A Dash Of Him

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DASH Chapter 14

I asked Duke to jump on my back and that was a mistake. My back was dripping wet and throbbing from the sunburn but hearing him laugh was enough to forget about the raw pain. He had fallen a few times before we even got to the elevator and it was the most adorable scene I've seen him in. He laughed and was having fun. I knew he was drunk but at least he wasn't in pain. He loved his husband. It's going to take patients for me to get to know him but he's different. He knows who I am and is not all over me like other guys I've dated in the past. I've had my adventures especially when I was a mess but never what I'm experiencing with Duke.

Now I regret every single moment. I destroyed my career and life. I hope Jackson can get me a team that wants me or else I'm going to have to do some begging. No team wants an ex-drunk. I had manslaughter on my record. Jackson told me it was wiped out but those types of records never fully disappear. If someone wants to dig deeper into my life they'll find out that piece that isn't true. I wasn't behind the wheel but I told the cops that. It was to protect my brother but damn cameras found out the truth.

"Ok handsome, you come down now," I unhooked his grip from my neck as he quickly peck my neck.

"You smell like cologne and chlorine," his words slurred as he chuckled and slowly got off making my raw skin hurt even more. "I'm going to put that ointment as soon as I get this door open," he got in front of me and swiped his card key nowhere near the door nob. I laughed and grabbed the key. "Hey I know what I'm doing," he tried to grab the key but I chuckled and lifted it in the air. "No fair, you're taller than me," he pouted his lips, that's when I leaned in and pecked him.

"So damn adorable when you're drunk."

His cheeks got a rosy tone. I slowly waved the key over his door as it unlocked. We were still dripping wet. I gently pushed inside and it was freezing especially with these wet clothes I had on. "Jesus, Duke. I like the cold and I'm used to it but damn it's an icebox in here." I decided to take off whatever was left of my muscle shirt. I closed the door and noticed he beelined to the thermostat. I threw away my muscle shirt in the trash by the entrance.

I walked towards his moderate-size room, it was a fourth of what my suite was but it seemed cozy just like Duke. I saw him turn up the thermostat when he swerved around and his eyes fell on my body. He quickly averted his eyes and that's when I walked closer to him. I grabbed his hand and lifted it onto my chest. He wanted to retract it but I held it close to my heart. "Duke, stop it. I'm just trying to help you understand that you're not the only one that is broken. Hear my heartbeat," I placed his hand on my chest.

His glossy blue eyes aligned with mine. "Dash, why are you doing this?" His words choked.

"Just hear my heart, it's broken just like yours. I'm broken but I'm trying my hardest to build what I destroyed. I destroyed my career. My mom is gone and there is no way I could bring her back. She's was my number one and it fucken hurts like hell just talking about her," I could feel the warm water filling my eyes and that's ok. I wanted him to see how broken I was, that he wasn't the only one bleeding raw tears.

"I don't know how to let him go," his tears came out like a broken fountain. He pulled his hand away as he covered his face and started to weep. "He was all I had. How do I let someone else in?" I gently uncovered his face as I gave him a faint smirk.

"You don't let him go. You should always keep a piece of him inside you," his eyes were red and puffy. It killed me to see him in such raw pain even my sunburn was not hurting anymore. I could feel his agony radiate to me.

"It hurts, Dash. It really hurts," I pulled him into my chest as he cried loudly. His tears dripped down my chest and slowly on my abs. We were still in wet clothes. I didn't care, all I wanted was to make him comfortable.

He finally seemed to calm down as he pulled away. "Your body is extremely hard," I chuckled as he wiped his tears. "We should get out of these clothes before we both get sick. I think I have something you can wear if you don't mind it being a bit tight on you," he was at least 5 ft 9 inches. So yeah he was leaner and smaller than me.

"As long as I get something warm. I'm ok with that," he walked to a suitcase. I chuckled as he tried not to swerve. I think he sobered down with all his crying he did. He pulled out some sweatpants and a jersey. It was black and gold. He handed me the clothes. I opened the jersey and it had the last name Michelson with the number 7.

"It was a gift from Emilio senior year that was his number. Lucky Number 7."

"Just like your book," I can't wait to read his book. It will give me a better understanding of his love for Emilio.

"Yeah just like my book," he studied my body again. I winked at him.

"You like what you see?"

His cheeks got red. "Sort of," he teased with a tiny grin on the corner of his lips.

"Let me take a quick shower," I took out my phone from my pockets and set it on the drawer. "Let's hope this turns on tomorrow."

I took a warm shower but that didn't help my sunburn. It made my skin redder. I put on the clothes he gave me and it was real snug. I wasn't wearing any underwear so I had to adjust myself or I'll be showing my junk to everyone. Duke went to take a shower. I lay on his bed and all that came to me was the burning from my back. I took off the jersey and decided to be shirtless. My stomach growled. Why was I hungry again? I ate so much earlier. Maybe a late-night snack or even dessert. I grabbed the menu by the nightstand and went directly to dessert. My eyes went to the Oreo cheesecake. Duke said he loves Oreos and milk. I'll surprise him with something sweet.

I picked up the phone and ordered two slices of Oreo cheesecake. I even told them to write something small on the slices. I hung up and Duke came out of the shower in his tiny shorts and a loose pink muscle shirt. His damp hair was all over his face. His eyes traveled down my body again. "You like being shirtless, don't you?"

"Just with people I like," I teased as that gave me an adorable smile. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed. His pine-scented body wash invaded my nostrils. He opened the drawer and took out a tube.

"As promised, let's put some ointment on that back," I sat up and quickly turned my back to him.

"Please, it's starting to sting and itch."

As soon as I felt his fingers rub the ointment on my back it was sudden relief. It was nice to have someone care for me, it's been a while since I've been with a guy, let alone have sex. I did have my flings here and there but it was mutual. His hands rubbed the ointment over my shoulders and that was the best feeling ever. "Ahhh," I didn't even realize I said it out loud.

I heard him chuckle as his hands roamed down to my chest. I don't think he was rubbing ointment anymore. His lips pecked me on my neck and that sent a shockwave of electricity down my spine. His thumbs circled my chest and that immediately got me hard. "Does that feel good?" His alcoholic breath burned on my neck. This was another Duke and as much as I wanted him. I'm not sure it was the best timing for him. He might regret it and I'm barely scratching the surface with him. I don't want to fuck it up.

I grabbed his arm and flipped him over to my side. I immediately got on top of him as I held his arms over his head. "You're a tease," I pecked his bottom lip as he chuckled, those blue eyes swirled with sadness and hope but more hope.

"Sorry I'll stop," his cheeks got a rosy tone and that's when I heard a knock on the door.

"Saved by the bell," I wasn't going to go further. I just wanted to cuddle with him. "I'll get it," I hopped off the bed. I opened the door as the young lady's eyes immediately dropped to my body.

"Two Oreo cheesecakes for Dash," her accent was adorable. She stuttered as I moved to let her bring in the metal cart full of trays.

I walked in after her as Duke had an adorable confused face on him. He sat on the edge of the bed like a little kid. "I didn't order anything."

"I did."

I tipped the girl as she had a smirk on her face. She left as I closed the door. I walked back inside as I caught Duke taking a sneak peek into the covered plates. "Hey!" I startled him. He quickly covered the plate as I started to laugh. "It's a surprise."

I sat next to him and pulled the metal tray towards us. "I hope you don't mind what I did and please tell me if I went overboard," I hope he likes this surprise. My heart was excited yet terrified. I don't want to overstep any secret meaning he had with Emilio.

"If it's food. I doubt you overstepped," he licked his lips. He must be hungry again.

"Ok, here goes nothing," I opened the plate which had two slices of Oreo cheesecake, on the top of both cheesecakes was written, "Lucky Number 7". His eyes quickly averted to mine and that's when I saw a tear come down.

"I'm sorry you hate it," I made him cry and I feel like shit. He threw himself on top of me.

"Ahh, fuck, my back."

"I'm so sorry," he kissed my cheek but I didn't care how badly my back hurt. He was on top of me. I held his waist as we both aligned our eyes to each other. "I loved it, thank you," he leaned towards me as our lips locked. Everything instantly stopped. It was only us captured like a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and my heart is pounding a thousand times. Our kiss was slow and gentle as our tongues glided with raw passion. He moaned and then pulled away. "Please don't hurt me."

"I would never do that," he placed his head on my chest and took a deep breath. I hugged him closer to me. I'm not sure how long we were like this but I didn't want it to end. He eventually went to sleep and so did I.
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