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Finding Serenity

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Sky is a strong willed dedicated loving person.  But she's also not someone to trifle with. Taking out the trash one night changed her life. Stopping a man from possibly being beaten to death and pissing off the mafia in the process now she has to try  and get them off her back. Caleb was being beaten outside of his mother's restaurant because his manager set him up when an angel came out and saved him. But being a stubborn hard headed man his pride was hurt and he was a dick. But he wants her. No needs her. Can he change her mind about him. Can he make her his?

Romance / Erotica
Serenity's Chaos
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Chapter 1

Sky Harper knows hardship better than most. Having to drop out of school to take care of her mother and little sister at 16 she got a crash course in the real world. Getting a job at a little diner and trying to provide for her family proved difficult but she managed. Until that fateful night when she met Caleb. Soon after closing when taking the trash out she walked into a situation that changed her life. Two men held Caleb down on the ground with a gun to his head while another was kicking in his ribs . When she dropped the bag in shock the men stopped and looked at her. Scared she ran. Not getting very far one of the men grabbed her... big mistake. What they didn't know was that she was a master in tai chi and moi thi. Grabbing the mans wrist and throwing him to the ground while breaking his arm and Grabbing the gun. Now pointing it at the men holding the poor man ont the ground she yells

" Get off him now!"

One of the men " Why don't you put that down sweetheart before you hurt yourself"

Listen honey I don't know what that man did and I don't care. But if you don't get off him and get the fuck off this property I promise you that today will be the last time you pee without assistance.

The men stood there watching her deciding how to handle this situation. Looking at the man on the ground one of them spit on him and walked away calling after the other two to leave.

"This isn't over sweetheart. I hope he's worth it."
Stil pointing at the men she watched them pull out of the parking lot.
She then ran over to the man on the ground laying partially unconscious. Just as she reached him her coworker June came out and saw the scene. Immediately she screamed and ran over while crying.
No no no no no...Caleb!....Caleb!!
Groaning he responded barely lifting his head before dropping it back to the ground.
" Help me get him up "said June"

What are we going to do with him? Shouldn't we call the police? Asked Sky

NO!!! We cant. said June sounding very panicked.


June looked at her as if she was studying her . She shook her head as she looked down at the man who if it wasn't for the fact of him being beaten and bloody would probably be the hottest guy she had ever seen.
What is wrong with my brain Sky though to herself.
Here's a man who 5 minutes ago as being beaten and threatened with a gun over God knows what and I'm sitting here checking him out. There's something wrong with me.
Looking back at June waiting to here her reason.
"This is Caleb..My son. "
Your Son? I thought he was in Europe.
"Me too" she said frowning .
He started groaning and trying to get up but he failed miserably. June started to try and lift him herself but there was no way she was going to be able to lift him.
Let me help." I said while helping roll him over so we could try and pick him up easier. Seeing his face was a shock. Even swollen and bruised he was Gorgeous.
God I'm sick. Yep something is definitely wrong with me.
We finally get him inside and up a flight of stairs to Junes apartment ( so not fun by the way) . Laying him on the couch she asked me to go into the bathroom and grab the first aid bag and some towels.
Walking out I ran into Michelle (June's daughter)
"Whats going on? Where's mom?" She asked looking startled.

"She's in the living room. Everything is ok. Just go back to bed and try to get some sleep. You have school in the morning. "
I said hoping she'd listen and not question. Of course that failed
Whats going on. Not that I don't like you or anything but um... why are you here? And whats that sound ( groaning from the other room)
Nothing to worry about. Now go back to your room...
"Sky.. I need that first aid kit. And grab some towels and a bucket of warm water "
June said.
Michelle just stared at me for a second and then bolted down the hall into the living room.
"Shes quick I give her that "I thought.
I walked back into the living room and froze. Laying on the couch was a God....a slightly broken one but damn.
He was a wall or muscles. His muscular arms were covered in tattoos that spread up his shoulders and across his chest and back. Andbthe man had an 8 pack. An EIGHT pack for gods sake. I was lost in the sight of this vision of a man when he opened his eyes and met mine instantly. Crystal blue eyes. My heart stopped time felt like it stopped and my hormones kicked into overdrive. And then he spoke. His voice was deep and smooth . But his attitude SUCKED!
"Who the Fuck is she ..and why is she here?
" Son.."
No! ..... who are you?...And do you have any idea what the fuck you just did?.
I stood there dumbfounded?
" Are you serious right now?" I asked.
( well he just got demoted from God of all men to royal dumbass)
I stood there just looking at him forgetting that we weren't alone and waiting for his reply when his mother spoke up.
Caleb Elijah Miller you apologize to Sky right now. You may be dead if it wasn't for her!)
He stared at me.
You knownwhat its late. I have to get home.,its almost time for moms meds and I still have to make myself lunch for tomorrow and probably do laundry. Im glad your alive I said looking at him and turned around to leave while saying goodbye to June and Michelle. I was just about out of the door when Caleb called out. "Sky!...Thank you for not being a completely useless human being"
"Your welcome. Now get some rest and then a shower. You smell like shit. "And then I closed the door. (Asshole)
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