A Dash Of Him

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DUKE Chapter 15

I've been awake since 7 in the morning. Thankfully I didn't wake up with those throbbing headaches from drinking too much. I gulped down two bottles of cold water with some aspirin. I grabbed a notebook from my luggage and sat on the bed while Dash peacefully snored. Thank goodness he's not a loud snorer. I glanced at his back muscles which were perfectly carved like a Greek sculpture, who has muscles like that? But then I noticed how red his skin was, poor guy kept moving all night until he finally stopped.

I had woken up by him holding me tightly into his chest. It was the first time I felt someone's body on mine. His rock-hard body was comfortable. He was warm and the rhythm of his heartbeat had the same beat like mine. It's like we were synced as one.

I finally got off him and we got comfortable but that didn't stop him from pulling closer to him. I buried my face into his hard chest again. His masculine scent was a combination of hotel shop and the cinnamon body spray I left in the bathroom. He must have sprayed himself.

He quickly fell asleep but my thoughts were all over the place. Do I want this? Do I tell him I'm not ready? I'm confused about where this is going. We both lost someone close to us but he's dealing with it better than I am.

But him buying me my favorite cookie that was mixed into a cheesecake was a great gesture on his part. I glanced at the metal table and just smirked at the untouched cheesecake. I didn't want to destroy the writing but I was starving right now. I glanced at him again as his breathing was gentle. I gazed at his heart-shaped lips, they were a shiny cherry tone. His cheeks were rosy probably from the sunburn.

I took a deep breath and averted my eyes to the open notebook on my lap. I had scribbled a title but it sounded dumb, A Dash Of Light then A Dash Of Him. It sounded creepy but he inspired me to start writing again. I know I hardly know him but deep inside I know there is a cosmic connection between us. I'm not sure how I'm going to start writing but it's definitely about second chances or maybe hope.

"Thinking about me?" I heard his deep morning voice. I quickly closed my notebook as the rush of blood went to my cheeks.

"It's nothing, I just start writing when inspiration hits me," I noticed he started getting closer to me. His arm circled my waist. He grabbed my notebook with his other hand and gently let it fall on the floor.

"Hey," I was about to get out of bed to grab it but he pinned me down.

"Nothing is going to happen to your notebook," now he got on top of me and went in between my legs. I saw his giant frame hover over me as our eyes aligned. "Do I inspire you to write?" I bit my bottom lip as a curve formed on the side of my mouth.

"Maybe," I chuckled. I finally caught a better view of his handsome face. His blue eyes swirled with a bit of green. It was almost like seafoam had formed after the waves crashed on the sea. I was hypnotized by how handsome he was. He had thick well-groomed eyebrows. His jawline was angled and sharp. His lips were my favorite part to observe, they still had the cherry tone and all I wanted to do was devour them.

He moved his waist and that's when I felt his hard-on. My blood boiled throughout my veins especially down to my shaft. I closed my eyes and thought of something else but he kept moving which made it impossible to concentrate. "Duke, I'm just teasing you. We don't have to do anything you don't want."

He reminded me so much of Emilio that it was going to be hard to forget about him. I opened my eyes as he gave me the cutest smirk. His dimple appeared and that did it for me. "I want to but I'm not ready. I hope you understand."

"I want this as well but I can wait for you. I'm patient," he leaned in and gave me the wettest and gentle kiss I've ever had. His velvet lips were sweet as honey and all I wanted was to get trapped in them.

My stomach began to growl and then his. We both laughed as he got off me and stood up. My eyes went to his sweatpants and his hard-on. He smirked and quickly adjusted himself. I averted my eyes and turned to the cheesecake. "Thank you again for that. It was nice of you," he nodded and stretched. Every muscle from his chest and abs constricted like a snake. He was definitely carved by a sculptor. But as much as I want to gaze at him, I'm starving.

He quickly went to check his phone. I hope it works for him. He took a deep breath and his disappointed eyes told me his phone was dead. "Damn it. It turns on but it shows no signal," he raked his hands through his hair in frustration. "Do you mind lending me your phone so I can call my agent?"

"Sure," I grabbed my phone from the drawer and handed it to him. "I'm going to take a quick shower and maybe we can get some breakfast?" I never asked a guy out so this was awkward for me. My cheeks got hot as I fidgeted with my fingers.

"Of course I would like to, it's nice to know I don't have to be the one asking a guy out," I chuckled as I got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. He started dialing a number. I took a cold shower to fully wake up. I got out of the bathroom and noticed Dash staring at the floor. Did something happen?

"You ok?" He jumped and stood up. His sad eyes told me he has bad news or I might be jumping to conclusions.

"Yeah, I just...ugh," he paced back and forth. "My agent found a team for me but the coach wants to meet with me tomorrow morning. My agent was trying to call me last night but my phone was dead or not getting signal," he sounded defeated but I understood. He needs to get his life together just like me. "He got me a plane ticket that leaves tonight at 10 pm. I would rather be here with you but I need to fix my mistakes and career."

I walked closer to him and grabbed his hand. "Dash, I understand. It would be nice to spend more time with you but we both have to fix ourselves. I fly back tomorrow night and I have this whole week off for vacation so we can plan to hang out more."

His charming smile appeared as his eyes widened with joy. "You want to see me again?" I leaned up towards him and pecked him on his lips.

"Yes," another brick fell down the fortress around my heart. My hands tingled as he squeezed my hand.

"We could take our time and see where this goes, yeah?" I simply nodded and buried my head into his hard chest. He held me closer and kissed my forehead. "You smell good by the way," I chuckled as he took off his sweatpants and walked towards the bathroom naked. I couldn't help but notice his toned butt. I covered my face and peeked again through my fingers. He simply laughed and closed the door. Even his character was like Emilio.


I got ready and then we went to his suite so he can pack which he really didn't need to. He hardly even touched anything in his massive room. We went downstairs and walked outside to another restaurant that was within walking distance from the hotel. We ate a hearty breakfast and walked back inside. "Tu eres hermoso (You are beautiful)," he whispered in my ear. I turned around and pinched his cheek.

"Tu eres guapo (You are handsome)," his cheeks got red and that's when I heard a woman giggle. We both saw a middle-aged woman with a small booth by the entrance. She had shiny thick black hair and wore a marigold crown. Her skin was tan as I noticed her natural glow. She wore a colorful floral dress that danced with yellow, red, gold, and white roses all over.

"You two are a cute couple," I loved her accent. "But I see both of you have lost someone close to you, come," our smile disappeared. She gestured and sweetly smiled at us. We walked towards her booth that had pictures of people dressed as the day of the dead. I remembered Esmeralda talking about this part of her culture to me. I know this celebration happens in November so I'm confused as to why she's talking about this to us.

"We celebrate death all year," she glanced her chocolate eyes at me and smirked. "Death is a part of life. Yes, it hurts very much but we also need to celebrate them. I lost my husband not so long ago. I miss him with every breath inside me but he's in a better place now. He suffered from colon cancer. I celebrate his death every day. I know he's looking down at me."

I noticed that her eyes dilated. I could sense her pain radiate from her but she still was able to keep a charming smile on her face, she was strong, more than I was. "Come tonight at 7, to the beach. We'll throw a flower at our loved ones in the ocean, once it disappears from our view. We will know that our loved ones received it," I glanced at Dash whose eyes were glossy. It hurt to see a strong man like him break in front of me.

"I think I should be fine, as long as I leave by 8 pm to catch my flight," he gave me a courageous smile.

"Great. I shall see you two at the beach," she reached for my hand and smiled. Her eyes glowed like the sun. "He loves you very much."

I glanced at Dash. "Not him, your husband, Emilio," my heart stopped and my eyes got watery. I swallowed hard to stop myself from breaking down.

"You sensed him," my words choked in my throat.

"Yes, now go and spend time with this gorgeous man. He adores you and wants to get to know you," my heart didn't break this time. Dash gripped my hand and he healed me instantly.

We walked away and stood in silence until Dash said he wanted to swim with the dolphins. So we did just that. Time went by so fast that the sun was starting to set on the horizon. I didn't want to say goodbye but I also knew he wasn't going far. We lived in the same city so I'll see him soon.

The orange halo slowly disappeared into the horizon as the purple sky started to appear with glistening stars. We walked towards the beach as the sand was still warm from the sunny day. Dash's back was redder but he didn't seem bothered by it anymore. We held hands as we saw a couple of people holding different colored flowers.

"You made it. We heard a familiar voice," we turned around and it was the same woman from earlier. Now that I think of it. We never got her name. "It's Alejandra. It was rude of me but I was so intrigued by you two that I forgot to tell you my name," she had two marigolds in her hands. She handed one to me and then to Dash.

"Thank you," the flower was beautiful. It was bright yellow-orange as it glowed like the sun. We followed her towards the beach as everyone followed.

"Bless your flower and send your deceased loved one a message," Alejandra talked loudly to everyone. I glanced down at the bright flower and closed my eyes.

"I love you, Emilio, with all the strength I have but it's time for me to let you go. I think Dash has the potential to make me happy. He reminds me so much of you. Until we meet again, my friend, my lover, my heart"

I glanced at Dash who had a shiny tear come down his cheek. He had his eyes closed. He kissed the flower as we both walked towards the gentle ocean. The waves were quiet and the water shined from the moon that was appearing slowly in the night sky. We both threw our flowers in the ocean as the waves grabbed them like hands. They gently drifted to the deep sea as they finally disappeared. Both our loved ones got our message.

We said goodbye to Alejandra and thanked her for everything. A sudden relief took over my body. It was like a mountain of sorrow disappeared and I was able to breathe fresh air.

"What did you send your mom?"

I saw a curve on his lips. "I sent a message to two people, my mom telling her that I miss her and she'll always have a place in my heart."

I was confused about the second person. "Who else did you send a message to?"

"To Emilio. I told him that you're in good hands. I'll take care of you," my eyes got watery. Dash was too good to be true. It's like high school. I didn't deserve Emilio. Now Dash is in my life, do I deserve him? The future is near and I'm about to find out what that holds.


*We are heading somewhere now :)*
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