Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 27

POV: Lark

I hustled around my apartment grabbing everything I would need for the day.

Last night was the first time I had been back to my apartment since Friday morning and I had been so tired I went straight to bed.

The guys kept me busy all weekend long showing me their favorite spots in the city to get food, go for walks, and people-watch. It was amazing having them around to show me this city that we all loved and had dreamed about. Even back at their apartment, it was nonstop with them. From board games to movie nights, we were always doing something.

I couldn’t tell if they had been trying too hard to entertain me or were just so excited to have a couple of days to spend all together that they tried to pack everything into 48 hours. The old Lark would have loved that. Going at 100 miles a minute was something I could handle before.

Now, I didn’t mind having downtime and alone time where I could just sit with my thoughts or read a book.

As I did my last checks to make sure I had everything, I saw that Luka texted me. I locked up my place and pulled my backpack onto my shoulder before I opened up my messages to see what he said.

Luka: Miss you already! I’m telling you that you should just move in so that we can wake Greyson up with a pillow fight every morning.

Remembering that pillow fight we had on Sunday morning made me laugh out loud and relished in the feeling of it. I thought things would change between us when I told them what happened. If anything they seemed to be more determined to give me normal memories.

Lark: Lol. I told you I’d think about it but I like my place! It’s quiet and gives me somewhere quiet to go when I need it.

Luka: Were we too loud? We can tone it down on school nights. I promise it’s not always that exciting at our place. I think we were just pumped to have you back and wanted to impress you.

The emoji he added at the end had me laughing again. Did I want to move in with them? I really did love having my own space. After not having a home for so many years it felt good to have somewhere I could go that was specifically for me. I wouldn’t be opposed to keeping a toothbrush or whatnot at their place for when I stayed the night...but I don’t think I would be moving in anytime soon.

Lark: No! You guys were perfect. I promise I’ll think about it, just don’t hold your breath. I gotta run though. Save me a seat in Italian if you get there first!

Before slipping my phone into my back pocket, I grabbed my headphones and turned on some music. Letting Mallrat’s Rockstar guide my pace as made my way to campus.

I hurried amongst the crowds that were also doing their best to get their days started on time.


I made my way to my creative writing class with butterflies in my stomach. Since Grey was the TA for my course, I knew I would get to see his face this morning.

His very handsome face.

Thinking about that pillow fight again, I couldn’t stop myself from seeing Grey’s shirtless body in my mind. Unlike Colt he wasn’t covered in tattoo’s so I noticed he had one on his ribs. However, our pillow shenanigans kept me from seeing it clearly. It looked similar to one I had seen on Colt’s chest the other night. I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what it would feel like to wake up with and feel him wrapped around me.

Shaking my head to clear those thoughts before a blush could creep up, I made my way into the lecture hall. There were a few other people that were trickling in as well but most people showed up only a couple of minutes before class started.

I grabbed my laptop out and started opening up a new section of notes for this class period. “Well happy Monday, Emily. How was your weekend?” Wyatt’s voice brought me out of my focused mode.

“Hey”, I laughed, “It was good. Busy but good. I didn’t get a chance to do as much homework as I wanted, unfortunately. How was yours?“. As I listened to Wyatt tell me about some party he had gone to, my thoughts drifted back to my weekend. Wyatt was nice but we weren’t interested in the same things. He was easy to talk to and I could see him as a friend for sure.

“...So that’s when I decided I would never drink rum again. That crap just gives me the worst hangovers”. Wyatt’s story finished on that declaration and I laughed again.

“I’m glad you were able to narrow down the problem booze. Hopefully that will save you plenty of hangovers in the future”. He smiled at my response before reaching into his bag to grab his items for class.

“You should come with me to a party sometime so I can introduce you to people”, he offered. As much as I wanted to meet new people, I wasn’t sure partying was my scene. I had always loved to dance, but drinking was what worried me.

“I’ll think about it. Partying isn’t really my scene but I would love to meet new people”.

Wyatt frowned a little but seemed undeterred. “I’ll get you out with me eventually Em, just you wait”. I shook my head at his persistence and went back to looking at my laptop.

Cartwright strolled into the room with a swagger a 6o-year-old man should not possess and started class. “Hello Hello Hello class! It’s Monday, so that means mood writing. Get something to write with please and write for 10 minutes about whatever mood you are currently in”. He sat down at the desk that sat in the front right-hand corner of the room and started taking off his jacket and messenger bag.

Before I started writing I caught Greyson’s eye. He was sitting in the front row and I hadn’t noticed when he had come in. He gave me a quick head nod and smile before getting up and walking over to Cartwright.

What mood was I in?

There was a lot that I could focus on. As my eyes found Greyson’s form again I decided what mood I was in.


Why did Greyson elicit emotions in me that Aidan, Luka, and Colt had given me as well?

So yeah... confused was the mood of the day.

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