A Dash Of Him

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DASH Chapter 22

I went back to sleep for about an hour after Duke left. But then my stomach started to growl so I got up and cooked myself some grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, whatever I found in Duke's fridge. Thank god my mom taught me how to cook or else I would live off cereal and granola bars. Duke's house was very calm and tranquil just like him. The baby blue curtains matched the carpet in the lounge room. The couch and love seats were a creamy tone and the throw pillows were a dark navy tone. It was peaceful in his house just like him.

I hope he doesn't mind me invading his kitchen. It just seems natural to do this. I never had an actual relationship so I don't know how all this works but with Duke, it comes out natural. It's like I've known him for years.

I finished eating and cleaned my mess. I didn't want to text Duke what time he was going to come home but I was getting restless. I know he said he knew Donovan Graystone but jealousy took over. I also knew Donovan was married so I shouldn't be too concerned. It was just two friends catching upright? Deep inside I wanted to protect Duke but I knew he had to escape his prison of agony. But that didn't mean I had to like it.

I grabbed his album he showed me not too long ago. I sat on the comfy couch and took a deep breath. I opened to the middle and saw a picture of Duke, Emilio, and Donovan. Duke was standing in between them as they put their arms around him. It looked like it was taking after a football, they all looked young, maybe high school. They seemed to have been close. I saw another light in Duke's blue eyes, they gleamed with happiness, especially with Emilio next to him.

I glanced outside the window and saw darkness had fallen. Crickets chirped close to the door that I assumed went to his backyard then I heard a car park. I put the album on the couch and walked slowly towards the door. I heard footsteps and then a deep voice. "I had a great time, Duke. I'll be around for a couple of days if you want to hang out again just like old times," his voice sounded more flirtatious and that didn't sit well for me.

I immediately opened the door and glared at this fucker. Yeah, he was hot as fuck and was a known football athlete but the way his gray swirled with lust; I was about to punch him in his perfect face.

"Good evening," I held my vicious tone. I glanced at Duke who had a friendly smile on his face.

"Hey, you're awake, this is my good friend Don or Donovan Graystone." Donovan's eyes scanned my body but then he quickly aligned them with mine.

I forced a smile and stretched my hand. "Dashiell Mitchell, his boyfriend," fuck, I didn't know where that came from but damn did it feel good to say that. His eyebrows shot up.

I averted my gaze at Duke whose cheeks were a rosy tone. I saw his lip curve on the corner of his mouth. He didn't correct me so that was the green light to pull him towards me. Donovan or Don, whoever the fuck, gripped my hand and tried to size me up. But I held Duke by his waist.

Don let my hand go as he put them in his pockets. "Duke didn't say anything about having a boyfriend," his gray eyes turned into a murky gray thunderstorm.

"He doesn't have to, right babe," I kissed his cheek as he chuckled.

"Sorry, Don. I wanted to catch up with you that I forgot to mention. Dash is my boyfriend," he placed his head on my chest and hugged my waist. He was going with the flow. Did he want to be with me? I'll ask once this fucker leaves.

"Things go without saying," I added more fuel to the fire. I need to calm down, this is his friend. I took a deep breath and tried to be more civil. "He's told me good things about you. Duke has a bunch of photos of you and Emilio. You three seemed close."

Then I felt like a dick when I saw Donovan's eyes swell up. "Yeah, he was my best friend. I'd do anything for him. I'll take his place but yeah..." he stepped back and was ready to leave. "Well, Duke like I said I'll be around for a few days so hit me up if you want to catch up some more."

Duke unhooked himself from me and went to hug Don. Don held him a little too tight for my liking and it was weird because wasn't he married to a woman? He gave me a vibe he was into Duke. Duke quickly pulled away and came back to me. He nodded at me. "Night, man. By the way. I'm a big fan. I'm glad you're back," now I really feel fucked up.

"Thanks," is all I said. We stood by the doorstep until his Bentley disappeared.

The air was chilly as I picked up Duke and put him over my shoulder. "Hey! Put me down," he laughed as I brought him in and closed the door with my leg. I walked past the dining table and then threw him on the couch. I quickly got on top of him and gazed into his crystal blue eyes. He held his handsome smile as his eyes swirled with tiny orbs of white lights.

"Let me ask you this," he lifted his hand to my cheek as his fingers grazed them slowly. "Are we still friends?"

"I think we moved past being friends a couple of minutes ago. Did you mean what you just said?" His chest heaved gently as he bit his bottom lip. Fuck, he's so damn cute.

I moved my hip as my cock got hard from being in between his legs. "What do you want, babe?"

"I want you," that made my heart explode inside my chest. "But please don't hurt me. I'm going to give us a shot," he wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me down. Our lips fused. It wasn't a gentle kiss, we were animals as our tongues fought violently inside each other's mouth.

He moaned as I thrust my cock in between his legs. "Dash, I want you so bad," he pushed me off him. "Sit upright," his blue eyes were filled with lust and desire. I sat comfortably as his hand grip my dick on top of my sweatpants. He moved it up and down, slowly making my shaft harder.

"Fuck," I moaned. His hand moved towards the waistband of my sweats. Suddenly his hand went inside my sweats and grip my hard cock.

He whispered in my ear as his hot breath made my leg switch. "I want to taste you," he pulled down my sweatpants as my cock sprung out. His eyes widen at how big I was. I must admit I was well endowed. I saw his head go down when his lips sucked the tip of the head. "Duke," I moaned as his tongue swirled around my shaft then he took me all into his mouth. I tried to keep calm and let his warm mouth work on my sensitive cock. My leg trembled and my eyes went behind my head. His mouth was working miracles on my thick cock. He slowly went up and down, making it nice and wet.

He moaned and that sent my senses to another dimension. He was enjoying it as I was too. I gripped his hair and moved his head. "Mmm," I heard his enjoyment. His blue eyes aligned with mine as he smirked while my cock was in his mouth. He continued to wrap his soft lips around my eruptive shaft. The tension was building on my lower abdomen. My balls were clenching and the moment of satisfaction was coming. His movements became more rapid as my shaft began to constrict with pleasure.

"Duke, I'm about to come," I was entering a euphoric state, a place of no return. My legs began to tense up and the pleasure was building. I was ready to explode like lava. "Duke," his mouth went faster and faster until my eyes went behind my eyes. I gripped his hair and exploded like the sun. I heard him moan as my hot load exploded into his mouth. "Ahhh, fuck," my whole body tensed up as my orgasm sent me to the stars. I glanced down as Duke licked every bit of cum off my cock. "Damn, that was intense," he lifted my sweats up and then sat next to me. His swollen lips wrapped with mine. I tasted the sweet nectar of mine. I've never done this but it turned me on.

"You tasted good," he chuckled. I noticed he got shy with me. "I haven't been intimate like that since..." he stopped. I knew what he was going to say.

"It's ok, we are adults and know what we are doing," my body started to cool and the soreness was returning on my ribs. The damn practice was intense and the face-off with Aidan took a toll on my body. I was getting tired again.

I pulled Duke into my chest and kissed the top of his head. He buried his head into my chest and then I realized I needed him. He filled me with warmth inside my chest. He gave me a reason to play again, even though he didn't know much about hockey. I enjoyed him being on the sideline and being there. He was my lucky charm. I have an idea for a number on my jersey but it'll be a surprise for Duke.

"Thank you, Dash, for being there for me," he snuggled into my chest again. This was great, this is exactly what I've been looking for, a sense of well-being, and Duke was the reason for it.


We parked outside the grocery store. I noticed Duke's fridge was kind of lacking some meat and other proteins. I'm not saying I live with him but I've been staying with him these past few days. His blue eyes were lit brightly just like the sun with a dash of happiness. "You're not paying for anything," he threatened as he grabbed a cart.

"But I'm going to eat a lot," I joked as he chuckled. I followed him inside as eyes darted towards me. Crap, I forgot I'm not just any person. I'm well known and should brace myself with fans.

I noticed a little kid running towards me. "Bash, Bash," he barely reached my knee as he hugged my leg. "Bash."

His mother came running towards me as she covered her eyes in embarrassment. "I'm so sorry. My husband is a fan of yours and he shows my son plays of you. He knows who you are," I kneeled and smirked at the little guy. He had chubby cheeks and big green eyes.

"It's ok, I don't mind," I pinched his cherub cheeks as he reached for my neck to hug me. I glanced at Duke who just admire our interaction. "What's your name?"

"Mitah," I chuckled.

"He means, Micah," the mother told me.

His mother took a picture of us. "My husband is going to freak." They left as we continued shopping.

We filled the cart with more than what we needed but Duke doesn't know I'm paying for all this. "Are you sure we need this?" He picked up a pack of Oreos. I had dumped a few into the cart.

"Aren't those your favorite," his cheeks turned red.

"Yeah, but the cart is full of them," I chuckled as we stood in line. Customers kept looking at us, some were curious about my relationship with Duke. I texted Jackson to tip off the media. I didn't need them in my business, they screwed me over in the past.

I pulled him closer and put my arm around his shoulder. The cashier was taking a while with the guy in front. He had his hoodie up but then I recognized his face from his profile view. It was Mason. "Your card was declined," the cashier sounded annoyed and said it a little too loud. I saw he had a huge cart full of food that was already bagged.

"Fuck," Mason yelled. I stepped forward and took out my wallet.

"How much is it?" I asked the cashier.

"It's $320."

"I'll pay it."

"Dash, you don't have to pay it," he hid his face inside his hoodie. He told me the first time we met that he just got drafted. He struggled with his family and being on the team will relieve their income status.

"Yes I do," I swiped my card.

"Thanks, I'll pay you back."

"Don't worry about it. What's going on? You haven't got your salary?"

He shook his head. "Coach gave me a company credit card. My contract is still being processed," I heard his voice choked. I'm going to talk to Coach Garr about this, this is fucken right.

I paid for our groceries and Duke gave me the unapproved gaze. I chuckled as we walked out with Mason. "Thanks, Dash. We needed food at my house," he filled his broke down car. My heart broke just seeing his status. I've seen how moves on the rink. He's fast and a good wingman. I can't wait to see him in action when we start the season.

"Hey, you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask."

He pulled down his hoodie and his wavy hair came down his forehead. His chocolate brown eyes were thankful. "Thanks, man. I'll see you in practice." He drove off as Duke had a pleasing smirk.

"You're so good to everyone."

I pulled him closer and pecked him on the lips. "This is who I am. I'm a nice guy. I had a bad run with the media but I've always been this person. I was skinny and people made fun of me, that gave me a thicker skin," then my thoughts went to Matthew Clearwater. He never responded to my message on Instagram. I hope he's ok.

"Never change, Dash. Never change." Duke hugged my waist and life couldn't be better at the moment.
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