Saint Nick

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Holly Harper met the love of her life when Nick Christmas enrolled at her school. He's Santa's grandson, and he's there to learn all he can about the world . . . but nobody can know that because it's a secret. Holly and Nick give in to the spark between them, and the lovers share a steamy night after Prom. Then Nick vanishes without a trace, and Holly must deal with the ramifications of their actions. Nick faces some devastating consequences of his own when Santa's magic glitches, and he ends up getting stuck at the North Pole. He can't leave until he takes on Santa's role, then it's down to him to locate the cause of the glitch and restore the magic of Christmas.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Holly Harper

Out of all the girls that Nick Christmas could have chosen, he picked me, the shy nobody who kept to myself. Nothing extraordinary ever happened at Port Sunshine High. Not until Nick arrived. I was surprised he even noticed me. No one else ever had. We’d been dating for six months, and I felt lighter than air whenever we kissed. He and I had talked about taking the next step, but we decided to wait until Prom. We wanted it to be perfect, booking a hotel room where we could spend the night together. My mom and his uncle would pitch a fit if they knew what we were planning, but we kept it a secret, and now the night had come.

Here we are, together at Prom. The committee had raided the art department, using an obscene amount of colored paper. It took them weeks to make enough paper flowers to cover the gym hall. Meadow backdrops lined the walls, and they dressed the tables with white linen cloths, and dressed the chairs in colored organza bows, befitting of a warm summer’s day. I loved it. Or maybe the fact I was in love had uplifted my mood. Nick looks insane in his black tux and dress shoes, his tawny hair slicked back in a sophisticated style. I keep pinching myself in case this is a dream. I’m dressed like the fairy tale princesses I used to read about, the crystals on my pale blue gown glitters beneath the lights. Nick . . . the boy with ethereal blue eyes, with a smile as bright as a crisp winter’s day, twirls me around in his arms as we dance to our song. My heart is beating a mile a minute. I can’t believe how wonderful this feels right now.

Nick came out of nowhere, enrolling at Port Sunshine High during our senior year. Girls tried to get his attention, but he didn’t show any interest in them—except for me. I felt it from the very first day as he walked to the empty desk beside mine, that there was a spark between us. It was almost supernatural like Cupid struck an arrow through my heart and now Nick was all I could think about. He has the lightest blue eyes, almost polar white. I knew right then that I had to know this guy. I wanted to find out where he came from and why. There’s something classical about the way Nick looks like he has been transported from another place, from another time, straight out of a Dickens novel and into the modern world.

He doesn’t behave like everyone else. For a handsome guy, he isn’t cocky like the jocks, but he’s not exactly a nerd either. He knows things. Things regular guys overlook. He’s charming, considerate, and seems a little naive sometimes. Especially when it comes to trusting others. Not everyone has good intentions. They like to make fun of Nick, and that maddens me. He’s such a sweet guy who sees the best in everyone. Before he came here, Nick was home-schooled. I thought maybe his parents were professors because he talks like a scholar. He loves just about everything. Whenever I watch him, it’s like he’s experiencing things for the very first time.

The music stops, and Nick smiles at me. He holds me as if I’m fragile like he’s afraid I might break.

“Thank you for accompanying me to Prom,” Nick says, and I can feel the joy emanating from him. It practically lights up the room.

I chuckle. “Nick, you’re my boyfriend. Who else would I go with?”

Nick shakes his head, smiling. “When I came here, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect to find this.”

My heart flutters, hoping he feels the same way as I do. We haven’t said the “L” word yet. We want to mean it when we say it. “What did you find?” I ask, prompting him to tell me what he means by that.

Nick cocks his head to one side and his lips quirk as he thinks. “You,” he says, and I almost forget where I am for a second. He holds me around my waist and pulls me closer. We’re both beaming as he rests his forehead against mine.

“I liked you from the first moment I laid eyes on you,” he confesses. “I knew you were the one for me.”

The one for him.

“Nick—” I stammer, desperate to blurt it all out and tell him how I feel.

He kisses me and the world melts away around us. He lifts me and twirls us around in time for the song to change. This one has a faster tempo, and my feet are starting to hurt in my jewel-encrusted pumps. They’re nothing fancy, just something I picked up in the sales around Christmas time.

“Do you want to get out of here and check-in at the hotel?” Nick asks, noticing me flinch as he sets me down on my feet.

I nod, then take off my shoes and walk barefoot to Nick’s car. He drives a modest Volvo that she shares with his uncle. His parents live and work abroad, but he doesn’t go into details about what it is that they do. All I know is that they run a toy factory somewhere. He came here to gain some life experience instead of being cooped up miles from civilization—or whatever that meant.

Nick drives us to the hotel, and I’m glad when he checks us in, so I can drop down on the huge four-poster bed like a starfish. My head is spinning and my stomach flutters with nervousness. Nick’s nervous too. His hands are shaking as he drinks water from a bottle. I get up to check out how insane this room is. I’m not even sure how Nick could afford this. I came here with zero expectations, but now I’m so overwhelmed. The sunken hot tub on the balcony is frothing away, and I strip down to my underwear, having not brought a bikini to change into. No one can see us from way up here, so I don’t care as I call out to Nick, telling him to get over here and join me.

Nick takes off his clothes and steps out through the sliding doors. The sun is setting on the horizon in a mixture of blues, hazy orange, and red with fluffy white jet streams where planes have crossed paths. I’m feeling so buzzed right now. My man sinks down beside me wearing nothing but his underwear with a wolfish smile, and the sight alone is enough to drive a saint to sin. I want him, and I’m done waiting. Nick leans in to kiss me and I straddle his hips, heating things up a notch because we haven’t seen beneath our clothes until now. His lean body has the slightest muscle definition from playing contact sports. I like what I see, and I show him as much as I kiss him back. Nick fumbles at my bra clasp, but then it unhooks as I go to assist. He tosses the bra onto the floor beside the tub, and we wriggle out of our briefs, feeling nothing but warm skin as our naked bodies slide together, his erection sandwiched between us, squashed against my stomach.

“Shall I go and get a condom?” Nick asks, his eyes flicking back and forth between mine, seeking clarification.

I shake my head, needing to feel him inside me, naked and raw, like the way God intended. “No, it’ll be fine. I’ll lift off if you tell me when,” I say, and he nods in agreement.

We have all night to explore what makes us quiver and squirm. It’s still quite early, and we don’t plan on sleeping much. I read somewhere that doing it in the water makes things easier the first time. Nick worries about hurting me, and murmurs that I should go slowly. I lift a little and lean in, positioning his cock where I need it, feeling the sharp sting as the engorged head bursts through my virgin hole. My pussy burns with protest, stretching wide to accommodate him. Nick’s as hard as a stone, and we cry out as I sink down upon him. My loins burn where our hips meet. I’m stuffed so full of Nick; it hurts to move. My body trembles as I wait for the fire to simmer down.

“I love you,” he tells me, and the truth inside those glacial eyes adds substance to his words. He means it. He really means it. Nick Christmas loves me. A sob catches in my throat as I let that settle in.

“I love you, too,” I reply, finding the strength to move at last.

I grind my hips and he bounces his, finding a rhythm we both enjoy. It feels too good, and we’re overcome by a frisson of excitement, letting passion drown out all common sense. All I can feel is Nick, and I’m drowning in euphoria. I shudder and shake as I cum, and he barks out a harsh cry, jerking his hips in upward thrusts. I feel him pulsing inside me, his face contorting with ecstasy.

“Oh, Holly,” Nick groans my name in the afterglow of our lovemaking. "That was amazing."

It doesn’t occur to us how reckless we’re being. We’re too young and foolish to realize the consequences of our actions, believing the adolescent theory that the first time doesn’t count. I'm too blinded by love and lust to stop and think what could happen.

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