Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 44

POV: Lark

Lark: What am I supposed to wear to this?

I sent the text to Colt and paced in my apartment as I waited for his reply. I was feeling particularly nervous about going to Aidan’s fight tonight.

We hadn’t seen each other since last weekend at the club. Either he was gone training or I was on campus at classes. I missed him.

It didn’t feel like he was avoiding me, but I also knew the distance between us felt charged.

Colt: You’ll sit VIP with us so wear what you want. Most people wear semi-formal or streetwear though.

Lark: Got it. Thanks!

As I looked over the clothes in my closet, I settled on a pair of black pants and a white crop top. I didn’t mind dressing up when the occasion called for it, but if given the chance to be more casual I’d always take it.

My mirror reflected the unease I felt and I wanted to hide it underneath a layer of makeup. Lining my eyes in a metallic brown, I let the normalcy of the task drown out my thoughts. I finished quickly and stepped back to stare at my whole ensemble. I felt cool. Really cool.

Colt: We’re picking you up in 5 minutes.

The guys had insisted that they pick me up in whatever flashy vehicle they chose for the evening. It was still a little weird for me to wrap my head around their wealth. I had learned that it wasn’t just Colt and Aidan that brought in the money. Luka’s photography had taken off and he was being paid by many up-and-coming indie magazines to shoot their cover stars. Greyson always joked that once his first novel was published he would finally be able to be the breadwinner of the family.

I enjoyed the comfort that their money brought me and I appreciated how generous they were. I just wanted to contribute too.

I check my appearance in the mirror one last time and then chucked my used makeup wipe in the trash can. The poster I had thrown away on Monday stared back at me.

It was for some band that was playing at a dive bar the next week. The poster, along with a demo of their songs was shoved under my door when I got back to my place last Sunday. I was surprised that they had gone to that much effort since most of the first floor of my building was covered in the same poster.

Grabbing my jacket and a small purse, I headed out the door and into the cramped hallway that led into my apartment. When I first moved in I was worried that the compact nature of the building would set off my fears. If anything, it sort of helped me get used to them. Small spaces didn’t bother me as much anymore.

When I stepped outside, Greyson and Luka were leaning against a black Range Rover. They both looked entirely too handsome.

Their faces were relaxed as they spoke to each other in a tone that just too soft for me to hear. As I stepped up to them they both turned to me and the relaxed expressions shifted to something different.

Something more heated.

I saw them look at each other once more before Greyson leaned forward and claimed my lips in a kiss that was almost too charged for the crowded sidewalk.

When he pulled back I could tell my cheeks had turned a rosy color. Luka was right there and I wasn’t sure what this would mean to him.

Before I could think too much about it, Luka pulled me closer to him and brushed his lips against mine. It was gentler than Greys’s kiss had been. It left me wanting more.

“Don’t overthink this. Just live and we will follow your lead”, Luka whispered in my ear.

I looked over to Greyson and his smile was reassuring. “Come on let’s get in the car before Colt yells at us for taking too long. You know he likes to be there early to monitor the press surrounding the fight”.

As we crawled into the back of the SUV, Colt didn’t look up from his phone but the smirk on his face told me he knew exactly why we had taken so long to get in the vehicle.

We pulled away from the curve and the lights of the city flashed muted through the tinted windows.

“Are you ready for this?“, Colt asked. His eyes now rested on me. Or rather roamed over my figure.

“Yeah, I think so. I’m not nervous about the fighting. I’m more nervous to watch Aidan fight though”.

He lifted his chin and his left eyebrow in one fluid movement. God, he was beautiful. Sometimes it caught me off guard. “It can be unnerving. He’s a professional though and even if he gets hurt, he knows how to minimize the damage. He’ll be okay”.

I gave him a small smile before turning my gaze back to the window.


“Do you want anything to drink?“, Luka asked as he brought his arm around my shoulders. It was calmer in the VIP area and we didn’t need to shout like we had as we made our way through general admission.

“Can I just get a beer please? Whatever they have is fine”.

He kissed me on the forehead before making his way down the stairs and over to the concessions area.

I spotted Colt amongst the group of people who were all dressed in expensive and expertly tailored suits. His tattoos made him stand out and I wondered if the other agents were ever intimidated by him. Judging on the small bubble of personal space that he, and he alone, seemed to be awarded I think the answer to that would be a resounding yes.

He looked up and caught me staring at him.

Immediately his whole demeanor changed. I watched him turn back to the group and he must have excused himself from the conversation because they parted for him quickly as he made his way back over to me and Greyson.

“You know he’s waiting for you to make the first move, right?”

Greyson looked at me expectantly but his words confused me.

“Colt? Are we talking about the same person? He doesn’t wait for anyone”. I gave him an incredulous look before looking back at the arena.

Colt was almost back to us.

Grey leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “He does when it’s you. He waits when he feels like he fucked up and doesn’t want to push you into anything”. He gave me a playful bite to my ear and leaned back just as Colt sat down on my other side.

Jesus. Being around the guys lately made me feel like I was going to combust.

I had never been a sexual person. But now...now I wanted to feel them. I wanted to know what it would be like to have them kiss every part of me.

I wanted it all.

That thought alone had me clenching my thighs together and I knew my underwear would be damp.

Colt’s voice brought me, thankfully, out of the thoughts swirling around my head. “Where’s Luka?”

As if the sound of his name had some magical summoning properties, Luka bounded up the steps and handed me a can of Heineken.

Luka claimed the seat opposite Colt and the four of us chatted casually as we waited for the fight to start.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the crowd below us electrified the room with their shouts and cheers.

It was time.

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