Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 58

POV: Lark

“That’s all for today’s class. Enjoy your break and try to make some headway on your final projects. They are due two weeks upon your return”, Vera said as she wrapped up her lecture.

Her dark blonde hair was pulled into a twist at the back of her head and the gray hairs she had looked like silver highlights. There was a quiet elegance about her that always commanded attention from her students. If anyone else had been teaching this course, I likely would have stopped paying attention after the first week.

Beside me, Luka was finishing up his notes. Initially, I had been concerned that having him in class with me was going to be a distraction, but he surprised me. He never tried to talk during lectures and he usually was the one to remind me to take notes about assignments if I had spaced out. Luka loved to laugh and he loved to make others smile, but when it came down to it he could be just as serious as anyone else.

Most of the class had filed out by now, many of them had likely packed up even before Vera dismissed us. “Emily”, she called over to me. “Can you come here for a moment please?” I nodded to let her know I heard her request before turning to Luka. “Do you want to wait for me outside?“, I asked him.

He had finished his notes and was now packing everything away into his leather backpack. “I’ll go grab us some coffee from across the street”. He squeezed my hand before making his way out of the lecture hall, leaving just Vera and myself.

“What can I help you with Professor Bianchi?“.

“Please Emily you know I prefer to be called Vera. I was hoping to schedule a meeting with you at the end of the semester. You are still interested in testing out of the lower level Italian courses, yes?“, she asked as she pulled a grey overcoat onto her shoulders.

“Yes, I am still interested. Would you like me to utilize your office hours to make it easier for you?“, I offered as I followed her out of the room.

We stopped just outside the door and the lack of students in the hallways only solidified how ready people were to leave for the extended break. “No”, she said. “I was hoping you could meet me at my off-campus office. I prefer to do most of my work there as it’s bigger than the one the university gave me and our meeting might run long. How does 3 pm sound? Let’s say the day after your final?“.

I agreed and she sent me on my way with a promise that she’d send me an email with the address closer to the date of our meeting. I was excited to speak with her in a one-on-one setting and even more excited for the possibility of joining her advanced classes. Vera’s native language was Italian, and she spoke about the country in a way that made me forget all the horrible things that happened to me there.

Someday I think I’d want to go back and make new memories. But that wouldn’t be for a long long time.

I stepped outside and was greeted with a gust of wind that tangled my hair and unraveled my scarf. When I met back up with Luka, the hot drink he passed to me was a welcome reprieve from the chilly air.

Together the two of us made our way to the English department so we could pick up Greyson on our way back home.

By the time we got there, it was almost 3:30 pm and Grey wasn’t outside to meet us like he usually was. “Hey”, I turned to Luka. “Do you think he’s still working?“.

“Usually Cartwright has him head out around 3. We could go up and check though. I’m pretty sure the office number is 307”. Luka took my hand as he led me into the building and up the stairs. As we entered the hallway from the stairwell, I noticed that most of the lights were turned off in the faculty offices.

“It’s this one”, Luka said before knocking on the door.

Greyson looked surprised to see us before he took his phone out of his back pocket to check the time. “Shit. Guys I’m sorry I lost track of time, just give me one second and then we can head out. I need to clean up this mess”.

Luka and I stepped inside and I was surprised to see how messy the office was. “Grey I think this is going to take you more than a second to clean up”, I joked.

“Oh I’m not cleaning up everything just my pile of books in the corner. The rest of this is all Cartwright. He says that if you accept the mess and don’t fight it, you can learn to live with chaos”.

“Right... but why would you need to live with chaos?“, Luka asked as he sat down on the couch that was surprisingly clear of any books or documents.

Grey laughed. “I don’t know man, I don’t ask. He’s a brilliant writer though so perhaps he’s doing something right”.

“Speaking of Cartwright. Where is he?“, I asked.

Greyson was still putting books away on the shelves when he answered me. “He left a few hours ago. He’s got family in upstate New York and wanted to try to beat some of the holiday rush traffic”.

I hummed in response to let him know I heard and walked over to the window.

The view was breathtaking. Even though it only looked out to the campus below, we were just high enough to be level with some of the trees. I was so distracted that I didn’t notice Luka coming up behind me until I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

I held his arms close as the two of us waited for Greyson to finish up. When I felt his lips graze the back of my neck, goosebumps broke out all over my skin. “What are you doing?“, I asked quietly.

“I’m enjoying a quiet moment with my girlfriend”, he replied smoothly. I twisted around in his arms so my back was against the cool wall, but his arms kept me in his embrace. He bent down to kiss me and I lost track of the fact that we weren’t alone.

He kissed me so softly that I was worried he thought I was going to break. When he teased my bottom lip with his tongue I knew that wasn’t the case. He wanted to tease me and leave me wanting more.

I pulled back suddenly as I remembered that we weren’t exactly alone. But when I looked over to see if Greyson had noticed anything, I felt a blush spread across my face. He had noticed. Grey was leaning back in the chair at the desk with a look on his face that was a mixture of lust and arrogance. “Don’t stop on my account”, he said quietly.

Ever since we had sex, Grey had a way of looking at me that made me want to sprint to the nearest bedroom and fuck his brains out. “Seriously”, he said as he stood up. “If you guys want the office to yourselves, I’ll wait for you downstairs”.

He started making his way to the door but Luka made him pause. “Wait”, he said quickly before turning to me. “Lark do you remember what we talked about during our phone call last week?“, he asked me in a hushed tone.

My body was starting to wake up as I thought back to that phone call. “You’d have to be specific Luka. I remember a lot of things from that call”.

He took my hand and pulled me forward, before positioning himself at my back. I had an obstructed view of Greyson, who was leaning back against the door with a heated expression on his face. Luka started trailing kisses down the side of my neck and my shoulder before he spoke again. “I told you that I couldn’t wait to taste you. Will you let me taste you right now?“.

“But what about-“, I gasped as his fingers brushed against the hardened peaks of my nipples.

“Ask him, beautiful. If you want this, ask him if he wants to stay and watch”. Luka’s voice washed over me as his teeth gently bit down on my shoulder.

Fuck I wanted this. I just never considered ever doing something like this in front of Greyson, Colt, or Aidan. I couldn’t deny that the thought of it had wetness pooling in my underwear. “Greyson. Do you want to stay?“. I said quietly before letting a soft moan. Luka’s fingers were now pulling and pinching my nipples in a tortuous pattern, making them even more sensitive than they had been to begin with.

Greyson didn’t answer me. Instead, he watched my body start to fall apart at Luka’s hands before locking the door and moving across the room to sit on the couch.

He looked me up and down as Luka teased me and for a second I wondered if I could cum just from this. From Luka’s hands and Greyson’s eyes.

I let out a whimper when Luka stopped touching me and a frown pulled at the edges of my lips.

My coat slipped off my shoulders and my sweater was lifted over my head. When I felt him undo the button of my jeans and release the zipper, my eyes shuttered close briefly. He pulled my underwear down with my pants, and the exposed feeling left me needing stimulation. “Go sit on his lap”, Luka instructed softly as he rose to tower over me. My eyes went wide before he gave me a searing kiss. “Please beautiful. Go sit on his lap facing me”.

Luka casually shrugged off his jacket, leaving him in only a long sleeve graphic t-shirt and light-wash jeans. I walked over to Greyson and he kissed me on my cheek before helping me settle into his lap. The feel of his jeans against my bare thighs was a welcome sensation as he positioned my legs to rest on either side of his spread knees. My back was to his chest and he rested his hands on my hips, where he rubbed soothing circular patterns with his thumbs.

Luka stalked forward and slowly got down on his knees before me. “I knew you’d be beautiful, but fuck you are even better than I dreamed. When he bent his head forward to deliver an aching lick up the center of my pussy, I let out a moan at the same time I felt Greyson exhale behind me.

The evidence of what this was doing to him pressed against my backside and I didn’t miss the way Luka’s pants bulged as well.

Luka caught my eye and gently held my chin between his fingers. “Later, beautiful. Right now all I want to do is eat this gorgeous pussy before you cum all over my face”. My head fell back at his vulgar words and my chest heaved. “Greyson”, he said playfully before sliding one finger into me. “Be a lad and play with her nipples while I taste her. I want her to be squirming on your lap by the time we’re done with her”.

Fuck. Fuck. Jesus fucking fuck.

Greyson’s cold fingers found my nipples at the same time Luka flicked against my clit and I knew that between the two of them, I wasn’t going to be last long.

“You taste incredible. I’m going to wake you up with my mouth on your pussy one of these days, beautiful”, Luka praised me. His finger was angled at just the right spot to cause my pussy to clench and my body to tense up every time he pushed back in. The way he was tasting me... it was like he was starving, and I was everything he needed.

My pulse pounded in my ears and Greyson’s labored breathing tickled the back of my neck. Knowing he was enjoying this so much only pushed me that much closer to the edge that Luka was hurtling me towards.

“Luka, please. I’m going to come I can’t hold back any longer. Christ this feels so good”, I moaned quietly.

When he added a second finger and sucked my clit into his mouth, Greyson’s fingers tightened on my nipples, causing my hips to buck in the air as my body was bringing me to climax.

“That’s it”, Grey whispered in my ear. “You’re so beautiful when you cum. Show Luka how beautiful you are”.

With Luka’s mouth on my pussy, I came in a squirming mess. Straining to keep quiet and hold back the sounds that wanted to erupt from inside of me.

Luka’s eyes met mine and I saw the wanting on his face at the same time he saw the ecstasy on mine. He gave me slow, lazy kisses to my thighs and clit as I worked to calm myself back down. When he came up to kiss me, I gripped his face with my hands. “You’re mine tonight”, I promised before tasting my wetness on his lips.

He grabbed my hands and helped me to my feet. “Whatever you want, Lark”, he said gently with a look on his face that was so full of love.

Greyson and Luka helped me get dressed and the three of us made our way out of Cartwright’s office.

“Shit”, Greyson said.

Luka and I stopped walking and turned to him. A questioning look on both of our faces.

“I just realized that I’m never going to be able to grade papers on that couch ever again because all I’m going to think about is what happened. You two have ruined any chance of future productivity in that office for me”, he grumbled before taking my hand.

Luka scoffed. “Next time, I’ll let you leave I guess”, he said jokingly.

I didn’t miss the punch Greyson threw to his shoulder as we made our way into the subway station.

I loved them so much.

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