A Dash Of Him

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DUKE Chapter 37

My thoughts were light as a feather. I never felt so at peace. Everything around me was like a soft cloud, the lights were a pastel tone even the darkest colors. It was like I'd been drugged. I never felt pain or despair. I know it lingered deep inside me but somehow my mind has managed to block it. I didn't even feel the aching pain in my leg. I didn't care. I had Emilio with me, who liked being called Dash.

Emilio did seem different especially in his facial features. His eyes would morph like an opal stone, sometimes they would be an emerald gem or an ocean blue. I could gaze into his eyes and get lost for hours. Emilio would just graze his fingers on my cheeks. His hair was darker and his brows were thicker. He had the perfect symmetrical nose and lips that were to die for. He was also taller and more built, sometimes I didn't feel Emilio's presence, it was someone else I know. But for now, I loved that Emilio was here.

"Emilio, I mean Dash, where are you taking me?" I asked as I suddenly saw the sign of my high school. Emilio was doing memory lane and I loved it. It was late afternoon as the sun was starting to set on the horizon. The baby blue sky and peachy sunset made my heart fill with warmth. I loved that Emilio was doing this.

"Remember the first time we met?" Emilio said. His voice was much deeper and it turned me on so much.

"Yes, I was a nervous wreck when you sat in front of me and wanted to join me for lunch," we arrived at the lunch area outside and I spotted the same table. My lips curve from ear to ear. "It was the happiest time of my life," when suddenly my mind went blank. My heart started to crumble and my eyes began to swell with water. "Emilio, you're gone."

"Duke, are you back?" I heard Dash's voice.

Suddenly my mind brought me back to soft clouds with beautiful creamy colors. Why was I crying? Maybe tears of joy. I glanced at Emilio who had a worried face. "Emilio, why are you looking at me like that? This is where we first met. Where I began to love you, I'll always love you," I wrapped my arms around his neck and tasted those soft lips of his. His lips were gentle and his tongue tasted like mint. His kisses were different but I didn't care because I had the love of my life in front of me.

"Lucky, I want you to remember and be happy. Do you remember anything else?" his voice cracked like he wanted to cry. I gazed into his blue eyes, they were blue now. I saw a tear come down his cheek.

"Babe, why are you crying? You brought me here so let's remember those good times," I wiped a tear that fell down his cheek.

"I love you, Lucky. When you do remember. I hope you don't push me away," now I was getting worried. Push him away? Why would I push the love of my life away? I simply smiled and cupped his face. My brain blocked me from feeling any pain or despair. I was happy being here with Emilio, that's all I wanted.


After sitting at the same lunch table and admiring the sun come down slowly. Emilio, Dash, my thoughts have me so confused today. I'll just call him Emilio for now. Emilio drove to our favorite Mexican restaurant. My heart was happy and content. I had Emilio and I never wanted to lose him again.

I gripped his hand as we walked in and the pleasant smell of authentic Mexican food filled the air. Traditional Mexican music played in the background as the waitress beamed her gorgeous smile. "Welcome, Bienvenidos," I loved her Spanish accent. Emilio smirked at me as we followed her to a booth in a quiet corner.

"I'll be right back, did you want any drinks?" She asked. Dash got water and so did I. I was already drunk off Emilio. I gazed at his emerald eyes, his eyes were green now. His eyes softened when I couldn't stop admiring how handsome he was.

"You're so handsome, Emilio. I'm glad I married you," I grabbed his hand over the table and squeezed it gently. His eyes got glossy as he averted his gaze quickly. He cleared his throat and then beamed his gorgeous pearly white teeth.

"I'm glad I married you as well. Do you remember when we came here when we moved into our house?"

It's like it was yesterday. I got a new job and he worked with his parents at an investment company. I was so thrilled to have Emilio with me all day, every day. He was the air I breathed, without him, I would be miserable. "Yes, I do. It's like it was yesterday. You and I were made for each other. I love you, Emilio. Please don't ever leave, as we said in our vows. Till death do us part."

My heart tightened and the restaurant went from bright lights to morbid dark tones. Emilio flashed before my eyes and then switched to another person. My heart began to shatter and suddenly I remembered. "Dash?" I gazed into Dash's eyes. He squeezed my hand.

"Yes, it's me. Come back to me," his words choked. A black hole consumes me of despair and agony. I didn't want this. I didn't want to feel this pain.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to feel this," suddenly my brain clicked and the bright lights returned. I felt a warm tear come down my cheek. "Hmm, that's weird. I'm not sure why I'm crying."

Emilio squeezed my hand harder. "You'll soon remember. Let's eat and go home," Emilio stood up and leaned over the table. He pecked me on the lips. My heart pumped rapidly. This wasn't Emilio's kiss. My mind was fighting to distinguish between two kisses but my heart was saying this was Emilio. Emilio's kisses were gentle and full of passion. This other kiss was beyond the universe, they made my heart thump inside my chest and made my fingers tingle. Two kisses that made me love both. I was conflicted and I'm not sure what to do. My mind was blocked but my heart knew I was in love with two people. What was wrong with me?


I had the most fun at the Mexican restaurant. I had a few margaritas. Emilio said he was the designated driver so he was sober but he was so much fun. We danced all night. I always knew Emilio was a great dancer. We slowed dance most of the time because my leg was starting to ache but my body wanted to be close to the man I loved. He pecked my neck every second he could and would suck on my bottom lip every chance he got. His eyes swirled like a kaleidoscope of green and blue. Our bodies almost burned the dance floor with the sexual tension that radiated off our bodies. I wanted him so damn much.

We left the restaurant. Emilio helped me to his truck. My leg was aching up. I was not fully healed but I was tired of laying down. I wanted to walk and be with the man I loved then it hit me, where was his red Mercedes?

"Emilio, where is your red Mercedes?" He stopped and slowly turned around. His eyes glowed like the blue ocean. I blinked a couple of times as Emilio and someone else morphed together.

"It's in the shop. I was in a car accident. The driver's side got dented. You don't remember?" My heart ached but my mind was blocking the pain.

I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a million kisses. "I'm so glad you're alive. I don't know what I'll do without you. You're my everything, Emilio. My everything," I whispered those last two words in the shell of his ear. He took a deep breath and pulled me closer to him. His chest was like steel and his arms gripped me closer.

"I'll always love you, Lucky. Don't you ever forget that, ok?" he pecked my neck. "Let's go home."

My brain was tired and hazy. I must have fallen asleep because within a blink of an eye we were home. I was laying in my bed. I averted to my side and Emilio wasn't laying next to me. I heard a deep voice coming from the lounge room. I slowly got up. I was still a little dizzy from the margaritas but I tried to stay quiet. I tiptoed and stopped when Emilio's voice got louder.

"He doesn't remember who I am. He goes blank sometimes. His eyes get watery and I know that's my Duke. He's struggling between two people," I heard his voice crack. "Yes, I'll wait forever but I want my Duke back," he took a deep breath. "I'll talk to you later, Kai. I'm pretty tired. I'm going to bed," I heard him walking towards the hallway as I quickly tiptoed back to our room. I lay on the bed and to my side. I closed my eyes. I heard the door open and Dash within minutes pulled me closer. He whispered into the shell of my ear. "Duke, baby. Come back to me," a tear rolled down my cheek.

I slowly turned around and faced him. I cupped his face. "Make love to me, Emilio," I slowly pulled down his sweatpants.

"Babe, your leg," his lips trembled and his eyes filled with water.

"Please, Emilio. I'm begging you. I want to feel you again," deep inside I wanted to distinguish between two people. I wanted to know who was this other man. "I'll lift my leg over you," his hands slowly pulled my sweatpants down. I locked my lips with his. I wanted him. I needed him, within seconds our clothes were off and my skin melted with his.

He slowly placed my leg over his. I was facing a beautiful man, Emilio. His blue eyes blazed like fire and then swirled like an emerald gem. He spits on his fingers and massaged my entrance. My eyes rolled back. "Yes," my chest heaved as I deepened my kiss. His tongue dominated my mouth when suddenly I felt his thick shaft go inside me. "Oh my god," I wrapped my arms around his neck. He thrust inside me while he was gentle with my leg.

"You ok, Lucky," his voice full of pleasure.

"Yes, go a bit harder, please," I bit my lip as he intensified his plunges. "Emilio, I'm going to come," I pulled on his hair as he went harder and faster.

"Fuck, Lucky. I'm going to come," our moist skin rubbed like liquid lava. His calloused hands gripped my waist as he went deep inside me. This wasn't Emilio. This was someone I know but my mind was blocking him. He was thrusting pleasure into me. I wanted more of this mystery man. I also wanted Emilio. I had two men I loved.

"Emilio. I'm going to come," my cock twitched as I erupted on his abs. My body trembled as I pulled him closer. Then suddenly his body fell on me. He came inside me as his head rested on my neck.

"Oh my god," his voice radiated into my chest. "That was incredible. I love you, Lucky. So, so much."

I pulled away and aligned my eyes with his. "I love you, Dash," his eyes got watery. I pulled him into my chest and closed my eyes. I also love you, Emilio.


Emilio was quiet but gave me faint smirks. He cooked me a hearty breakfast as we both ate in the bed. We made love one more time before we got ready. Emilio had a surprise for me but I saw sadness in his eyes.

Emilio was combing his hair in the bathroom as I hugged him from behind. "Why are you so sad this morning? You should be happy," I kissed his neck. He chuckled.

"Lucky, whatever happens, please remember that I love you," he forced a smile but that wasn't fooling me but I didn't want to keep asking so I kissed his neck and finished getting ready.

When I saw Emilio pull into a cemetery my hands started to tremble. Why was he bringing me to a cemetery for a surprise? "Emilio, why are we here?"

He didn't say anything he parked and got off the car. His eyes were filled with sorrow and guilt. He opened the door for me and stretched his arm towards me. "I need to show you something and then maybe you'll understand." His words made my heart prick but I grabbed his hand. He helped me off the truck then my leg started to throb. I leaned down and rubbed gently. "I'll help you," Emilio grasped my waist as we started walking to a familiar area. Flicks of images started to play in my brain and my heart.

"Emilio. I don't want to do this. I don't want to remember," my heart started to ache and my leg was throbbing with more intense pain.

"Lucky. I need you to snap back to reality, even if it cost me to lose you," then we stood over a grave and on that grave, I saw his name.

Here lies beloved husband and son, Emilio Michelson

"I don't want to remember," I wanted to leave but Emilio held me tight. "Emilio, let me go!"

"Lucky, baby. Look at his name. He died in a car accident a year and a half ago. Please snap back," he kissed my cheek as I tried to pry away from him, and then my brain let loose.

I was driving on Pacific Coast Highway. I was tired of crying that night. I drove to Santa Barbara and then back. It was 3 in the morning. My eyes were heavy. I closed them for a few seconds. I remember I was being pulled up into a helicopter. I remember having a neck brace on and my leg throbbing like hell.

I stopped fighting him. Dash held me as my heart broke into a million pieces. Warm tears rolled down my cheeks as my lips trembled. Emilio was gone, he's been gone for over a year. I loved Dash but he betrayed my trust.

"I remember, everything. I also remember that I hate you," I aligned my eyes with his. Tears came down his cheeks. I didn't hate him but I was full of rage and despair. I needed time.

"Take me home and get out of my life."



Don't worry there is always a happy ending. Just a couple of more chapters and it will come to an end. Thank you for reading.
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