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Meet Olivia CJ; She's an intelligent, beautiful brazen and a whole handful! On the other side of the pan is Damon Levon; Arrogant, charismatic and notorious for he is the son of Billionaire CEO James Levon of 'L Corps'. Times are great until a situation brings the two nemesis one penthouse! Now living together with no way out will the two keep to themselves or will old habits arise? To a game of pranks, a case to solve and a reputation to uphold...but know that feelings will fluster along with raging hatred but in the end LOVE will prevail...or will it? HEADS UP: MATURE AUDIENCE/ STRONG LANGUAGE/SEXUAL CONTENT. ANTIWAYS ENJOY PEEPS! (FAST-PACED, A LITTLE)

Romance / Mystery
Krystal Davon
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Senior year folks, has gone by like a breeze for Olivia CJ.

What happiness to know that it was about to end!

Which is why right now she is at school on a bloody Saturday. The sacrifices that need to be done in order for results to happen.

You see, apart from just being an average student, she Olivia is one of the two pranksters’ of Blake Field High. (BFH)

Who is the other you may wonder.

Fear not thy friend all that needs to be known is that he goes by the name Damon Levon.

Nemesis of Olivia CJ.

Prank is, no teacher nor student knows the identity of either. But the two very well know each other’s signature when a prank has been accomplished.

Olivia has an inkling it has to be the renowned bad boy, a charmer yet a heartbreaker with relentless antics!

And she may have caught him in the act as well, all arrows point towards him.

“Harder...” Olivia moans.

But then it slips.

“Oh fuck!”

She groans in pain as she rubs her nose due to face planting like a pancake in class D15.

Shouting a quick ‘thanks’ outside to Justin; the very tall basketball player of BFH which she may or may not have used to break into the science lab for this week’s prank to commence.

She had to find a way to break in one way or another.

Grabbing the key ingredients; chemicals more like she combined 2 of the 3 now looking for the main component in order for this room to be overflowing with blue foam.

Upon hearing footsteps she quickly dumps the acid in but it didn’t go as planned.

The beaker shattered into a million pieces. OLIVIA’S eyes widen and when she turns the bottle of acid upside down there it was... an ‘L’ signed by yours truly... Lucifer...

Damon’s nickname, obviously.

Due to the sudden outburst stumbling backwards she trips on a wire and there topples the one cupboard every lab student is prohibited to touch.

Alas! Here she was surrounded by a river of chemicals and what not. Shattered glass and the sound of sizzling of furniture could be heard and then... as footsteps got louder outside an explosion set off.

Coughing vigorously Olivia tried to breathe in, only to find that the fire was now consuming the oxygen.

A fire! Olivia slowly gains her senses as she tries to crawl her way to the door. Upon reaching it the door handle did not budge.

That fuckin bastard was indeed Lucifer for now she was going to burn to her death. Was it even worth it just for a prank!

As Olivia’s eyes began to water she quickly covers her head as the window of the door being smashed could be heard along with a guy’s voice yelling in the distance.

The door swings open as a blurry version of a person swoops Olivia into their arms now running at full speed out of D-block building that now looked like a burning tower...

Gaining consciousness Olivia cherishes the moment fresh water runs down her oesophagus clearing her dry and scratchy throat.

“In the principal’s office Olivia CJ” Mrs. Beetle; the receptionist states while shaking her head at Olivia.

She knew the consequences would not be great due to the mere fact that Mrs. Beetle used her full name.

“Every week. Every week 2 pranks are placed in my school. Who could that be I wonder. Oh wait, no one knows.” Principal Arthur speaks in a speech of wonder.

His beady eyes peeping from behind his flameless glasses as he rubs his temples.

“Everyone has their names for them but to me they are just silly teenagers who have nothing better to do with-”

“If I may sir, pranksters is the word you may be looking for in that bald head of yours”

“You Olivia CJ will face severe consequences, you’re past behaviour or involvement in conducting pranks this year may have not been proven but today you have been... what is it that cops say?” He scratches his nugget sized brain as if actually thinking.

“... oh right, caught red handed”

That was a major blow. Olivia didn’t find a reason to hate the principal till now, he just insulted her father!

“Olivia CJ you are now expelled from Blake Field High”

“Sir, with all due respect it was an accident-”

“ says the trip wire planted in order to lock the door and we have found your signature”


“The letter L, assumed to be short for Olivia. Now that’ll be all, I wish you luck for the future or even for entering the police department"

The last bit he mumbled to himself but before Olivia could snap back at the old peanut she requested one thing...

That no one, not one soul finds out who the prankster was or the one who blew up 1/7 of a school!

For everyone knows... reputation proceeds one.

Thanks to her low profile and not much of a social bug no one would notice her absence after all it was the end of the year.

And to finish off her one last prank that didn’t go as planned she knew she had to get back at Damon.

That spare roll of duct tape that was emptied from her locker did the trick!

As for Principal Arthur, let’s just say he had it coming.

Here’s to becoming a detective in the near future, yeah right...

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