A Dash Of Him

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DUKE Chapter 10

I arrived in Cancun Friday evening and all I did is lounge in my room. The five-star resort was one of the finest in Cancun, Mexico, thank you, Sabrina. But I wasn't in the mood to mingle by myself. I had my eyes glued to the novela that was streaming on the flat-screen television. I love these Spanish soap operas, so dramatic but it's always entertaining. Emilio's mom, Esmeralda, would always be glued to the television when I would stay over at his house on the weekends. It was my second home in high school.

I scooped the last of my vanilla ice cream into my mouth and savored it delicious vanilla bean that melted on my tongue. My phone pinged with a notification as I leaned over to grab it on the drawer. It was a comment on my Instagram author page. I had disabled my account a year ago and I finally activated it a couple of days ago.

I published through Amazon. I got a quick editor to look over three of the books I wrote in high school. One was called My Lucky 7 under the pen name Em Duke. Yes, it was about meeting the perfect man. I had found my perfect man but my fairytale ended when Emilio was taking from me. All three books sold plenty of copies but My Lucky 7 sold the most. I wasn't a famous author but I had an admirable fanbase. I disabled my author's Instagram page because that part of my life died when Emilio passed away.

I wanted to mend back bits and pieces from the broken life. My writing was always a passion, even through college, I carried a notepad and Emilio would always make fun of me, in a cute way of course. He was my biggest supporter. He was the one that encourage me to publish. He read all of my stories but he liked My Lucky 7 the most. Of course, he did, it was mainly about him.

I opened the comment and it read, "I'm glad your back, I hope you write another book." I replied. "Thank you, I hope I get some inspiration soon."

I scrolled and then I went to search for Dash Mitchell. His Instagram page popped to the first on the list. I clicked and pictures of him poured down. I clicked on the first picture and it was him putting a flower over a casket. "I love you mom with all my heart. You were my biggest fan. You helped me get to where I am. Until we meet again." This post had over 200,000 likes and over 3,000 comments. My throat knotted but I held the tears in my throat.

I swiped to the next one and it was a picture of him hugging his mom. She had small tubes in her nose and was bald but she had the same smile as he did. They both held peace signs, another young guy was sitting next to her, he had dark blonde hair, steel blue eyes, and the same dark features Dash had. His gaze was much more serious but I saw a pain of darkness in his eyes. He was shielding his pain just like I am with Emilio but he managed to give a tiny smirk. "We both love you, mom. I hope you make a quick recovery! #fuckcancer."

I swiped to the next picture and it was a picture of him in the rink with his hockey uniform. He didn't have his helmet on and his hair was wet from sweat, his gaze was full of sorrow. I rubbed my thumb over his face. "I know how you feel?" I whispered. I swiped to the next picture and my screen froze. "Ugh." Then I saw a heart appear on his photo and my body froze. "Fuck," my heart pounded inside my chest. I clicked the heart so it wasn't on read anymore but I'm pretty sure he got a notification. I quickly closed Instagram and got out of bed. My heart was beating faster from the adrenaline that took over.

"Ok, I need to enjoy my time here," I decided to get changed into some nude shorts and white polo. It was humid even in the evening. I combed my hair and went downstairs to one of the restaurants. I got seated outside by the pool which illuminated brightly. The blue water was so clear it looked like glass as the water stood still like my heart.

I ordered myself a plate of tacos and a traditional margarita made from fresh agave. "Todo bien? (Everything good?)" The handsome waiter asked. I understood what he said my Spanish was rusty even though Emilio always taught me words and sentences.

"Si, gracias (Yes, thank you)."

He walked away and my eyes wandered to a couple that was sitting in front of me. Both of their eyes glowed with adoration and lust. The man smiled and lifted her hand to his lips. I saw the biggest wedding ring on her finger. Her cheeks flushed a rosy tone as she bit her bottom lip. They must be on their honeymoon. I had those eyes when I went on my honeymoon with Emilio. We went to Spain, we always wanted to go there so we went the day after our wedding.



Emilio couldn't get his hands off me. He pinned me on the wall inside of the elevator. Our lips viciously ate each other and his hands gripped my ass. "I don't think I'm hungry. I just want this," he squeezed my ass and sucked on my neck. We were newlyweds and wanted to eat each up every chance we got.

My eyes rolled to the back of my neck as a small moan escaped my lips. "But—we already had sex like 3 times. I need energy," I stuttered but his lips worked wonders on my neck. He flicked and massaged while his length poked through his jeans.

The elevator door opened and we pulled away quickly, another couple was smirking at us while we caught our breath. I noticed how red and swollen Emilio's lips were. He glided his thumb over his bottom lip as he grabbed my hand and went towards the restaurant that was on the lower level.

His laughter filled the atmosphere. I couldn't get enough of him. We've been together since high school and I still couldn't find the words how much he means to me. His emerald eyes glowed at me with desire and lust.

We finally reached the fine restaurant and we got sat in a quiet dim-lit corner. The ambiance of the music was tranquil and calm but the candle in the middle of our table burned like our love for each other.

Emilio ordered the finest wine. I was in awe of how handsome he shined. His long sleeve shirt was slightly opened in the chest area revealing some chest hair. The flame of the candle was displayed in his emerald eyes and his dimple was on full display. "Mi amor (My love)," he reached over and gripped my hand. "I have no words for how much I love you. I'm blessed to have you in my life. I will always be here for you, always and forever," chills went down my spine but an unease settled in the pit of my stomach but all I had to do is get lost in his eyes and everything washed away.

I squeezed his hand and rubbed my thumb over his hand. "I love you with all my heart, always and forever," he lifted my hand to his soft lips.

I love this man with every fiber in me. I don't know what I'll do without him.



I wiped the warm tear that fell down my cheek. I took a deep breath and finished my tacos. I gulped down the last of my margarita. I went back to my room and grabbed my phone. I saw a notification on Instagram. Dash_Mitchell14 starting following you. My heart stopped and my palms went clammy. I noticed that he like a couple of posts. So much for being discreet. He had given me his number, we've only messaged each other a couple of times. I'm not sure what his intention is but I know there is something between us. The way he held me that morning when I broke down. His musky masculine scent filled my nostrils while his hard chest settled on my cheek.

I shook my head to get out of these thoughts that were taking over. I don't know how to react to his suggestive advances. Deep inside I'm still married to Emilio and this doesn't sit well for me. I know I sound like a martyr but it's just what I feel at the moment.

I changed into some lightweight shorts and a muscle shirt. I turned on the AC at a low temperature and headed into the comfy bed. Thank god for the remote-controlled lights. I turned off the lights as I heard Spanish music playing from a distance and immediately thought of Emilio. He loved to dance but then my thoughts shifted to Dash, he also had moves. The corner of my mouth lifted as my eyes got heavy. I finally drifted into a deep sleep.


The sun-blasted on my face as I groaned. I slowly opened my eyes and put my hand over my face. The sun was bright this morning but that's until I lifted my head and saw the time. It was past midday. I shot up and rubbed my eyes. How the hell did I oversleep this much? The room was cold as I rubbed my arms with my hands. I got the remote and turned off the AC.

I took a warm shower and changed into some tropical shorts and red polo, it's the least I can do to brighten my mood. My stomach growled loudly from how hungry I was. I went downstairs and outside to a small restaurant that was by the pool. I read they serve late breakfast and lunch only. I sat on one of the high wooden chairs by the bar and glanced around, there were a few people in the pool and some eating on the other side of the bar. "What can I get started for you?" the beautiful blonde with a Spanish accent asked me. She had big blue eyes and a nice figure.

I reviewed the menu and started with a mimosa. I noticed I had my wedding ring on. I took a deep breath and just got lost with the tiny lights of orbs that danced in my ring. I smirked and that's when I saw a tear hit the wooden bar. My hurt broke slowly but I quickly got out of this dark abyss that never leaves.

"Estas bien, guapo (Are you okay, handsome)?" the waitress asked as she passed me the orange glass cup with a pineapple on the side.

"Si, todo bien (Yes, everything is good)," I took a sip of the tangy drink while the bubbles burst on my tongue. The humidity was overpowering today, it was overcast but the sun's rays beamed through the gray clouds. Where the hell did the sun go?

Suddenly my hands tingled and my heart fluttered. Two large hands covered my eyes. "Guess who?"

His deep voice was familiar. I quickly pivoted myself on the chair and there he was in some red shorts and a white muscle shirt. His muscular arms had veins popping out and his hair was disheveled but damn did he look handsome.

I'm in trouble.
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