A Dash Of Him

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DUKE Chapter 20

It was 3:30 in the morning and I was wide awake. I had my lamp on so I wouldn't wake up Dash. He came back to my house last night after his dinner with his dad. His eyes were puffy and red but filled with rage. He took me into his arms and hugged me tightly. I could tell from yesterday that he doesn't have a great relationship with his father. I also heard something about a brother but Dash has never mentioned he had a sibling. I was barely starting to know him so I didn't want to ask too many questions, maybe he doesn't have a good relationship with his brother. All I remember was those crystal blue eyes turn into a murky deep blue tone.

His lips tasted of wine. I had checked how he got here and I saw his truck parked in the driveway. I wish he wouldn't have driven in his toxic state. He took a shower and immediately fell asleep. I know he has training in an hour or so. I should make him a shake of some sort. I glanced over at his full pouted lips. He had long dark lashes as his nose was symmetrically perfect. His shaggy hair covered his well-groomed eyebrows, he was just perfect like Emilio.

Finally, my heart didn't ache when I thought of Emilio. Dash was slowly healing those broken pieces that slit every time I said Emilio's name. I know Dash has issues of his own but he's tougher than me. I say his eyes swell up yesterday at the support group but he immediately swallowed that sorrow. He was much stronger than me. I lifted my hand and moved some wavy pieces of hair away from his forehead. He groaned but didn't wake up.

I gently got out of bed and went to into the kitchen. I went into the cabinet and took out some powder protein. I grabbed a banana, the peanut butter jar, and some honey. I put everything in the blender and I regretted it. The blender roared but it was too late, Dash was standing by the hallway, stretching his long body. I turned off the blender as he walked closer but I couldn't keep my eyes off his shoulders. They were broad and wide. I could even see the veins pop out.

He got closer and towered over me. I forget how tall he was. I swallowed as he gave me his charming smirk. "Morning, is this for me?" He eyed the shake on the blender as I was at a loss for words. I had a pro athlete in front of me. I just realized that. "Ok maybe this will wake you up," his lips tasted of mint as his tongue slowly entered my mouth. I could help but pull his muscle shirt down and devour his lips. He quickly picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Ok, you're awake."

We both chuckled as he put me on top of the counter and spread my legs. His body fit perfectly in between them as he bit my bottom lip. Suddenly I felt his morning wood dig in between my legs. He licked my neck and then down my chest. "Why aren't you saying anything?" his wet lips roamed all over my neck and that fire me up like a volcano.

"I hmm I hmm," his calloused hands roamed around my waist when suddenly an alarm went off.

"Fuck," he groaned and took his cellphone out. "Shit, it's 4. We have to be in the stadium by 5 or else the coach will have my head," he sucked on my bottom lip. "Soon I'll make you mine."

But then I realized I haven't been intimate in so long. I've had hookups but those were mutual and a one-time thing. I was trying to get over Emilio but Dash was different. It would mean more with him just like it did with Emilio.

I was lost in my thoughts that he waved his hand in front of me. "Or whenever you're ready," I got out of my trance and managed to smile at him.

"I just need a bit more time. We are just starting and I want to know if this is real. I don't want to get hurt again," he kissed my cheek and that made my heart thump, making another piece of my fortress fall off.

"I'm patient, this is real but I'm willing to wait but we should head out."

I nodded. "I'll put this shake in a jug for you, go get ready," he pecked me once last time and went into the room. I took a deep breath as I was fighting with my thoughts. My heart was telling me this was too fast but my mind was fighting for me to give in. But then it switched my heart ached for love but my mind clouded my judgment. One day at a time, that's all I going to tell myself. For now.


The orange halo was getting brighter on the horizon. Dash drove downtown within 20 minutes. We made it 15 minutes early as we parked on the street and ran towards the stadium. He had already drunk his shake as I gulped down a cup of coffee because I was still half asleep but running towards the immense stadium woke me up. He pushed opened the glass door and held it for me. "Are you sure they'll let me in?" We hadn't thought about that but I could hang out in his truck if they didn't let me stay.

We stopped by the entrance of the locker room as he held his heavy handbag. He gave me his charming smirk and pinched my cheek. "You're adorable and I'm pretty sure you can stay. You can cheer me on while I get my butt handed to me. Hockey training is brutal," I chuckled then he leaned in and kissed my cheek. It sent shockwaves down my spine.

It was like I did for Emilio. I would stay after school and see him practice with his team. Donovan would always throw a football at me to startle me while I wrote in my notebook. He wouldn't throw it directly at me but it was enough for me to drop my notepad. Emilio would get pissed at him but they were best friends so it came with the friendship.

He grabbed my hand and lead me into the cold locker room. I heard lockers slam and guys laughing then everything went to silence when we appeared, that guy Aiden from the support group glared in our direction, some didn't say anything, others just went back to change. "Dash, maybe I should go back to your truck?"

He leaned in and whispered in my ear."Fuck no. I need you here."

An older man came out of a room as his eyes fell on Dash. "Dash, no boyfriends or girlfriends in the locker room! Take him to the rink. Come back and get ready, same goes for any of you," he shouted and went back to his office. The guy Aiden chuckled as I saw Dash clench his jaw.

"Fuck, sorry. Let me take you to the bleachers," he put his handbag down as we went towards the rink. We opened the door as a huge arena came into view. The white ice glowed from the rink and the floodlights were as bright as the sun. I rubbed my arms because it was closer than I expected. "Here take my sweater. I'm used to all this cold," he took off his sweater and stay with his white v neck. Damn, he looked hot.

"Thank you," I put on his sweater as his masculine whiff made it more potent. I couldn't help but smile while his warmth filled my body with happiness. I sat down as I got a view of the whole rink. I notice little huts with huge glass windows.

"Those are where we bench and that's the penalty bench whenever we do something that we aren't supposed to," he pointed at another hut. He winked at me and smirked. "I'll explain more later but I have to get ready," he pecked my cheek and ran towards the locker room.


It's been 2 hours and my eyes were glued to how they practiced. Skating back and forth with no break in between. They did intense exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups all while wearing their thick gear. My body ached just looking at how tired some of the players were getting. I figured who Dash not only because he was the taller one of the bunch but how swiftly he moved on the ice. He glided like he was born to do this. He waved at me a couple of times but I noticed he didn't have a number on his uniform, maybe because he was new. I saw everyone had one then I noticed Dash was not paying attention when one of the players slammed him on the wall. I jumped up and saw him fall.

He quickly got up and took off his helmet. The other guy took his helmet off, it was Aiden. Dash pushed him as he fell on the floor. I saw some guys hold Dash back because he was about to lunge at Aiden. I heard clacks coming towards me and saw one of the players standing there.

His hair was drenched in sweat, he had deep brown chocolate eyes. He was lean but had broad shoulders. His gaze was stern then he glanced at the ice rink. It seemed like the coach was shouting at Dash and Aiden. "You Dash's dude?" He had a husky voice.

I shook my head. "We are just getting to know each other," I gestured if he wanted to sit. He sat down as he made the seats jump up.

He took a deep breath and just gazed at the rink. "I'm Mason Brooks," his eyes were on me again. "Dash seems nice. I met him a couple of days ago. He treated us to lunch. Well me and Caleb," he pointed at a young-looking guy that stood behind Dash.

He kept his gaze on the rink. I noticed the sadness in his eyes. "I'm Duke Michelson," I stretched my hand towards him. He gripped my hand and nodded.

"Nice to meet you, Duke. Listen, I read about Dash. He's been through a lot, this sport means a lot to him. Be his inspiration," he sounded very mature for his age. I noticed his eyes trembled with pain, maybe life made him mature.

"I know what's he's been through. His mom passed away, my husband passed away a year ago as well. So I know pain."

"Yeah, I do too. It's a blessing to be part of this team. Now I can help my family get by," I saw his eyes get glossy but he held them in. "Just keep him focused. We need him," he stood up and that's when I saw a faint smile on his lips. "I'm pretty sure you need him too," he walked away and down to the rink. He glided on the rink and went inside one of the huts. I noticed Aiden and Dash were the only ones on the rink, all the players were inside the huts or bench areas. I need to read up on hockey.

Dash waved at me and then put his helmet on. He leaned forward as Aiden did the same. It's like they were going to face off. The coach dropped a round object in front of them and Dash pulled it quickly towards him. He skated quickly towards the net on the other side. Aiden was right behind him but not fast enough. Dash braked as ice chipped in the air. He hit the round object into the net as some players yelled. Aiden hit his helmet as they went back to the middle of the rink.

My stomach started growling as I noticed the time on my phone. It was almost 11 am, this face-off was heading now to 45 minutes. It's like they were trying to win some competition. Dash and Aiden had scored twice into the nets but they slammed each other on the sideline, they swerved around each other as they tried to block each other from scoring.

Dash looked tired as his skating was dragging but he kept focus. He had the round object as he skated on the side but then Aiden came skating with force as he slammed Dash on the side, making him collapse on the floor. Aiden had the round object as he skated fast to one of the nets. I saw Dash limp but he bolted like lightning towards Aiden, swerved in front of Aiden, and pulled the round thing with his stick. He stormed towards the net closest to him. He braked as the round object fired into the net. All the players stormed out of the bench area and skated towards Dash. I saw Aiden skate towards the locker room with his head down. What's his deal with Dash?

I stood up and walked down towards the rink. I stopped and put my hands on what looked like a glass protector. All the players congratulated Dash, it's like he won some sort of bet. His eyes landed on mine. He winked at me as my heart thundered in my chest. I was slowly feeling a dash of hope, a dash of him.
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