A Dash Of Him

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DASH Chapter 27

I stood outside gazing at the constellation of stars that canvas throughout the night sky. I held the flute of wine and thought about how my life has changed in a short amount of time. My team has won the majority of the games and we are on our way towards the championship. Next week we play my old teammates the New York Panthers, it should be an intense reunion but I wasn't going to let them diminish my pride and joy down. I know they'll be death glares and intimidations but the new year is about to come in less than 15 minutes. I was at peace with myself and I had the most amazing boyfriend but deep inside I'm doing wrong in not telling him about Emilio.

It will devastate Duke if he knew my brother was the cause of Emilio's accident. He was full of happiness now. His eyes lit up every time I showed up at his doorstep. He laughed when I joked around with him. He was a different Duke from when I saw him the first time at the support group. I didn't want to destroy this relationship I had with him. Kieran told me to wait but I was hanging on by a thread.

My phone pinged and I saw a message from Matthew Clearwater. I haven't heard from him since the last message I responded to and that was a couple of months ago. I was about to swipe when hands wrapped around my waist. I put my phone back into my pants. "Hey you, how was your conversation with your mom?" I spun around as I put my flute on a table.

"She told me to tell you Happy New Year," his blue eyes glowed like the moon. I pulled him closer and pecked him on the lips. Then suddenly fireworks flew towards the night sky. It was New Year's Day and it was perfect.

"Happy New Year, babe," I pulled away as his smile grew from ear to ear. His glossy blue eyes were as tranquil as a lake then I saw a tear come down. "Why are you crying?"

"Happy New Year, my lucky number 7," my heart thumped inside my chest. It was a stampede of happiness because it was the first time he gave me a nickname. He wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his face on my chest. "It's tears of happiness," he pulled away as our eyes aligned. "I'm the happiest I've even been and it's because of you. I leaned down and gave him a soft peck.

"I'm so glad to hear that. You make me happy and I'm glad you're in my life," he fixed my bow tie and gave me his charming smile.

"You look so handsome in this suit," we were invited to a sport recognition awards. I was going to be awarded for best recognition and inspirational award. Deep inside I didn't want to accept it because I wasn't an inspiration. I was holding a dark secret and I was far from being an inspiration. Duke was so happy I was being awarded that I didn't want to kill his happiness for me.

"Thank you, come here," I placed him in front of me as I wrapped my arms around his waist. The fireworks exploded into a million bright colors. My heart mimicked the same explosion. I leaned towards the shell of Duke's ear. "I love you."

His face darted towards mine. A curve slowly appeared on the corner of his lips. His eyes trembled as he gripped my hand. I didn't want to force him to tell me so I'm not going to push. "Dash..."

I stopped him. "You don't have to tell me whenever you're ready," he leaned up and pecked my lips.

"Thank you for being so patient with me."

"Anytime, babe."

We continued to gaze at the fireworks. This was a good start to a new year and the start of a new heartbreak.


I accepted my award and did my speech. I thanked everyone who believed in me even when my name was dragged through the streets. I thanked my mom who was in heaven looking over me. I thanked my brother who I can't wait to see in a couple of months. And I finally thanked Duke for being my inspiration to move forward. He never missed a game and if he did, he would watch it on television. He was my lucky number 7.

Duke waited for me by the entrance as we were about to leave. I was tired and it was past 2 in the morning. "Congratulations!" I held my award while I pulled him towards me.

"This was all you, babe."

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the career killer," I recognized that voice. It was my old publicist Minerva Minks. I quickly averted as she stood there in a black tight mermaid dress holding her jacket. Her eyes blazed like Hades.

"Minerva," I kept my tone stern as I nodded at her.

"Dash is so rude not to introduce us," her eyes averted to Duke and my heart thumped inside my chest. Minerva knew about what happened with my brother but she was so caught up with the media that I don't think she knew who my brother killed. Her name got dragged just like mine. Her career went downhill because of her association with me. I tried to give statements that it wasn't her fault but the media was hard on both of us. Jackson even tried to help but the media had no remorse for both of us.

"I'm Duke, nice to meet you," Duke was always so innocent and charming that it phased him.

"Minerva Minks. Ex publicist of Dash," then I saw who approached her from behind. Fuck I didn't want this right now, Mark Shepherd, ex-teammate from my old team. He hates my guts for making them lose the championship.

"Very inspiring speech, all which is built up guilt, don't you think, Minerva?" they both held a vindictive smirk.

"Yes, the guilt of what really happened. Have you told Duke about the accident?" My heart pounding inside my chest. Did she know what happened? Fuck! I was wide awake now.

I averted to Duke whose eyes were now wide open. His gaze softened and was confused. "What is she talking about, Dash?"

"I prefer you talk to me when you're talking to my client," a beautiful blonde woman stood in between us. Her eyes glared at both of them.

"And who are you?" Minerva's poison leaked through her teeth.

"My name is Abigail White. I'm Dash's new publicist. You want to know anything about him you'll run it through me, got it?" Her tone matched Minerva's.

Minerva's smirk lifted. "You got saved but I'm not done with you yet, let's go, Mark," they both passed us. I took a deep breath as my heart was still pounding like a jackhammer.

"God, I never liked her," Abigail approached us. Her skin was soft like porcelain and her blue eyes glowed like snow. "I've been here watching you. Jackson told me you'll be here and I wanted to introduce myself but you've been busy. I didn't want to impose so I waited until the event was over. I'm your new publicist and we have a lot to discuss but we can do it sometime this week. Here is my card. I'll be waiting for your call," she handed me her card as I was grateful for her coming to my rescue.

"Thank you so much," I shook her hand. Duke introduced himself as well.

"No problem it's my job to help. We'll deal with her soon. I know she's up to no good. I'm pretty sure she wants to get revenge for what happened a year ago. But don't worry she won't get near you or you," she gazed at Duke who still had a confused face. "I'll let you go but I'll be waiting for your call." She nodded and passed us.

I drove home and Duke was silent. He must be overthinking. "Hey, why are you so quiet?" I grabbed his hand. He squeezed it slowly. Thank god he wasn't upset but Duke has never shown me that he gets upset.

"I'm just tired and the word accident triggered memories," I parked outside his house. I hopped out and opened his door. We entered his house as he stopped by the entrance. He just stood there examining the darkness of his house. I turned on the lights and closed the door.

"Hey, I'm sorry she triggered those memories. She's a bitch and you shouldn't let that affect you."

He turned around as his eyes were watery. He stepped slowly towards me and wrapped his arms around my neck. "Make love to me," he pulled me towards him as our lips locked. His kisses became potent and his tongue entered my mouth.

I quickly pulled away as his lips were swollen. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," he took off my jacket and untied my bow tie. He grabbed my hand and lead me towards the lounge room. He tugged on my belt as our lips locked again. Our tongues danced vigorously as our clothes flew off. He pushed me onto the couch and immediately got on top of me. "I want you Dash, only you," I swallowed hard as fireworks burst in my heart. I gripped his waist as my cock harden on how sensually he moved his waist. My hands roamed his firm ass and that ignited another firework.

I've been waiting for this moment for a while and now he's ready. I want to be inside him and make him feel great. I never wanted anyone else like Duke. He was a great person with a huge heart. He's finally letting me in and now I'm going for it. He gripped my hard shaft and teased me with his entrance. My legs twitched at how good that felt. "I'm clean," as he bit the bottom of my lip.

"I am too."

He spits on his hand and gripped my hardened phallus. He lathered it with his spit and slowly aligned it with his entrance. I closed my eyes and then opened them. His blue eyes swirled like a storm. He was ready and so was I. He slowly went down as his lips parted. His muscle tensed up as my cock entered him. "Ohh fuck that feels good," he slammed his lips with mine. I was almost inside his threshold as our lips moved with force. He was sucking all my air but it didn't matter I was making love to him. I was completely in as he began to move his hips up and down.

My lips parted as I enjoyed how soft and tight he was. My dick twitched at his slow moments. I moved his waist up and down my cock. He moaned and that made me thrust faster inside him. "Duke, I'm so close just don't come," my lower abdomen tightened as all the built-up tension was ready to erupt. His lips didn't unlock from mine. Our tongues fought for dominance and I won. I saw his skin starting to show beads of sweat.

"Dash, I'm ready to come," he jerked himself off as he moved faster and faster. Up and down. His entrance gripped my hard cock as the pressure was ready to erupt. "Dash, yes like that," he moaned as I thrust faster into him.

He erupted like a volcano on top of my abs. My balls constricted as I pulled out. He got off me as I came on top of my abs as well. "Fuck!" I came so much that it wouldn't stop. My breathing was fast as my body was sedated. Duke went into his room and came back with a towel. He sat next to me and cleaned me.

He got closer to the shell of my ear. "I love you," I widened my eyes and pulled him on top of me. His skin was dewy and warm. My hands tingled with excitement and my heart jumped with joy.

"Yeah, say it again," I wanted to hear those words again.

He chuckled and buried his face into my chest. "I love you," My hands roamed all over his soft skin. We finally lay on the couch. He was on top of me as I heard him lightly snoring.

I kissed the top of his head. "I love you, my lucky number 7."
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