A Dash Of Him

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EPILOGUE Chapter 40


It was a day before Valentine's Day and Dash was asked by a daycare if he can make an appearance. He got so excited that he couldn't stop talking about it for a couple of days. We've been talking about starting a family and I came to find out he loves kids. I wanted a family as well so it had worked well for both of us. So we looked into surrogacy and found the perfect woman. She came from a prestigious family, her health was in great shape, and she had brothers that became great athletes, which was a bonus for Dash. We would use Dash's sperm so the baby had athlete genes in them.

"Kieran said he can't come to dinner tonight. Donovan surprised him and you know how it's been with those two," Dash hung up his phone. Yes, they've been trying so hard to make it work but Kieran hasn't been the easiest with Don. Kieran has shut himself completely from everyone. He talks to Dash and me but doesn't open up, something is bugging him. "But that's not our department. We've tried and they need to work it out," he pulled me into a hug and kissed my lips. "Ready to get trampled on by little kids," we both laughed and went into the classroom.

We got attacked by my little fingers, well mostly Dash did. All these little kids were excited to meet, famous Dashiell Mitchell, a hockey player. There was a photographer on the side, which we knew he'll be here. "Alright, everyone, settle down," Mrs. Rose shouted. She's the one who contacted Dash. "Dash and Duke will go around and play with everyone but first he'll read you a book. So everyone sit Indian style," all the kids sat as their eyes were glued on Dash. I glanced at him as his white pearly teeth were on full display. He's going to be a great father.

He read Clifford, The Big Red Dog, and some of Dr. Seuss's books. Later they all dog-piled on him as he gently wrestled them off of him. Then we all ate on some tiny tables and Dash looked the funniest with his huge frame. His radiant smile never left his handsome face while interacting with the children.

He was playing blocks with two kids when I noticed one of the kids was sitting by himself. He had two toy horses in his hand but his eyes were down as he looked at Dash. I walked over and sat next to him. "Hey, what's your name?"

"Emilio," my heart jumped. He had the same dark hair as Emilio and his eyes were aqua. I even noticed he had a hockey shirt on.

"Hi, Emilio. I knew someone with that name. He's in heaven, now," my eyes began to swell but I swallowed the knot in my throat. "Why are you playing by yourself? You can go play with, Dash," I glanced at Dash who was now curiously looking at us.

Emilio shook his head. He was shy and nervous. He reminded me of how I used to be when I was younger. I noticed Dash whispered in the kid's ears as he stood up. He walked over and sat next to Emilio.

"He sport, can I play with your horses?" Dash sat him on top of his lap. Emilio's eyes widen and he hugged Dash around his neck. My heart couldn't take how cute this scene was.

"I'm fan. I want to be like you," I heard Emilio tell Dash in his ear.

"And you're going to be as fast as me or even better," Dash squeezed his nose as Emilio let out a huge laugh. Emilio nodded and handed Dash his toy horses. Dash blue eyes gazed at mine. I loved this man with every fiber in me. I couldn't wait to marry him but that will be until next year. He has a busy life at the moment and my work has gotten busier so we weren't in any rush. All I needed was Dash by my side.

We left the daycare. Most of the kids started to cry but Dash said goodbye to every one of them. Emilio's parents came early to pick him up and Dash took a selfie with him. He was so excited that he held his mom's cellphone and stared at the selfie. It was the cutest to see how well Dash was loved by children.

We reached his truck when his phone started ringing. "Hello?"

"Yeah, this is him?"

His eyes widen and a huge smile appeared on his lips. "Really? You're not joking? Oh my god!" He hung up and picked me up. "We are going to be dads! Heather is pregnant. She's pregnant!"

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked him a million times. "You're going to be an amazing father."

"We are, you're going to be the strict dad. I'm going to be the cool dad," he joked. I locked my lips with him and then gazed into those beautiful blue eyes of his.

"To new beginnings."

"To new beginnings, Lucky. I love you."

"I love you, too," we kissed for a few minutes. Now we start a new life. Another chapter, another Dash Of Him.




I'm far from perfect and haven't made the best decisions. Before the accident, I met some people that I wish I never met but I made a decision. A decision that now is haunting me. I got involved with the Royal family. I'm not talking about the monarchy. I'm talking about the Royal family as in the last name.

My mom's life was withering away and my guilt of not being the perfect son like Dash was eating me alive. I disappointed the one person that cheered me on and now she's gone. I met Kyle Royal at a house party one night. His last name is known through the shadows. His family name was huge, they owned a myriad of investment companies but that was the cover-up. They were more known for selling high-tech weapons and that was just the tip of the iceberg. They did more than just sell weapons. They were the Robin Hood family, they meant well but that didn't mean blood wasn't shed. I don't know much but enough for me to get involved.

Before the accident I hid some bioweapons in my apartment I just had gotten. They were going to be shipped but I got in that accident. The police found me and raided my apartment. They found the bioweapons but for some reason, it was never put in my jail sentence. I always wanted to know what happened but I never questioned it until a couple of days ago. I got a call from Kyle. I knew I would owe him half a million dollars worth of lost bioweapons. He explained to me that he paid the police and lawyer to leave the bioweapons out of my charge. He couldn't recover the bioweapons.

So it was time for me to pay him back. "You leave tomorrow to London," Kyle told me. I paced back and forth in the hallway of our room. Don was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him or have him hear my conversation.

"Kyle, I need to say goodbye to my brother and dad. Please give me a day," I heard him take a deep breath.

"Fine, I'll change your flight for the following day. Kai, I like you. You've been loyal to me and you've kept your mouth shut of what my family does, not many people do," yeah I've seen some guys get killed for opening their mouths about the Royal family. "But you must pay back what was lost."

I took a deep breath. I was going to go to an elite fighting club, The Dark Onyx. Wealthy people pay big dollars for the best fight. It was an underground fighting club. I would train and fight for a year. "I believe in you, Kieran. With all that build-up rage and sorrow. You're going to make millions. Besides, you'll be making money as well. A year will go fast and you'll come back a free man."

I glanced at the door as my heart ached. I loved Don but I didn't want him to wait for me. He deserved someone better than me. Someone that didn't have his hands tainted. My hands were going to be tainted with unknown blood and I don't know if I can live with that. "Thanks, Kyle. I'll see you," he hung up as I slowly came back into the room. I jumped when I saw Don standing by the entrance. The light was on and his gray eyes beamed at me. I closed the door as my heart thumped loudly in my chest.

"Where are you going, Kai?" I didn't answer him. I looked down. I was ashamed of myself. He came over and grabbed me by the shoulders. He slammed me on the wall. "Look at me," I didn't want to look because I'll lose it but his glare was making a hole in my head. I slowly aligned my eyes to those beautiful gray eyes I loved to get lost in.

"Don. I can't say anything. I'll I could say is I owe money and I need to pay it back," his eyes softened as his grip loosened from my shoulders.

"I'll give you the fucken money but you're not leaving again. Aren't you tired of running from me? I love you, damnit," he let me go and raked his hands through his long hair. I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks. He's been playing but I missed him. I wanted his body and his kisses. I wanted him to make love to me. Our relationship was broken but we didn't care because when we are together. It mended so quickly.

"I can't. It's a contract and I can't get out of it. Don, I could lose you and my family," as much as Kyle likes me, The Dark Onyx holds contracts and if they are broken, death is the sentence.

"Shit, Kai. What the fuck have you gotten yourself into?" His eyes started to fill with water.

"Don," I stepped forward. I cupped his face. "This was way before you. I got involved in stuff I can't say. I can't get out of this. This is the only way I could pay back and start my life again. This is what's been killing me for so many months. This is why I didn't want to get involved with you but I did. I love you, Don. I love these lips," I sucked on his bottom lip. "I love those gray eyes that I could lose myself in. I love this body on top of me. I love when you make love to me," I pecked his lips and that's when I saw his tears come down his cheeks.

"How long?" He asked.

"A year."

"A year! What the fuck, Kai!" he pushed me away and then glanced at me. He was always an angry fucker but he had a heart of gold. Then he grabbed me and slammed me on the wall again. "You better come back to me in one piece or I'm going to be looking for you," he slammed his lips on mine. His hands went inside my muscle shirt. He pinched my nipple and that ignited my body into flames. Our lips fought fiercely and our tongues went wild. I gripped his hard shaft as he moaned. But I gently pushed away. Our lips were swollen and our breathing was heavy.

"Don, please don't wait for me. If you find someone else, make a life. I'm not good for you. I made my bed and I don't want you to be tainted with my sins," tears came down my cheeks. I hated saying those words to him because I know I was breaking him. His eyes softened.

"You're coming back to me, whether you like it or not," he grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed. He pushed me onto the bed. He got on top of me as his hands roamed my waist.


"Shut up," he slammed his lips on mine as we got naked within seconds. We fucked hardcore but our love erupted from our pores. I laid on his chest after fucking for an hour straight. He was fast asleep. His snoring was gentle as my fingers went up and down his chiseled abs.

"I love you, Don," I kissed the side of his jaw. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I didn't know our love would wither away.

Until I came back.

Everything was different. I was different and so was he.


A/N: Maybe I'll write a short story of what happens with Don and Kieran but for now that's what I have. Thank you so much for reading and I'll be back soon. Love always

Aries Angelo
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