Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 59

POV: Lark

Dinner was excruciating.

The entire time all I could think about was Luka’s mouth and the looks he was sending me when the guys weren’t looking were driving me crazy. I wanted him.

God, I wanted him and I couldn’t do anything about it while we were eating dinner with the guys.

“We should probably get groceries for the week and Thanksgiving dinner”, Greyson mused. “You know the stores are going to be back the closer it gets to the holiday and I for one do not want to hunt down ingredients in a swarm of people”.

“I can go tomorrow if we work on a list tonight. Xavier is giving me the week off to rest since he’s been working me hard”, Aidan said. “I’m not going by myself though. Someone is coming with me so I don’t have to bear the masses on my own”.

Luka was giving me ‘fuck me’ eyes as he put one finger on his nose, and I was about to say to hell with waiting and grab him when I heard my name.

“Looks like you’re going with Aidan tomorrow, Lark”, Colt said.

“What are you talking about?“, I asked looking over at him. It was then that I noticed he also had one finger on his nose.

“Nose goes, baby. That’s the rule and you lost”.

Shit. I had been so distracted with Luka that I got stuck with grocery duty. I suppose there was a silver lining to it though. “I get to spend the day with Aidan without you idiots getting in our way. I’m pretty sure I won”.

Colt laughed and went back to eating his dinner.

Finally, everyone finished eating and I rushed around to collect plates while Colt excused himself to the home office. “What’s the rush Lark? I thought you wanted to try playing Assassin’s Creed tonight”, Aidan asked suspiciously.

Luka and Greyson were doing a terrible job hiding their snickering so I flipped them the bird when Aidan turned around. “You know let’s do that tomorrow night I have to do something else right now”, I hedged, doing my best to sound casual.

Aidan shrugged. “No problem. Do you care if I play without you?“.

“Nope! You go right ahead”, I said quickly as I put the last plate in the dishwasher.

When I turned around to leave the kitchen, I ran smack into Luka’s chest. Aidan and Greyson had migrated to the living room and were engrossed in a debate about some new movie.

Luka lifted me and set me on the counter before bringing his mouth down to meet mine. If I thought he was unaffected at dinner, his kiss was proving me wrong. He moved so fluidly that it felt like together we were living art. He licked my lips with his tongue, sending shivers down to my pussy.

I shoved him away from me before hopping off the counter. “You’re coming with me”, I breathed. The two of us rushed up the stairs and into my bedroom and the second the door closed he was on me.

It felt like we were magnets and no matter how close we got to each other it wasn’t enough.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me, Lark?“, he breathed out as I kissed his neck and lifted the hem of his shirt up. “The way you look at me makes me so fucking hard”.

When I finally got his shirt off, I started working on the buckle of his belt. “The feeling is mutual. Minus the hard part”, I said with a wink as I shoved his pants to the ground.

He pulled me up and kissed me with so much heat that I couldn’t stop the moan from leaving my mouth. We were teeth and tongues and lips and hands and we wanted to covet each other.

I stepped out of his embrace, breathing hard. “It’s my turn to drive you crazy”, I said to him as I shoved him onto my bed. He landed on his back but rested his weight on his forearms as he stared at me with hooded eyes.

I held his gaze I slowly took off my shirt. I held his gaze I slowly slid my jeans down my hips and my thighs. When I took off my bra he let out a low grown that had my pussy clenching. “Enjoying the show baby?“, I asked him.

“You have no idea how much”, he replied huskily.

When I removed my underwear and finally stood naked in front of him, his hands clenched at his side. I walked towards him until I stood between his knees. His cock stood large and at attention. When I drug my nail down his abdomen and up the shaft he let his head fall back and exhaled a sharp breath.

I grabbed his head with my hands and forced him to meet my eyes. “It’s your turn to watch me, Luka”. I lowered myself to my knees before him and when I lowered my mouth onto his cock he fisted my hair in his hands.

“Your mouth feels too good, beautiful. You’re going to make me cum much earlier than I wanted to”, he said to me with a promise in his eyes.

I moved my head up and down, loving the way his hands tightened in my hair whenever he moaned. It was intoxicating.

I brought my hand down to cradle his balls when I worked his cock so far down my throat that I gagged.

“Fuck”, he breathed.

I repeated the same action until I couldn’t breathe and had to take my mouth off of him. The trail of spit that connected my lips to his cock looked so dirty that I had to bring my hand down to my pussy to ease the aching I felt.

“You’re going to be swallowing my cum soon if you aren’t careful”, Luka advised through shallow breaths.

When I brought myself up from my knees he looked magnificent. I couldn’t wait to fuck him.“Go lay down”, I told him.

When he moved to lay his head down on my pillow at the top of the bed, I was surprised he didn’t argue.

I reached into my bedside table to grab a condom and made quick work of rolling it onto him.“You going to fuck me, beautiful?“, he asked me. His hands were resting behind his head and he looked so sexy it almost hurt.

When I moved my legs to straddle him, I sank onto him and watched as his eyes closed briefly before opening with so much need that it took my breath away. “Yes,” I said before lifting, “I’m going to fuck you”.

I grabbed the headboard and bounced up and down on his dick and the sounds he made only made me wetter.

“Yes, fuck yes Lark. Ride my cock, beautiful. Yes, just like that”, he breathed out. His hands gripped my ass tightly enough that I wondered if they were going to leave marks. I loved it though.

The feeling of him gripping my skin as sunk I down onto him over and over was so fucking hot. “Your cock feels so good, baby”, I moaned. “I love the way you fill me up”.

He smacked my ass then and I knew I was close. He and Greyson had worked me into a ball of need and the way he was playing with me at dinner was too much. I needed him and now I had him.

I rolled my hips to create friction on my clit and I cried out at the new sensation.

“God, Lark your pussy feels too good. You feel amazing”, he groaned out and I could hear the desperation in his voice.

He moved one hand away from my ass to reach down and play with my clit for me. The circular pattern he rubbing had me throwing my head back and I brought myself down on his dick harder and harder.

“Yes! Fuck yes”, I screamed as Luka let out a moan that rattled my bones. We came together in a mixture of moans and whimpers and hurried kisses.

I slid off of him and helped him off the bed.

“You are incredible”, he spoke into my ear as he brought his arms around me. “I mean it Lark. You make me so happy”.

We made our way into my bathroom together and I looked in the mirror. We were both sweaty with messy hair and wild eyes.

I grabbed his hand while our eyes met in the mirror.

“I love you”.

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