Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 63

POV: Lark

I walked among the bustling streets with a smile on my face and two sandwiches in my hands.

My afternoon class got canceled and with finals week being just around the corner, I was grateful for the extra time to relax. With the rest of my day being open, I wanted to surprise Aidan and bring him some lunch. Plus I had never seen the gym where he trains and I was curious about he spent so much of his time.

When Colt had texted me the address, he told me that his trainer Xavier could be a little gruff, but not to take it personally. I had laughed when I read it. I’ve dealt with men who were much more than gruff and who absolutely intended their words to be personal.

I could handle Xavier.

I finally got to the gym and stepped inside the red brick building. The floors were made of what looked like black vinyl and the walls were painted a matte black color. It if weren’t for the large windows the whole room would have felt like a cave.

Aidan stood with his back to me. He was up in the ring with the same man I had seen at his fight a while back. The two of them were locked in a drill that sounded painful and exhausting. I looked around to see if there was somewhere I could sit and found a couch pushed against the far wall. I sat down and took in the gym while Aidan continued his workout. I was pretty sure he hadn’t noticed me yet and I wanted to keep it that way.

This was his job. I wasn’t going to purposefully distract him from it.

I realized that the only sounds were coming from Aidan’s training session and when I did a double-take on the space, I saw that we were the only people in here. There wasn’t even a receptionist sitting at the welcome desk when I had walked in. It made me wonder if Aidan and Colt booked this place out during training sessions so his practices were kept private.

“Move it, kid! Don’t be lettin’ an old fuck like me land hits on you”. The raspy voice must have belonged to Xavier.

I watched Aidan move. He was incredibly fast and I wasn’t sure how Xavier would have got a hit on him in the first place.

“Lucky shot old man”, Aidan grunted out as he delivered a combination to the large gloves that Xavier had on.

They grappled with each other for a while before Xavier gave Aidan some parting instructions.

“All right kid, I’m outta here. You did well today and I think you’ll be in good shape for the rest of the season. I want you to do 50 uppercuts and hook combos on the bags before you finish up today”.

Aidan went to work, his hands moving so fast they looked blurry to my eyes. As Xavier stepped out of the ring, he took his pads off and took a drink from his water bottle. His eyes met mine and they narrowed slightly as he put the bottle down and approached me.

“When do you get here?“, he asked bluntly.

I raised my chin. “Maybe 5 minutes ago”.

He crossed his arms as he looked me over. “You here to distract him?“, he asked me pointedly.

I laughed quietly. “Would I have sat here in silence if that was my goal?“.

Xavier raised his eyebrow and regarded me quietly. “I like you. As long as you don’t get in his way, I think we’ll get along just fine”. He extended a hand for me to shake and I did.

We both wanted the best for Aidan and I couldn’t fault him for that.

He walked away then and packed up the rest of his stuff. “I’m locking these doors, so go out the back with Aidan when you leave”, he called to me before leaving the building.

And just like that, it was only myself and Aidan left.

I was about to take my phone out and check my messages when I heard Aidan call my name.

“Em! What are you doing here?“, he asked excitedly. He bounded down from the ring and jogged over to me. The sweat dripped off him and his muscles flexed as he stretched out his arms. I can’t believe I’m with him.

I shook my head to take myself out of the eye-humping daze I had been in to respond. “I wanted to surprise you with lunch”, I spoke as I held up the sandwiches I had grabbed from Joe’s before coming here.

His answering grin sent butterflies to my stomach. “You are the best”, he said before bending down to place a kiss on both of my cheeks. He stood up to his full height and extended a hand to me. “Let’s eat in the staff lounge. I have this place booked out so it will just be us anyways”.

I took his hand and gathered up my stuff. He brought me into a room that I hadn’t seen before due to its hidden location. The staff lounge was tucked behind the boxing room with a view out to the entire floor. The two of us sat down and dug in, my stomach growling at the smell of the fresh bread.

“Don’t you have class right now?“, he asked in between bites.

I swallowed before responding. “Normally I do but the professor canceled the class because his kid was sick. I’m not complaining though. Finals are next week and I am so ready to be done for the semester”.

“Have you thought more about what you want to major in?“, he asked.

I was quiet. “Umm not exactly. I think I’m going to take more writing classes for sure, but I have no clue still. There’s just a lot of possibilities and I don’t want to make any concrete decisions until –” I cut myself off before I finished that sentence. “I just don’t know yet. Maybe journalism though”, I recovered quickly.

Aidan didn’t seem to notice my slip up and continued eating, nodding his head along with my words. “That’s okay. You don’t have to decide anything until you’re ready”, he reassured me. I finished up eating and looked out to the ring.

“Do you want to try?“, Aidan asked me with a challenge on his face.

When we were kids the guys used to get me to do all kinds of stuff by simply betting me I couldn’t do it. Some things never change.

“Yeah”, I said. “Bring it”.

I walked out of the lounge and heaved myself up into the ring. It was a lot taller than I had been expecting and Aidan had to give me a boost up.

“Okay”, he said. “You ready?“.

I lifted my fits and the cocky smile on his face egged me on. “Born ready, baby”, I told him. He laughed and raised his hands as well. “No headshots, and no kidney shots. And no cheap shots Lark. You can’t kick me in the balls anymore like you used to when we were younger”, he said firmly.

“Please”, I huffed, “Like I need to resort to cheap shots anymore. Besides I like your balls too much to hurt them”.

And then we were off. I was faster than he was expecting but I wasn’t trained, and he easily blocked all of my hits. The ones he landed on me were more like nudges and I appreciated that he was pulling his punches.

After a while of bouncing around like an idiot, I decided to take a different approach and launch myself at him. He caught me full force before we were tumbling down onto the floor of the boxing ring. Aidan was laughed as he held me to his body.

“What kind of move was that?“, he asked.

“I call it the flying squirrel. I think I’d be more suited to wrestling than boxing though”. I made a move to sit up but Aidan’s arms locked me down.

I was laying on top of him with my legs straddling his waist. He looked up at me in a way I had come to be very familiar with. “What are you thinking?“, I asked teasingly.

He lifted his head to place small kisses on my neck. “I’m thinking that I know X locked the front door, I have this place booked out until 4, and you look sexy as hell right now”. He ground his dick up into me and the thin leggings I was wearing did not create much of a barrier between us.

I leaned down to kiss him, and his tongue greeted me. Our mouths moved together as his hands worked delicious patterns into my back. I hadn’t intended to come here and surprise him in this way, but the way his hands were making me feel had me quickly deciding to throw my original plans away. I wanted him.

I pulled back and yanked him up with me so I was straddling his lap as he sat up against the ropes of the ring. He made quick work of my clothes and soon I was sitting in his lap with only my leggings on. “Wait”, he said as he breathed deeply. “I don’t have a condom on me...“.

He was perfect and I kissed him for being decent enough to let me know. I climbed down from the ring and ran to my backpack. When I came back, I placed the condom into his hand as he helped me back into the ring. He quirked an eyebrow at me in a silent question.

“I don’t take go anywhere without them after the Greyson and Luka situation on campus”, I admitted to him.

“God, I love you”, he said as he ripped my leggings down my legs. My hands moved back to grip the ropes and I let my body rest against them as kissed my stomach, my thighs, and then down to my pussy.

He spread my legs and drug one finger down my center, sending shivers across my skin. “You’re so responsive, Lark. You have no idea how hard that makes me”. Without breaking eye contact with me he lifted my legs so they were resting on his shoulders, and then sucked my clit into his mouth with excruciating tenderness.

I let my head fall back as a moan escaped from my lips. His fingers trailed along my opening without ever going in. He was teasing me and I loved it. I loved how needy he made me.

“Aidan”, I moaned. “More please. I need more”.

“Whatever you want baby”, he said against my pussy as he flicked my clit with his tongue. When his finger sank inside me I clenched around the intrusion and loved the way he curled his finger inside me.

“Yes”, I breathed out.

I felt a second finger at the entrance to my ass and opened my eyes to see Aidan looking up at me. “Can I?“, he asked.

I was nervous. But I was also excited and that part of me won out over the nerves. “Just go slow okay?“, I said as I gave him permission.

His tongue was working over my folds with precision and the finger he slid in and out of my pussy made any leftover nerves fade away. The second finger he added inside me made me gasp, the sensation completely new. He worked my ass in rhythm with my pussy and the sensations were overwhelming.

“Aidan holy fuck. Oh my god”, I moaned.

“You like it when I play with your ass baby?“, he taunted me.

I couldn’t respond because all of a sudden, I came. In a spasm of muscles and ‘holy fucks’ my body took over and sent me spiraling quicker than I ever had before.

Aidan’s face was wet with my cum when he looked up at me. “I’ll take that as a yes. Fuck Lark, I think that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. He wiped the bottom half of his face with his arm before standing up to lift me in the air. The upper half of my body was still suspending on the ropes, but the lower half was wrapped around him.

I looked at him and saw that his need matched my own and when he slid inside me for the first time, we both moaned in sync with each other.

“Christ”, he breathed as he pulled out and pushed back inside. “Someday. I’m going to fuck that perfect ass of yours”, he said as he moved his hips.

“Yes, please”, I said with a smirk on my face.

His answering movement wiped it right off my face as pleasure erupted in my pussy. He had me at an angle that made me clench around him and the wet noises that surrounded us made me feel electric.

“Harder”, I begged him.

He bent down to kiss me as he moved faster and faster inside me.

I never wanted it to end.

This feeling of being fucked out of my mind and adored by a man who would do anything for me. It was intoxicating.

I could tell he was getting close because his eyebrows furrowed and the groans he was letting out were turning into growls.

I moved one of my hands down to rub circles on my clit and the added sensation had me screaming.

“Shit. Lark keep touching yourself, baby. Fuck that’s hot”, Aidan encouraged me.

The two of us moved together as we worked to send each other into overdrive.

“Ahh. Fuck. Fuck Fuck”, Aidan’s moans were like music to my ears and I felt my clit tingle in a way I was familiar with.

“Don’t stop Aidan I’m so close. So close baby”.

He kept the pace as he bent down to take one of my nipples in his mouth. At the first soft bite, I lost it.

“Yes! Oh my fuck yes yes yes”. I screamed out as I came.

His answering shout and fevered movements told me he had reached his peak as well.

Slowly his hips stopped moving and he slid out of me before setting me back down on the ground. He pulled me close and we rested our foreheads together as we both came down from the high of each other’s bodies.

“Can you surprise me at lunch every day?“, he asked in a way that left me unsure about whether or not he was joking.

I laughed before moving to gather up my clothes.

“Come on Casanova let’s hit the showers. I was expecting a workout today”.

He pressed another kiss to my lips before helping me down and leading me into the showers.

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