Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 55

POV: Greyson

I flexed my hand as I put my pen down and leaned back in my chair.

I loved writing at night. It was always the time when I felt the most awake and like I could get my hand to convey what my mind was thinking.

Lately, there was so much running through my head that I struggled to focus on any one project. Poetry was something I could always come back to though. It was my haven.

A knock at my door had me checking the time on my alarm clock and I was surprised to see it was already 1:30 in the morning. We had all called it a night around 11 and I had been writing nonstop for over two hours.

I swung the door open and was pleased to find Lark waiting on the other side with a sheepish look on her face. “Can I stay with you tonight?“, she whispered.

I held my hand out to her and guided her inside before shutting the door with a soft click. “Everything okay?“, I asked.

“Everything is wonderful”, she called over her shoulder as she made her way to my bed. I loved that she felt so comfortable with us now. “I just couldn’t sleep and I was thinking about you”.

She pulled the covers up to her chin and wiggled down.

Looking at her felt like watching the sunset. Calming and beautiful.

Before I could forget the feeling I quickly turned around to my journal and wrote down the way I had just felt when I was looking at her.

“What are you writing?“, she asked.

“Nothing really”, I replied distractedly. “I was working on a poem when you knocked but now, I’m just jotting down some thoughts”.

I turned back around to find her out of bed and walking over to my desk. She wrapped her arms around my torso and my mind cleared. Bringing my arms around her I breathed in her scent.

She always smelled vaguely of honey and it intoxicated me in the best way. I felt my dick stiffen and did my best to shift my hips away from her.

Her hands moved up and down my bare back, sending little shivers up and down my spine. When her lips brushed against me and she began pressing light kisses to my chest I knew I’d have to give up the fight against my erection. There was no way I was going to be able to hide it from her with how she was making me feel.

I lightly gripped her chin, moving her face to look up at me. “You are killing me here darling. If you want to sleep I suggest you stop teasing me”, I said playfully.

Her nose scrunched up slightly and I thought I would die at how adorable she looked. “Who said anything about sleeping?“, she asked.

I bent down to press a kiss below her ear. “What exactly did you mean when you said you were thinking about me earlier?“.

“I was thinking about our first date at that poetry reading. I was remembering the poem you wrote. The way you held me as we kissed in that alley”, she spoke softly. Her mouth brushed against my throat and my dick strained against the thin pair of boxers I was wearing.

“Was it something like this?“, I asked as I picked up and placed her on top of my desk. Her legs wrapped around my hips and I groaned. “Lark darling, where the fuck is your underwear?”

She reached her hands up to circle my neck. “I wanted to sleep naked Grey”, she said innocently.

“Mmm”, I murmured against her mouth as I brought her in for a kiss. “Why don’t I believe you?“.

Her breath caught in her throat as I brushed my fingertips across her hardened nipples. Adding more pressure I moved my thumbs across them and nipped her bottom lip with my teeth.

“Touch me, Grey. Please I need to feel you”, she moaned lightly. Her pussy was wet against my boxers and my dick was straining to feel her.

I yanked her shirt over her head and lowered my mouth down to her breast. “Where do you want me to touch you darling?“, I asked as I softly licked her nipple.

“Fuck”, she gasped. “Right there”.

I moved my hand to cup her other breast and I sucked her nipple into my mouth as I used my fingers to tease her other. The sounds she was making were going straight to my dick and I didn’t know I could be this turned on. She was heating me from the inside out and all I wanted was to show her much I wanted her.

I moved my other hand down slowly. Brushing against her belly until I felt the soft skin of her pussy. I let one finger trail over her clit and her hips bucked up into my hand.

“God your pussy is so wet. Can I taste you, darling? I want to taste your juices on my lips”. I said against her neck as I left a trail of kisses.

“Please. Yes, Grey please”.

I brought her body closer to the edge of my desk and pushed my chair out of the way. As I sank to my knees the sight of her made me weak.

“So beautiful”, I said as moved my tongue up her slit. “You taste so good too, Lark. God you taste so fucking good”.

The moan she let out as I spread her lips and sucked on her clit was one that I knew I was going to spend hours writing about. She was poetry. Everything about her.

I gripped her thighs tightly to try and prevent her from moving too much but she was too sensitive. Every kiss and lick and suck sent her bucking into my face and I loved feeling her wetness coat my mouth.

I slid one finger into her. Slowly. So slowly.

“Grey”, she whimpered.

I sucked her clit into my mouth lights and pumped my finger in and out of her, curling up to hit that spot that made her cry out and writhe against me.

“Fuck. Fuck. Grey, I’m going to cum”, she gasped. Her breathing labored.

I pulled my mouth away from her to look up into her face. There was so much lust there that it took my breath away. “Play with your nipples darling. I want you to feel pleasure all over your body as I make you cum”.

Adding a second finger, I relished the feeling of her around me and wondered what she might feel like on my dick someday. I flicked my tongue against her clit and curled my fingers into her. I looked up to see her pinching her nipples, her head thrown back in ecstasy.

“Greyson. Yes. Greyson oh my god, Greyson yes yes yes”. Her moans bounced around my bedroom and it was almost enough to make me come.

I pulled back to see her chest rising and falling deeply, her eyes on me. “I want you to make love to me Grey”, she spoke quietly but confidently.


I rose from my knees and held her face in my hands. “Are you sure?“, I asked gently. She brought her face to mine, searing me with a kiss that had me chasing her mouth as she pulled away. “I’m sure. Now please, fuck me”.

I lifted her from my desk and laid her down on top of my bed before placing a pillow under her hips. Quickly, I reached into my bedside table and rolled a condom on.

“You are an absolute dream, Lark”, I said. Her hair was splayed out around her like an ethereal combination of fairy wings and an angel’s halo.

“So are you Grey. I love you”, she murmured as she sat up to take my hand. I followed her lead and draped my body over hers.

My eyes shuttered as I felt my dick brush against her bare pussy for the first time. She was going to wreck me and put me back together.

I pulled back slightly and shifted her towards the edge of the bed so I could place my feet on the ground. Taking myself in my hand, I brushed the head of dick against her pussy.

Her head fell back against the bed. “Please, Grey”, she whispered before bringing her eyes back to mine.

I bent down to kiss her. I couldn’t fuck her until I had another taste of those gorgeous fucking lips. When I pulled back we were both breathless.

Slowly, I sunk my dick into her pussy and the feeling of her gripping was almost too much.

“Fuck”, I breathed out harshly. “Lark you... Fuck you feel like home darling”.

When I finally pushed in she moaned so loudly I was worried that the soundproofing wasn’t going to hold up.

Then I pulled out and slammed back in. I knew then that the soundproofing was definitely not going to work.

“Yes! Please don’t stop, please don’t stop”, she exclaimed as I fucked her.

I gripped her hips in my hand and relished in the feeling of her skin on mine and my dick pounding into her pussy.

“Lark, fucking hell Lark you have no idea what you do to me”, I breathed as I pushed myself in and out. It was taking everything in me to not cum.

“Harder”, she gasped out as her hand started to play with her nipples.

My hips pumped harder and she gripped my dick tightly. So fucking tightly.

I reached down to gently play with her clit as I fucked her and she screamed my name in a way that was going to be branded into my memory. This was perfect. There was nothing more perfect than her in this moment.

“You look so beautiful with your pussy wrapped around my dick and your mouth screaming my name”, I breathed out.

“Grey”, she whispered. My eyes caught hers and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer.

I shifted her hips up slightly and fucked her with my hand on her clit. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened but no sound came out.

“That’s it baby. Do you feel what you are doing to me. Do you see how your beauty affects me?“.

“Ahhhh!“, she exclaimed as her eyes abruptly shut and her pussy spasmed around me sending me spinning.

My whole body clenched up and suddenly released as my orgasm hit me like a tsunami crashing against a mountain.

Lark opened her eyes and a smile played at the edges of her lips.

I pulled out of her to grab a towel and clean her up. “Are you okay?“, I asked as I gently wiped the towel against her.

She nodded emphatically and I felt a smile light up my face. “I’m .... amazing”, she reassured me and then proceeded to crawl under the covers. “You were perfect, Grey”.

I threw the condom away in the garbage before sliding under the covers next to her. “As were you”, I said. Pressing a kiss to her nose and pulling her closer. “I hope you know that you are going to be the muse for every poem I write that involves love now. You’ve branded me and I never want the scar to heal”.

Her eyes held mine as she brought my hands up to her lips. “You’ve always inspired me, Grey”.

As I held her against me and felt her body relax into sleep I kept thinking that I would wake up and that everything we had just shared will have all been in my head.

But the feel of her against me was real. The tickle on my arm as she exhaled was real. Lark was real. She wasn’t going to disappear again.

I closed my eyes and hoped that my mind would remain blank for the night. I didn’t want to dream. Everything would have paled in comparison to what we had just shared.

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