A Dash Of Him

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DASH Chapter 16

I'm so fucken tired but excited to meet my team and coach. My agent, Jackson Carter, pulled some strings and got me a probation contract with the Los Angeles Saints. They aren't the best in the league, it's been a while since I saw them win a championship but right now I can't complain about what team I get on.

My flight got moved to midnight and I just landed 15 minutes to 7 am. I'm exhausted but all I need is a strong coffee which I got at a small coffee shop in the airport. My phone didn't work at all it only turned on but at least I got the directions from Jackson when I talked to him yesterday.

I threw my luggage into the backseat of the Uber and gave the driver the directions to downtown Los Angeles. My thoughts suddenly went to Duke. His handsome face and those blue eyes knocked me off my feet. It was hard to say goodbye to him because all I saw was sadness but I also saw a spark of happiness inside those eyes. I think saying goodbye to our loved ones helped him move on. I know it took a boulder off my shoulders. I was relaxed and more focused. I missed my mother like crazy but I had to move on and build my future again.

Let's hope my new team welcomes me with open arms because I know there were more rumors of what happened a year ago. I know my old team hates my guts. After all that chaos I only had one friend left, his name was Beckett Johnson but we lost touch after I went on hiatus.

"I thought I'd never see the day, Dashiell Mitchell," my eyes averted to the driver who was gazing at me through the rearview mirror. I couldn't help but smirk at him as I lifted my chin to say hello.

"Yeah, in the flesh," I didn't know what to say. I'm not sure if he'll scold me for what happened a year ago or if he was just a fan.

"I'm a fan, I love your plays. You're a great center. I'm sorry for what happened to your mother. I lost my mother as well," my heart ached at the mention of her. I swallowed hard as I sipped on my coffee. I needed the adrenaline kicking but right now it's mostly sorrow that dug inside my heart.

"Thanks, man. I appreciate the sympathy."

"Are you coming back? I miss watching you. Your old team didn't do great after you left. They didn't make the league, they got disqualified in mid-January," yeah I heard they were doing bad. I saw they lost motivation after I left. It's all my fault. I was their leader, their guidance, and I lost it when I decided to empty the liquor bottle. I took a deep breath. I need to focus on my new team. I'm not sure what position I'll take but it's better than nothing. I'll take whatever at the moment.

"I'm hoping. I'm going to meet my new team right now. The Los Angeles Saints," he cringed when I told him the team. Fuck, were they that bad?

"Let's hope you can talk some sense into those guys, they got disqualified so early in the season," I gulped down the coffee but now I'm thinking of a drink. I hope this wasn't a bad decision. I'm trying to better my career not make it worst. I didn't say much after his statement. I was trying to figure out what I'm going to do. He parked outside the stadium.

"It's on the house, man. I'm glad I met you. You seem like a nice guy, not arrogant like most of these players," my confidence grew a bit at his words. "And I know you'll do great things. Hey, you might take these guys to the championship."

I signed one of his business cards and he gave me one as well. "Thanks for the kind words, Luther," he nodded as I grabbed my luggage and threw my coffee cup in the trash disposal.

I walked towards the entrance and immediately security knew who I was. "I can't believe my eyes, Dash Mitchell, no way!" These fans are giving me more confidence and it was great.

"Yup, nice to meet you," his eyes were star-struck as I stretched my arm to shake his hand. His hand trembled as he gripped it firmly.

"I've never been greeted so nicely," I saw him swallow slowly, it's like he was trying not to cry. He was young and probably doing this part-time.

"Well I'm a nice guy but listen I have to get into this meeting but when I come out I'll take a picture and sign whatever you want," he almost jumped for joy. I tapped his shoulder as he opened the door for me. He pointed to where the lockers were as I made my way over.

I left my luggage by the entrance of the locker room as I heard a husky voice loudly through the walls. The fresh smell of chlorine and fresh paint invaded the atmosphere. The walls were freshly painted and the lockers seemed new as well. Then I saw Jackson standing by a corner with his arms crossed, he nodded as this older man stopped talking, all eyes were on me.

Some guys threw daggers at me and some gave me a faint smirk. "Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in," then this man's face looked familiar, was it, Bryan Garr, head center for the Los Angeles Vipers, this team doesn't exist no more. They got replaced with the Los Angeles Saints. His team won so many Stanley Cups that it was hard to keep count. I heard he retired but he also coached a couple of years ago. He's fucken Hades of hockey from what I heard. "Take a seat and then I'll have you introduce yourself. I'm pretty sure these guys know who you are."

I heard one guy huff then his green eyes aligned with mine. His eyes burned a new tattoo on my forehead. He cracked his neck and averted back to listen to the coach. "Can I stand, it was pretty uncomfortable sitting in a tiny space on the plane?" I knew we had to respect our coach.

"See that right there is respect and I expect it from each of you. Stand next to Carter there," he gestured at him as I made my way over. He just smirked as we attentively went to listen to him.

"I'm Coach Garr, I'm changing everyone's position and I don't give a fuck what you think. I've watched all your plays and I haven't been embarrassed in my whole life. No wonder this team hasn't won shit and you want to know why Cooper?" He asked the guy that almost killed me with his eyes.

"No concentration on the ice, sir," his words almost stuttered. I smirked at how he feared this coach. I'm used to it. My old coach was almost like him, maybe a bit nicer but still strict.

Coach Garr laughed his head off, he started to walk with a limp then I remembered why he retired. Someone smashed him hard from behind and it shattered his femur. I read he couldn't play anymore. It was tough for him. He fell into depression and drank his sorrow away but he met a nice girl. She took him out of all his depression and he dedicated his life to coaching. He has two girls from what I heard.

"You think it's concentration, ha! You, young man, Anderson, right? You look like your 12," he pointed at a guy that looked like he was going through puberty. "How old are you son?"

"23, and yes sir I'm Caleb Anderson," I saw him fidgeting with his finger as the blood left his face.

"I've seen your plays, good but not impressive. You in college from what your father tells me?"

"Yes, sir, just a backup plan," he swallowed hard as well.

"That's good because if you fuck up. You're off the team," his eyes widen as I noticed his eyes get glossy. Fuck, Coach Garr isn't playing around.

"I think I've heard enough, actually what do you think a team needs," Coach's voice radiated towards me.

"A team needs a leader, someone that guides them and helps them when the morale is down," I heard Cooper chuckle.

"Have something to say, Cooper because you know I'm benching you to alternate center," he shot up as his eyes darted to me.

"You can't do that. He just came! He's a fuck up. He let his team down! You can't do that!" He yelled at Coach Garr as he simply smirk at him.

"I just did and you're lucky I didn't drop you down to a wingman so sit down and be quiet," Cooper's face was tomato red as he sat down and folded his arms. "Listen up, every single one of you. We all fuck up, even me but for us to succeed we need to rattle some changes. I'm a nice guy but I can turn into Hades within a second. Dash Mitchell is your new center and your leader. Any questions ask him or me but I rather you go to him. I need all of you to become family, brothers."

"Fuck this," Cooper stood up and stormed off, glaring at me as he left.

"Anyone else, the door is there?" Coach pointed but everyone seemed to stay put. "Meeting dismissed. The first practice is on Wednesday. 5 am sharp, don't be late," everyone stood up, some nodded their head, others didn't even bother acknowledging me. "Mitchell, my office now," Coach gestured me to follow him. Carter followed as well.

Coach sat down as Carter closed the door. "You seem to have enemies already," he interlocked his fingers as he smirked at me. "He'll get over it. He's a good center but needs guidance. He has a temper as well so I need a favor from you, please sit," he gestured at the chairs in his office. I glanced around it had portraits of major centers in the NHL. His office was damn cold but it felt right like I'm supposed to be here, it was home.

Carter and I sat. "I need you to bring this team together. I've seen your plays and you have heart, kid. You direct your team with stamina and you treat them like brothers. I know you lost your mother and that affected you, trust me I've been there. You just need inspiration and a good team. Those boys out there need a push and I'm pretty sure you'll bring this team together and we'll do great stuff. I talked with Carter here and I'm putting you on a probation contract. If you fuck up, you're gone, got it?"

"Yes, perfectly."

"Good, now go get some rest. You're going to need it."

"Thank you, coach."

"I'll call you later. I'm going to talk to Coach here for a bit," Carter told me. I needed a new cellphone so that's what I'm going to go get right now.

"Alright," I nodded and headed out. I grabbed my luggage as I thought about what inspired me then Duke came to mind. His beautiful smile and those blue eyes gleamed when we gazed at each other. He had a spark that I know can explode into fireworks. I'm not going to lie, I glanced at the plane ticket he left on top of his drawer when he was taking a shower. I saw he landed tomorrow early in the morning. Maybe I should surprise him and pick him up. Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do.

I exited the lockers and was surprised to see two guys waiting by the wall. One was the young guy, Anderson and then the other guy just studied me. He stretched his hand and gave me a faint smirk. "Mason Brooks, pleasure. Let's hope you're good because the last thing we need is a fuck up," he didn't say the words to hurt me but damn did it sting. Both their eyes gazed at me, it's like they saw me as their role model.

"I won't. We will make this season happen. I just need your help as well," they both smirked at me.

"I'm starving," Caleb said. "Let's go eat and get to know each other," something told me it was going to be a great season but little did I know it was going to be tougher than I thought.
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