Everlasting Bonds ( A Reverse Harem Story)

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Chapter 7

POV: Emilia

Luka smiled at me reassuringly as we stepped out of the subway station. We were both quiet most of the way, but I could see him stealing glances at me when he thought I didn’t notice.

I’m sure he saw the way I looked at him too.

I felt him take my hand and I stiffened for a second. Luka must have felt it because he let go instantly.

“I’m sorry Mia, I wasn’t thinking. Old habits die hard I guess”. Luka’s voice was gentle. A stark contrast to the noise of the city that wrapped around us as we walked.

“It’s okay Luka, but please don’t call me that. My name is Emily now”. I tried to sound firm but I know it didn’t come across that way. I didn’t want him to call me Emily. I wanted him to call me the name that belonged only to them.

Luka gave me a concerned look but didn’t comment on my request. I realized he was leading me into a building when I started to take in my surroundings. It was a beautiful apartment building that stretched almost as tall as the skyscrapers that surrounded it. My surprise must have shown on my face because Luka explained once we got in the elevator.

“Colt bought this for us when he finally had the money. He wanted something that couldn’t be taken away from us again”. Luka looked into my eyes as he said that last part. I felt my eyes sting and I had to look away from him.

When the elevator opened up I was amazed. It was a penthouse apartment that overlooked Manhattan.

What did Colt do for a living?

I felt myself build up a wall. I had spent nine years at the mercy, or lack thereof, of rich and powerful men. If that was who I was now going to see I couldn’t help but feel threatened.

No. This is Colt we are talking about. This is the guys. They would never hurt me.

Steeling myself with those thoughts I finally stepped further into their home. The openness of the living room easing the knots in my stomach. This was nothing like the cold and sterile environment I had previously existed in.

The smell of vanilla caught my attention and I turned my head to follow the smell.

Instead, I found Colt.

Staring back at me so intensely I thought I was going to catch fire.

He had been my protector ever since I met him and I still found comfort in the familiar blue of his gaze.

Colt had changed into a man that looked cold and dangerous on the outside. So different from the handsome and open boy that would hide the last mango yogurt in the fridge for me so no one else could have it. Now, he was covered in tattoos and cut like a god.


Hearing Colt say my name broke the last amount of strength I had. I knew I wasn’t letting them go again. I would just have to find a different way to protect them if the time came.

I heard a noise behind me and whirled around to see what it was.

It was Aidan.

Staring at me like he couldn’t believe I was standing in front of him. I saw the way his hands flexed into fists at his sides and it looked like was struggling to find the right words. His jaw clenched, making his jawline even more perfect. He must have decided something because his eyes looked resolute.

Before I knew it he quickly closed the gap between us and clutched me into his arms. I could feel the tremble of his biceps as if he wanted to hold me as tightly as possible but was trying to restrain himself from doing so.

Aidan was always my storm. So full of life.

When I stretched my arms up to encircle his neck I felt, more than heard, his sigh. His entire body collapsed into mine reducing the space he left between us in his initial embrace. A choked sob left my lips before I could stop it and I could feel my tears wetting his t-shirt. The reality of the situation finally sinking in.

They are here. They are here. They are here.

He picked me and moved me to rest on his lap in their huge living room. I don’t know how long he held me. It could have been three minutes or two hours and I wouldn’t have known. I felt Colt sit down next to Aidan and I and his hand gently grabbed my chin, turning me to face him.

“We made you some tea. Would you like any?” Colt asked such a simple question. It told me so much. They still remembered me and not just some idolized version. They remembered the little things.

“I would love some. Could you add a little –“. Colt cut me off before I could finish my question.

“Cream?” He smirked at me.

I felt a smile crack my face open as I nodded.

I climbed off of Aidan’s lap and sat next to him as Colt left to grab my tea. I noticed the way his hands seemed to reach towards me as if to pull me back. He stopped at the last second and pulled them into his body, crossing them on his chest.

I heard footsteps and turned my head to see Greyson and Luka coming down a set of stairs. They were both in different clothing than when I had seen them earlier in the day, so I assumed their bedrooms must be upstairs.

When Greyson saw me sitting on the couch with Aidan he looked relieved. When he met my eyes, there was distance in them that hadn’t been there this morning.

I ran from him.

Realizing that he must have felt betrayed by my actions this morning I got up and met him halfway to the living room. Luka must have sensed that we needed this moment to be just ours and continued walking.

“I’m sorry Grey. I am so sorry for this morning”. My voice came out raspy and I realized I was on the verge of tears again. My emotions were going haywire.

He didn’t respond right away, but I saw his gaze soften. Losing some of the hardness that was odd to see in him. He reached out to grab my hand and pulled back. No doubt thinking about the way I ignored him this morning.

Knowing I needed to fix this I clasped his hand in mine. Squeezing it and trying to convey how much I missed him, despite how I reacted earlier.

He pulled my body to him and brought me into a hug. He buried his head in the crook of my neck, his lips sending a small shockwave across my skin. I felt him take a deep breath of me. Like he was trying to remember what it felt like to hold me before our lives were cleaved apart. I held him just as tightly, wanting to erase any doubt in his mind.

He finally released me and, hands still clasped, led me back to the living room. He let go with one last squeeze and deposited me on the end of their couch. The coffee table in front of me had my mug of tea resting on a dark grey coaster. When I sat down I felt my body relax in a way that hadn’t felt safe to do in nine years. My eyes had closed without me realizing it so I opened them back up and met the gazes of four men with questions burning in their eyes.

You cannot tell them everything. They cannot know about your entire past.

I struggled past my thoughts and knew I was either going to have lie or emit. Neither of those things I wanted to do.

I opened my mouth to speak when I heard their elevator open again.

Who in the hell was here?

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