A Dash Of Him

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KIERAN Chapter 25


The room was cold as fuck now that winter was approaching. The only cover I had was a sheer white sheet that did nothing to keep me warm. My pillow hardly had any fluff to it and my bed was like sleeping on the cardboard. This was my life for another two years. Thankfully my father got a good lawyer to lower my sentence but he's trying harder to get me out sooner but I doubt it. I killed a guy and the guilt has been buried deep inside me. Sometimes I wake up trembling from a livid dream from that tragic night. I see blood on my hands and the dark hair from the guy I killed.

I'm staring at the wiring from the bed on top of my bunk as all the inmates slept. I couldn't fucken sleep tonight because the air was ice. My fingers and toes were frozen as I covered myself with this hand-me-down cover.

I glanced at the gray wall as a picture of my mother was taped to it. My heart shattered every time I saw her. I treated her like shit with my rebellion. She tried to encourage me to be good and do well but all eyes were on Dash. Don't get me wrong I love my brother, he deserves everything that was given to him but being swept under the rug is not the best feeling. My dad was never the affectionate father so that made me hate him more, now he's trying to make up for it. I appreciate the gesture but it's a little too late for that. I miss you mom and every day my heart breaks for treating you less than what you deserved.

I heard a grunt and I knew Vlad was about to stick his head down to check up on me. He's been my cellmate since I got here and at first, I was scared shitless. He had a scar on his right eye and was filled with tattoos. His arms and shoulders were perfectly chiseled as every muscle was defined as a Greek sculpture. I mean the guy works out most of the day in the yard, there are weights and gym equipment that we can use. His thick Russian accent made him more intimidating but he was quite the opposite.

Like I predicted his head peeked down and his gray eyes glowed in the dark. "Can't sleep?" He tried to whisper but his voice was too deep. Thankfully the night guard was on his break.

"Yeah, I'm fucken cold," my lips trembled as I wrapped the cold-ass sheets around my body. I received a warm blanket from Dash a couple of months ago but someone came into our cell and took it. I found out who it was and beat the shit out of him but I got in trouble. I was dumped into solitary confinement for a couple of days but my warm blanket was trashed by the fucked up guards.

He slowly came down and grabbed his warm blanket. "Move over, yeah," I forgot to mention that hmm we are a thing. Not sure what to fucken call it but we messed around a couple of times in the laundry room or when we had to clean the bathrooms together. He confessed to me he was gay when I barely came in. He was in for killing some guy that murdered his boyfriend. He told me he smashed his face on the pavement and now he's doing life in prison. I didn't ask for much detail because I noticed the pain in his eyes.

I caught myself checking him out when we showered together. My dick got hard and I tried to hide it but he only smirked. I mean his body was cut and the V the went down his waist was a work of art. I never thought I would be attracted to a guy. I tried to hide my feelings to myself until one day when we were folding shirts in the laundry room. Vlad got behind me and pulled me closer to him. He kissed my neck and those soft lips did it for me. I spun around and locked my lips with his. He sucked my dick and ever since then he's been attached to me. He protects me from these hard-ass criminals and I'm thankful for it because I wouldn't have made it out alive in here. There were some hardcore murderers and criminals in here.

I was already threatened to get killed but Vlad always had my back. I grew a backbone and got into fights with some of these men. Vlad helped me grow muscle and eventually nobody sized me up, there were a few but Vlad was always by my side.

He squeezed into the tiny bed with his 6 ft body. He covered me with his warm blanket and pulled me into his chest. "Fuck, you're ice cold," I trembled into his warm body and buried my face into his chest. He smelled like cheap soap but the masculinity radiated off him. He rubbed my back until my body started to thaw. "Thanks," my body relaxed as I enjoyed his body heat.

"Don't get too comfortable that guard is going to come back but I'll leave my blanket with you," his deep voice radiated up his throat and out his mouth. I was buried into his hard chest. He had subtle body hair on his chest and with his muscular body, he radiated heat like the sun.

"You're going to freeze," I said in a low whisper.

"I've been here 5 years already. I think I'll survive," he chuckled as he pulled me closer. Never in a million years, I thought I would find comfort in a man but Vlad was tough but had a soft side. Maybe I remind him of his boyfriend that part I'll never know but right now he felt good against my freezing body. I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep.


"Time to get up!" The guard banged on the bars of the cell. I know it was damn 6 in the morning. I was finally warm and having a pleasant sleep but this was life for now. I got up and saw Vlad's legs hanging for the top bunk. I tickled his foot as he chuckled.

"The fuck, man," god his Russian accent is the hottest. He jumped off and hovered in front of me. Geez, he looks good in the morning. His hair color was almost black, more like charcoal. He always had a buzz cut but right now he was looking like a damn snack. One thing that did pop out was those galactic gray eyes of his. He had the nicest heart-shaped lips and right now they were a cherry tone. He averted towards the cell to see if anyone was around then his eyes landed on mine again. He leaned forward and sucked on my bottom lip. "If only I could fuck you right now," he whispered and pulled away. That's the only thing we haven't done because it's hard to do around here.

"Mitchell you have a phone call from your dad," the guard banged on the cell again. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"He's your father, Kai. He may have fucked up many times but at least he's trying. Mine beat the shit out of me and did this," he told me about his dad slamming him on a table and carving a line through his right eye. I took a deep breath and nodded. I just can't get my heart to open to my dad. I know he's trying. I want him to say he loves me and to hug me but that's difficult for him to do I guess.

I was guided to the hallway where the phone was. I took a deep breath and picked up the phone. "What?!" Fuck, I need to chill.

"Son I just wanted to see how you were," my eyes filled with water. His tone was caring but I swallowed my pride.

"I'm alive aren't I, what do you want?" I wiped my tears from under my eyes.

"I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I won't be able to make it. Dash and Duke are on their way," he took a deep breath. "Work got in the way," of course it did. My throat tightly constricted but I swallowed the lump of tears.

"Ok, are we done?"

"I have some good news. I'm not supposed to say anything but your lawyer got you a bail. You'll be out in a couple of months. Maybe in March or April. You'll be on house arrest but it's better than being there right?" My heart filled with joy but at the same time, Vlad came to mind. He's stuck here for life. He's done so much for me and I'll be leaving soon. Fuck me.


"Yeah, I'm here. Thanks, dad. My minutes are running up but you said Dash and Duke are coming?"

"Yeah, I gave Dash some money to give you and they are taking some food for you as well. I'm truly sorry I'm not going to be there but just know that I love you, son," now tears were pouring down my cheeks. I gripped the phone and sniffled.

"I love you too, dad," he finally said the words I wanted him to say for such a long time. I hung up and stood there gazing at my fingers.

"Back to work," stupid fucking guard tapped my shoulder with his baton.

I did my usual work and cleaned some restrooms with Vlad. We folded some laundry and then hit the weights. I had a mixture of anger and happiness. I never benched so much weight in my life, even Vlad was impressed.

"You're gaining more muscle than me," Vlad flexed his huge biceps and I chuckled.

"You ain't got nothing on this," I flexed and my arms had fucken veins popping out. Shit, this was a confidence builder.

"Mitchell!" A guard called out. "Your brother is here," he waved to me as I stood up. Vlad just nodded and sat on the bench press. I felt bad that he didn't have anyone that visited him. I've only seen a woman come to visit him. I'm assuming it was his mother but other than that nobody else.

The guard unlocked my handcuffs as we entered the visitation room. The walls were white, the cheap tables were white and the chairs as well. I can't wait to leave this fucken place. I saw Dash wave and I'm guessing that's Duke. He new man. He's attractive and looks too innocent for my liking but if he makes Dash happy that's all that matters.

Dash stood up and walked over to me. He pulled me into a strong hug and I couldn't hold my fucken tears. "I fucken love you man," my words stuttered as I cried into his neck.

"Love you too, dickhead," we both chuckled. He pulled away as he gestured to Duke who put a set of Tupperware on the table. "This is my boyfriend, Duke. Duke this my brother, Kieran."

"Hey, just call me, Kai," I shook his hand as he gave me a handsome smile.

"Pleasure, Dash talks about you all the time," his voice was soft but deep. I glanced at Dash who had a concerned gaze that only I knew what that meant. He was worried about something. He called me like a month ago asking questions about the car accident but he was very cryptic. He just said he'll ask me in person so I'll wait until he brings it up.

"I hope this dickhead says good things about me," he laughed.

"Of course, he loves you."

We sat down as he handed me an envelope. "Dad sent this, save it or put it away. I know it can get tough in here," he looked at the guard by the door.

"I could take care of myself."

"I see, when the hell did you gain muscle. You look scary but good," he studied my arms.

"I have to protect myself around here," it wasn't a lie. He gave me a concerned gaze but I didn't want to get into my life here. I wanted to know about him.

"Enough about me and my sad life. How is it going with hockey and your love life?" he gave me the biggest grin. His teeth were as bright as snow and his eyes smiled like the star he is.

Dash talked about how he met Duke while I chomped down the delicious Turkey dinner they brought me. Duke mentioned his husband was in an accident a year ago and I almost choked on my food.

I caught my breath and drank some water. "What?"

Duke gave me a suspicious gaze. "Yeah, my husband was in a car accident a year and some months ago. I don't know who the guy was. I'd rather not know. He's in jail and I'm glad," his eyes got watery but he quickly gave me a sweet smile.

"Dash told me you're in here for the same reason. I'm sorry that happened to both of you. I know it was an accident because of your mom," he stopped. "He told me it was a woman that passed away," I glanced at Dash whose eyes were trying to tell me something. The person that I killed was a man. Why is he saying a woman? But I'll go with the flow.

"Yeah, I feel terrible. I was lost after my mom died. I didn't care what happened to me but it ended taking a woman's life."

My hands trembled because I got a vibe that Dash had something to tell me and it wasn't good news. We changed the subject when the guard told us we had ten minutes left. Fuck, 45 minutes go quickly.

"Well, I let you two get some alone time. I'll be outside babe," Duke kissed Dash on the cheek. "It was great to finally meet you," I stood up and shook his hand.

"Likewise, make my brother happy. He's awesome and a great guy," I squeezed his hand as he chuckled.

"Noted," Duke said. A guard took him to the exit as I sat back down.

"Dash, just cut through the bullshit, what's going on?"

He took a deep breath and raked his hands through his hair. "What am about to tell you is going to shock you," his eyes trembled with fear. I know fear especially being in here.

"Spill it!" I shouted, alarming the guard but I waved that it was ok.

"I think Duke's husband was the one you killed. I saw the red Mercedes in an article but you know they printed so much shit on me that it could be a lie. Do you remember anything from that night or what the lawyer told you, anything?" My throat was dry and I'm pretty sure the blood rushed away from my face.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember the name of the guy but I couldn't. I just remembered it started with an E. Fuck, my thoughts were cloudy now. "All I remember it started with an E," Dash's eyes widen as he put his hand over his mouth.

"Fuck, it was him. Duke's husband's name is Emilio. Fuck, fuck, fuck," he slammed his elbows on the table and raked his hair in frustration. I was at a loss for words.

"But Duke thinks otherwise," I stuttered.

"Yes I had to lie to him or else he would grow suspicious. I had to tell him it was a woman you killed not a man but you telling me this confirms it. I don't think I could tell him the truth. You should've seen him when I first met him. He was broken, Kai. He'll hate me for keeping this from him and he'll for sure hate you. This is a mess."

"Bro, just wait. I'll tell him myself. Dad called me today that I should be out by March or April. You should be done playing. We can sit down and try. He needs to know, Dash. The truth always comes out, always."

He shook his head. "I can't lose him, Kai. I won't lose him."

"Times up, men," the guard hovered our table.

"One minute please," I begged with my eyes.

"One minute," the guard walked away.

"Just wait. He thinks it's a woman, just don't say anything anymore. Enjoy being happy. Once I get out, we'll straighten this out, deal?"

He stood up and pulled me into a hug. "I love you, bro. I'm glad dad is doing something good. He's changing, slowly but surely."

"But at what cost," my heart was beating fast and my hands were clammy. How do you tell someone you killed their husband. I'll worry about that when I get out. I just hope the truth doesn't come out sooner rather than later.
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