A Dash Of Him

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DUKE/DASH Chapter 35



It was a busy day at work as time flew by. I glanced at my watch and saw it was almost 4 pm. I took my phone out and texted Dash that I'll take dinner.

"Is Chinese food ok for dinner?" He'll eat anything. He's always hungry and has a bottomless stomach.

"That sounds great, Lucky. Bring a couple of egg rolls as well. I'll get the wine ready :)"

"I'll be home around 5. Love you."

"Love you too, babe *kissing emoji*"

He's been home until his last game this Friday. He's been cooking every day so I wanted him to rest so I'll stop by and grab some Chinese food.

I still can't believe I'm with Dashiell Mitchell, a famous hockey player. Everyone at work swoons when he makes his surprise appearance. I just stay gazing at his beautiful blue eyes and say, "that's my man". He's mended my shattered heart in ways I'll never explain. I thought I would never love again but Dash was patient enough to stay by my side to heal my shattered lonely heart.

I'm finally going to surprise Dash with the manuscript of my new book, A Dash Of Him. I hope he likes it. I would have never been inspired to write another book if it wasn't for, Dash.

I'm assigning different projects to my team when my office door opened. Sabrina walked behind a woman that I immediately recognized, Minerva Minks. "Sorry, Duke she said it was urgent and I told her you were busy but she barged in," Sabrina glared at Minerva but I stood up.

"It's fine, Sabrina. I'll be fine," I gave Sabrina a faint smile as she slowly closed the door. Minerva held a vindictive smirk and that made the tiny hairs on my neck pop up.

"Thank you for seeing me. I promise this will be quick. How well do you know Dash?" she sat down on a small couch and that's when I noticed she held a newspaper in her hand.

My patience was thinning. She didn't leave a good persona with me the last time I saw her. She treated Dash like a piece of trash and I know there's bad blood between them. "Get to the point," my words laced with venom. I'm a nice guy but don't piss me off and right now she's poking the bear.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you, take a look for yourself," she stood up and handed me the newspaper. Why did I have a feeling this was going to crush all my hopes and dreams.?

I gripped the newspaper as my hands trembled. I aligned my eyes with hers. She held a smirk on her face as her brown eyes were satisfied with what I'm about to see. I opened the newspaper and that's when I saw the red Mercedes, Emilio's red Mercedes. My eyes began to swell with water which made it blurry to see the words. But then I read the caption.

"Dashiell Mitchell's brother, Kieran Mitchell, is taken into custody by local authorities for the death of Emilio Michelson."

My mended heart suddenly shatter into pieces. My fingers went numb as warm tears flooded my eyes. I gripped the newspaper hard as anger flared inside me. I never wanted to know who killed Emilio but the last person I thought would be the cause was someone so close to me. Dash lied to me, he told me it was a woman that Kieran killed. I felt betrayed and wounded. I crinkled the newspaper and glared at Minerva. I didn't want to know anything else in this article.

"So now Dash will feel the pain I felt when I got trashed on by the media. His brother's consequences killed my career and your husband. I'm still dealing with the residue of the past but I'm climbing back. But thought you should know that Dash isn't all good looks. He was an accomplice to killing your husband," she stood there satisfied at her accomplishment but I've had it.

"Get the fuck out of my office before I have you kicked out," I yelled as she flinched and backed away.

"Give Dash my hellos," she smirked but I grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the door. "Hey, you can't grab me like..." I opened the door and threw her out. I slammed the door and threw the newspaper to the floor. I ran to my desk and threw everything off my desk.

"Ahhh!" I let anger take over. I punched the wall and grabbed the lamp by the couch. I threw it on the wall. The door opened and Sabrina came in.

"Duke, what is wrong!?," she yelled and ran towards me. She held my arms and that's when I buried my face into her neck.

"He lied to me, Dash lied to me. His brother killed Emilio and I hate him. I hate both of them!" I cried aloud as I fell to the ground. Sabrina kneeled next to me and pulled me into her chest. "It hurts. I didn't want to feel this again. It hurts so much. I miss him, Sabrina," I cried and cried until my heart ached. I couldn't feel my body. Anger and sadness ate me slowly. I need to get out. I needed to drive and get lost. I wanted to be by myself. I needed to clear my head. "I need to go," I stood up quickly. I grabbed my jacket, keys, and the newspaper that was on the floor.

"Duke, you shouldn't drive under your conditions," she yelled as I ran out of the office. I needed to get out of the city. I know where I needed to go. Emilio's grave.


It was 6:30 pm as the cemetery was getting dark and eerie but I didn't care. Emilio was here and that's all I needed. My phone pinged and it was a text from Dash.

"Lucky, where are you? You have me worried." My eyes filled with water. Why did you lie to me, Dash?

I ignored his text and gazed at Emilio's grave. I haven't been here in a couple of months. "I'm sorry, babe. I've neglected you. I miss you so much. What do I do? I love Dash but I feel so betrayed by him. He lied to me. If he would've just told me the truth I would've been more understanding," the real question is how I would have reacted if he did tell me the truth? I'm not sure, that's why I didn't want to know who killed Emilio, for this exact reason. My heart was conflicted and I didn't have an answer but I know I needed one.

"Emilio, I'm not sure what to do?" I lay on the grass and cried for a long time. My phone kept ringing and pings of text messages were alerting me. I didn't want to talk. I just needed answers.

I'm not sure how long I was laying on the cold grass but it was absolute dark. The only light coming in was from the moonlight. I'm surprised I wasn't kicked out by now. My eyes were tired. I stood up and glanced one more time at Emilio's grave. "I love you, Emilio. Always will but I need answers."

I glanced at my phone and saw texts messages from Dash and Don. Why was Don calling me? It was almost 9 pm. I got in my car. I knew Dash would be looking for me and I'm pretty sure I know where to find him, his parent's house. And the person I need answers from is right there.


I was parked outside Dash's parent's house for 10 minutes. Anger swirled in my veins. I gripped the steering wheel and took a deep breath. "Calm down, Duke, there has to be a logical explanation for this," I told myself. I got out of the car with the newspaper gripped in my hand. I walked fast towards the front door and banged forcefully.

"I'll get it," I heard from far away. I banged with more force. "Hold up, I'm coming," this must be Kieran. The door swung open as Kieran's eyes widen. I glared at him with so much hatred.

"Babe, there you are," Dash came from behind Kieran. I stepped back as soon as Dash came forward. "Babe, why are you crying?"

"Did you know your brother killed Emilio?" Dash's mouth parted and stood quiet. "Did you!" I yelled this time.

"I told him not to tell you," Kieran said. I dropped the newspaper and punched him in the face. I pushed him inside the door and grabbed him by his hoodie. I didn't know where I got strength from but I slammed him on the wall. I punched him, again, again, and again.

"I hate you! You took away what mattered most to me!" I kept punching him. I saw his nose bleed and his mouth was full of blood.

"Babe, stop!" Dash tried to pull me away but I wasn't stopping.

"Let me go," I glared at him and punched him in the face. "I'm not your, babe," I saw Dash's eyes soften. It hurt me to see him. I couldn't do this. I averted back to Kieran whose face was red with cuts and bruises.

I gripped his hoodie as tears came down my cheeks. "You took him from me and I'll never forgive you for that," I glared into his dark gray eyes then it hit me that he never stopped me from punching him. His eyes filled with tears. His gray eyes filled with so much guilt. I let him go as my hands trembled. Hatred took over my body. I was never one who hated anything or anyone. I was a calm person but right now I could murder anyone in my sight but I knew that wasn't the answer. My breathing was loud as I noticed Don and Dash's dad was standing by the entrance of the lounge room.

I averted my eyes back to Dash who look defeated. His blues eyes filled with tears. "Lucky, I'm sorry. I was afraid to lose you. I didn't know what to do," I put my finger up. I didn't want to hear him.

"Forget we had anything together. I want you out of my house and out of my life. You lied to me. You told me it was a woman Kieran killed. You didn't let me make a decision. So I'm making a decision. I want you out of my life. Don't look for me," he stepped closer but I backed away.

"Please don't do this," his words made my heartbreak even more. I love Dash but I didn't want to be in the same room as him.

"I'm done with all this," I averted my glare to Kieran. He stood by the wall. I couldn't even see him anymore. I shook my head and headed towards the door. I passed Dash. He grabbed my arm but I retracted quickly. "Don't," I didn't look at him because if I did. I would give into him.

I walked out and down the walkway. "Duke," I heard Don's voice. I didn't stop. He grabbed my arm. "Hey, stop man," he turned me around.

"Don, what are you doing here?"

"I ran into Kieran at the grocery store. I gave him a lift. I knew about it as well at the breast cancer gala. Some woman in a Poison Ivy costume gave me some files. I was shocked as hell when I saw them. I gave them to Dash and told him to tell you. He would've avoided all this," his eyes filled with tears as well. He was Emilio's best friend but right now I didn't want to hear anything.

"Don. I don't care anymore. I just want to be alone. I'm sorry," I ran to my car and drove off. I cried and cried. I didn't know what to do or where else to go. I drove on the coast highway up Pacific Coast Highway. The ocean breeze calmed me. I kept driving. I didn't know where I was going but it was away from everyone and everything.



This day turned into a nightmare. I've never seen Duke with so much rage before. He beat up Kieran pretty bad but he took it. He had a black eye, a split lip, and a few scratches on his face. My dad cleaned him up and gave him some pain medicine. Kieran is tough especially being in jail.

It was 3 in the damn morning and I paced throughout the lounge room. Kieran was asleep on the couch and Don was in the kitchen fixing some coffee. He stayed. He was the last person I thought would have stayed but we talked. He said Duke is lost and doesn't know how to deal with everything. I betrayed him and that breaks my heart every second I don't hear from him. Where was he? I needed to hold him and tell him I loved him. Those blue eyes of his were a dark hole of sorrow. The old Duke was back and I hated myself for doing that to him.

Don came running into the lounge room. "Dash. Duke's mother just called me. Duke's been in a car accident," my stomach dropped and my heart shattered.

"What?" is all I said as my lips trembled.

"He's in a hospital by Malibu, let's go," we left Kieran sleeping. He was knocked out on the couch. He should stay here it's not like he could go. I just hope Duke isn't in bad shape or else I would never forgive myself.


Duke's mother and dad were in tears when we got into the waiting room. They have already seen him. She told me he has a fractured leg, a few scratches on his face, and a bump on his head. He was exhausted and his car swerved into a cliff, luckily he didn't go into the ocean. His car landed on a small flat area below the coast highway. He had to be flown into this hospital.

"I'm so sorry," I told her. I've only met Duke's parents a couple of times. In those times they were the sweetest and took me in like family. I told his parents what happened and to my surprise, they didn't yell at me.

"Dash, my son loves you. He never wanted to know who killed Emilio. He's probably in shock. He'll forgive you just give him time," she cupped my cheek and gave me a faint smile. She had Duke's blue eyes and that broke me. "Don't cry, sweetie. He'll be alright. My Duke might be sweet and gentle but he's strong." Yes, I know those right hooks he gave Kieran.

Don and I got to see Duke next. Duke's parents stayed in the waiting room. I slowly walked into the dim-lit room. I heard the heart monitoring beeping and that's when I saw him. His head was wrapped in white gauze and his leg had a cast. My eyes filled with water. I did this to him and I'll never forgive myself.

I walked closer to Duke's bed and saw his face had scratches. I grasped his hand and squeezed it. "Duke, Lucky. I'm so sorry for all this. I should have told you from the start. Now, look where you are at. It's my fault. I'm so damn sorry," I squeezed my eyes shut as warm tears came down my face.

"Hey, man. It's not your fault. It's no one's fault," Don tapped my shoulder. I know he was trying to comfort me but it wasn't working. I just wanted him to open his eyes and tell me he's going to be ok. If he doesn't want me here then I'll give him time but I won't give up.

Then suddenly I saw movement on Duke's eyelids. He slowly opened his eyes. He widen them and a smile plastered on his lips.

"Emilio, you came back to me," his words pinched my heart. I wiped my tears as his smile was still on his face.

"It's Dash, Lucky," my lips trembled as he slowly gripped my hand again.

"Don't be silly, Emilio. And who is Dash?" I averted my gaze to Don. He had the same shocked eyes like me.

What the hell just happened?
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