Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 45

POV: Lark

The darkness of the arena mixed with the loudness of the crowd felt exhilarating.

It gave me a new perspective on Aidan. He wasn’t just a boxer, he was a performer.

Colt, Luka, Greyson, and I walked over to the railing. I know I was too jittery to sit and watch this, but I suspected the guys just wanted a better view.

“Ladies and gentleman get ready for the main event!“. The announcers booming voice rolled over the audience and startled me for a moment. “The match-up you’ve all been waiting for is here... Now make. Some. Noise!“.

If I thought the crowd was loud before, the echoing chaos that erupted now assured me I was wrong. Next to me, Greyson hooted and hollered with the best of them and Luka wasn’t that far behind him.

Seeing them so carefree made me want to do the same.

Leaning over to Colt I tried my best to shout over the noise. “So is this fight really important? Or is this normally how crazy it gets at these things?“.

He kept his eyes trained on the boxing ring below us, but he answered immediately. “This fight is a normal matchup. The UFC likes to put their best fighters together in the off-season though to see what kind of crowd they might get during the finals. Aidan is fighting Torrence Valchek who just so happens to be the only other fighter in Aidan’s weight class that would have a chance against him”.

I thought about what he said and turned my attention back to the announcer. Valchek had just been announced and I was surprised at how loud his supporters were. In my mind, I had assumed everyone would be rooting for Aidan, like me.

“And now in the opposite corner, the defending middleweight champion at 198 pounds... Aidan Cooooooleman!“. This time, all four of us joined the cheers as Aidan stepped into the ring and shrugged off his robe to a bald man with a red beard.

He looked dangerous.

His body seemed to coil and bounce as if he was born to do this. A lot of the nerves I had felt about tonight were centered around Aidan getting hurt. I knew that was still a possibility, but I didn’t feel as scared.

He was a weapon and I couldn’t wait to watch him win.

Both fighters walked to their corners for a last-minute pep talk and stretch with their coaches, but soon faced each other. Both of them looked impassive. As if they each had better things to do.

The jarring bell signaled the start of the fight and my hands gripped the cold metal railing before me.

They were like two tigers circling each other. When one would jab, the other would slip away.

The punches that did land barely seemed to faze either fighter. It wasn’t until Aidan delivered a hard uppercut that finally got Valchek to show any emotion other than boredom.

“Whooo!!! Kick his ass Aidan”, I screamed as I jumped up and down.

Colt put his arm around me before bringing my ear to his lips. “It’s incredibly hot to see you like this”.

A warm flush spread to my face and I did my best to keep my attention focused on the fight. Aidan landed another hit on Valchek, this time it was a hook the cheek, and his head whipped around so fast I was scared we’d hear his neck snap. The two kept going at it though and I watched mesmerized.

And then, Valchek delivered a strong hit to Aidan that had me sucking in a breath. Aidan stumbled back slightly and Valchek took that opening to deliver a series of rapid punches – all to his ribs.

“Colt is he going to be okay?”

“He’s had worse before”.

I grimaced at his non-answer and watched as Aidan struggled to recover. Finally, though he seemed to get his bearing. Taking Valchek by surprise, he blocked another jab and then countered with a massive uppercut.

The crowd collectively gasped as Valchek crumpled suddenly. His body fell heavily onto the floor of the ring and everything felt like it was in slow motion.

Aidan’s arm was raised in victory.

The crowd erupted in cheers and some boos.

It was Aidan’s face I was watching though. He looked like he was in pain and as he clutched his side I knew that something was wrong.

“Colt he’s hurt. Look at him he’s clutching his ribs!“.

“He’s okay. Trust me on this. We can go back and see him in the locker room if that will make you feel better”.

I nodded hurriedly and turned away from the railing, but Grey grabbed my shoulder. “We can’t go back right away. It takes about ten minutes for Aidan to get checked out by the doc and his trainer”.

Huffing out a frustrated breath, I chugged the rest of my beer and began pacing.

Luka turned away from the crowd below and leaned back against the railing. He looked entirely too much like the models he was usually photographing.

“Are you staying over at our place after?”

I paused. “After what?”

“This. After the fight. There’s usually an after-party but Aid doesn’t like to go to those. Although if you wanted to, he would”.

“No after-party, but I will stay at your place tonight. Can I just borrow someone’s pajamas, please?”

Luka snorted before quipping, “You know I don’t think any of us own pajamas. You might just have to sleep naked”.

I rolled my eyes at him as he sipped his drink.

I was about to attempt a witty retort when Colt started making his way to the stairs. “Come on”, he called over his shoulder. “We should be able to go back and see him now”.

I finished the last of my beer and then hurried to catch up to Colt. As we made our way across the floor, Greyson and Luka flanked me on either side. Eventually, we came to a long hallway with shiny vinyl flooring.

The walls amplified the echoing and I thought about how Aidan must feel hearing this noise as he walks out to fight.

Finally, we reached a dressing room with the last name “Coleman” printed on it in red block letters. Colt was about to step inside when we began to hear shouting inside.

“I always come to your fights Aidan! You knew I had tickets!“.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t come to them anymore, Liz. I just said that you aren’t allowed back here anymore. The locker room is for athletes and their guests only”.

“So that’s it. You dump me and now I’m not even allowed to be in your life anymore?“.

My hand covered my mouth quickly to stifle the shocked sound that bubbled out of my throat.

Aidan broke up with Liz.

“Clearly we shouldn’t be if you can’t respect the boundaries I’m trying to put in place here! I never wanted to hurt you Liz and I’m going to ask you again to leave before I say something I would regret”.

“Fuck you, Aidan”.

Even through the door, we could all hear the watery tone of her voice. Footsteps got closer to the door and the four of us scrambled away, attempting to look like we weren’t just eavesdropping.

Liz didn’t seem to register us right away as she stepped out into the hallway. The second she did though her face changed from despair to rage. She looked me dead in the eyes.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself you whore”, she spat at me.

I hadn’t done anything wrong. I knew that, and still, her words made me recoil. As she turned to walk away down the hallway, Luka blocked her path.

“Do not ever call her that again. Don’t ever speak to her in that tone ever again. Are we clear?” The anger that simmered just below his polite tone was something I hadn’t heard before and it surprised me.

It must have surprised Liz too, because her eyes grew wide in shock before something else came over her expression. “So you are fucking her too. Let me guess... you all are fucking her. Is that why you broke up with Taylor too, Colt? So all could share a piece of ass?“, she spewed. Her angry tears fell freely now. However, she was starting to piss me off.

“I haven’t slept with any of them Liz, not that it’s your business. I’m sorry that Aidan broke up with you but it’s time for you to leave”. I didn’t move from my position against the wall as I spoke. I merely tilted my head up to meet her gaze.

She looked as though she wanted to say something else to me, but Colt and his incredible timing cut her off. “Don’t make me call security, Liz. I’d enjoy it far too much”, he drawled with a smirk on his face.

With one last murderous look, she turned on her heel and stomped away down the hallway.

“Well”, Greyson said. “That could have been handled better”. The light nature of his tone had a calming effect on all of us and I felt my shoulders relax again.

Leading the way into Aidan’s room, Greyson held the door open for us to walk in behind him. I was surprised that it smelled so good. It didn’t look like a typical locker room. If anything it looked like a fancy yoga studio complete with candles and plants. The juxtaposition between the décor and Aidan’s bruised face almost made me laugh.

The effortless grin that took over his face when he saw me made the last five minutes a distant memory. He got up from his chair, cutting off his coach, and picked me up in a giant hug.

“So, what did you think?”

I laughed and tapped his shoulder in a silent ask to put me down. “It was awesome! You move so fluidly, almost like a dancer. I was nervous there in the middle when you kept getting hit though... but you seem fine now”.

Colt caught my eye as he sat down on a leather couch and gave me a look that said, ‘I told you so’.

A deep voice interrupted my thoughts. “Made me nervous too. Especially since we worked on blocking all week, kid. What’s the point of paying me to train you if you aren’t going to listen to me?“.

His coach was the one that spoke and he fixed Aid with a look of paternal annoyance. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can punish me for it during drills next week, X”.

X crossed his arms and let out a humorless laugh. “You can count on it”.

Soon after, he excused himself and the only people that remained in the room were Aidan, Luka, Greyson, Colt, and me.

Aidan showed me around his locker room and answered all my questions about the fight, while the rest of the guys decided what takeout we were getting on the way back to their apartment.

Not for the first time since having them back in my life, I thought about how different everything was a year ago.

If only I had known that this is what would have been waiting for me... maybe I could have gotten through my time in Italy easier.

Because that’s what the guys did. They always made everything easier.

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