Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 51

POV: Lark

Holy shit.

This was happening.

And the way he was looking at me... I think it was going to kill me.

Colt’s arms trapped me against the wall and I found that I liked that feeling with him. Of not being in complete control.

It emboldened me almost. His dominance set something free in me.

“Is this what you want Colt?“, I said as I sank to my knees before him. Caressing the back of his thighs as I waited for his response.

He stared down out at me and dropped his right arm down. Caressing my lips with fingers and forcing me to suck on his thumb.

“You know better than to call me by name when you’re on your knees for me, baby”, he said.

His voice was like warm honey dripping over my body and his words felt like a shock to my system.

Colt had a way of making my body feel contradicting emotions and I craved it every time he looked at me with hooded eyes.

He took his thumb out of my mouth and stepped back expectantly.

“I’m sorry Daddy”.

His fists clenched at his side before gently moving them to hold my hair out of my face. “Much better. Now... where were we?“.

I undid the belt and zipper on his pants with steady fingers and slid them down quickly.

Slowly, I held his gaze as I took his dick into my mouth. Not stopping until I felt it tickle the back of my throat. My gag reflex immediately kicked in but I forced myself to ignore it.

“That’s it baby”, he said softly. “Choke on my dick. Show me how much you want to suck me off”.

I worked my tongue over every inch of him. The sounds he made as I worshiped him made me never want to stop and he stared at me with so much heat I was worried he wasn’t going to stay still and let me have my fun.

When I moved my mouth to suck his balls lightly into my mouth he let out a sharp breath.“God damn it, Lark. Your mouth feels like heaven”.

It felt like he was everywhere. His voice was wrapped around my brain making me feel like I was the most powerful woman on the planet.

Encouraged by his words, I moved faster. I cradled his balls in my hands as my tongue and mouth worked together to push him closer and closer to the edge.

“Fuck me, Jesus Christ baby”, Colt spoke roughly.

I hollowed my cheeks and sucked him as deep as I could. The wet, sloppy sounds that echoed around the room were making my clit tighten.

All of a sudden my mouth was yanked off of him and he picked me up effortlessly and carried me to my bed.

Then he stepped back.

“I think you have too many clothes on”, he said carefully. I think he was giving me room to disagree with him, but my mind couldn’t have been more in sync with this.

I lifted an eyebrow at him as I removed my sweatshirt.

And my bra.

And finally, my leggings.

The look he gave me when I was finally bare before him was... mesmerizing. It made me want to suck his dick again.

He pulled off his own shirt then, but his eyes never left my mine.

“Do you want me to make you come?“, he asked demandingly.

My eyes shuttered and my pussy twitched. God, I wanted that so bad.

“Yes”, I whispered.

Leaning forward he gripped the railing of my bed frame. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Daddy I want you to make me come”, I said.

He smirked at me and his cock twitched at my words. “How do you want to come baby?“.

If he wasn’t so sexy I’d throw a pillow at him for making me wait this long. “I want you to eat my pussy Daddy”.

He groaned a low sound that electrified the room. “That’s a good girl. Spread your legs for me please”.

I did as he asked and spread myself bare for him. I knew I was wet, and I almost went to cover myself with my hands. I thought better of it after seeing Colt’s eyes narrow at my slight movement.

“Watch me as I eat your gorgeous pussy”.

And then he delivered a long lick to my core that had me wishing I could throw my head back. He lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders as he gave my pussy light kisses.

“Please don’t tease me Daddy. I need to come”.

His mouth pressed down heavier on my clit and the added pressure had me squirming.

“Yes,” I gasped. “Fuck yes”.

His tongue started flicking my clit in quick movements and when he pressed a finger inside of me I thought I was going to cum on the spot.

He knew it too.

“Not yet baby. I’m not done playing with you yet”, he said hurriedly.

He looked up to meet my eyes as he pumped his finger in and out of me and started sucking on the most sensitive part of my pussy.

On and on he went torturing me with his mouth and his finger and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

It was all too much. “I’m going to cum, fuck I’m going to cum”.

When he added a second finger I saw stars.

When he moaned against my pussy, the vibrations sent me over the edge.

It felt like my whole body was on fire and I welcomed it. My body clenched and my head went fuzzy before my orgasm crashed into me.

I let out slow, heavy breaths as I came down from the high that he had just given me. I opened my eyes to see Colt staring at me with so much adoration I thought my heart was going to burst.

“Such a good girl cumming on my face like that”, he whispered.

Moving my legs off his shoulder, he started placing soft kisses on the inside of my thighs. I shifted forward so I could reach out and grab his face. I wanted to taste myself on his lips. He met me in the middle and fuck it was perfect. The way he kissed me would never get old. Demanding and passionate and caring. Like he never wanted to leave me feeling unwanted.

His lips pulled back slightly so he could start trailing kisses across my jaw and down my neck. “I love you”, he said against my throat.

I held him against me. Wishing I could imprint the feel of his body in my brain. “I love you too, Colt”.

With a surprising amount of grace, he hopped out of bed and pulled me with him.

“Let’s get you dressed. I did promise to cook you breakfast for dinner didn’t I?”

Confusion washed over me followed by self-consciousness. “What about you?“, I asked cautiously. I was doing my best not to stare pointedly at his erection.

He pulled my oversized hoodie over my shoulders and grabbed me a fresh pair of underwear from my dresser along with a pair of flannel sleep shorts. “I wanted this to be about you. Don’t get me wrong”, he said as he dropped a kiss to my forehead, “I fucking loved how this started. But I don’t need to finish to enjoy myself with you. Tasting your sweet cum as you rode my face was perfection”.

I thought over his words, his tone, his body language. He was being sincere and yet I still felt nervous.

My breath caught in my throat as I realized why this felt so wrong for me. Every sexual experience I had before the guys operated in a completely opposite fashion. It was never about me and I had always done my best to remove myself mentally from the situation.

Knowing that Colt didn’t expect anything from me but what I was willing to give felt good. So incredibly good.

“Well in that case...you did promise and I fully intend to hold you to your word”, I said with a laugh as I handed his t-shirt back to him.

He threw it back on the floor before walking over to my very small kitchen.

“What are you just going to cook in your underwear?“, I asked skeptically.

“Obviously. I’m giving you a show Lark. Dinner and a movie,” he threw back sarcastically.

I pulled out my laptop as I watched him crack eggs in a bowl. Orgasms and breakfast for dinner? I could get used to this.

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