A Dash Of Him

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DUKE Chapter 32

Life couldn't be better. My life with Dash has bloomed into a beautiful relationship that I thought I would never have again. I asked him to move in with me because let's face it, he was here more than his condo. He sold his condo quickly and it was the best decision I've made. I got promoted as lead marketing director at work and now I have my team to develop. Work has been busy and I haven't seen Dash for a couple of weeks because he's been playing in different states. But we video phone every night. He talks dirty to me and how he's going to fuck me on the couch as soon as he comes back. He comes back today. I came home early from work because I wanted to surprise him with the manuscript of my newest book, A Dash Of Him. I need to send it to my editor and then publish it in a month or two.

His brother comes out in two days and I know he's been excited about that. I know he's missed Kieran and they have a lot to catch up on. Dash told me he's going to be on house arrest for a couple of months until the court sees his being cooperative. So he'll be staying with his dad.

I also noticed Dash hasn't been stressed out lately and I'm so glad. His gloomy and tired eyes were making me worried. But now I see a bright light in those glacial blue eyes of his and I couldn't wait for him to walk through that door.

I also saw that Donovan came out. I was shocked at first because he was married for so long but we talked and told me it was just a cover-up, that Grace was just a great friend of his from college. His team, the Royals, won the championship and now he's taking a break from football. I think the last time I talked to him he was in Europe. He sent me selfies of him and I noticed he was happier as well. Everyone was getting their life and happiness back.

I know I was happier that's because Dash healed my heart. A simple touch from Dash's fingers made my skin erupt into goosebumps. His lips made my heart thump loudly in my chest and his loving words mended those open wounds that are now closed.

I opened my laptop and turned it on. As I waited for it to start I went to the kitchen to prepare Dash a sandwich, knowing his appetite he'll be hungry once he walked through those doors. Suddenly my heart tightened and then it thumped loudly. The hairs on my arm prickled as cold air lingered around me. Then suddenly a warm tear came down my cheek.

"I'm so happy that you found someone, my lucky number 7."

It was Emilio's voice whispering on the shell of my ear. My heart raced faster as a warm smile formed on my lips. I placed my hand over my chest. "Emilio is that you?" I turned around but nothing. I noticed the laptop was at the starting screen. I walked slowly and then I saw a picture of me and Emilio, it was in high school. I was feeding him a sour worm. I was so happy that day just like I am right now.

"I'll always be in your heart. I love you, my lucky number 7. And remember, forgive him."

"What? What do you mean to forgive him?" The room was warm again and the picture was closed on my laptop. He was gone. The door opened as my eyes averted to the man I loved.

He scrunched his eyes and dropped his luggage by the entrance. "Babe, we're you crying?" He quickly came over and pulled me into his chest. God, he smelled so good like leather and spice.

"It's happy tears. I promise. I think Emilio was here. I heard his whispers. He told me he was happy I found someone and that...," I stopped he didn't need to hear that last part, maybe it was me making up words.

I pulled him closer to me and then I gripped his steel ass. I glanced up at him as he had a smirk on his lips. His scruff was thick and long. His hair was getting longer as well but I didn't care he was mine. "Missed me I see."

"You have no idea, watching you on television isn't the same," even though I loved when he got mad and slammed stuff in their little hut.

I pulled him by the neck and slammed my lips on him. His minty breath cooled my tongue. I needed him like I needed air. He groaned and that ignited my blood to rush down to my cock. Our lips fought for dominance as I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I take it you really missed me, Lucky," he said as he carried me to the couch.

"You have too many layers of clothes on," I unbuckled his belt as he took off his leather jacket. I pulled down his fitted pants and he wasn't wearing underwear. His cock bounced up and down. My mouth watered. I bit the bottom of my lips as I dropped down to my knees and devoured his thick cock.

"Ohh fuck," he moaned as I deep throated him. His large hands gripped the back of my hair as he moved my head how he wanted to. His shaft swelled up and I knew he wasn't going to last long. "Lucky, if you keep moving your tongue like that I'm going to bust," and that's exactly what I did. He didn't give me a warning and warm cum burst inside my mouth. "Ohh fuck," he held my head down so I could swallow everything. He finally let me go as he sat down on the couch. His body was sedated and satisfied. "Damn, Lucky, I should be gone more often."

I sat on top of him and made him taste my lips. "You taste so good," I bit his bottom lip.

"Mmm, I like your freaky side, babe." His blue eyes lit up as he gave me that gorgeous smile of his. His white pearly teeth are on display. I pecked his neck and that's when I felt him get hard again. He got close to the shell of my ear. "Round two. I'm going to fuck you so hard on this couch."

I unbuckled my belt as he stood up and quickly took off my pants. He turned me around and spread my legs. He bent me over so I gripped the couch. "You ready, Lucky."

He didn't even let me say anything when he rammed his shaft inside me. My body needed him as much as he needed me. My skin was on fire and only he knew how to cool me down. It was like fire and ice. Our bodies became one and steam erupted from our pores.

We fucked for an hour and then took a nap on the couch. My head rested on his chest as I pecked his salty skin. "That tickles, Lucky." He gave me a new nickname before he left and I liked it.

"But I know you like it," I licked his nipple and he flinched.

"Damn, aren't you tired? We went over an hour," we both laughed as he held me tighter and kissed the top of my forehead. "You know I love you so much, right?" his voice sounded like a couple of weeks ago. I glanced up and the light was gone.

"Babe, why are you saying it like that? Do you want to tell me something?" Then his eyes lit up and he smiled again.

"No. I just thought you should know my love for you is indefinite," I leaned up and kissed his soft lips.

"I love you, too."

Our stomachs growled and we both chuckled. "It's time for dinner," I noticed the house got darker and darker by the minute. Dash sat up and then threw me over his shoulders. "Let's go shower and go get some take-out. Chinese food sounds good," he walked with me over his shoulders through the darkness as I noticed my laptop went to sleep mode. I'll just show him my manuscript another time. It's me and him time.


We practically ordered the whole menu from this Chinese Restaurant. Everyone wanted autographs and selfies with Dash as he happily made his fan's wish come true. It took us a while to get out of the restaurant and my stomach was burning from how hungry I was. After he finished with his fans we stood outside as I held two plastic bags full of Chinese food. The streets were busy and the nightlife was full of energy. I glanced at the sky and saw the moon was full. "Hey, Lucky," Dash kissed my cheek. "I'm going to go get the truck. I'll be right back." I pouted my lips as he gently kissed me.

Then suddenly a red Mercedes flew from the intersection right in front of my eyes. The car flipped over as people screamed. I dropped the bags on the floor and slowly walked through the crowd that was starting to form. It's like a crash didn't happen before my eyes. My body went numb and my heart stopped. "Duke!" I heard my name being called but it's like everything was moving slow. The lights got blurry as people yelled. I slowly walked to the driver's side. The car was flipped over and that's when I saw a guy with dark hair. His face was covered with blood. Everything was still going so slow. I felt someone grab my hand as I turned and saw it was Dash. I twisted my wrist so Dash would let me go. Then I turned back to the guy inside the car.

"It's Emilio, I need to help him," time moved fast again, it's like someone pressed play, and everything fast forward. The smell of gasoline invaded my nostrils. I dropped down to my knees and tried to help this guy that no one was helping. I heard him groan. He was alive. I needed to help, Emilio.

"Duke, what are you doing? That's not Emilio," Dash grabbed me by the waist but I wouldn't budge. I grabbed the guy's arms but he wasn't moving. His seatbelt was jammed around his chest. "It's not him, Duke, please let go of him. Help is on its way!"

"It is Emilio, help me get him out! Help me, I can't lose him again!" I yelled but it was no use. He wasn't budging. I heard the sirens from afar. Dash finally managed to pull me up. I fought him off me.

"Why aren't you helping me!" he held my arms down and held me tight. "Why aren't you helping him. Emilio needs us, he needs me!"

"Babe, that's not him. Snap out of it," I wrestled him but he was stronger than me. "I hate you. I hate you. Let me go!" I yelled. I wanted Emilio to be safe.

"Duke. Look at me," I averted my eyes to someone I didn't know. I blinked and then I remembered who it was. Dash. His blue eye focused on me. His eyes filled with tears. "That's not Emilio. He died a year ago. Please come back to me."

"I hate you," and that's when I blacked out.


I slowly opened my eyes and saw a dim light coming to focus. My head was spinning but then it slowly stopped. I sat up and noticed Dash was knocked out behind me. I blinked my eyes rapidly. The last thing I remembered was being outside the Chinese restaurant. Dash groaned and sat up quickly. "Baby, are you ok?" His fingers grazed my cheek as he sprinkled me with kisses.

"Yes, I'm fine. What happened?" I asked.

"I'm not sure but you had an episode. You thought the guy that was stuck in the red Mercedes was Emilio," and everything came back. My heart tightened and tears poured down my cheeks. Dash pulled me into his chest.

"I miss him," I cried into Dash's chest. He pulled me on top of him and kissed the top of my head.

"I know you do. I'm here, Lucky. I'll always be here," I closed my eyes and fell asleep again.
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