Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 28

POV: Lark

Once again I found myself loving my creative writing class. As I packed up my stuff I gave myself a mental pat on the back for putting this on my schedule.

“Are we still on for coffee today?“. Wyatt’s question caught me off guard. I forgot that I had agreed to hang out after class today but a warm drink did sound nice.

“Definitely. I don’t think I remember exactly how to get there so I’ll let you lead the way”. I followed him out of the row we were sitting in. Both of us adjusting our backpacks on our shoulders as we walked.

I turned around quickly to say goodbye to Greyson and saw that he was already looking at me; a funny look planted on his normally serene face. I gave him a quick wave goodbye and turned back around to talk with Wyatt. He was talking about some new idea he had for a coffee flavor.

“Seriously honey and toffee would be such a good roast flavor! I suppose I am going to school for Communications and Business so I could just start my own coffee business one day”. He sounded like he was musing more to himself than to me, but I responded anyway.

“No, I can’t disagree with you! Honey and toffee do sound amazing. If we’re still friends by the time you develop this business, I’ll be a new flavor taste tester- free of charge”, I joked.

Wyatt laughed as we walked down the sidewalk. “I’ll keep that in mind. I should be writing this down though. I feel like I have a million great ideas for a start-up but then I forget them”. He shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“You should buy a little notebook for yourself and call it your idea journal or something. Or just use your phone! They do make apps for that kind of thing you know”.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Har har, very funny. You better be nice to me or I won’t let you taste test any of my genius ideas in the future”.

We made our way to the coffee shop and Wyatt opened the door for me. It wasn’t as busy as last time, which was nice. The music that drifted through the speakers helped give the atmosphere a cozy feel. I could see Luka loving this place.

I turned to Wyatt once we got inside. “How about you go grab a table and I’ll buy drinks this time. What would you like?“. He nodded in appreciation before asking for a caramel latte. Funnily enough, that was the drink I was going to order for myself.

There was no line so ordering didn’t take long and I was walking over to Wyatt with our drinks in no time.

“So tell me more about this weekend of yours that was so busy”, he said. I was trying to figure out how to describe the guys without giving too much of my past away.

“Umm, I just hung out with friends all weekend. I met a guy in my Italian class who was really cool and he introduced me to his roommates. The five of us just went around the city finding things to do. It was pretty fun but tiring. I like being spontaneous and hanging out with people, but I also like having downtime too”.

Wyatt took a long drink of his coffee as he listened. ” A guy huh?“. I could tell it wasn’t a question. “It sounds like you had fun though. Although you would have had just as much fun if you had come and part with me”. He gave me a teasing look that I chose to ignore.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I get it. I’ll find my way to a party eventually. It is part of the college experience after all”, I joked.

The two of us talked more about what we liked to do in our free time before circling back and talking about school.

“Speaking of our writing class,” he started, “What’s the deal with our TA? He seems to have taken an interest in your or something”. Wyatt’s words surprised me. I didn’t take him as someone that was particularly observant.

“Greyson? He happened to be one of the roommates of that guy I told you about. He thought he recognized me from somewhere else that first day of classes and we had a good laugh about it. He’s a nice guy though”. It felt weird to lie about our relationship and the depth of it. I didn’t like it.

“I think he thinks you’re a nice girl. He sure stares at you a lot in class and looks like he wants to kill me whenever I talk to you”. He tried to make it sound like a joke but I could hear the annoyance in his voice.

“I honestly haven’t noticed. And maybe he just has one of those faces that looks angry... like resting b*tch face. Definitely could be that”. These questions were making me nervous. It’s not like I wanted to hide my relationship with the guys, I just didn’t want anyone looking too closely at it. They were a tie to my old life and the girl I used to be.

“Yeah... I don’t think that’s it. When he looks at you it’s different. Honestly the guy looks at you like he’s in love with you or something”. I had been staring out the window when Wyatt started talking but now he had my full attention.

Hearing that Grey looked at me a certain way... it brought those butterflies back.

Clearly that mood Monday writing didn’t sort anything out.

“I feel like you are making this out in your head Wyatt”, I laughed. “We’re just friends”.

Wyatt didn’t look convinced but went back to drinking his coffee. I ended up changing the topic by asking him about his other grand ideas. We sat and talked for another half hour before both of us realized we needed to get to our next classes.

“Why don’t you give me your number, since you seem incapable of using mine”, he teased. “Wow I think that was the first pick-up line I’ve ever heard! But here, I’ll give it to you because you earned pity points”. He laughed as I told him my number. We waved our goodbyes and headed in opposite directions.

I started replaying Wyatt’s words in my mind about Greyson.

Honestly, the guy looks at you like he’s in love with you or something.

That familiar feeling of excitement and nerves came rushing back.

We had always been close when we were younger, but none of the guys had crushes on me back then. They didn’t see me that way.

I was okay with that.

But now... now the idea that they saw me differently brought a smile to my face. The only problem is that I was pretty sure I liked all of them.


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