. Can they both find peace and love or do they go their separate ways?

Romance / Drama
Aries Angelo
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DUKE Chapter 1


My heart still breaks after a year, it crumbles slowly like dry sand, the slit hasn't fully healed since he left me. A year ago my husband was killed by a drunk driver, he was killed on impact. I was cooking dinner for us that night, his favorite rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables. I got the call from an unknown number. I knew something was wrong because he was late, an hour late to be exact. I remember the words from the unknown called.

"I'm sorry to tell you this but your husband has died in a car accident."

My body froze and my heart began to bleed crimson blood. I held the phone in a death grip until heard the voice again.

"Sir, are you there?"

He was gone. My life partner was gone. My soulmate vanished from existence. I was alone.

Emilio Michelson was my everything. He had a heart of gold and I was lucky to have found him in high school, senior year to be exact. He was the captain of the football team and he was fully out to the whole school. I was the awkward kid that held a notebook to write a story idea whenever it popped in my head. I loved writing about romance. It was the closest I would ever have to a romantic relationship.

One day Emilio approached me while I wrote in my notepad. He sat in front of me and asked what I was doing? I remember the exact day that happened.


I enjoyed sitting by myself. I didn't make friends, well it was more acquaintances. But I was a loner. I didn't feel I belonged in high school, it was come to school, learn, and leave. My best friends were my mom and dad, we did everything together and that was all I needed until I met Emilio, the hunky football player I would drool over, well quietly at least.

I was writing in my notebook about two best friends that fell in love but obstacles got in the way. I was deep in thought when I felt a tray was put in front of me. I glanced up and Emilio stood in front of me. His emerald eyes glowed at me while a curve formed on the corner of his lips. He hovered over me waiting for me to say something. "Hi," is all I said but my heart was pounding like a sledgehammer.

"Mind if I join you?" his deep voice radiated towards me making my skin erupt into goosebumps.

I studied him as he kept his sexy smirk. His black v-neck exposed his chiseled chest and his arms carved to perfection. His black-fitted jeans accentuated his muscular legs. I was more stunned that he was talking to me. I adjusted my glasses but still was silent.

"Hmm, I guess I'll sit somewhere else," he grabbed his tray.

"Wait," I yelled.

He didn't move far but held his sexy smirk. "Yes."

I was quiet again. My palms got sweaty and my throat got tight but I managed to spit out the words. "I don't mind if you sit with me," his eyes smiled brightly and he immediately sat in front of me. I got a whiff of his aftershave and I immediately melted. He was so perfect, why did he want to sit with me? He had his popular friends. I was a nobody.

He ate in silence but I felt his eyes studying me. I already knew he had a smirk on his face. I glanced up and yes he was smiling at me. "What are you writing there?" even how he chewed was so sexy. "You're always carrying a notebook."

He's noticed. I wouldn't even think he would look my way. "I write things," my cheeks were probably a pinkish tone.

"What kind of things?" His voice was curious for more.

"Romance," that word came out choppy. Emilio was talking to me, ME! I could die happy now.

"Maybe I can read some of it, someday," he bit on his pizza as I stared at his plump pink lips. His eyes glistened from the sunlight coming down on him. I glanced around if anyone was looking at us but everyone seemed to be in their world. I was in a fairy tale, Prince Charming was talking to me.

"Hmm, sure," my lips trembled. The bell rang. I didn't want this to end, what if he never talks to me again?

He got up and grabbed his tray. "Can I take you home after school?" He asked and my mind went blank. I was speechless. Deep inside I was screaming nonsense but this was so unexpected.

"I-hmm-," I didn't know what to say but I blurted out. "Yes."

"Perfect. Can I walk you to your class then?"

I nodded. I got up and he helped me with my lunch tray. I didn't eat anything except some chips and a bit from my sandwich. I hope those small pieces hold me up until school ends.

Now all eyes were on me and Emilio. We walked down the hallway. I felt like I was dating a celebrity. I heard giggles and noticed people whispering in each other's ears. I wasn't a nobody anymore. I was in the spotlight whether I liked it or not. We reached chemistry class as we stood outside. "I'll meet you out in front after school," he leaned into the shell of my ear and I got a whiff of his spiced scented aftershave. "You're so damn cute with these glasses on," his words gave me life. It was the first time I was ignited with fire. He was my fire. I glanced at his emerald eyes and they flamed with desire. I swallowed hard and shyly smirked.

"Thanks," I didn't know what to say.

"I'll see you later handsome," he walked away leaving me there with weak legs. I saw him disappear into the crowd as I couldn't put my smile away. Emilio Michelson was talking go me, to me. This is the best time of my life.


I stood nervously by the front of the school, not too close to the entrance. Everyone still whispered when they saw me or I would get suspicious glares from some of the popular girls. Emilio was out so I'm pretty sure they were out of his league. I mean, he's out of my league but here I am waiting like an idiot.

15 minutes passed and he was nowhere in sight. I knew it. It was too good to be true. I sighed and started walking my usual pathway home. I held my backpack while kicking a rock on the sideway. My throat knotted as I felt tears threatening to come out. But why? He never came on to me but something in his gaze pulled me in. He stunned me like pollen. I was drunk with his emerald eyes and perfect smile.

"I'm in idiot," I whispered to myself. And that's when I heard a honk coming from behind.

"Hey!" It was Emilio's black truck. I may have seen him a couple of times go into his truck. He stopped and gleamed me his bright smile. "I'm so sorry. Coach talked to me and it took a little bit longer. Get in," he gestured with his hand. My smile went from ear to ear.

I got in and the leather interior invaded the air, it mixed with his spiced scented aftershave. I was in heaven. I glanced and took in how attractive he looked. His leather jacket made him look like a bad boy. He put on his sunglasses and smirked at me. He had a damn dimple that I never noticed. He gripped his steering wheel and that made his biceps bulge out. I was drooling.

"Do you need to get home soon?" He kept his eyes on the road.

"Hmm, it's a school night."

"I want to take you out to eat," I couldn't get enough of his voice.

"I could call me mom. Hold on," I took my cellphone out of my pocket as I softly heard Savage Garden, "Truly, Madly, Deeply" in the background. I took a quick peek at him and he was singing the lyrics.

"I want to lay like this forever until the sky falls down on me," his lips moved and my heart fluttered.

I texted my mom and she said to be home by 8 pm. I'm surprised she let me even go out. "My mom said I could stay out until 8 pm."

"Great, more time together."

"But why? You've never talked to me," I had to ask, this was so unexpected.

He chuckled. "You know I never actually introduced myself. Hi, I'm Emilio Michelson," it was adorable how he said it. But I knew exactly who he was.

He was so damn charming. "My name is Duke Richards."

"Nice to finally meet you, Duke," there was a silence. He kept his eyes on the road. It was like he was deep in thought. "I've always found you intriguing and handsome as well," he said it, and my cheeks warmed up.

"You keep to yourself and you don't bother anyone. To be honest, I've always had a thing for you. I would always try to get your attention but you're always writing something in your notebook."

He went into a diner parking lot and parked on the side. He took off his sunglasses and sat facing me. His emerald eyes glistened with desire. A small smile formed on the corner of his lips. "I want to get to know you," he leaned in and grabbed my hand. He got closer and leaned on the console that was between us. He slowly lifted my glasses but I stopped him.

"I can't see without them," I was nervous as hell.

"Can I see you without them?" His eyes softened while he licked his lips.

I nodded as he slowly lifted them off. "Damn, you're so handsome. I mean you were already handsome but this is a cherry on top," his dimpled appeared and his eyes studied my lips.

"Thank you," I looked down at my shoes. I noticed one shoe was untied.

He grabbed my chin and aligned his eyes with mine. "Can I kiss you?" I swallowed hard. My stomach went wild like I swallowed a bunch of butterflies. I didn't know what to say or do. I was frozen like a statue. Only he can bring me back to life.

I nodded and his face came slowly towards mine. Finally, his lips brushed slowly on top of mine. I gasped as he came a bit closer. His body was leaning on top of the console. His lips were soft and magical. He slowly parted my lips with his tongue. Our kiss was slow and perfect. Our tongues gently massaged each other. I cupped his face and deepened our kiss. He groaned while half his body was over on my side. I could feel his hard chest coming on top of me. I was leaning on the door but I didn't care because I was kissing Emilio.

"Fuck, your lips are amazing," he smiled and pulled away. "I do want to get to know you, what do you say?"



I opened my eyes as I stared at the darkroom. I glanced at my digital clock in my drawer. It was 4 in the morning. My eyes swelled up because I did get to know him. I married Emilio and now I'm all alone. It's been a year and I've buried myself into work. I don't have a social life and my heart is still shattered. How do I heal from this torment of agony? I missed Emilio every day and my heart shatters every time I think of him.



Hello, my lovely readers. I'm back with my newest story A Dash Of Him. Yes, there will be heartbreak and much more to come. There will be a trigger moment of suicidal thoughts, I'll mention it at the top of the chapter when the trigger moment happens. Also, I do minimal research on certain topics so if it's not correct please be respectful. I do this in my free time.

So now let's enjoy a meeting roller coaster of emotions. Thank you so much for your support. Much love.

Aries Angelo
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