A Dash Of Him

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DUKE Chapter 8

I sat on the edge of his bed while I rubbed my temples. The throbbing inside my head was like a jackhammer. My throat was dry and the taste of alcohol lingered on my tongue. "Ugh!" I stood up and saw the darkness of another room. I hope it's his bathroom. I flicked the light on and thankfully it was. I washed my face and grabbed some mouthwash from underneath the sink. I glanced at myself in the mirror and I had dark circles underneath my eyes. I needed a damn haircut, just like Emilio said I'm my dream. I got a whiff of myself and I needed some deodorant. I opened a drawer and found a deodorant. I checked if it was used and it was sealed. I pay him for whatever I use.

I freshened up but I felt constricted in these clothes I had on from yesterday. I normally wear sweatpants and a T-shirt in the morning, maybe he won't mind me using some of his clothes? Where is he? I walked down the hallway and glanced around. I heard a snore coming from the couch. I slowly walked over and saw him laying on his back while his shirt lifted from the bottom, revealing his abs. I admired them a bit too long when he suddenly moved to his side. I saw his body shivering, he hasn't even taken off his shoes.

I quickly went back to his room and grabbed a warm blanket. I noticed that it was gloomy outside as the gray clouds lingered in the sky. It was nice and sunny yesterday and now it's overcast. I put the warm blanket on the side of the couch while I gently took off his shoes. He didn't even flinch. His body barely fit on this couch and it was quite big. I put the warm blanket over him and began to admire his facial features.

His jawline was carved to perfection, almost ideal like a Greek sculpture. His lips were full and perfectly symmetrical, while his scruff was all over his neck and face. He definitely had hints of Emilio and that made it harder for me to concentrate. He clouded my judgment and that filled me with guilt. He was about to kiss me yesterday and I freaked out. It's like I'm cheating on Emilio, even though deep inside I wanted to or maybe it was liquid courage but overall guilt took over and I couldn't.

Dash was definitely a looker but I can't will myself to even consider anything with him. Yes, I enjoyed myself yesterday with him. He made me laugh but deep inside I had to keep my guard up.

I stepped away before he catches me eyeing him like a creeper. I wanted to shower and change clothes but I'm not in my house. Suddenly my stomach growled. My nausea subsided but my headache lingered, maybe I just need food.

I walked towards the kitchen and opened his refrigerator. It was well stocked with food, maybe if I'm quiet enough I can wake him up with breakfast. I know that's how I would wake up Emilio every single weekend. I took out some eggs, bacon, sausage and started brewing the coffee. I opened one of his cupboards and saw a bottle of aspirins. I popped two in my mouth and watered it down with water.

I found the pancake mix and started mixing. The kitchen started to fill itself with crispy bacon and fluffy pancakes. A nostalgic flashback erupted in me as I mixed the pancake batter.

"Hey, baby," I heard Emilio's voice. I glanced around but the only noise I heard was the sizzling of the bacon and the coffee brewing. I closed my eyes and remembered the first time we ate in our new house.



The plates were still in boxes but I woke up early to go buy some groceries to make breakfast. I wanted to wake Emilio with a hearty breakfast, he was completely knocked out. It was a tiring move but so worth it. The bacon was already done and the fluffy pancakes were stacking up high on the plate. I already squeezed the fresh orange juice and set the table with whatever plates I found.

My stomach growled loudly but then his hands wrapped around my waist as he pecked my neck with his lips. "Good morning my lucky number 7," his hot breath whispered on the shell of my ear. "Are you cooking me breakfast?"

He turned me on just with his voice. "Maybe," I teased. He turned me around and hungrily kissed me. His minty tongue went inside my mouth as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I might just want you for breakfast," he teased as his hardened length teased me.

"Hmm, maybe sausage for breakfast," I teased him back.

He growled and bit my bottom lip. "Maybe after we eat breakfast," He pulled away, leaving me hot and flustered.

I pulled him closer and pecked his luscious lips. "I love you so much. I'm glad I married you."

"Baby, you don't even know how much I love you. I'll always be here," his hand touched where my heart was. His emerald eyes had tiny orbs of light. How was I so lucky to have such a perfect angel.

He pecked me once more and went to take some of the breakfast plates I had made. He took the coffee pot and some utensils. I brought the scrambled eggs and the jug of orange juice. I sat across from him as his smile was from ear to ear. "Thank you, baby," he blew me a kiss and we dug into breakfast.

We ate in silence but he kept winking at me and eating me with his eyes. We finally finished as he rubbed his belly with his hands. "Wow, that was amazing."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, babe," I blew him a kiss. He stood up and came behind me. He nuzzled his nose on my neck.

"Now for dessert," he opened my chair and picked me up. He put me over his shoulders and smacked my ass.

"I'm not finished. I'm not done with my coffee," I laughed as I saw him going towards our room.

"You won't need the coffee. I'm your adrenaline," he shut the door and we made love all morning.



A tear came down my cheek. I quickly wiped it and continued filling the plate with fluffy golden pancakes. I felt a prickly chin on my shoulder. "Whatcha doing?" He looked over my shoulder like a little kid.

I averted too quickly and my lips almost kissed him. "Hmm, breakfast—I'm sorry, you—startled me," his eyes went to my lips than my eyes. "I hope you're hungry," my lips trembled.

He smirked and pulled away. "I'm always hungry," he yawned and stretched. His shirt lifted a bit and saw his chiseled v going down his waist. He smirked again. "I'm going to go freshen up and I'll come and help you."

I couldn't stop admiring him, the way his eyes dilated reminded me of Emilio. He kept studying me like he wanted to read my mind.

"You're a difficult one to read but I like a challenge," a curve appeared on the corner of his lips. He winked and disappeared into the hallway.

My heart fluttered like butterfly wings. He was working his charm and it was working but it wouldn't be fair if I accepted him. I'm still not over Emilio and letting someone else in will cause a disaster.

Suddenly my headache was cured. I got out of the trance Dash had put me in and continued cooking. I finished making the scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. The pancakes were perfectly fluffy. Dash was taking a little longer but I didn't mind, he took care of me yesterday and this is my thank you to him.

The table was set and he came out with a muscle shirt and sweatpants. His messy hair was damp but damn did he look great. He had the perfect amount of chest hair that poked out of his muscle shirt. He got closer to me and the whiff of musky cologne invaded my nostrils. Was he trying to put me under his spell because it's working? "Thank you, I'm sorry I took long. I'll clean all of this up when we are done," I aligned my eyes with his. The blue in his eyes kept changing tones from a light blue to a navy blue, it was like a swirl of the deep ocean trying to escape his eyes.

I moved quickly before I did something I'll regret because right now I wanted to jump on him and let him do whatever he wants to me but deep inside I knew it was wrong. I felt like I was cheating on Emilio.

He noticed how quickly I moved and his eyes softened. I sat across from him. He pulled his chair open and sat down. Even the chair was too small for him. His broad shoulders popped out when he flexed. "This looks incredible, do you always cook?"

"Yeah, I learned from my mom. She taught me. She said if I ever were to stay single at least I could survive on my own," his dimple showed and I melted in my chair.

"Smart mom so now you can cook for me," he said with a handsome smirk on his face.

I giggled like a teenage girl and that made the blood rush to my cheeks.

"You're cute when you laugh," he poured some orange juice and I grabbed a piece of bacon.

"Thanks," I couldn't look at him in the eyes. He was saying all the right words. I'm not even sure what's going on.

"So what are you doing this week?" He changed the subject and I was relieved because the air was thick with tension.

"I'm going on vacation this weekend for the weekend. My boss forced me to go," I played with my eggs with my fork.

"That's great. I need a vacation as well."

I chuckled. "Weren't you in a year hiatus?" I teased as my eyes caught his. Fuck, he's so damn handsome eating that sausage.

He let out a guttural laugh. "Damn you caught me," his eyes brightened just like his handsome smile. "Can we hang out when you come back?" His voice sent chills down my spine.

"As friends?" I reassured.

He smirked. "That's what we are right?" There was a light in his eyes that I couldn't explain but I always noticed a murky shadow that lingered in there as well.

I know he's hurting from the death of his mom. But maybe that's what I need are friends. I pushed so many friends out of my life that after Emilio passed away that I was alone in this world, except for my parents.

We finished eating and he picked up everything. He cleaned the kitchen and put all the food away, there is something about a man in the kitchen. He looked great while his muscles moved every time he put plates on the top of the cabinet.

I sat down in the lounge room thinking about my car. I hope it wasn't towed. He sat close to me as his and the whiff of his cologne invaded my nostrils again. His massive leg touched mine. I stood frozen while my eyes slowly went up to his body and stopped at his eyes.

"What's going on in that head of yours?"

"My car."

"Shit, I forgot to call yesterday. I was trying to take care of you that I forgot but I think you should be fine. I didn't see any signs but if it did get towed I'll pay for everything," he smirked and bumped his shoulders with mine. "Smile, handsome."

And that's when my eyes filled with water. I was a complete mess again. The pain devoured my heart again and my soul was empty.

"Shit," he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I buried my face into his hard chest. I didn't know what came over me but I hugged his waist and cried loudly into his chest.

"I'm so sorry. I just miss him so much," I stuttered as my lips trembled. His shirt was getting soaked with my tears.

"Hey, hey. Don't be sorry. It's ok to let it out once in a while. Tu eres hermoso con un corazón del cielo (you are beautiful with a heart of heaven)," I lifted my head and gazed into his glowing blue eyes. His words tugged at my breaking heart. His words mended my broken heart. I didn't say anything but buried my face into his chest again. This was nice. His warmth filled me with hope but I wasn't ready to open myself up to him.


*Poor Duke is struggling to let someone else in, let's hope Dash can break those walls.*
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