The Red Moon Series Book 1: Kala

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"Hello, Mate." I said looking at Wolf. "So, Wolf. A little birdie tell me that you do not want a human as your mate. I heard gasps go around the room. I don't. I intend on getting pups from you. That is not going to happen, unless you mark me first. And Wolf, I have made sure that should you try to get me drunk, or drug me to me in your bed, you still won't get those pups unless I am marked as your mate. That is not possible, Luna. Ever heard of birth control, Wolf. I am going to explain, I have been inserted with a device that lasts 5 years. It will be surgery removed when I decide to have a pup. Now, that being said, why don't you just reject me now, instead of waiting. I looked at Luna, her mom, and Christy. Alright two can play this game. I said smiling. I Wolf, reject you, Luna as my mate. I, Luna accept your rejection, Wolf as your mate, now and forever. I grinned at Wolf and heard the whispers. O that Wolf was shocked. My brother looked from Wolf to me. She did something that has not been done in hundreds of years.

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Chapter 1: Discussing Mates

My name is King. I am the President of the Red Moon MC, and Alpha. I am the younger brother of one sister, and one older brother. And older brother of two sisters, and two brothers.

My older sister is Luna. She is my favorite. She had just gotten out of a bad relationship. Luna is human. She has two good friends. Roxie and Summer.

Roxie's mate is the president of the Diamond MC. His name is Panther. Summer is the mate of the enforcer. They call him Rattler. He is as mean as one. The VP is single. His name is Blade.

The past week, I have picked Luna up after she gets off work, and take her to Roxie's and drop her off. She is staying with, Roxie until she finds a place of her own.

I told Luna, about a two bedroom house that is for sale next to our clubhouse. She said she would go check it out. I told her to call the realtor, and gave her the phone number then rode out of the Diamond MC.

I drove into my compound, shut off my bike and walked into the club. I was thinking about Luna, and her being human. We all have the same mom. Luna's dad died in the war. Our mom is human. Myself and younger siblings have the same dad, biologically.

Dad, adopted Luna when she was a baby. Luna was trained to fight like the rest of us, bus she also chose other types of training. I sat down at the table looking at my VP, Wolf.

"What's up, King?"


I noticed Wolf sniffing the air and looking around.

"What are you sniffing for?"

"Nothing." He said.

I wondered if he smelled Luna's scent.

"Wolf, I want to ask you a question."

"Ask away, King."

"Have you found your mate yet?"

"Not yet. But lately I get this scent, then it's gone."

"Wolf, have you ever thought that the moon goddesses might give us a human mate?"

I looked at, King in shock.

"No, she would not do that too us."

"Wolf, what if she did?"

"I can't have a mate that can't fight back. Humans are weak."

"My, mother is not weak, and neither is Luna, my sister."

"That is not what I mean, King."

"Then just what do you mean?"

"I can't claim a human as my mate, I can't mark her. But, I can mate her to get pups, after that, I will find a she-wolf, mate, and mark her."

"Wolf, you do know that a human mate will feel the same things a she-wolf would feel."

"The human mate will feel the sparks, the need to be with you, see you, touch you, just like a she-wolf."

"She will feel the pain of you mating and marking someone else. The only difference, the human mate has no wolf to lose. She dies and you will die soon after she does."

"I will accept a human mate if she is the one the moon goddesses gives me."

I had a bad feeling that, Wolf is Luna's mate. If so it is not going to go well. I don't believe, Wolf when he says he will not accept a human mate.

Luna knows about us. She knows about mates. I pray that Wolf does not use her to get pups. I need to talk to her. And if mom and dad finds out, shit will hit the fan.

They will kill, Wolf. I dropped the subject. However, I will play games with, Wolf. I started grinning.

"What are you grinning about, King."

"Nothing, just thinking."

I looked up and watched my cousin, Christy walk over and sit next to me.

"What have you been doing, Christy."

"Not much, just playing games with my mate."

I started laughing.

"And why is that?"

"Because he is telling everyone we are not mates. And, his friend, Matt told me that, Dreamer doesn't want me as his mate. He is making his wolf mad."

"King, I don't understand why they do that. They all know that no other she-wolf can give them pups. Only their true mates can do that. We are not whores to lay down, spread our legs, and give them pups, and then let them reject us."

"A human female is lucky. If her mate did that, then reject her, she gets to keep her pups. He loses all rights to them. That is not fair. And she can get pregnant 5-days after heat, and 5-days before."

I started laughing, and so did Wolf.

"You sure have a lot of complaints today Christy."

"Sorry, King. I had to vent to someone."

"And here comes my enforcer, your handsome mate."

I saw, Christy glaring at Dreamer.

"Christy, go away, I don't want to smell you."

"My wolf yelled, No, I want to smell my mate."

I growled at my wolf.

"I don't want to smell her, I want peace and to be left alone."

"No, what you want is that whore sitting in the corner. And that nurse. But you can't have them, because King, and everyone else will know you have been lying."

I pushed my wolf to the back of my mind. I looked over to see, Christy grinning at me. She knows that sooner or later I will let it out of the bag, I have a feeling, when she does it won't be good.

"I think I will go to the Packhouse, and talk to Aunt Olive."

I watched as she leaned over and kissed, Kings cheek before walking across the room, and out the door. I unclenched my teeth and sighed in relief.

I looked over at Wolf, and Dreamer.

"So, we have a lot to discuss at Church this week. The run to Sturgis, The MC camp and the mating run."

I saw, Wolf, and Dreamer look at each other.

"You both know we can't get out of it. Dad, and the Elders, said we have to attend. We got out of it for 5-years. Not happening this year."

"What will happen if our mate decides they no longer want us?"

"We are up shit creek." King, said.

"I however do not have that problem. I am not running from my mate, or denying her."

"I think you two, have forgotten one thing."

"What's that, Dreamer" Asked.

"Your mates have a second chance mate. He could be running. If he finds her he will catch her, and claim her in front of dad, and the Elders."

"You can't stop it."

"Well, boys hate to leave you but, I have to head to the Packhouse. Having supper with the family."

I stood up and walked to the door. Once outside, I sat on my bike. I started it, and drove to the Packhouse. As I turned off my bike, I smelled them. There smell disgusted me. I walked up the steps and three sluts walked over to me.

"Hello, Alpha King."

I looked over at them.

"Your smell disgusts me. You three need to go take a shower."

I walked to the door hearing laughter behind me. As I walked inside my mother, and sister's walked over and hugged me. My five-year old sister yelled, she missed me.

I lifted her into my arms. "King will you take me for a ride on your bike?"

I kissed her nose.

"Sure, I will, after supper." She hugged my neck, kissed my cheek and I stood her on her feet on the floor.

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