A Dash Of Him

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DASH Chapter 12

The worker strapped us up very well. I tilted my head over to Duke, whose blood had vanished from his face. He held on to the harness going over his chest as he faintly smiled at me. Poor guy, now I feel guilty in making him do this.

"Hey, I'm right next to you, besides if we fall, we have parachutes," his eyes bulged out and I almost laughed but I held it in. "I'm playing, just breathe in and breathe out," he closed his eyes and did I told him.

The worker tugged on our harness and made sure we were strapped securely. "Listo (Ready)?" the worker asked. We both nodded and the boat took off. The sun gently grazed my skin as the humid air started to pick up speed. Then slowly the tow rope started to glide us in the air.

I glanced over at Duke who had a handsome smile on his face, it looked like he was enjoying himself now. I know he's hurting because of his husband. His eyes give away the pain he is enduring. The way he describes him is so real and heartwarming. It seems like he was snatched from a fairytale book.

"Feeling better?" I yelled at him because the wind was getting loud in my ears.

He nodded. His gaze was more relaxed and calm. I didn't see the raw agony he had just a couple of minutes ago.

We were 500 feet in the air as we took in the beautiful scenery of the blue ocean; we were both free from the prison of our minds. The air was fresher up here, the cool breeze made my skin plump up and brushed away all the sorrow I had built up over the last year. I know this was temporary but damn did it feel good.

After a few minutes in the air and going over in circles, we finally were pulled in. I tilted my head once more to check on Duke and there was blood that flowed through his face. His blue eyes swirled with happiness.

We were safely pulled back into the boat. I tipped the workers and we walked back onto the beach. Duke fixed his clothes and stopped in front of me. His eyes were bright and alert. "Thank you for that experience. It helped me clear my head," a smirk tugged on the corner of his lips. I couldn't help but admire how full his lips were. What would it feel to suck on his bottom lip?

"No problem, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

We stood in silence for a bit. He had his hands in his shorts as he stared at the sand. "What are you doing this evening?"

His eyes aligned with mine but for some reason, the brightness in his eyes went dull. His skin didn't glow anymore, it's like his joy was sucked back into his black hole of sorrow.

"Hey, where did smiling Duke go?"

"I'm sorry," his words stutter. "I'm not great company right now," he sighed. "I'm supposed to be having fun and forget everything but I can't." He averted himself to look at the ocean. He raked his hands through his messy hair.

I walked closer and stood next to him. "Let's have fun together. I'm here alone and I rather not be," his eyes quickly shot to mine.

"But I don't want to drag you with me. I'm not great company," his voice was soft yet I didn't care if he was broken. I want to mend his heart but I must be patient.

"I'm not a great company either but at least we can be sad together."

He let out a loud laugh. Hell yes. I loved his cheerful laugh. He's like a lamp, he flicks on and off but I want him to stay on.

"I have no plans for tonight," he said.

"Great, let's have dinner. We can talk and just hang out."

He took a deep breath and sighed. "I would like that."

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the beach and getting to know each other. He didn't talk much but he let me know he loves Oreos and milk. He's a sucker for romantic movies and he played soccer for a year in college.

"Thanks for the company," we stood in the reception area of the hotel. I saw some red patches over his cheeks and forehead. His shoulders were burnt as well but he was so damn handsome.

"No, thank you for the company. I thought I would've been by myself in this resort. So meet here around 8?"

He nodded. "Yeah, that's perfect. I need to apply some aloe gel or else I'm going to feel this at night," he chuckled as we walked to the elevator.

We stopped by the elevator and his eyes studied me again. His eyes were like melting ice, swirling with sadness. "Hey, no sad faces on this trip," I squeezed his cheek and got a faint smirk formed on his lips. "Deal?"

He nodded and I finally saw a light in his eyes. "Deal, I'll see you in a bit." The elevator door opened as we walked in. It was silent going up but we played the staring game. He would look at me then turn around when I would look at him. A smirk was plastered on his face. We got to the 6th floor and it was his stop. "Well that was a bit of amusement," I couldn't stop gazing at him.

He slowly got out as I stood inside the elevator. His eyes glowed like the clear ocean, some parts were dark from his sadness but at the same time, I saw a light of hope. I saw a tiny curve on the side of his lip. I was making progress. "I'll see you in a bit," we gazed at each other for a bit and then he disappeared into the hallway. The elevator doors closed as I went to my floor. It was the luxury suite. I didn't need this huge room but I won't say no to a free trip.

I grabbed my cellphone from the table and I noticed a message on my Instagram. It was from a M_Clearwater7. Then it clicked, was it Matthew Clearwater? I swiped to open the message as I sat on the fluffy couch.

"Hey, man, long time no see. How have you been?" I swallowed hard as my heart rate went faster than usual. I clicked on his profile and noticed he lived on a farm. I clicked on his first picture and damn, he was more built than in high school. His blonde glossy hair was longer but it suited him. He had a full beard as his biceps bulged out of his white stained shirt. He held a pitchfork with a caption saying 'ready for today's work'. It seemed he had a following as well because he had thousands of likes but maybe it was his good looks. I quickly went through his other photos and it was just him working on a farm or doing silly poses in his house.

I waited a couple of minutes for him to respond but he never did. I guess I could wait. Suddenly the back of my shoulders started to burn. I put my phone to the side and grazed my fingers on the sensitive skin of my shoulders. "Fuck, that hurts," the burn was slowly aching more and more. I quickly went to take a cold shower and that relieved the pain but then Matthew came to mind again. I remembered the one time we were training in his room. We didn't want to go to the local gym so we stayed in his room. His parents were gone for the weekend but little did we know they almost caught us grinding and kissing each other.



By the time our senior year was over, I had grown muscles in places I didn't imagine. Matthew worked me hard to get at a decent weight but he never imagined I would bulk up quickly but his determination helped me when I wanted to quit. I was too skinny and my self-esteem was to the floor but Matthew always pushed me. His handsome smirk usually did it for me but his confidence also helped me gain it.

Now he was my boyfriend or as he said it, we were dating but we had to be very discreet. He didn't want his parents to find out especially his dad. He said was strict with him especially when it came to hockey. He wanted his son to be a famous NHL player and he was on his way to stardom. He was a great center as I was. Coach Williams saw how much I improved that he switched me and Matthew on the rink. We won every game this year. It was thanks to Matthew who believed in me and had patience.

He laid on his bed as he stared at the ceiling. His hand behind his head as I finished doing the 50 sit-ups he made me do. I hated doing sit-ups but he won the bet that I wouldn't be able to lift 150lbs on the bench. He won and now my arms were burning. I had sweat beads on my forehead as I noticed the veins on my biceps. His ocean blue eyes locked with mine as he gave me a simple smile. "Come here, babe."

I walked over as he grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of his steel-hard body. "Fuck your gorgeous," his lips sucked on the bottom of my lip as I groaned.

"I hate when you tease me," we experimented a couple of times but haven't done full-on sex. I think we were both scared of what it entitled so we just decided to try oral.

"I want this," his hand gripped my ass and that turned me on. I felt his hardness poke through his shorts when suddenly we heard footsteps coming towards his room. He quickly pushed me off him as his mother slowly opened our door. I fell to the floor and hit my elbow.

"Fuck," I yelled as I checked the scratch that had formed on my elbow.

"Are you ok?" I averted my gaze to her as my cheeks got hot, this is embarrassing.

"Yes, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and I must have gotten up wrong," I lied but I saw a faint smirk on her lips. I glanced at Matthew who was white as a ghost but he quickly got out of bed.

"You're back early?"

"Yes, your dad got called into work so we came back. Are you two hungry? I could make some hamburgers and fries?"

We both nodded as she studied both of us. She left with a smirk on her face as she closed the door slowly.

"That was a close one," Matthew raked his fingers through his shiny blonde hair.

"Babe, do you think your mom knows. She had a smile on her face most of the time."

"I'm not sure but she shouldn't know. She'll tell my dad and god knows what will happen," he came closer and pecked me on my lips. "I'm sorry for hiding us. I promise I'll make it up to you later tonight when my parents are asleep," he winked. But little did I know he was about to disappear from my life.



I remembered he gave me the best blowjob that night and that's when he also said he loved me. But he left after his parents got a divorce. I don't know what happened or where he went. We just lost touch. My heart was broken because I graduated without him. He was my only friend. The guys on the hockey team were jealous, well not all but most of them.

I finally got out of the shower and rubbed some aloe vera gel on my arms and back. It wasn't helping one bit so I decided to wear a sheer T-shirt and jeans with some flip flops. I haven't seen anyone wear shoes around here. I combed my hair and sprayed some cologne, time flew by when I noticed the time. It was 15 minutes to 8.

I pressed the button to the lobby. The doors opened and Duke was standing right in front of me looking at his watch. His eyes widen as his eyes scanned my body. He also wore a muscle shirt and some tight blue jeans. He had a lean body as I noticed the indents of his abs. His blue eyes shined with joy and confusion. A faint smile formed on the corner of his lips.

I stepped out of the elevator. "You look handsome."

"You do as well."

I didn't see a swirl of sorrow in his eyes. I saw hope.


*This is a slow burn story but it will get better. I promise.*
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